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Senator Phil Gramm's belief on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

This is Phil Gramm's proud statement on the occasion of the signing the GLBA as contained in a press release dated November 12, 1999 under the Senate Banking Committee logo which was found among some older papers during "house cleaning".

"The world changes, and Congress and the laws have to change with it. . .

Monday, June 24th, 2013 - More red ink!

Asian and European markets show decidedly down trend; Bloomberg futures are down slightly - at 1 AM this morning!

Morning outlook for stocks and commodities . . and our future beyond June 20, 2013

Very briefly –

Morning outlook for stocks and commodities, June 20, 2013

After Bernanke’s news conference this afternoon, Reuters reported. . .

Bernanke points to reduced Fed bond buying this year

Obama to initiate a search for Bernanke's replacement? And other non-surprises in today's news.

President Obama would be serving his constituents interests by expanding his search for replacements by devising a net to corral about 2/3 of Congressional House members and having them retired or simply ousted.

Yes, Prof. Krugman, the problem is Jobs. Have we closed the door on the solution?

In today’s NYTimes opinions section, Paul Krugman discusses the problem of getting the unemployed back to work at jobs where there is mismatch between jobs available and skills of the displaced workers.

Values, Values, Values!

The creators of the crisis are now intent on applying insult to injury by denying destitute families the benefit of food stamps.

On The Guardian's uncovering Top Secret US government intrusion into Verizon records

Watchdog Journalism

Submitted by saldeck on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 08:41.

US CFTC to regulate Derivatives. . . After a fashion, ofcourse.

When the tsunami community considered the Dodd-Frank Act (more specifically, the regulation of derivatives and the “passing-the-buck” process congress fervently subscribed to

"JPM Eligible Gold Drops To Fresh Record Low Following Withdrawal Of 28% Of Holdings" - The run on physical continues

While the recent chart painting has damaged the technical chart of gold, the fundementals (demand vs. supply) continue to indicate troubles for the manipulators. When the exchanges can not make good on delivery we will see the true potential for gold prices. I will not be suprised to see another naked short futures raid on gold and silver in the near future. None the less, it is clear, only Wall Street is buying the head fake. The rest of the world is hungry for gold. And why shouldn't they be?

Short comment on Interest rates and such. . . Prompted by Paul Krugman. .

Popping in just for a quick “Told you so!” which is bolstered by one of the more favored economists on the O&G list. . . at this time a “johnnie-come-lately” to use an older phrase.

"Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever" - Matt Taibbi - Rolling Stone

Another elucidating piece from Matt Taibbi. He nails it on the head and shows the level of complicity and corruption in the regulatory and judicial branches of government in doing little of substance to halt this behavior which is a form of out right thievery.

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever


The Secret World of Gold

I have remained quite on this subject for the most part. I have a little commentary and then I am linking the video for "The Secret World of Gold." Part III is the most interesting and germane to the current manipulations in the market.

Here are my thoughts in simplified terms in regard to the massive attack on gold and silver that has been ongoing for over 2 months and hit full force this week.

"Comex Gold Inventories Collapse By Largest Amount Ever On Record" - Nick Laird

While the MSM and the primary dealers and bullion banks (who have been manipulating the prices lower in a ferocious manner the last few months) have been selling the idea that bull market in gold has ended, in the meantime, the rate at which physical gold is exiting the COMEX vaults is at the all time highest record. Has the manipulation been a cover to allow those trying to make good on their lease and swap options able to buy at lower prices? How much longer can the masquerade that QE is not long run causing monetary push inflation be sold?

"Helicopter QE will never be reversed" - Telegraph - Ambrose Evans-Prtichard &quotesmonetary theorist Professor Michael Woodford

What I've been saying all along. His solution is interesting.

Helicopter QE will never be reversed
Readers of the Daily Telegraph were right all along. Quantitative easing will never be reversed. It is not liquidity management as claimed so vehemently at the outset. It really is the same as printing money.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
7:49PM BST 03 Apr 2013

Columbia Professor Michael Woodford, the world’s most closely followed monetary theorist, says it is time to come clean and state openly that bond purchases are forever, and the sooner people understand this the better.

Interview with John Williams of Shadow Stats by Greg Hunter - "Congress Triggers Early Stages of Hyperinflation"

It is clear that Western Central Banks are panicking, using every trick to hammer gold and silver while pumping stocks through the primary dealers, even as economic fundamentals suggest that stocks are very expensive on a forward earnings basis and I would argue on a current earnings basis. There are of course exceptions. Any opportunity to listen to John Williams is one I will take as he provides data.

