Could our society implode on the race issue?

Our social issues are featured in our founding documents which, by the way, are not normally considered to be the "law of the land". For that we need to turn to the Constitution and any other documents considered to be siilar to by-laws or "governing documents", which - in our case would be statutes, the often rambling texts that seem so drawn out and boring with exceptions and conditions that in the end, he attempt o regulate nearly convinces readers they mean nothing. Thus, although we have had straightforward documents like the Emancipation Proclamation which promise equality, equality is not a law of the land or even a stated motto for the nation unless eventually interpreted to be such by the Supreme court.

Our social issues are featured in our founding documents which, by the way, are not normally considered to be the "law of he land". For that we need to turn to the Constitution and any other documents considered to be by-laws, which - in our case would be statutes, the often rambling texts that seem so drawn out and boring with exceptions and conditions that in the end soften the meaning of the statute. Thus, although we have had straightforward documents like the Emancipation Proclamation which promise equality, equality is not a law of the land or even a stated motto for the nation. Not like the belief held by the French in a nation devoted to liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Apparently, In the USA there is no Federal law that says it is punishable to gun down unarmed people, that is, no law outside the law of the wild west - which supposedly no longer exists except in select where it is considered needed and id allowed, which brings a presidential candidate to declare he can gun down someone and escape consequences or in the case of the law of the jungle, assumed to no longer apply to the barren landscape of the United States.

Another unarmed black man was shot down in Califonia this time because he took something out of his pocket and assumed a shooting stance - which is enough of a provocation to the police who rushed onto the scene to gun him down. brings back to mind a photo published on some news site which depicted a group of young blacks seated on something that isolated them from passers-by and they carried placards that asked the question, 'AM I NEXT?" Is that provocation enough to gun them down, that confrontation, taunt, the daring attiude? Something is amiss here, and ii is a social aberration. are we coming apart at the seams? Who would have the audacity to say this is enough to bring on reprisal of the severest form for themselves? It is the police and the miliiia who is armed with the more powerful weapons who need training in what the weapons can initiate. One unstable personality armed with a murderous weapon can undermine all the written laws and mottos of the keenest, well- intentioned minds in history. It would seem that the one goaded into killing another, must have the ideas in mind as he approaches the setting, "what would i do iF. . . . Damn right I'm within my rights self-dfense!!. If nohing less it begins in the element of fear an a propensity to react with violence and deadly force.Should he/she be there and where is the supervisor who should be making the decision of whom should be sent on the mission ostensibly to quell the attitudes of the groups facing each other and what is his/her training to make the decision?

Is common ense and good judgment a hopelessly lost art or absent technical competence to determine who has the wild-eyed look , the highly agitated state that converts - As you might guess, the destabilizing events go further than the staring down and double dares that provoke outright murder in the streets. It brings us presidential candidates - long before Donald Trump was invented who lie and try to generate hostilities and pit one class against another to solve unrelated problems, planting the seed which turns confrontational dares into invitations to massacre? What do they tell the squads at the assembly point or before that might raise otherwise sensible and stable personalities into rejecting all those treasured social values they've been taught and probably taught their children and families is the proper attitude required for the job at hand only to ignore it themselves at the critical moment that counts -how they show up at the scene preparing to disburse an agitated crowd. They must know the meaning behind the 'Am I next ?" placards! They must know that they must resist the temptation ot being goaded into deadly action. They must have some comprehension of what effect gunning down anyone will have on the image created at home and abroad! Can they think no further than self and/or that flash of personal anger and hatred? During WWII, O&S was in situations where action was required in matters of self-defense. There were taunters, too, who required no more than thinking of consequences to give in to defending personal beliefs and values and defending "false honor". The first incident highlighted by personsl inaction sent him to a hospital in Australia. There was no hesitation in the following.But, There is a distinction in war or responding to neighborhood unrest demonstrated by youths with a mission.

If the "enforcers can not make the distinction under all circumstances, they should not be included in the group of enforcers assigned to quell disturbances. And, if the supervisory personnel responsible for making the decision whether the select personnel can stand up to the stress and strain of the taunting, they should be removed from the responsibility until they are either retrained to meet the requirements or denied the opportunity to make the same mistake again.

This is an issue that desperately needs attention and redirection. Someone is not doing their supervisory job adequately - or, someone is in a position they are not constitutionally equipped to handle. Do we need a thorough study of the first line supervisory personnel by trained psychologists before the entire situation rises beyond control and we end up with much more of this outright murder. No jury in the world has the right to say that a member of the general public or even a properly equipped, trained member of the police force or militia should have the right to set the example of losing his temper or abandoning civilized standards to respond to taunting with murderous intent. And, it is patently wrong to shift the blame for the murder back onto the taunters as ill-advised as that is. People are so riled up about this issue, they can think nothing else than murder is no proper response to words or behavior. It's not something to be put aside until later, because it now appears to have passed the point of no return.


People are offering themxelves up as martyrs, which means they consider the breaking point to have been breached. And, if a few believe, the opposition can very easily prove the martyrs to have been right in the response they draw.

Inevitability Cycle Arc-- This is what Decline looks like.

Many people believe President Trump's ability to engage us in nuclear war against Russia marks the end of the world.
Russia just agreed to a cease-fire with Ukraine.

The American stock markets continue to rise (14%) since Election Day.
There is no American economy. None.

Big Retail will be reporting financials in the coming week. To call them weak is an understatement. Non-existent would be a better word.
America STILL imports nearly all of it's retail merchandise and no tax exists yet on those imports.

Nearly every Big Box of every kind is massively under-staffed. Many are setting up manned stands asking customers to work there.
They pay $10/hour when administrative jobs in the same area pay $10,000/month. Who is worth more?

Almost 100% of the American infrastructure is aged. The South and West have no resources but it's where people are relocating to?
Unless we get steady life-sustaining rain all Spring... American topography will get seared again by the global warming that isn't happening.

Shift happens... and is about to.

When Greed Fails To Pay Attention

American stocks have never been higher. American entities have never been so dysfunction and unable to conduct enterprise. There is a very big divide between worker and executive compensation. There is a predominance in administrative, paper and button pushing jobs and over-supply of people willing to work in this capacity, while an extreme shortfall exists in people able to work at street-level. Street-level jobs do not pay enough to survive but people not working at street-level are unable to survive without reliance on street-level workers in every facet of their phony existence.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you what is coming straight at us and at full speed.

An Enormous Task For Young People

There is a difference between the ends of previous empires and the end of the current empire. That difference is global ecological collapse. Empires are always based not only on the exploitation of the poor but on the existence of new frontieres. All empires need to continue expanding or collapse. America grew because there was always another ridge to cross with another forest to cut on the far side, always another river to dam. And the forests are gone, the rivers are gone. The fish are gone.
The pyramid scheme upon which both civilisation and recently capitalism are based has reached its endgame. And rather than honestly addressing the predicament into which the world has been pushed, it is far easier to lie to ourselves, to each other.
For some the lie can be that despite all evidence, capitalism need not be destructive of the poor and of the natural world, that the "invisible hand of Adam Smith" can. And another lie is that the sources of our misery do not inhere in capitalism but rather come from immigrants stealing our jobs. And of course, those damn environmentalists are to blame for denying access to that last one per cent of old growth forest, that last one percent of fish.

Yes Neoh, young people have inherited a broken world and fighting to get their countries back on track will be an enormous task for them.

Yes, Challenge Is For Everyone

All Western nations now feature large enforcer classes, composed of bureaucrats, law enforcement units, inspectors and so on. None of whom produce anything and all of whom restrain producers from producing. We now have a very large financial class in which aggressive people make millions of dollars. The problem is that finance is not productive. It may allocate money in beneficial way but it does not actually produce anything. At present allocators get the big bucks, and the producers get scraps.
The modern business ethic has become about aquisition only. Mere grasping is an insufficient philosophy for capitalism. It leads to dark places.
Right now a parasitic ethic rules the West and will continue to rule so long as producers play the part of the suckers. Producers are being abused. Money has been removed from the hands that made it, into the hands of non-producers, liars and destroyers.

One choice is to go rogue. By that I mean to separate from the system, stop seeking its approval and to live the life of an outsider.
Every time they accept people calling them weird, they are resigning the massing culture and going rogue, not the one that is sold to them by Washington and Hollywood.
You don't have to be a superstar to count yourself among the producers. In fact, you don't even need to have a job. What matters is that, given a choice, you would rather create than live off the production of others.

The Differences Are Recognized By The Producers

Your post is accurate but also ominous for the Takers. First off... Capitalism has nothing at all to do with money grubbing or greed. Capitalism is a function. You do (produce) but charge for your effort. Financiers think charging for their services is Capitalism but money touching fuels the act of doing something that warrants a price, so touching money is the exception to Capitalism. I was paid to make money move integrally. What I earned was based on my integrity and ability to keep cash flowing. The product was never mine and so I produced nothing. I was not doing Capitalism, my vocation was institutional.

When money touchers tell you they are Capitalists, then it is essential to remove all protections and perceptions about institutional components to award them with a fair level playing field where you and I and the next guy have exactly the same access to fuel, tools and rewards. You see... as a guided POTUS appears to be removing what he perceives are restraints on institutions... he is really removing the walls that give them true exception. A fully de-regulated banking system is unnecessary in America. We the People merely change fuel sources and banks have only their own capital to invest. Their track record of success as investors is the most dismal of all quasi-capitalistic adventures. During the 20th Century alone, banks were literally a 3:1 ratio of losses to gains with the nation bailing them like clockwork every 10 years.

Producers know each other. Its in the eyes. There is a sort of "hungry" look that isn't greedy... its needy. When you spot people less interested in a price (raw materials) and more intently focused on quality or an aspect-role in a broader project, you know you are seeing a producer. Plenty of people believe their I-Phone will guide them through some craft-skill-handy "challenge" but without basic primitive knowledge of handiness and skill in crafty pursuits... the outcome won't match what's displayed on that tiny screen. The two "far" factions stand out now... either you are too addicted to lowbrow tech to back off and live-a-day not constantly on it... or your entire focus revolves around money grubbing but not spending any to keep economics alive. Both are cancers. You cannot constantly poop in your living room and not expect it to rot, reek and be infested.

