Could our society implode on the race issue?

Our social issues are featured in our founding documents which, by the way, are not normally considered to be the "law of the land". For that we need to turn to the Constitution and any other documents considered to be siilar to by-laws or "governing documents", which - in our case would be statutes, the often rambling texts that seem so drawn out and boring with exceptions and conditions that in the end, he attempt o regulate nearly convinces readers they mean nothing. Thus, although we have had straightforward documents like the Emancipation Proclamation which promise equality, equality is not a law of the land or even a stated motto for the nation unless eventually interpreted to be such by the Supreme court.

Our social issues are featured in our founding documents which, by the way, are not normally considered to be the "law of he land". For that we need to turn to the Constitution and any other documents considered to be by-laws, which - in our case would be statutes, the often rambling texts that seem so drawn out and boring with exceptions and conditions that in the end soften the meaning of the statute. Thus, although we have had straightforward documents like the Emancipation Proclamation which promise equality, equality is not a law of the land or even a stated motto for the nation. Not like the belief held by the French in a nation devoted to liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Apparently, In the USA there is no Federal law that says it is punishable to gun down unarmed people, that is, no law outside the law of the wild west - which supposedly no longer exists except in select where it is considered needed and id allowed, which brings a presidential candidate to declare he can gun down someone and escape consequences or in the case of the law of the jungle, assumed to no longer apply to the barren landscape of the United States.

Another unarmed black man was shot down in Califonia this time because he took something out of his pocket and assumed a shooting stance - which is enough of a provocation to the police who rushed onto the scene to gun him down. brings back to mind a photo published on some news site which depicted a group of young blacks seated on something that isolated them from passers-by and they carried placards that asked the question, 'AM I NEXT?" Is that provocation enough to gun them down, that confrontation, taunt, the daring attiude? Something is amiss here, and ii is a social aberration. are we coming apart at the seams? Who would have the audacity to say this is enough to bring on reprisal of the severest form for themselves? It is the police and the miliiia who is armed with the more powerful weapons who need training in what the weapons can initiate. One unstable personality armed with a murderous weapon can undermine all the written laws and mottos of the keenest, well- intentioned minds in history. It would seem that the one goaded into killing another, must have the ideas in mind as he approaches the setting, "what would i do iF. . . . Damn right I'm within my rights self-dfense!!. If nohing less it begins in the element of fear an a propensity to react with violence and deadly force.Should he/she be there and where is the supervisor who should be making the decision of whom should be sent on the mission ostensibly to quell the attitudes of the groups facing each other and what is his/her training to make the decision?

Is common ense and good judgment a hopelessly lost art or absent technical competence to determine who has the wild-eyed look , the highly agitated state that converts - As you might guess, the destabilizing events go further than the staring down and double dares that provoke outright murder in the streets. It brings us presidential candidates - long before Donald Trump was invented who lie and try to generate hostilities and pit one class against another to solve unrelated problems, planting the seed which turns confrontational dares into invitations to massacre? What do they tell the squads at the assembly point or before that might raise otherwise sensible and stable personalities into rejecting all those treasured social values they've been taught and probably taught their children and families is the proper attitude required for the job at hand only to ignore it themselves at the critical moment that counts -how they show up at the scene preparing to disburse an agitated crowd. They must know the meaning behind the 'Am I next ?" placards! They must know that they must resist the temptation ot being goaded into deadly action. They must have some comprehension of what effect gunning down anyone will have on the image created at home and abroad! Can they think no further than self and/or that flash of personal anger and hatred? During WWII, O&S was in situations where action was required in matters of self-defense. There were taunters, too, who required no more than thinking of consequences to give in to defending personal beliefs and values and defending "false honor". The first incident highlighted by personsl inaction sent him to a hospital in Australia. There was no hesitation in the following.But, There is a distinction in war or responding to neighborhood unrest demonstrated by youths with a mission.

