About Duffminster

Duffminster is intended to help fill that void of what used to be old town American independent news reporting; we hope to provide forums and opportunities for every town, city, county and state to have citizen reporters and opinion editors to talk about what is going on locally and to provide town halls, and a platform to find voice.

Duffminster is designed to return some of that understanding that independent news is designed to allow regular folks to read their local news every morning and where the local editors and reporters often don't agree with the in-bedded mainstream press and where its expected the journalists challenge the prevailing wisdom as a matter of principle.

Here we will take it for granted that the actions and words of people are the true measure of their true disposition towards freedom and openess rather than their race, creed, color or nation of origin. The evil that has been expressed in the 20th century will raise its head again even among its previous victims when good people stand idly by and do nothing and say nothing in the face of facism, racism and corruption and the clear and present attempt to bring a China like state of authoritarianism to the US and Western Europe.

People here are both editors and readers, teachers and students. It is place where civility and intelligence are expected because without it, there can be no productive discussion. It is oriented as largely liberal political magazine obsessed with transparence, balance of bower and social justice, and so if your here just to stir up trouble and cause conflict, and your really just a hard core conservative looking to cause trouble then please go post on some mainstream blog. We want liberal heavy duty left wing, non-violent, forward thinkers who actually care for their fellow human beings and citizens and our home, this planet Earth and all the livning things here. You'll also need to write well enough to be understood and humble enough to take corrections, which I need frequently myself. That doesn't mean be lazy. This site is about everyone getting smarter; including me you see? Two minds are better than one and well you get it.

We are biased as hell towards something the establishment doesn't like and that is the truth about what is really going on down south.

If you think of Something else, let me know. I begin this site in heartful and mindfelt defference to John Kennedy and Son. I can think of no more American humans than these. If we can not hold the moral high ground by ending wars where they need to be ended because men are too cowardly to stand for what they believe, then we can not be truly Free. The two John's are the last great Americans I knew were the real deal and had a real shot at preserving the dream of truest vision of Democracy and Freedom among humans.

Let me state emphatically. I believe in social justice, the values taught by Jesus Christ and Budha and Krishna. I honor the One God and his real Children, which I believe in God's Perspective are Every single One of you, even the bastards. The greatness of any individual can only be measured by his service to his fellow Beings in my opinion. Peace is heaven and war is hell. By lifting one another up we shine as a species. Help your fellow beings, do not steal, if you can, Love All that crosses thy path and if not love the path that creates your path.

Keep checking back and any help you have to give to this cause will be considered in the light of Day, not just the night of this passing.