We are heading for catastrophic failure, but yes... those with craft, skill, ability and capability do exist. None of us... not one person... can tell us by actual experience what a catastrophic failure is like or will do to us... but indeed, a capacity to produce is a prerequisite for standing up first in the aftermath. May God help those who are most able to help themselves and then others in the aftermath.

Catastrophic Failure? Leave the remaining fossil fuels... the ground. Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels? Burning much of what is left will lead to environmemtal and economic catastrophe. The system that produces the world's food supply are heavily dependent on fossil fuels. The internet and most technological development based on it would cease to exist. Most world currencies would collapse.
In short will be panic and economic collapse.

May God help those who wish to curtail fossil fuels use.

Nasa descovers three new planets. Will there be oil there?

more on fossil fuels

I don't know what the world will look like as the world becomes weaned from fossil fuel dependence. The only thing we can be sure of is that it will look significantly different than what we have become accustomed to during the past 150 yrs or so, give or take a few decades.
Considering that world population in 1850 was approximately 1.2 billion and today it is about 7.5 billion speaks volumes about the effects of technology with an emphasis on relatively cheap fossil fuels. It's really quite amazing. The entire population of the world was less in 1850 than the current population of India or China today.
So, time is ending for dependence on cheap fossil fuels. It doesn't matter how much oil there is beneath our feet because it doesn't matter if people can't afford it. There will always be the Pollyanna who will be quick to announce that huge amounts of natural gas that is being harvested but few realize amount of natural gas that is consumed by a small electrical generating plant. Fewer realize the losses that happen during production and transport to the washing machine in their house.
The world does not realize that the majority of efficiency for fossil fuel conversion to usable energy had been achieved nearly half a century ago.Much occurred from the time of James Watt's improvement of Newcomen's to standard 1960's technology. A huge improvement it was of less than 20% to nearly 75% in 1960. A 55% improvement was significant enough to keep the party hopping and the population growing. The last 60 years have been spent chasing the remaining 20% or so. Hard to keep the party going chasing the remaining 20%, an expensive 20%, while eroei declines dramatically while population relentlessly increases. And then there is that little discussed Jevons paradox that we choose to conveniently ignore which we shouldn't because it is true when it comes to energy.
At one time I was an advocate of nuclear power but have since changed my mind. I love the amount of potential clean energy that is theoretically available but I don't trust that it would be used wisely by a species that has demonstrated zero growth in maturity during the past 4000 years. Maybe even a regression in maturity. 4000 years ago there was at least an attempt to build something that lasts. Today it is how much money did I make this quarter.
I also am an advocate of clean coal technology but have become jaded due to our immaturity. I've watched as politicians have pretended to advocate clean energy but were really just placating their multi national corporate corporate cronies for offshoring their plants to other places of the world that were exempt and could burn that coal using even dirtier old technology. The world is not mature enough for a real treaty.
I don't know where we are going. I just know that the acceleration has increased dramatically during the past ten years.

What The Coming World May Look Like...

When I relocated, I bought another house to renovate. Its in an area off a bit from main streets and highways, in fact, nestled nicely in a matured area where custom-built not estates were set on larger parcels. I call these types of areas-- coventry locations because the could have more than they do in the way of modernity but don't. One don't is-- street lighting. With most of the homes set back from the curb-less paved narrow street and plenty of mature trees throughout... light pollution is not so "glaring" there. At night... I can see the Milky Way there. Along the side of the lot is a run-off for a creek. It was meant to course excess water through a culvert and send it to a larger basin across from me. Instead, people filled it in over time and now run-off water tends to build up and flood front lawns. I will eventually redo the course so it does the job it was meant to and I will have a creek running next to this house for several months of the year. The possibility exists for a nice solar panel array on part of the roof or next to it. The possibility of a barrel-shaped wind turbine at treetop level affords a near-constant breeze will turn it. The site this house sits on is nearly 3/4 of an acre and rolls from one side to another. This is the perfect condition for tiered planting that helps itself to water as it rains but gives it up to the creek when its had enough. Between that tiered condition and the creek is the perfect location for accumulating nature that rots into gas. A simple collector tank with a cement roof allows it to achieve pressure.

Pendulums swing. People presume. Fate does what it wants to and the result is rarely what the majority want but mostly what they need.

In my retail setting, I see many infants being babysat by technology that is destroying their eyesight. Their parents don't know it yet but it already has doomed their eyesight and will impact them after 45-- when physiological changes manifest and natural body needs divert (NEOH and I both know this on a personal level...) energy to autonomic needs over peripheries. I see kept-women attempting to retain a 21 year old's body in an old lady's cage. I see guts telling on lifetimes of gluttony and self-indulgence. I see body-builders who cannot pick up a box of tile. I see a LOT of people far-removed from sustainability. Corrections do not cater to or are sensitive to-- the weak.

Many years ago now and somewhere in the volumes written here in Duffminster are-- Inevitabilities. One such-- with the elimination of single passenger vehicles and then vehicles fueled by combustion (thus, robot and autonomic vehicles won't exist either), civilization will adjust to the model that sustains... clusters of coventry, huge stretches of agricultural existence (which likely also generates energy for the coventry) and a vastness in-between where anything goes. The three levels of survival check and balance as they have since life began on our Earth. We will be adjusting existence by necessity, not governed by politics or beholden to legal or monetary tyranny. Technology will by trashed, then restored so that it is a tool (that means the Internet and microwave connections will disappear) and Administrative everything will make great kindling. I'm not suggesting some sort of barbaric or primitive condition... just a pimple pop. The kind of thing that frees us from pariah, many of which, are unable to discern today that they are indeed-- pariah.

How do I know this? Simple. Consider the polarity in play today. The Far Right and Left do battle. The battlefield is the former Middle, or all that once thrived and prospered by its own effort. Sooner than later, polarities generate finality. Maybe the Far Left finally overcomes enterprise and kills it. As a result, it destroys itself and compromises tens of millions to billions because its insistence on techno-control feeds no one. Maybe the Far Right succeed and abscond with all the money in the world... finally rendering it totally useless. Billions worldwide instantly find freedom from oppression and begin local ways to stay alive. One thing is for sure-- legalism and lawyers are destroyed the same moment either side is a victor because the opposition instantly shuns all Order.

Its really much more simple than most imagine. I met a lady last night who makes her own everything and mainly from scraps and shreds. She bottles broths, jars pastes and jugs liquors. She keeps dry goods. She isn't poor at all, in fact, far from it. She merely controls her own outcome by producing her own body needs. Bizarrely (because I asked), she said she generates enough supply in the same timeframe it takes for her spouse to do his day job. Her garden generates fuel. It supplements her house's needs. Doing this keeps her in better shape physically than all the work-out people I know and I BET YOU she can lift a box of tile.

We all knew these days would come when we stopped seeing alternatives to actual work as the norm and built a premise on laziness. There is a great need for people with skill sets and those with them are really in control. When catastrophic failure happens soon and all of us Humpty Dumpty eggs fall off the wall, the Plumber rises and can still Plumb, the Digger can still Dig, the Farmer can still Farm... but the Runner can only Run, the Paper Pusher just stands there as does the Button Pusher and ask "where is my dinner?" Ahhh... that's the rub. There isn't any.

The Lost Customer

Fossil fuels-- a leading reason for building a pipeline through America to bring sandy oil from Canada to Louisiana and Texas refineries is-- there are countries who will buy it. No. There isn't. There are no customers looking forward to buying crappy oil. We don't need coal-burning as a fuel... we have enough wind turbines now to supply America (actually, a pocket of them in the West are so constant now that they could do it alone. Add those in Indiana and Iowa and we no longer need to charge for energy). We DO however, need to charge more for commercial use of freshwater and would do well to create a pipeline to America bringing IT from Canada.

China-- Chinese workers claim they are not stealing American jobs... as they stand in front of Assembly Lines... invented in America and brought to China by inherited-business-types absolutely positively to exploit cheaper labor rates in China. When we invoke tariffs and restore industry here on America Soil, it restores us AGAIN, not for the first time. Notably, China owns the rights to plenty of resources on American Soil including a lot of premium timber. Who sold those rights? YEP... those same business types.

I AM THE CUSTOMER. I always have been. Every American IS the customer. The customer is always right. The customer comes first. Customer service is key. Listen to the customer, succeed in business. The only place THAT never happens is-- in the Board Room. American businesses are chock-full of garbage that NEVER made America great, it oozed into Board Rooms and usurped businesses that USED to be great. The customer never mattered to these pariah... the liquidation profit did. You cannot get worse than Carl Icahn in that mannerism. Anybody know how Carl got his wealth? He TORE DOWN the Capitalism he is consulting Trump on to make us great again. My speculation... never ONCE has Carl said, kill me... bring back Capitalism.

