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This is the current non legalize version of the Legal Disclaimer. The rest will follow in a few days.

The postings of commentaries, stories, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) at and on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any of such posted material or parts therein.

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The Duffminster Times is designed to allow people to state their own view on the news, issues of the day, justice, freedom, liberty, politics and economics and to serve as a place of peaceful civil dialogue on the most pressing issues, without the all too common overlay of in-bedded journalism that has an increasing practice of just swallowing the ministry of disinformation news releases and corporate press releases as defacto truth. This trend towards self governance in the FDA and Wall Street and elsewhere, the zero regulation Reagan Revolution Trickle Down system that constantly makes the already vastly wealthy ever more wealthy and puts control of the political system ever more in the hands of the very small number of people who increasingly have an ever larger percentage of most of the wealth is one that needs to be questioned and challenged if there is to be hope of a return to truly representative government.

This site is open site for registered members to post. We stand ready to post any and all rebuttals and responses from people mentioned in the material we post. To post a rebuttal, simply sign up on the site and post a rebuttal comment. You can contact the site amdminstrator at and put in your subject line "rebuttal" and it will be posted within a reasonable period, otherwise you can leave your comments or apply to gain blogging rights and blog your own response.

Journalism was once given to the responsibility of gathering and presenting a broad panorama of reports and analysis about the issues and events of our times and putting that forth to the public for their own consideration. At Duffminster, we believe in the inherent wisdom, intelligence and care for this nation that allows our readers to discern for themselves among the data and diverse opinions what is worthy of consideration and that which is not.

This site remains dedicated to peaceful dialogue and I personally believe in the teachings of both Ghandi and Martin Luther king. And that is that truth will set us free and violence is a road to hell. Let us speak with conviction in the face of persecution and fear and know that one day the light of truth will open the gateway to lasting freedom, justice and humanity in our governments and in our society.