If the "enforcers can not make the distinction under all circumstances, they should not be included in the group of enforcers assigned to quell disturbances. And, if the supervisory personnel responsible for making the decision whether the select personnel can stand up to the stress and strain of the taunting, they should be removed from the responsibility until they are either retrained to meet the requirements or denied the opportunity to make the same mistake again.

This is an issue that desperately needs attention and redirection. Someone is not doing their supervisory job adequately - or, someone is in a position they are not constitutionally equipped to handle. Do we need a thorough study of the first line supervisory personnel by trained psychologists before the entire situation rises beyond control and we end up with much more of this outright murder. No jury in the world has the right to say that a member of the general public or even a properly equipped, trained member of the police force or militia should have the right to set the example of losing his temper or abandoning civilized standards to respond to taunting with murderous intent. And, it is patently wrong to shift the blame for the murder back onto the taunters as ill-advised as that is. People are so riled up about this issue, they can think nothing else than murder is no proper response to words or behavior. It's not something to be put aside until later, because it now appears to have passed the point of no return.


People are offering themxelves up as martyrs, which means they consider the breaking point to have been breached. And, if a few believe, the opposition can very easily prove the martyrs to have been right in the response they draw.

May I Draw Your Attention To Yonder Curtain...

The proposed replacement Healthcare Act was pulled from vote at the last minute for two very good reasons... a) it was smoke, b) if anything more goes to the rich, they will know America's anger.

NINE American states have pension funds in the red. You might be questioning why it is so important that this ONE generation (roughly 70 to 80 in age now) MUST have everything and they refuse to acknowledge what is happening around them. Commonsense recognizes a "pimple" and it is certainly ready for popping.

The world's tallest building is proposed for construction in New York City. For the cost, nearly every struggling pension plan could be rectified and remade solvent. I might also add that closed-bid military contracts are being doled out because we need tremendous military strength, not jobs or family sustaining wages. Let's not leave off the cost of the Wall. Let's not leave off the weekly vacation jaunts to Mar-a-lago. Let's not FORGET FOR ONE DAY that our Congress gets 167 days of PAID vacation while most of America cannot afford to take one SINGLE day.

It was noted just yesterday that I was correct in my estimate that 100 million ordinary Americans were displaced from 2007 into 2010. Many were early retired (forced off the job) into fractional retirement packages and fixed income streams. Many were mass terminated and have since fallen into mass destitution. A lot just- died. Victims of this Holocaust. Notably, every decent job in America requires a degree but NONE of those jobs actually generate economy. The number of households earning $200,000 annually or greater has increased ten-fold BUT those folks generally are unhappy, inept, manically-driven and are wholly dysfunctional outside the office.

Meanwhile... in the dregs... are the foot soldiers, the fallen with tenacity, the skilled, the able... the deplorable. They actually run everything and keep it running. You might want to visit your library and dust off a few great history books. No one can eat a Dollar and live because they did so; it takes a skill set or two or six (not a degree or two or fake ones from Ivy League universities) to live. It always has... except in anomaly eras like the one we are about to exit.

A lot has happened since late January, 2017. Really though... none of it has actually helped those in need of help, only those who think no one is watching them help themselves... but, we are. Change is best done voluntarily but if you are simply too greedy to live, involuntary change is the next option.

The Curtain At The Theater Of The Absurd

Reality in Europe: over 23 milllion people are still unemployed. Retail is a deadman walking. A lot of people who cannot afford to go shopping anymore and who have to squat in those closed down malls like dawn of the dead.

Reality in the US: with 100 million ordinary Americans able bodied workers who cannot find a job, the reality is 23% unemployment who translates into a lot of broke people who have to squat in Sears, JC Pennies, Mecy's closed down malls like dawn of the dead.
And what about the 11% default ratio in the 1.3trillion dollar student loan bubble? That's the same ratio as the subprime mortgages crisis that crashed the economy in 2008 - 1.3 trillion in garbage mortgages and 11% default ratio.
Now American healthcare is a disaster, infrastructure is crumbling, education is being undermined, but Trump is sabre rattling against N. Korea, China, Iran, Syria and Russia even though he campaigned on a slogan of making peace with Russia.