The ONLY way the world leaves secular stagnation and revitalizes individual nations into self-sufficient and vital competitors that generate the fundamental thrust behind Capitalism is-- snuff out the wealth-mongers holding us all hostage to a failure initiative called-- globalization. The world needs only to restore proper pay for real labor, reward invention with enterprise, innovation with enterprise, motivation with enterprise and eliminate-- salaries to administrators, paper and button pushers... sustainability to those who do not contribute any into OUR economy while allowing those who do to stand up. Good GOD... never ONCE in this 21st Century have those who EARNED actually been PAID properly. All else is-- CRIME. If OUR President is truly OUR PRESIDENT... then the next wave of Executive Orders wipe out wealth-mongers, stock markets and forces DEADBEAT CONGRESS to recite ALL of the LAWS on the books before Lunch in one day. No pay until they do THEIR JOBS and create a series of reformed legible literate LAWS ALL AMERICANS can easily follow. How stupid can government be? It created so many laws that no one can possibly obey them, then wonders why it is broken. FIX the LAWS. RESTORE Enterprise it RESTORES Capitalism. Free the currency until it circulates on Main Streets again. Close the Fed-member banks, end the Federal Reserve and GET RID of Wall Street. THIS restores AMERICA.

as corporate bureaucracy dies

Happening as we speak. You have correctly identified that too many of the jobs created since 2000 and accelerating after 2008 are meaningless paper pushing types. The result is a historical bottleneck where the real work becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish.
A physician, regardless of how good his intentions may be, is buried underneath paperwork that has made it nearly impossible for him to provide medical care. An example: a friend recently became sick and required the services of a specialist. She had a difficult time getting an appointment, not because of a shortage of specialists. The reason was that many of the specialists did not want to deal with her particular insurer. The bureaucratic paperwork that the specialist had to complete in order to get paid just wasn't worth it. Having had to settle for a particular specialist that was not her first choice, she found that treatment was delayed because the insurer wanted to use a less expensive medicine. The doctor had to fill out even more paperwork explaining why this particular patient was being prescribed that particular medicine (it had to do with interaction with another med/condition she has). Another rejection for another reason.
This is not limited to medical. I find my own time is increasingly wasted completing useless paperwork. And I'm not blaming it on the government since I've always had that. I'm talking about the exponential increase in private enterprises that have sprung up during the past ten years that require a fee (pay to play) in order to work at a private facility. I'm not being sour grapes. This is useless, expensive paperwork that I submit to people providing a useless service. Huge projects are now delayed because of paperwork that someone doesn't like but who don't know anything about the subject. So it's not just laws created by the government, it now includes laws created by private corporations. The one thing that both have in common is that neither know a fraction of the laws they've created. But that sure doesn't stop them from making even more laws.
People can't see the forest from the trees. Think of all the time and money wasted in courts about whether a certain drug is suitable for execution. Any doctor will tell you that a firing squad is instant and less stressful. (i primarily disagree with capital punishment in this country but i don't want to get into that subject at this time).
Enterprise, especially small business, is being extinguished by useless laws.

A Noteworthy

The Dow rises in 100+ point chunks now. Capital that doesn't flow through economy and goes from maybe offshore sources to markets without any uses to spark ignite grow or maintain- economy. Essentially... big retail reporting period approaches. The holiday season was dismal but the post period was awful. America did NOT sell enough to generate enough pulse to even massage numbers and cook books.

We are about 4 weeks in to the first 100 days of Donald Trump Presidency and there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of economy coming from his many Executive Orders. A climbing stock market without economy in-tow leads to two possibilities... more fake money printing (as the Fed sets it's agenda on rate hike spikes) or the kind of market retraction that sends capital out of stocks and into retail stores. The problem with the second option is-- that those in stocks don't spend equal to their gains.

Meanwhile... the oil pipeline has a bigger problem than where to lay it... there are no buyers for sludge oil around the world and spewing that crap to our own gas tanks ruins them. Essentially... the most expensive lobbying effort in history appears to be fizzling faster than fracking. We simply are not maintaining the need for oil.

My my... how inevitability has a nasty habit of thwarting linear tunnel-vision greed.

An Enormous CHALLENGE for Everyone

There is no difference between the end off this regime period and any other. Exploitation occurred in wild abandon and now all that remains are fat lazy spent people who over-exploited and the rest of the world. History shows that the fat always end up as a greasy mess on the floor of their own house of cards. From the rest... cream will rise. Right now-- we can't discern the cream. Some survived incredible adversity since career losses... others are grossly addicted to I-Phones and having something else do their thinking... both of these aspects end soon. When the opportunity to stand up confronts me (and I knew it would... I had Faith...) I want to make my attempt to stand with legs used to standing up and carrying things, a mind used to fighting oppression and the ills that drag a man down, the ability to see through tradition and routine to raw materials for building new things, and the skills to reconstitute anything into everything.

I'm pretty sure you get it. University graduates aren't our future. I could care less about degrees so-called "earned" sitting in classrooms listening to people blather about stuff I DID, while I remain out here carving the courses of future students that will be written by people not engaged in my life or could hold a candle in it.

Grasp this... we recently saw people skip their jobs to protest nonsense. They were fired by their polar opposites-- people who NEED to get fired so we can unclog our cash flow problem and restore progress and thus- opportunities that would prevent the need for protesters... HOWEVER... there would still BE protesters because lazy useless people refuse to conform and invest commonsense where it is sorely needed that topples regimes that impede progress with greed. We win this when a majority demands: a designated responsible person leads every business, not a Board of Directors; complaints made by fellow employees of validated unfairness (skipping work to protest) gets you fired... and absolutely NO ONE achieves an elected Official Office without a recent verifiable track record in the venue/vessel/vernacular you will SERVE US in.

America is not a "super power" it is an ideal that the majority of the world desires but refuses to release themselves to- to be part of it. We the People OWN this Land and between Lawyers, Politicians, Financiers and Administrators... WE have become dysfunctional in our own birthplace. That too will change. It will ruin much to gain back what is Our Right. Once we do... the rest of the world will respect us again, not for our Hubris but for our Freedom, Free Enterprise, Free Speech, Free Rights and Privileges shared EQUALLY. We MUST have this terrible time to gain back a burning desire to uphold the Middle while forcing both ends to work harder to rejoin us. THAT is... America.

Unbridled Greed

Our new Administration is pressuring our relations in every direction while simultaneously eliminating Laws that regulate and supervise-- banks. It no longer requires any fiduciary responsibility for money touchers. It inadvertently has Wall Street on a live wire.

An observation with commonsense... the severed relations impair some interesting back-stabbing things like- weapons sales, currency exchanges and the very goods that keep all the Bigs bloated. The elimination of Dodd Frank with only the Gramm Leach Bliley fiasco intact creates omnipotent banks that the People will rebel against and avoid until our Dollar teeters on the brink of collapse. No family-sustaining jobs have been created nor has the Trump Empire severed ties with a sitting President (his daughter is in both and cannot be). It is unlikely that the Hand of God is needed to intervene. There remains two groups fully exposed to elimination here... the wealthy who have material power about to be usurped by it's invalidity, and, hubris-driven dumb brained techno-fools who are completely inept at life without social influence instruction.

What remains is known as-- the tax payer. I suspect NEOH remembers the last time we were close to this set of circumstances... 1983. Previous to that year, corporativism ran on skeleton staff and overbearing clueless management in a near-stagnant economic environment. Then life triggered progress again and 99% of our entities either went POOF or were mortally compromised. The far-side of momentum drain is the gross need for the people that actually make things tick. Today, unlike 1983, a majority of working-age people are passively disconnected from Reality by technology while the last-known working class slave-labors in jobs taxing their physical limits. When the towers fall this time, those inside cannot flee to labor or retail or base services... they caused that wall to get built. Meanwhile, I am hearing everywhere... the 5 people currently towing the line pulling 50 deadbeats along is no longer strong... it is exhausted.

I am not purposely being ominous... PLEASE grow yourself a needful skill set. Manual days are ahead, as is the end of the I-Phone Era.

The Military-Industial Complex. A TabooTopic?

I don't understand why you don't touch the Military-industrial Complex. Is it a taboo topic?

The US struggles with widespread poverty, rotting infrastructure, inadequate health care, and deficient public services, not because the government lacks money but because too much of its money goes to serve entrenched interests. Top among these interests is the nation's enormous military-industrial complex.

Let me ask you this:
Is America being destroyed by the Military-industrial Complex? Destroy.....maybe that's too strong a word? But changing and damaging?
I would say: yes.
Corporate cronysm and private defense contractors create perverse incentives for the US to continue to engage in wars.
Who is paying for it?
You strive to reduce abortion when you know that you use taxpayer money to kill children and babies, fully born die all the time in war, in all wars.
War creates chaos in the countries in which is carried out: it creates orphanes and refugees. And now we wonder why we have so many people trying to immigrate.

Military intervention is bad for the environment. The long years of war have resulted in a radical destruction of forest cover and an increase in carbon emission. The water supply has been contamined by oil from military vehicles and depleted uranium ammunition.
The animal and bird populations have also been effected.

On second thought, yes, US Military-industrial complex is destructive.

Rock The Boat, Baby... Go Ahead And Make Our Day...

There is an extreme polarized group in America... and the rest of America. The extremists just got Betsy DeVos put in Trump's Cabinet. She is now the Secretary of Education. She married an elitist who's father made his millions in a multi-level marketing scam-- AMWAY. Her husband- DICK- is well known in Michigan as someone no one with a right mind wants in a Public Office. So he arranged to get his wife one instead.

Betsy DeVos may be exactly what America needs right now. There is ZERO chance that she will do the right thing and a 100% chance that she will trigger enough retaliatory violence to ignite the collapse we are waiting for and need. One thing is absolutely for-sure... those educated by what a false elitist believes is education is headed for a life as a minion. Given what flows through the veins of nearly all REAL Americans, the backlash is a swamp-drainer.

Meanwhile... on Wall Street... people who have partied too long now find themselves running out of pavement and the surroundings look like the war-ravaged mine-cluttered field the rest of us have realized we have become. We believe that greed has accomplished it's mission, it has it all but now... all they have is subject to OUR validity. I couldn't give a rat's ass of value to any stock or bond in play today and I find it ironic that REITs now own the majority of all real estate in America but require people like you and me to maintain and secure them. Further, we also maintain the Public Records, take the court proceedings notes and make every business have a pulse each day and on Sundays and holidays too.

Me thinks one arrogant one should have put more thought into his Cabinet. It's cupboards are barren of relevance and performance. You can't eat delegation or mandates. Both are generally sour and bitter once uttered.

It begins.

But To Make Our Day Even More Miserable

There in America.
Why is Trump administration threatening Iran?
From a speech Trump delivered on December:
" We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past...we will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. Our goal is stability not our dealing with other countries, we will seek shared intersts wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding and good will."

Isn't the problem tha same as it was with Iraq, Lybia, Syria and every country the US has either toppled or tried to topple in the last 65 years? Of course it is. With Iran, the problems run even deeper since Iran sits on a vast ocean of oil and natural gas.