"The Fed Is Printing Money, But Where Is It Going? They Know But Will Not Say" - Its going to Banks not Mainstreet.

This article definitely has heuristic value. Basically it says the Fed is printing boat loads of money and it is going to banks that (had they to mark their assets to market) and not been the recipient of this massive Fed give away, they would be insolvent. He is also saying the reason we don't see any inflation to speak of is because the money never enters the real economy, doesn't spur growth. In fact, stagflation benefits the largely unregulated banking sector because while inflation remains low, they can keep printing money indefinitely to Wall Street's benefit.

My Take on the Global Financial Situation, Markets, Gold and Silver

The first thing I want to say is that I have no idea about timing in the markets. I want to give a brief summary of my current world view on the global financial markets. There is a lot of talk about the breadth of the recent rally in the US equity markets. There has also been a lot of talk about the gold and silver bull markets being over.

"The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble" - The Haliburton Loophole

This article is a rare gem of truth on this subject:

The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble


"In major policy shift, scores of FDIC settlements go unannounced" - When Transparency is Lost, Free Markets lose credibility

It is clear that we are seeing a studious attempt to mask the entropy of corruption. This article points out just one example.

FDIC settlements go unannounced - LA Times


"...Critics describe the FDIC's current practice of low-profile deal-making as a major departure from the S&L crisis.

"China's Extreme Real Estate Bubble: Globalization Is a Fraud, a Castle Built On Sand" - Jesse's Cafe Americain

Much of the talk of a stronger global economy centers around China. What is studiously ignored most of the time is the fact that China has patterned a major portion of their "growth" strategy around real estate development and much if not most of that real estate sits empty, even as wages in China have not seen the kind of growth that would enable these "real estate investments" to bear fruit. I'll post the link to this very visual and compelling 60 Minutes piece (commercials included unfortunately) and then Jesse's lucid commentary.

"Supreme Court once again undermines the search for Justice. Supreme Court Ruling a Blow for Future Financial Crisis Cases"

After watching the PBS Frontline documentary, the untouchables (see a recent post on this site), we now have given the those who profited so well from their fraud, deception and sociopathic greed and hubris in the events leading up to 2008 a clean slate and they are free to continue pillaging and corrupting government and the Supreme Court injustices have carved their legacy of fascism into stone.

Bureau of Labor Statistics and good news - Controlling Statistics by process

Of particular interest lately are the manipulated statistics indicating a downturn in new applications for unemployment.

"Trade protectionism looms next as central banks exhaust QE" - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - The Telegraph

Here is a lucid article from Ambrose. Again, he is one of the few mainstream journalists writing about such issues.


"... A new paper for the US Monetary Policy Forum and published by the Fed warns that the institution's capital base could be wiped out "several times" once borrowing costs start to rise in earnest.

And, THEN! . . .FDIC urges you to help banks. . at the bountious interest rate of. . . ZERO!

This was receive via email this AM and is reproduced here without comment other than to point out sensitivity to common problems of the common wage earner is not a universally distributed attribute.

Four Largest Banks Are Now Almost As Big As US GDP: Accounting Hides Risks - Taleb on Fragility

While this is not news to many of us here, it is worth remembering why our government is beholden to the Banks and the Federal Reserve:

Four Largest Banks Are Now Almost As Big As US GDP

Global Dynamics at the Zero Lower Bound – A Working Paper From the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank

The ZLB does more harm than good - for several reasons.

Bubbles, Drones and the destruction of the Constitution - Interview with Frmr Asstnt Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Robert

To hear a former high level civil servant talking in these terms should be a wake up call. This excellent interview by Greg Hunter with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spells out the severity and challenge to liberty we now face.

"Fed Has Bought More U.S. Gov’t Debt This Year Than Treasury Has Issued" - Is this possible?

It is hard for me to understand how this is possible. The Fed is the buyer of only resort it would seem. What else is possible? How can it get better than this?

Fed Has Bought More U.S. Gov’t Debt This Year Than Treasury Has Issued, CSN News

excerpt: "...By the close of business on Wednesday, Feb. 6, according to the U.S. Treasury, the total federal debt had climbed to $16.4799 trillion—an increase of $47.2 billon for the calendar year.

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