Neoliberals will not stop until we destroy our civilization or stop having children altogether.
Martin L. King said: Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively malajusted.

It is time to bring down the curtain on this Theater of the Absurd...but we complain and we wait. The right time never comes.

Like ALL Curtains...

Generally, curtains are heavy and require strong anchors to support what holds them up... rings, poles, cables... mechanisms that do their job, which is-- holding up dead weight.

The "liberal" movement is no less dead weight than the extremes-- far right and left. We have too many groups and they all contain dead weight. Malls are not dead, in fact, they may likely play greater roles in the future... just not as centers for hustling foreign-made goods. Malls may likely become epicenters for local resources. First, they will need to embrace natural renewable sustaining resources to survive, otherwise they are just draining precious energy. In a local economy, the epicenter is where you get educated-- by the experienced, not the seemingly educated, try out jobs to establish work disciplines, become able and capable. THIS is the most important part of our near future because we have been taken down the stupidity trail where we buy degrees that don't matter or are generating able capable people and our economy is based on greed, useless and dysfunctional professions, salaries made of fiat money and economics that lift very few people and most of them don't work, never have, and they are not good for our respective nations.

Donald Trump's Presidency is poll-rated by Gallup at 36% right now. The lowest of any POTUS ever. Tillerson (Secretary of State) is under fire and ire worldwide. Trump will be pressured to end the nutcase and soon. His Secretary of Education (DeVos) will be under fire next. H.U.D. Carson is a dud. His kids are obviously mentally retarded... incredible educations and wealth-in-backing... no success without "daddy".

THIS is what Trump was supported for. We need change and it's going to come Hell or High Water and HARD. The man frothed away up on the stages and platforms of America and made promises... here they are: Build a Wall- yes. Supposedly to stop drug trafficking but since it is done by American Wealth, he merely kills its labor source and thus, its industry. Import Tariff- yes. He wipes out the stock and bond markets, kills his own wealthy buddies and destroys corporativism simultaneously. America was gripped by globalism, doing this frees us. Some of us possess a great deal of carry-time inventory and in selling it, we will possess whatever currency (in exchange) the broad Public acknowledges as good. He constantly "Twits" on Twitter and you can only guess how many days it has left before the plug gets pulled. Undoubtedly, F.A.N.G.LI.T.O.M. all go down with it. A SIGNIFICANT number of people worldwide are now fully addicted to device technology and have no ability to think independent of it. These folks are our new strawberry pickers.

Perhaps it is a wisdom-making trick that GOD pulls on us... being "smart" is nothing compared to being "able". You would be fascinated to know that current history textbooks in America homogenize all of Europe as players in World War Two against the rest of the world. All this has done is to send curious people seeking alternative truth and discovering Holocaust. Remember my post here where you had to provide answers to some current history questions? Remember how many you missed? The attempt to erase horrific events to brainwash dumb people into complacent obedience is----- failing.

Vegas gave Trump 240 days. I own ZERO stocks or bonds. This is going to hurt. Get a skill set.

Without US Consumers, There Will Be No Globalization

Anti-globalism is on the rise. All of a sudden, the US, which has been a world leader pushing for globalization over the last three decades, is on the way to becoming the champion of de-globalization. That's fine.
Expansion of global free trade since the 1980s has been largely driven by American consumerism. Globalization will be hard to move forward without this consumerism and without US maintenance of its market openness to the world.
The US has been leading the world into globalization through opening its own market for foreign manufactured exports in exchange for its trading partners' openness to US investment. The result is a massive exodus of US manufacturers to low wage countries like Mexico and China, manufacturing consumer goods there and exporting them back to the US.
It is how the bedrock of globalization was born. If the world is resolved to pursuing globalization without US, it will need to find consumers to replace American consumers.
Without US consumers, there will be no globalization. That's fine.