So where is the "peace, understanding and good will" towards Iran? There does not seem to be any.
And what happened to "draining the swamp"? He is just filling tha swamp with sponges and leeches that will suck their country of any hope the average American has for a decent future.

Here in Europe.
IMF report: Greece's debt "highly unsustainable" cut pensions, tax increases for the poor.
Greece still should exit and escape the grip of vandals.
Greece is back in the news as the IMF, the Germans and the European Commission slug it out pretending to talk tough and propose solutions to the Greek tragedy. There is no solution of course.

The youth are facing a lifetime of diminished prospects as a result of the decisions the adults around them took.
The reality remains Greece should exit the Eurozone. It should introduce an inconditional job guarantee at a decent wage to provide a pathway back into employment for the many that the troika have rendered jobless.
The lack of jobs, the cutbacks in education and training, the loss of partecipation are the legacy that current generation is leaving their children and their children.

Greece is now a failed state - a colony of Germany and a plaything of the IMF.
In a few weeks, the next debt-bailout saga will hit the headlines and the talk will be the same.

Here and there. Europe and America. Something big has to happen to stop all this. History tells us that it will. And the longer the progressive political voices remain complicit, the probability that that "something" will be violent, increases.

The Calm Before The Storm

The passage of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education confirms that the new Administration isn't there to help Americans recover or to restore what made America great again... its there to force-continue something long-wrong in America. A throwback to European roots. We are starting down the road to catastrophic failure here. The stock and bond markets are fully unsustainable when you top them with more war monger stuff.

Europe is long dead and Greece didn't pay attention when Iceland threw its bankers out and established independent economy from the EUC. The problem with Greece is-- it doesn't want to break totally free of the addictions that got it in this trouble. Greece is fully capable of sustainability.

The "Progressives" control less and less everyday as People globe-wide step back from technology and accept less existence by oppression. That "big event" is forming now... from oldest to youngest, People are tired of working for the Man and having no real down time for life and living.

In the book SuperNova... it clearly indicated this "time" would come. When millions to billions of working People- going nowhere- make the choice to quit their jobs, mega-entities without the substance to remain in business go... POOF. When the clerical staff leaves McKesson, it crumbles and those at the top lose everything. Without shipper stuffers, Amazon is instantly a bust. Without refinery laborers, there are no oil giants. What the world needs now are basic useful skill sets, not more paper and button pushers... the fuel for Progressives, who live for experiences on the former pay of sustainable economy makers.

probably a short calm

I believe that if Hillary was elected then she would probably have suffered a Marie Antoinette moment. I think Trump is charging into an "Et tu Brute" moment. Both type of ends are due to extreme hubris which our current potus has an enormous helping of. I was hoping that once he got elected that he would tone it down and get to work. What happened is that he ramped it up and is now babbling incoherently about any diversion. In retrospect, the president is the ultimate snowflake with skin as thick as tissue paper and is addicted to social media like his younger snowflake opponents. He won't last.

Some Truth To That And More

Analysis indicated that if Al Gore had taken Office in 2000, stock markets would have tanked big-time and when globalization was weaker and the Federal Reserve had not authorized the demise of our Dollar... yet; that a mean, lean, healthier more focused America would have probably met a terror threat better, handled it and conquered the enemy by leaving it to its own devices (self-annihilation).

There is no argument that George W. Bush was a stooge who set America up for massive intentional failure. He literally handed Obama the Office. Obama was the guy standing in the vetting room at the DNC Party offices... picked last... when everyone else declined to run. We got what that old desperate group of losers resorted to.

Based on the current Cabinet and Consultants to the President, we were going to get a Right-leaning POTUS come Hell or High Water and we got one. Hillary's extremely premature e-mail invitations to her "Victory Party" told us all that we were screwed and tattoo'd no matter who we spewed into the Oval Office. Meanwhile... progressive thinking (all-pay, all-experiences, no-experience, no labor discipline at all) oozed into roles across the world and we now have exactly what we were playing for... total compromise.

I am waiting for the emergence of the New American Army. I STILL won't touch a stock share. I know what happens next. I read the history book.

Post Note... the same people who threatened to move to Canada if Trump won are now threatening to home school their kids. None are actually going to do anything other than whine online and capitulate. We really needed them to grow balls, skill sets and put the phones down. There is a great NEED for real Americans today, and an over-supply of clowns.

"I Rebel: Therefore We Exist", Declared Albert Camus

"None are actually going to do anything other than whine online and capitulate."
A few days ago, Neoh said: " I'm really quite surprised that countries like Spain and Italy with their double digit youth unemployment haven't impaled their leaders."

Food for thought.

I think that the most important causes for the present state of things is: the West almost entirely destroyed the most essential human instincts: people's ability to dream, to feel passionate about things, to rebel and to get involved.
Single-mindedness, naivete are almost entirely gone. There is a pressure to conform while little space and almost no rewards for true courage or originality.
People are actually locking themselves for years at schools and universities, wasting their times, paying their own money, just in order to make it easier for the regime to indoctrinate them and turning them into good and obedient subjects. Those people are so damaged that they cannot fight for anything anymore (except for their own personal selfish interests).
They are unhappy, their desperatioon does not propel them into action. Most of them never rebel. Instead of erecting barricades, writing outraged novels or openly ridiculing this entire Western charade, they are mostly in silence. If the opportunity to change their lives arrives they cannot identify it, anymore, cannot grasp it. It is because they cannot fight, they were pacified since early age, since the school.
The success to produce obedient, scared and unimaginative beings is complete.
Big corporations are thriving, elites are collecting booty, while great majority of people in the West is gradually losing its ability to dream and feel. Taking action is too scary and people are not used to making dramatic decisions, anymore. Cynicism reigns.
Grotesque individualism and self-centrism, broken societies, collapsed relationships between people are the results.

In the West, almost no could even write great poetry, anymore, no haunting melodies, no powerful lyrics are created there.
Without ability to love passionately, without capacity to give, to sacrifice everything unconditionatelly, one cannot expect to become a great revolutionary.

The West lost ability to love and to rebel. In exchange for what? brain? But there is nothing significant that comes from that area either!

50 Shades of Gray

When "gray" becomes the fad color, it tells us all something. Nothing I own is gray on purpose. Old meat is gray. Old hair and skin are gray. Old is gray. It tells us something-- important.

Food for thought... when the mass terminations wiped out hard-working people globe-wide in 2007-09, the economics tanked, the globe traced to secular stagnation but... there were no bodies in the streets. The cash flow was compromised, but the commonsense and sense of survival stayed on point. Make that come around now. As we engage enterprise, every phone-in-the-face, milk-toast, administrative, paper and button presser is a sitting duck for dead in the streets. They are already old meat just by condemning themselves to sedentary cubicle sterile existence. My God, the number of people globe-wide living urban legendary without any sustainable existence is-- significant.

Our current Administration is gray. Their kids are gray. Everything about today is gray.

The Sun will come out tomorrow... you can bet your bottom Dollar on it. But get a skill set, you will need it. Very shortly, color will matter, not black, white or gray.

Why I Wholly Support Trump's Deregulation Initiative...

Apparently, President Trump is signing a record number of Executive Orders that eliminate regulation and restriction on business for business, not for the good of America. This is only partially correct. There literally has never been more ignorant arrogant hubris in-charge but not at-large since the French Revolution days. We owe this initiative to Obama... the POTUS who made Settlement Lawyers rich while driving the nation headlong into this ditch. If you haven't figured it out yet... Trump is giving the world something even better... he is making the rich- richer and once they are, they are fully exposed. And old.

Too much American regulation and restriction is bureaucratic or worse- was handily put in place to wipe out new-comers or competition. None of us can magically grow a new auto manufacturer or major retailer or compete against anything either syndicated into a major chain or supported by dark pool investment on the Internet. No... it isn't Trump abolishing regulation and restriction that will crash us. It's the greed that sees itself freed to engage in even more corruption-- that collapses America. Then... all is fair game because there are no rules.

The "deplorable" contingency of the Far Right bites it's own hand in the cookie jar, having been anti-economy all-stocks for most of this century. A step back and some commonsense in vision suggests that we are witnessing the end of control and manipulation and the wealth that relies on each to remain wealthy generation after generation. Got a skill set... yet?

living the lie

Much of the developed and developing world is suffering from a major case of denial. Listening to some acquaintances yesterday, I was a little disappointed to hear grown intelligent men still refer to their "nest egg" as investments while also admitting that the surge in value since Greenspan was due to market manipulation by Central Banks and government. Many of these men admitted that much of the so called growth was due to dubious accounting methods that allow major corporations to move a loss to a gain or ignore the loss altogether. They even admitted that the concept or borrowing money to pay share holders a dividend and executives an obscene performance bonus for fake performance was bogus..
So here we are, markets are near or at historical high levels and participants (I won't call them investors) expecting central banks and politicians to continue the "dream" as they always have since 1987. Eventually reality will set in, they'll wake-up and realize that dreams aren't real and Nicole Kidman hasn't fallen in love with them and Donald Trump can't make America 1962 again.
Similar examples exist everywhere of speculators in denial. The indices don't know anything, the bond market is ready to stroke out, oil will not be plentiful at a cheap price for consecutive decades ever again. I even find some of the pm enthusiasts to be in denial. They don't even consider the fact that banks dealing in tons of the stuff dwarf what main st man is buying from the local coin shop.
So the world trudges on in denial. I think I'll move to Vancouver, get a job at Subway, buy a couple of million dollar mansions (that are $850,000 over priced) and sell them in 2 yrs for 5 million. What can go wrong?

Ban millions of Western immigrants

"I think I'll move to Vancouver, get a job at Subway, buy a couple of million dollar mansion...." But you wouldn't do that, Neoh. Right?

Housing is the main issue in Vancouver. Solution? Ban foreign real estate ownnership in Vancouver, or Vancouver will be known as resort city for the rich. Their friends from overseas are buying up everything and housing is number one.

