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The Mother of All Bubbles - The monetary bubble. - "Inflationary Deflation: Creating A New Bubble In Money" - Thunder Road

This piece written by Thunder Road really encapsulates a lot of my core belief in the impact of long term debt monetization. While it can cause intermediary deflation due to various factors and as we have witnessed in Japan's real estate market, ultimately it creates a bubble in money itself.

The Full report Here

"Real Estate: Is the Bottom In, or Is This a Head-Fake?" - Charles Hugh Smith - No consequences for robo-signing scam

Interesting charts on real estate prices vs. sovereign indebtedness.

The housing recovery is no sure bet


The mortgage industry has escaped any consequences of “robo-signing” mortgage fraud

If the rule of law existed in more than name, this is what should have happened:

"How Corruption Is Strangling U.S. Innovation" - Harvard Business Review

While much of this goes without saying among this group, it is nice to see an article from a mainstream institution which articulates the ways in which a system in which money is allowed to have unlimited influence in legislative, judicial and political functions within society and all supported by the Supreme Court. Money is not speech, much less free speech. Corporations are not "citizens" or in any way human.

The True Level And Effect Of The Real Debt - The compounduing affect of Derivatives

Nice commentary on a WSJ article by Jim Sinclair on the compounding affect of Derivatives.

The True Level And Effect Of The Real Debt

Goldman's mixed messages on QE and Real Interest Rates

This story could have been filed under QE but it pertains to their recent call for a top in gold prices. But more importantly it is a discussion about how one firm can put out to fully contradictory reports. Given that the nightly access hour gold bear raid in the most thinly traded markets, clearly designed to drop the price of gold and trigger sell stops, continue after the huge opening futures hit last Monday, the coincidence of the timing of Goldmans report seems to be in line with management of perceptual economics (MOPE) tactics we have become so familiar with.

Will Obama Beat Back a "Nuclear" Attack by the Big Banks?

With the implementation of the "Volker Rule" on deck, will we actually see any meaningful reform actually implemented or will the corruption of money in politics once again dictate the course of events. What are the consequences in either case? (an open question).

Will Obama Beat Back a "Nuclear" Attack by the Big Banks? - Mother Jones

Looks like we've circled around back to the beginning of the merry-go-round.

Reuters article Sunday, December 2, 2012, Headlined this story -

Wall Street Finds a Foreign Detour Around U.S. Derivatives Rules


Those who operate in the grey areas of "criminally/legal" or "legally/criminal" activities never change their ways.

“Europe and America will not allow deflation to take root” - Interview with Ambrose Evans Pritchard by Gold Switzerland

The title of this article seems almost absurdly obvious to those who have knowledge of the underlying hierarchy of the financial order.

The article might otherwise be entitled "Europe and America are on an inevitable path to hyper-inflation, but that is another perspective. I find the thoughts, data and perspective presented here to be clearly outside the domain of the mainstream and yet fully credible. And thus they belong here at the Duffminster Times.

Recent Actions in Gold and Silver in context with the Fiscal Cliff, Permanently Removing the Debt Ceiling, QE4 and so on.

What seems evident is that until a broader interest of long term economic stability is pursued in earnest with a high degree of cooperation and a whole lot less greed and bias towards certain financial interests, we will not see a return to any balanced interest rates. This is primarily because the sovereign debt has grown so large with the Fed being the primary buyer of most US debt, that any increase in interest rates of any substantial nature, say to 5% or so, would result in such a huge debt service invoice that the US government would simply have to shut down or default on its debt.

Corporate Profits Hit Record High While Worker Wages Hit Record Low

"...In the third quarter of this year, “corporate earnings were $1.75 trillion, up 18.6% from a year ago.” Corporations are currently making more as a percentage of the economy than they ever have since such records were kept. But at the same time, wages as a percentage of the economy are at an all-time low, ...

Click here for the Article including charts

Less to the Improvements in the Housing Market than is Commonly Reported

Intriguing article to counter the spin of the mainstream on the housing markets:

Over 20 Million Houses Sitting Vacant-Fabian Calvo

It was about 2:15 PM when. . .

Actually, the story was posted at 3:52 PM on CNBC. Senator Harry Reid stepped up to the mike and announced the Republicans are interested in "happy talk" but sidestepped getting down to specifics.

Fiscal Cliff or Fiscal Slope - Simple and Fair Ideas Don't have a Chance

Lets see. This isn't rocket science. But the special interests and influence of big money in politics keeps otherwise noble politicians from employing their brains to do what is right for the people of this nation. If average posters like me can find a solution where the math adds up, you'd think these shills for the lobbies who call themselves "representatives" could come up with something. Problem is, "they are shills for the lobbies," and actually could care less about average American families.

Warren Buffet's Latest Proposal to John Boehner and Tea Partyers 11/26/12

Warren Buffet has a op-ed proposal in the NT Times today.

A Clearly Emotional Reaction to Bernanke's Latest Speech at the Economics Club in NYCity. - 11-20-2012

Ben Bernanke appeared again after a period outside the spotlight to comment on the recovery.

Where Can We Begin in Order to Make Sense of the Financial World this November 20th, 2012?

Reuters' headlines today are full of the kind of news that kills Hope.

A blogger's report on a Volcker address delivered earlier this year. . . Additional Thoughts Attached 11-18-12

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Busy day, so another quick one. This is Paul Volcker:

Volcker: Our Biggest Problem is Effective Governance

Resource extraction, bribes and whistleblowers; Dodd-Frank Act, the OECD convention and the US Supreme Court.

November, 1997, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) released a document drawn up by an international group addressing the issue of "Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions".

November 14, 2012: Issue of the day - Market Performance, The Fiscal Cliff, and "Break Up the Banks"

According to some opinions, the "fiscal Cliff" issue has graduated from a political football to a case of unstable nitroglycerin, ready to blow up the economy.

Greece:"Fiscal Cliffs", and non-existent Inflation.

The problem with Greece grows and spreads as the underlying weaknesses become obvious.

. . . And Who Will Be the New Face of the Republican Party?

How long will it take to reorganize? And, what are the important issues?

"Conservatives Without Conscience" by John W. Dean - A "Must Read" before voting - 2012

Amazing what one discovers when probing into the deep recesses of book shelves!

One more criterion for electing a President come November. . .

In scanning today's headlines, one more choice indicator not too easily ferreted out from personal motivation, lights or dims our path to the future:

At 2:40 PM today, 10/25/2012 Goldman Sachs entered the Political arena with a threat. . .

Vote for Romney or the wealthy 1% will sink the nation!

Presidential election 2012 – The Big Difference!

The three presidential election debates are behind us. We’ve had an opportunity to witness the character of the two candidates and their positions.

Reuters in a "morning after" mode. 10/20/12

Though not in "1987 recap" mode, Reuters still notes the current attitude of the players.

At the close Friday, October 19, 2012 - and the message is?

The blog sites turn to poor earnings, pick up in housing sales, the presidential elections and the fiscal cliff of January 1, 2013 to explain market fluctuations today, another list of excuses.

Krugman takes another swing at the Inviting Piñata with a face - 10/19/2012

Paul Krugman's style is direct and relentless.

TODAY’S NEWS 10-16-12 - The Fed on Inflation and Jobs. . .

Fed officials offer divergent views on inflation risks

Opening observation for Market Activity and Two Other Thoughts -Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exercise in logic:

(1) At 10 AM, Reuters runs these lead stories:

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