After recognizising innumerable areas of the world as suitable for their personal needs - attractive and cheap - Western immigrants simply pack and go! European, American and Australian immigrants are determined to enrich themselves at the expense of local populations. With lightning speed, Western immigrants are snatching reasonably priced real estate and land. It is not secret that Western migrants are taking advantage of poverty, low prices and corrupt legal systems. Their arrival raises prices for housing and land. It leaves millions of local people homeless, and it raises the prices of food and basic services for the local population.

The entire planet is full of Western immigrants. And they are coming and coming. But damaged countries are not sending coast guard ships to intercept Western migrants, or erecting walls.
Visa and immigration policies should be reciprocal. The world has been patient with the Western immigrants. Too patient.

Investors and Immigrants

They are often one and the same (Western) because they live in a complete falsehood.

I know people who live in Vancouver. It's a nice place with a lot of Asians living there. Another thing that lives there from Japan is all the debris and radioactivity from the nuclear plant. Feet in shoes still wash up regularly. An interesting FACT most people don't grasp is- Puget Sound is a caldera and the volcano chain it is part of-- is active. If you have been half-watching reports ranging from middle to Northern California to Yellowstone to Anchorage... chain events are increasing. Notably, Vancouver is a beautiful city losing its identity from the influx of foreigners who insist on moving someplace else but recreating their former box-life wherever they go. A reminder about moving your assets during secular stagnation... at a time NOT of your own choosing, your assets will be losing credible validity wherever you are and you will become them, not an ex-pat. I agree with NEOH on the delusional thinking.

Investors-- a reminder that I was once at a significant corporate hierarchy rank and now maintain that same intelligence while working a role that a twenty-something should have. I am akin to Howard Hughes when he swept the floors in his own factory to grasp the universe there. Warren Buffett just sold his holdings in Wal-Mart. WHY would he do that? Because credible intel is telling him that Big Retail is in major trouble and so is it's online rival. Administrative types making outrageous salaries are still painting their box-lives in new decor on a regular basis (gray is the new beige) but it doesn't mask the fact that they are all-take from the funding source of this artificial economy and put zero back in to it.

We have realized what we all waited (not patiently) to single itself out... TWO groups of losers. One north of 70 years of age, having taken wage from the last economic upswing and the other south of 56 years of age who stole it during the last 8 years of artificial funding. They literally can be family (and likely are). I find it bizarre that they (both groups) continue to isolate themselves from the majority... like a pimple.

There is no viable labor as maker, commerce as enterprise, reconstitution revolution and new frontier not reliant on oil... anywhere in the world. There will be... sooner than these two groups of exploitation-driven deadbeats want there to be.

A Different Take On Immigration And Deportation

I hate big media. It gets in the way of facts. So... tens of millions of immigrants come to America after 1999. The first wave bought homes from older Americans who retired from the Midwest and headed South to become gun-mongers, Right-Wing fanatics and stock market pariah. Those immigrants returned to their homelands in 2009 after the bottom fell out of the housing markets and they had to actually do what millions of us did all our lives in America-- figure out how to pay bills and do it. Through Obama's era- interest rates were horrifically low (lower than the costs for servicing through legal) and immigrants could come to America, get an I-Phone and use ONLY internet aspects like Google and Amazon for every possible need, buy a home beyond their credit-worthiness and pay for it in administrative jobs taken from indigenous Americans. Any shortfalls in this racket were funded by obligatory debt generated by an over-stepping Federal Reserve with the laws favoring the immigrant and minorities via unfair group interference.

Suddenly, a new President creates a Travel Ban that gives those in America a single option-- be here, live here. There is uproar and rebellion. Why? Because as America restores Americanism, millions of immigrants essentially living in a bubble here, able to reap all the benefits but not generally assimilate or participate in genuine Americanism, are forced to catch up with the learning curve every other immigrant did since America became-- America.

This may sound sarcastic but odds favor a lot of recent immigrants moving back to their native lands-- infected by some American culture. That might cause them to want some of that culture there. Nations worldwide may benefit from the integration or re-integration. Meanwhile, back in America... there will be another housing debacle because the older version was never actually resolved. This is another passage to the TWO GROUPS dilemma... the younger crowd lacks skills, craft or labor discipline and America will demand these and not administrative roles. There is a gross over-supply of techno-reliant people and a shortfall in able people. Conversely, most nations worldwide are heavier in labor skills and may benefit from paper and button pushers. Maybe.

One thing is for sure... no one is steering the car right now and the speedometer needle is buried past the red line.

The Culture That Controls The World

African and Asia exiles are now causing a great refugee crises all over Europe. Governments and media are spreading panic, burdens are being re-erected and armed forces are interrupting the free movement of people. But the number of foreigners illegally entering Europe is smaller than the number of Western migrants that are inundating all corners of the world.
No secret paradise can be hidden any longer and no country can maintain its price structure. Everything pure gets corrupted. They impose their lifestyle on all those territories. As a result culture are collapsing or changing. They are unable and unwilling to "adapt"local customs, because they are used to the fact that theirs is the leading culture - the culture that controls the world.

" That might cause them to want some of that culture there." I hope they do not opt for an American-style car culture.

That said, the Flynn fiasco is about Russia, it is about Putin. Flynn wanted normalize relations with Russia. He rejected the hostile approach of the US foreign policy establishment. That is why he had to be removed, and that is why he's been so viciously attacked in the media.

The hope that Trump would bring an element of sanity to US foreign policy has now extinguished. In contrast, the military buildup along Russia's western flank continues apace.


I'm pretty sure that we can forget about Trump, or any individual, providing a sane approach to any type of macro problem at this time.
Old and Gray was correct. Trump does not have the temperament to lead a nation as influential as the US. It doesn't really matter. His opponent was at least as equally defective for other reasons.
The failing dam situation in California is just the tip of the iceberg of problems that are accelerating throughout the world. While all nations talk about their aging public infrastructure, few talk about the even deadlier private infrastructure that is very apparent to people like myself that happen to have first hand knowledge. Think of the thousands of chemical factories in the world. Think of the thousands of offshore drilling platforms that require constant maintenance. I assure you that only minimal amount of maintenance is being performed on these lethal items. The reason is simple. When top executives are paid obscene annual bonus then it is quite natural to defer maintenance so as to improve the bottom line.Once the bonus has been paid and dividends distributed then the money is gone.
When the great financial crisis is realized, the world will be burdened with decommissioning an enormous amount of lethal vessels. Nearly an impossible situation when the script we call money has died. Doubly impossible when there isn't a sufficient amount of talented people to do the work.
Work on decommissioning Fukushima will stop, The offshore oil wells will leak or blow, the chemical storage tanks will be compromised. Our children and their childrens children will be stuck with a nearly insurmountable problem. They won't be worrying about a possible asteroid impact. They'll be trying to survive something much worse. A world created by their parents who chose to look the other way so that they could play with sail boats in Florida. The future generation will definitely not be worshiping their ancestors.

Forests and Trees and Seeing

Let us define "the military complex" as a singular group of very old men who have made a fortune off war but cannot see their carnage over their piles of wealth. In the past week, President Trump has systematically and quite thoroughly pissed-off all the customers of the complex and with glaring global secular stagnation and the prospects of a very expensive non-useful Dollar currency, the carnival rides of Armageddon are not the stuff to fear, just to know they are there. Only our own Home Turf remains to surf for new pigeons interested in weapons and nearly 100% of them are against the military complex. The nutcase with a gun case rest have been on continuous red alert this entire century to-date and are 16 years into an unwavering adrenaline rush at ages where ten sustained minutes of rush does more physical damage than just a blush.

I don't speak of things self-inflicting their own demise when there are so many other tastier topics to enjoy. If your horizon is fully darkened by the machinery of Armageddon, you don't go around saying "look... there's Armageddon..." you quietly pray for a rain that rusts it all until it is dust once more. The forest in-between the trees reveals a lot right now.

America Think Tanks and The Trump Administration

President Trump signed an executive order to launch what he calles "a great rebuilding of the Armed Forces" that is expected to include new ships, planes, weapons and the modernization of the US nuclear arsenal.
Can you name a foreign war that the United States have ever lost due to an insufficient number of ships, planes, tanks, bombs, guns or ammunition? Or because what they had was outdated, against an enemy with more modern weapons?

The Heritage Foundation is now at the heart of Trump's administration. The Heritage Foundation, an influential Think Tank whose mission is to orient American foreign policy.

Companies have poured billions of dollar into an international misinformation machine composed of think tanks, bloggers, fake citizens. Its purpose is to portray the interest of billionaires as the interests of the common people and beat down attempts to regulate business and tax the very rich. Now the people who helped run this machine are shaping the government.
Corporate-funded thinktanks and fake grassroots groups are now everywhere.
A few billion dollar spent on persuasion buys you all the politics you want. Genuine campaigners, working in their freetime, simple cannot match a professional network staffed by thousands of well-paid, unscrupolous people.

Rackets Are Never Retired Quietly, They Are Fired Abruptly

Sadly, we don't grasp enough history to realize how out-of-control things come to an end. They hit walls, get massacred, take a stone to the head or any number of timely demises. What they don't do is-- quietly retire.

"... and in the end you crack up, fly down South to hide your head in the sand. Just another sad old man all alone and dying of cancer..." Pink Floyd Animals Dogs.

Most people with the tenacity to step back and observe (all the better to re-engage with something more useful than rage) see two problems that cannot continue but do for the very same reason. The older- fear, so military might and the machinations of Far Right are for them. Meanwhile the complacency of techno-control and auto-pilot existence favors the inept young who get nothing done and are all about experiences and a Left that left us a mess. Both exploitations indenture whole nations.

Got a skill set? Yet?

The great cop-out

I don't understand why but America's immoral wars are not discussed among the intellectual left anymore. They refuse to listen or discuss it. The great cop-out answer is that they are not familiar with macro world events. There was some objection from the left when George W was president but the objections became less after Obama was elected. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge HRC's past involvement. They hate Trump so much that they have become blinded to anything else.
Folks that I have had a lot of respect for seem to have lost their minds. A professor that I know recently went on a very emotional rant because a fellow professor from Hungary was delayed for a couple of days in London this past weekend due to Trump's immigration fiasco. (She had recently lectured in Tehran). So my professor friend was much more concerned about the two day inconvenience in London than the ongoing slaughter in the mid east.
So yes, the military industrial complex is taboo because nobody wants to acknowledge that we have a lot of innocent blood on our hands. V_L mentioned the process of eliminating Dodd-Frank today and both the "left" and the "right" are silent about it. The reason is because nobody has taken much time to study it, including our economic professors or Trump.I guess he's listening to his squid alumni. So we are back to Gramm Leach Bliley.
So as to answer your question, if it's uncomfortable to acknowledge or difficult to learn or understand then it's taboo. This goes for the majority of those that identify themselves as being either right or left. The rest of us don't want either title.

Kunstler is writing twice per week now, monday and friday. From todays article titled "The Purpose of Decadence and the Pleasures of Coercion":
"I guess you’ve noticed by now that the center didn’t hold. Instead of a secure platform for political premises like tradition, precedent, rationality, and cultural norms, you see a fiery maw of sheer emotion between the camps of the so-called Left and the so-called Right.

I say so-called because the campus Left and the Trump Right have escaped the categorical corrals they formerly occupied. And they may have left their customary official parties stranded and dying too. It may be fatuous to say whether that is a good or bad thing; it just is, for the moment. They are two halves of a polity so broken and so far apart that it is also hard to see how they might ever come back together into a consensus about how a society might operate successfully."....

Ilargi at TAE also had a good piece on Wednesday "Unrest is the Only Growth Industry Left".
"...And what do you get? People complain about Trump. And they focus on one of his -seemingly- crazy ideas: temporarily closing US borders to refugees from nations with large Muslim populations. Which is a fine thing to resist, because yes, it’s a pretty silly idea, but why haven’t they paid similar attention to how they’ve been lied to for years on both the economy and on Syria, on how Obama became the Drone King and how many innocent people lost their lives because of that?!

To how favorite all-American gal Hillary screwed up Northern Africa when she declared We Came We Saw He Died and the death of Libya’s Gaddafi, who gave his country the highest living standards in the region, free education and free health care, but was murdered by Hillary’s US troops, co-created the chaos that led to so many people wanting to flee their homelands in the first place?

Why is that? Why are there protests when people are halted at an American border crossing but not when American and British and French and Australian forces blow the very same people’s homes to smithereens? Could that have something to do with where the protesters get their information? With how much they know about what’s happening in the world before it reaches their doorsteps?

Yes, people are suffering, and it’s very unfair what’s happening to many caught in the Trump Ban, but does anyone really believe that that’s where it started, that this is the first time (or even a unique time) that protest is warranted, or more so? And if not, why is it happening? Because people only notice stuff when it hits them in the face, I would presume, but who among the protesters would volunteer to agree they live their lives with blinders on? Not many, I would venture. So why do we see what we do? Where were you when Obama ordered yet another child, a family, which hadn’t yet made it to a US airport but might as well have, to be collateral damage?

I get why you’re protesting the Trump ban, but I don’t get why that’s your prime focus. I am guessing that most of the protesters would not have voted Trump in the first place, and would have been much happier -to put it mildly- for Hillary to be president right now. But if you would have paid attention in history class, you would know that it was Hillary who brought the refugees to your welcome mats to begin with...."

Athens and Sparta

When I first read about these two city-states in Greece and the massive polarity in distance between them, it was more a comic book adventure topic than illumination of something far more significant. Sparta was a military might. That means inside it's walls, the people who cooked did so under oppression which means Spartans ate a lot of dirt, poop, pee and bugs. Women were merely relief objects plotting revenge between rapes. The garbage didn't get picked up and the rats were likely as fierce as the egos stomping around with their big stinky cement-filled feet. Athens was a mental might. That means inside it's walls, the people who cooked likely fed them grass and bugs and if it tasted good it was regularly served. A woman was undoubtedly bored there because her wiles were unchallenged and her ability to befuddle likely alienated her from her mate, who was too often too busy breathing to really recognize her attributes. The garbage didn't get picked up and the rats were likely skilled enough to survive quietly and grow in such numbers that they exceeded the people. As well, the egos stomped around with their big stinky cement-filled feet.

The lesson is and always will be-- the reaction to the action of extreme polarity. The most notable aspect of discourse and debate is-- what to do with the winners and the losers because neither will develop compromise and cooperate.

In Sparta, Thergos the Junk Man might have retrieved all the broken pieces of weapons off the training yards and carted them off to his landfill in the foothills-- where he reconstituted the materials and sold it back to the blacksmiths. Obviously, Themaker of Paper and Pencils was revered in Athens. My point... we have reached a point in the Death Arc (cycle of inevitability) where everything that should be in motion is not and all of the most useless components of any society rally and protest blather and scream while ignoring the decay they are causing around themselves but not everyone else.

I'm sorry for my seemingly polarized view but... while Athens and Sparta prepare to end themselves in a glorious war fought by ignorant people who somehow [each] believe that their stagnation-causing ways are the most important... the likes of Thergos and Themaker, Eumendedes and EuwantitIgotit are preparing for the greatest exodus from madness in recognized history.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton issued e-mails over a year ago inviting people to her Victory Party? Think about ALL the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump and consider what I just wrote. Come on... we are achieving pinnacles without a foundation. We are making drastic changes that impact footings and fundamentals without a stitch of back-up or caution. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 was terrible. It triggered hyper growth in unsubstantiated appreciation without tangibility in backing. THIS triggered monumental cash flow without a nation's sweat backing any of it. A series of grossly negligent legislation established the Poison Pill effect and now... worldwide... we don't have the jobs, family-sustainability, the tangible viable competence or ability (education is seriously off-track) or ability to generate native economy... anywhere. If DeVos destroys the Public School system, underground education replaces it while 9 out of 10 children are grown into Armageddon victims. ONE remains. If Trump allows banks to flourish in omnipotence, we all stop using banks. If jobs don't pay enough to live on, crime will.

Those who protest are somehow back-funded right now. They protest for their existence. Which is futile. It is identical in value to the military complex. Both destroy what needs to exist. Let them fight it out. Meanwhile... collect junk.

Crazy Train

The Presidential website is down for maintenance. The timing is perfect. Should the new President usurp the old President's Twitter subscription ID of #thePOTUS? Or keep his own #theDonald?

There were ridiculous protests and demonstrations across America over the weekend. Women marching against the newly "elected" President and in favor of continued civil rights oppression of men (who aren't beefcakes?). Buildings were vandalized-- many of them were property of entities who had contributed to the Clinton campaign and/or Foundation.

Newly-elected President Trump tells his Cabinet-- you are not here to help yourselves... none (not one) of his Cabinet members are known for any level of legitimate philanthropy. He himself is marketing all sorts of foreign-made goods related to his Presidency.

The exiting POTUS sabotaged much of the government systems and infrastructure so that it will cost funding we don't have (because Obama spent it), relocated down the street from the White House and expects to write a book about his time in Office. He entered Office less than a millionaire... and leaves with some $242 million in cash and prizes.

Some say we will now drill for oil in the Arctic but the new President has promised to "listen and obey the People" and the People want us off the Big Oil gravy train immediately. Ford is consolidating it's manufacturing plants back to American Soil but doesn't make decent alternative fuel vehicles and car sales are forecast to hit record lows beginning 2017.

Wall Street stocks are UP. The new President's mantra is-- Make America Great Again. To make us great means stocks need to be drained like fresh fruit for the funding juice. Greed going long on stocks voted for Trump. Big Fund groups voted for Clinton and are mainly in cash now. The prognosticators are beginning to forecast market corrections of 80% or greater now.

Globally-- the world wanted Clinton in Office because everyone who isn't American got money from Obama. Bizarrely, it yielded secular stagnation. The whole world now needs economy, more than soberly indicating a total wipe-out of China... who holds most of the Notes owed by America for debt given to the world so it could buy and pay for Chinese-made goods.

Tickets are FREE for getting ON the Crazy Train... the cost to exit it... beyond comprehension.

I couldn't figure it out

I watched some of the women's protests over the weekend and have no idea what their message was. Some seemed to be protesting what they think might happen instead of what is happening. Others seemed to just dislike white straight males (a lot) and white straight women (not quite as much). There seemed to be a particular dislike for immature male behavior, which I understand but hardly worth marching over while promoting glbt misbehavior and late term abortion as being normal. Apparently folks haven't figured out that corporate misbehavior,although legal, and willy nilly abortion, also legal, does not mean it's morally correct. I asked a few women, that don't like Trump, what their take was. They couldn't explain and retreated to the overly used excuse that a man wouldn't understand blah, blah , blah. I also talked to more than a few women that thought the protest was dumb. One summed it up best by saying "I'm not with them or her".
The country was very intimidated (not). Nothing scarier than choosing the color pink as your banner. The men seemed more feminine than the women.
Soros was on TV and his message was mostly incoherent. Also interesting to watch Merkel and a few other NWO types stammer and panic. Trump and team interview about "how big" his inauguration was really sad all around...the media and him.
While I'm glad that HRC wasn't elected, I'm not expecting much from Trump. He's surrounded himself with his idols that tend to be billionaires or people that will grovel at his feet. I'll give it some time though.

There Is No Political Savior Coming

Globally millions partecipated in women's marches, protesting what they perceive to be the Trump's misogyny and sexism.
It is worth making the point here that there were no such protests when Obama was bombing Lybia in conjunction with Washington's allies in 2011, bombs that killed Lybia women along with men and children. Then there are the women killed during Obama's drone war,
the women slaughtered in Syria an Iraq, under the previous president's watch.
The hypocrisy goes without saying.

No one is coming to save us. The jobs are not returning, unemployment will rise as automation and robotics absorb both blue and white collar work.

There are now eight people ( six are Americans) with more wealth than half the world's population. If one consider all of those in the developing world who die of starvation, drought and preventable diseases each year, it is clair that the rich West is guilty of genocide by inaction.

" No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else, he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mamman".
So if our local prophet tells us that we must make sacrifices and accept poverty, he'd better be poor himself. This is a thing that Francis of Assisi understood already long ago.

The rust belt victory would have been much more plausible if the successful candidate had been an unemployed auto worker than a billionaire.

giddiness on day 3

You are correct Saldeck but the giddiness is infectious. Even the American trades unions are hopping on the Trump wagon. It's been many decades of deceptive policies by Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. I should probably include Reagan but we all knew he didn't like blue collar. The biggest offenders were Clinton and Obama, democrats for the working American they claimed to be but weren't. Good-by and good riddance to TPP and hopefully NAFTA. I don't know of anyone in this part of North America that benefited from Clinton's great deception about that agreement.
At the best we might expect a 10-20yr reprieve for the rust belt. The worst that can happen would be a continuation of NWO globalism which means the rust belt still slides backwards.
Many people are intrigued that our rather expensive oil resources be developed, subsidized, and used for the strategic petroleum reserve. The subsidy is certainly better than bombing the middle east and chasing pie in the sky grain ethanol (and probably less expensive).
Many want to return to being a sleeping giant in earnest this time. Protectionism can work for a country that is large and blessed in natural resources as us. Adam Smith didn't have a country as large and wealthy as us to consider.
The NWO tries to scare us about prices going up since our labor costs are higher. Fine. We can live with that.
I guess I can occasionally dream. Day 3 was certainly interesting.

An Over-Wound Coil Knows No Spring, Just Sprung

Poland knew a common worker turned President. He lived for a moment swimming with the sharks. There are thousands of similar people thrust to leadership, eaten by corruption and greed. We do not need a former auto-worker, we indeed needed this type of billionaire to lead us because they do not drive... they steer with constant distraction... pedal to the metal. THIS is exactly what we need.

The Clinton Foundation is now a proven terror set-up. We will soon see the Clintons prosecuted for global criminal intent. It will end globalization in a unique way... no nation will want any part of it. There is no more Rust Belt. President Trump is meeting with auto manufacturing executives today to TELL them to build new plants here on American Soil. Meanwhile, oil prices are indicating hyper-rise, which means gasoline will be un-affordable by Summer or Fall. Every entity is clamoring for new hires but none are willing to pay a sustainable wage. A sustainable wage in America today is at LEAST $60,000 with paid benefits, vacation and retirement. It buys you a hovel in suburbia.

Meanwhile... administrative types have wound everything up good and tight. Play- Devil's Advocate with me here. In a unit-productivity metric goal world-- I sell directly to the statistical profile markers. I make only check mark (unit) targets in all my sales. My employer loves me because I make them passed-over by the tyrannical inspection and harassment afforded to non-goal achievers. I am the "ticket" which is far more valuable than any "talent" in the back office. To keep me, there are back-pocket arrangements. I get perks that can be hidden in the financials. Literally, my boss is a pusher for me because I make their life slightly less miserable and pathetic. NOW... add new factors-- plentiful job opportunities, movement in roles based on metric achievement, bigger more unachievable unit productivity objectives met outside the administrative bubble, AND falling stock prices based on the higher costs of hiring lackluster people who fall short on unrealistic goal achievement. Suddenly, there is no value whatsoever to MBA degrees, psychopaths, regimes, groups that hinder, giant anything and legalese. Its all been compromised by the gross need to meet the numbers, right?

WHO is in control at that moment? Who bobs for the results those people produce? NOW you grasp what is coming. It isn't administrative and it isn't greedily-achieved. I didn't advise-- grow a skill set for no good purpose or reason. My enterprise sales have never been this low, but my inventory has never been so intelligently cherry-picked for future value. Big Retail frontline has never been so heavily lopsided with tickets that grasp metrics better than phone-in-the-face could ever generate and old greed needs. WHO IS IN CONTROL?

I hope things are clearer now.

Who To Blame?

Millions upon millions of Americans have lost their jobs over the past decades.
Who to blame? Here is my take:

Blame 1 - Federal Reserve. The Fed policies of vast debt issue, pumping all kinds of bubbles, creation of fake economics, biased support of Wall Street and money elites, is the most responsible for the economic mess. The bubbles pumped up everything to create the illusion of great wealth, then burst them to result in horrific economic destruction. This is a 100% made in America tragedy.

Blame 2 - The War Machine. Trillions have gone into America vast military machine, which proceeded to demand wars, waged wars. These have cost trillions. Blood and treasures wasted. The only returns are terrorism and refugee crisis.

Blame 3 - Automation. Many credible studies show that robotic and other automation is responsible for 75% of job loss. America celebrates its high tech. Is it going to blame it, stop it?

Blame 4 - Lousy education and skills. A large number of unemployed don't have the skills, don't have the money to learn new skills. In short, uncompetitives. Uncompetitive means you are out. America does not believe in helping those who have failed. They call it socialism. America does not believe in a balanced wealth via redistribution. They call it communism.

Blame 5 - Trade agreements. Yes, trade agreement is the last to blame. Trade agreements have failed for the working class not because of America trade partners. They failed due to America domestic strategy and policies. The trade regime have succeeded for those who are already wealty. This uniquelly American economics is called Trickle Down.

Trump is right to withdraw America from the TPP, a fake trade treaty, whose primary impact is to extend corporate property rights at the expense of competition. But withdrawal will not bring jobs and industry back to American soil. The work in China and Mexico that Trump wants to reclaim will evaporate long before it can be repatried.
The jobs in the rustbelts and rural towns are at high risk of automation. The jobs most likely to be destroyed are in mining, raw materials, manufacturing, transport and logistics, cargo handling, warehousing and retailing, construction etc..

So what will be left?

So What Will Be Left? Everything.

Birth. Growth. Maturity. Decline to Death or Re-Invention. 100% of what is going on is in the Death arc. The attempt to hijack globalization was the failure of failures, not a solution.

Some factors to consider. The techno-generation has procreated and put an I-Phone in the face of toddlers. Research shows that such exposure is destroying the eyesight of a future generation and has already degenerated current users who have yet to reach the age where resources shift in a human body. Robots are not consumers so when they reach a peak saturation in job usurpation, they simultaneously collapse economies and that wipes out currency value and wealth. Education has shifted. Few can viably recite critical history but vividly recall some obscure comic book line or television show plot. No one cooks, cleans or maintains anything... these are core survival necessities. The governing generation cannot see what their agenda is doing. Nearly all of it severs them from the majority. All pimples pop. Even those with plenty of fester.

We are realizing a period of extremes. That's why there is no middle. From my best research efforts-- the relative history suggests a flight by most from the host steering the Death arc premise. When we review eras where extremism exceeded human tolerance, the reaction seemed to literally be an Opt Out and then a complete departure from the Administration. If it is buttons today, there becomes no buttons and pushing intolerances. A paper will not shift if all the shufflers walk away. Management is void of participation exposure. Simply, it is the odd animal in the zoo.

I could care less about blame. I care about a straight path. I have no desire to intervene as we careen toward the wall. All dynasties fall and this one is global not noble. The dumbest part about the "Resistance" Movement is that they possessed nothing of value going in to this and even if resistance proves to not be futile, there is no future for the resistance or their target. The only winners were in the middle and struggled to but managed to survive.

By September, 2017 we could see our globe so totally screwed up that the only intelligent recourse for us all is to go Super Nova. Wow... I wish I could find that book!

The Black Hole Appears Before Us...

Trump says up to 5 million non-Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. Turns out it is only 800,000. The focus is on Trump missing the figure by this great margin. The deer standing there mocking him do not see the freight train of Justice bearing down on them. 800,000 illegal voters is no small crime, its a terror plot.

The (hipster) President of Mexico cancels his American visit but talks on the phone with President Trump. He "was" adamantly opposed to paying for the Wall until he caught a whiff of the gross figure his nation would realize being entirely cut-off from America. Unlike America, Mexico is very much reliant on corporate indenture of their citizens.

While there are leaps and bounds efforts in play every day by this Administration, we need good paying jobs in America and a complete reversal of value in degrees over actual competence and experience.

It will be interesting when the servant is called to supervise the master who must generate actual productivity validity or lose everything. There is literally no conceivable way for stocks to survive this journey intact.

A New Even Longer Wall

Americans really do need to be building walls in the US. It is just that they don't need to be building them on the Mexican border. American coastal cities need them. Dikes would have to be more than beautiful. They would have to be huge, like the massive dike that holds the North Sea at bay from overrunning Holland, much of which is already some 15 feet below sea level. As in Holland, they'd have to be supported by massive pumping stations rulling all the time to keep seeping seawater from sneaking under the walls, like desperate immigrants under Trump's wall.
It would be ironic if Trump went ahead and built his monstrous 2000-mile wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of the US, and then later Mexicans really no longer wanted to come to a country where the big metropolises are all underwater.
Of course, there probably will be a new even longer wall being constructed, this time by Canadians, designed to prevent desperate Americans from fleeing illegally to the above sea-level refuge of Canada.
Hopefully the Canadians won't be demanding tha US citizens pay for that epic project!

It is what it is

The idea of open borders is a relatively new idea. It isn't working well in Europe or America. It was a great dream but it turned out to be a nightmare.
Countries have always had the right to decide who and when someone could move to their jurisdiction. The USA propagandized their great open door policy at the turn of the 20th century because we had a labor shortage. It wasn't because we loved foreigners. When the economy could no longer support the immigration, the door was shut.
We don't have a labor shortage today. A combination of outsourcing manufacturing which made the need for factory workers and the skilled trades that serviced that sector obsolete. Europe, which managed to retain much of their manufacturing are now finding a willing supply of labor from North Africa that is willing to do the same job at a fraction of the cost. I'm really quite surprised that countries like Spain and Italy with their double digit youth unemployment haven't impaled their political leaders that are allowing the downward pressure on labor costs and spiraling costs for social welfare. The whole pie in the sky open border policy/free trade/outsourcing is being advocated by big business interests with support from very naive leftist liberals that haven't yet realized that deep state left and the deep state right are the same.
I think the physical wall is a silly idea but then we have a silly president. I have no problem with closing the border until our economic situation improves dramatically. We also have other issues which must be ironed out. Our old law of automatic citizenship if you were born here with parents that are not citizens is a loophole being abused.
Canada is not an open door porous border. They aren't welcoming penniless Mexicans (or penniless Anglo Americans). Those with money maybe, penniless no. That's Canada's business and not America's business. I'll leave it to the Canadians to decide.
The only countries that have open borders are countries that have failed and are currently in a state of anarchy or the EU and United States that will be in that state if they don't reevaluate their immigration policies, policies that are currently failing and are only advocated by the same folks that promote nirp,bank bail-outs, and other theoretical nonsense.

Corporate Globalization or Nationalist Capitalism?

I think the wall will be utterly useless. There are no hordes of barbaric soldiers trying to take down the American Empire and most of the wall would be built on inhospitable desert that will reduce the space for the native species for roaming for food and water. Wild horses, coyotes, wolves will be prevented to cross.
But I also think that Trump has recognized the obsolete nature of the old economic order and stated that change is necessary. Despite the transformation of the world order, recent US presidents have failed to recognize the need to reorganize the American political economy. Instead of recognizing, adapting and accepting shifts in power and market relations, they sought to intensify previous patterns of dominance through war, military intervention and bloody destructive regime changes - thus devastating rather than creating markets for US goods.
Trump is a market realist who recognizes that military conquest is costly and a losing economic proposition for the US. He recognizes that the US must turn from a predominant finance and import economy to a manufacturing and export economy.
Trump views Russia as a potential economic partner and military ally in ending the wars on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine and especially in defeating the terrorist threat of ISIS.

But Trump has surrended his Cabinet with miliary imperialists, territorial expansionists and delusional fanatics.
Who will win out in the short or long term remain to be seen.

As for Europe. This is exactly what has happened since the European Sovereign Debt crisis began and why people have lost faith in the Eurozone: the rich countries have no solidarity with the average Eurozone citizen at all and are ruthlessly waging economic colonization against the poorer nations. It is the banks of France and Germany which have been bailed out, not the average indebted person in Greece or Finland.
Almost every one of Europeans says: exit. The European Commission is now working to standardize a ban on cash across entire EU.
Financial repression is here.
Most of the world is in an uproar right now over the travel ban that Donald Trump hastily imposed on seven Muslim countries.
But there was another ban that was quietly proposed last week and this one has far wider implications: ban on cash.

As An Enterprise Person...

I haven't seen anything done that hasn't made sense yet. Let's get this straight... America is in some very deep compromising trouble and Europe is no longer a functional place on Earth. There is no economy anywhere. It is called a secular stagnant state or an anti-economy. Literally, there is the few benefiting from this anti-economic state and a massive number hurting because of it.

Whether tangible or figuratively, the wall President Trump insists on has an immediate implication-- it moves cheese. When Bill Ford (Ford Motor) contested the select foreigner ban, it should have illuminated a need to investigate WHY those specific nationals. Collectively, they are: willing to do just about anything they are told to do, grossly unfamiliar with our culture, tied to very ancient dogma, opposed to our format of Law and Order and most importantly... know others like themselves. Are they bad people? Not necessarily. Does their premise cull-up others who very well could be or tied to bad? YES. A boat is leaking... do you bail or plug the hole first? I'm going to plug the hole to ascertain if bailing is next or futile.

President Trump is a strong family man. He isn't a family man like the Bush's... people fanatically dwelling on legacy while cultivating totally crappy versions of humanity... the Trumps are not PC and in fact, you know who they are up front and for most of us, we fit in with the same peaks, flaws and gray matter in-between. When you appear squeaky clean, we all know by now that you are anything but that.

The walls of New World Order are being tried and so far, they appear to be made out of Big Brother masturbation and Wheat Thins. In all the news we must endure, here are some topics we are not hearing about... an investigation into the mass termination of ordinary Americans from 2007-09. It caused the greatest economic instability in Man's History on Earth. Somebody organized a genocide through job blockading and it condemned tens of millions of hard-working people to destitution and desperate existence in the wealthiest nation on Earth. Who, what, where, why, how and when. If Women's Rights deserve protest, exactly what Rights (by specific definition) are being violated? Why is the American Civil Rights Act still intact when it obviously was a Weapon of Mass Destruction because it destroyed our prosperity. Why isn't the Glass Steagall Act re-instated RIGHT NOW to compromise the financial tyrannical control behind two Fascist Movements holding the entire world in suppression? Where is the intense journalist research into exactly how many Americans will have worked hard and earned enough to make America great once that are destined for starvation in retirement after being directly oppressed from 2009 to-date and do not exist in the nation's data?

You go, President Trump. I support 100% of your actions now. Make more of them. Hurt as much organized bullshidt as possible. Move as much cheese as can be moved. Cause and promote the kind of Chaos that feeds the oppressed and restores their lives while forcing garbage with an I-Phone addiction to have to look away from tiny screens at Reality. Every Big Tech is apparently rallying again the Travel Ban. I see that as a flag for wholly investigating Big Tech and perhaps more prudently-- a need to force-regulate it so it obeys OUR LAWS instead of making up its own.

Hey Prof. Navarro!

Navarro told that Germany is using a undervaluted euro to exploit the United States.
Wrong. US monetary policy decides dollar exchange rates, not magic tricks in Germany. The US dollar is strong and the euro is weak because the Fed has been raising US interst rates and is expected to raise them further.
If Prof. Navarro wants a cheap dollar, he needs to persuade the Fed to lower interest rates rather than raise them.
The US monetary policy is the main influence on the dollar exchange rate, not some occult magic trick practiced by the financial wizards of Frankfurt.

Kind Of Sort Of...

France has 4 campaigning now. 1) Pull out of the EU. 2. Pay humans, tax robots. 3) I am not a crook (but slipped billions of Euros to his wife. 4) Held a position but did nothing in it. Wants more unearned pay. I'd vote for the one who will exit France from the EU and then force him to build a real economic basis.

You are correct about America's Federal Reserve bank rate. During Bernanke's lame reign... he dropped it from 5.75% to 0% while corporatists took jobs and operations off-shore. Everything since that day has been swill building in the urinal. With secular stagnation not addresses anywhere on Earth, restoring our bank rate to solvent levels crashes Wall Street. Creating jobs here on our Soil crashes Wall Street. Maintaining an imbalance in exchange rates crashes Wall Street. Ending the Federal Reserve and shuttering its member banks while converting stock certificates to debt notes for funding global restoration to independent economic pulses won't crash Wall Street, but it will make deadbeats work for once.

LOOK down from 30,000 feet, everyone. The loudest detractors have no tangible stake in humanity or a viable economic base. The hardest workers are middle-aged victims of greed and bad politics but can do what has to be done or we are done-for on Earth. There are groups all over the place, but none who do anything except "more for us". Notably... everyone bad for the world today are collected in the Penthouse suites while somewhere in the middle floors high above where the tallest hose ladders can reach, is a raging inferno melting the infrastructure. What happens next should be filmed.

divide and conquer

Emotions are running high. The US citizen did not agree to crush prudent savers with nirp. The Federal Reserve did that. The people in Europe did not agree to crushing prudent savers with nirp and zirp. The central banks did. The people of Japan did not agree to this either. Their cental bank did it. The central banks all acted in concert to do this. Now it is unraveling. They are quite happy that the citizens of various countries are pointing their fingers at other countries instead of pointing it at the central banks.
Concerning the immigration issue in the US, Christian preachers on both sides of the issue infer that they have a direct line with God, some include Jesus and The Holy Spirit. One or both have dialed the wrong number.

It should be obvious....

I think modern Christianity is something Jesus would condemn.
Jesus was more radical than religious people have ever been able to accept. After all, many of his original disciples were mostly fishermen and construction workers.

If they dialed the right number, Jesus would say:

Question: What is an easy way to reduce immigration?
Answer: Help their homes to be peaceful as well as prosperous. The costs of feckless foreign policy are not just lives and countries ruined, refugees washing up on US and Europe's shores, but political responses.

It should be obvious, but sadly, isn't.

What Is Really Happening?

This morning's Trump message was short-- The Russian hacking investigation has been postponed (again) due to a lack of Intelligence. Julian Assange was quoted elsewhere as stating-- [it] didn't happen. The hacking was an inside-job.

More Clinton e-mails are being released. The President of the NAACP was arrested at Jeff Session's AG session meeting. Two judges halted ACA coverage for transgender and gay specialty treatment. The DOW gained 120 points yesterday based largely on outrageous gains in Disney and in Goldman Sachs stocks. There is no indication that Disney's "Rogue One" is a lucrative platform-- all the syndicated logo goods clog the clearance shelves as failures. Goldman Sachs is an outright pariah whose globe underwriting of debt has compromised dozens of whole nations. In order for Tillerson to take a Cabinet position-- he must sell-off his stock (pays no capital gains tax doing so) and relinquish millions in future bonuses... but there has been nothing said about his Russian Oil holdings... the same ones Hank Paulson (former CEO of GS, then Treasury Secretary) neglected to relinquish during his ill-fated time in Office.

Meanwhile... the unemployment rate continues to fall while every employer struggles to hire but cannot (remember-- in 1983, previous downsizing had hollowed-out major entities and as new economic trending shifted, 99% of them imploded or were so badly damaged that they had to merge or be acquired). Those employed these past 8 years failed to generate a sustainable economic vessel and all the crucial labor jobs are being done by older experienced people barely able to survive on the starvation wages that prevail. In spite of the shift to GOP control, it actually looks like there will be tremendous collapse in administrative, technological and executive roles on salaries as we shift toward sales and enterprise.

This is not a time to placate aspects... with so much phony money bolstering dead things...