Its Not Exactly Like That.

An article presented yesterday says the American home construction industry can't fill openings with Americans who won't work those jobs. The jobs are in fact- taken by Mexicans who rarely speak American. In Reality-- home construction ENTITIES have been bought by inheritors who put their kids in management roles, carpet-baggers in sales and hire illegals to do the work in specified timeframes for poverty-level wages. Its more accurate to say-- American NEEDS to flush the Far Right out of everything and restore Free Enterprise and Fair Wages. Its also a FACT that President Trump promised these things and hasn't delivered anything useful.

Worldwide BIG entities are failing. Globalization is rooted in supply and demand. Supply is grossly over-produced and now in glut status. Big boxes are not able to move enough of that cheap imported crap so they throw out-dated merchandise into garbage compactors. The losses are staggering but the books don't show any of it. There are two reasons why retail sales are slowing... ONE) ordinary people are grossly under-paid, and TWO) they are grossly oppressed and unable to buy anything because BIG won't hire them to do the jobs that once made America great.

Today, office jobs pay incredible salaries to people who aren't integral or valuable in an actual economy. Giant inherited business platforms do not generate economy because they don't manufacture where their customer lives and don't employ the people who used to patronize their own place of work... they hire college degrees that stare into phones and only buy online- mainly from Amazon.

Its self-inflicted stupidity with a ZERO chance of continuance. We all knew and supported Donald Trump for President because we knew he was a psychopathic ego maniac without the skills, ability or discipline to actually destroy the cancers ruining us. LOOK. He has coddled to lobbies of industries that massively exploited throughout the 20th Century... dinosaurs of abuse. He hasn't done one damn good thing to help his voters and supporters. He cherishes things SENIORS are interested in... not what AMERICANS are interested in. Obviously, he has accomplished what so many knew he would... he has triggered the end of the corrupt portion of Capitalism. Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump have taken us from the Mature Arc of the Cycle of Inevitability- into the Death Arc and now we move quickly and steadily into an Involuntary End that forces Reconstitution because Re-Invention was not engaged.

It isn't about the end of globalization. Its about what exists after that end occurs. Obviously, the loss of significance and value to stocks, bonds, money and specie will be realized. Real estate will only remain in your name if you can sit on it and defend your squatting rights. America didn't retain its factories, equipment, operations or facilitation systems... it kept the administrative loss in leased headquarter office space. THAT was failure on an epic scale! WE valued Ivy League degrees over actual skill sets and oppressed those who actually had skill sets. They were really our consumers-- rich people do not spend enough indigenously to be considered- consumers, just pariah.

There isn't a solid economic structure intact worldwide. There is every reason to suspect the wealthy have colluded with Putin because they are going to trigger Armageddon to mask their degenerate activity. It won't work because they don't DO work and only WORK is ahead. Play time is over. What will Trump become when his family is dragged out into the light and revealed for who they truly are... handicapped people unable to exist normally in the REAL world. Its sad. If his daughter actually built a textile industry, she would be revered for it. If his son got off his ass and laurels to create new industries that hired competence, not degrees bringing America to its knees, millions would accept his leadership. But we didn't get THAT family... we got trailer trash sucking the butts of lobbyists and GOP fanatical nutcase sects.

WE crash now. It will get difficult. After 8 straight years of foraging for basic survival in a nation that once required them to make its economy... 100 million Americans will be free of oppression and seeking retribution against those who suppressed them. The Far Right and Left look like a good place to find them. The one who ran and won promised FAIRNESS, just delivered a grossly outdated dysfunctional GOP agenda instead. Vegas odds-makers knew he would. So did commonsense.

BOOM, baby.

The Seen And Unseen

It's pretty obvious that an intentional initiative occurred from 2006 through 2010 to purge the mainly white male workforce off the Earth and move manipulated controlled selected replacements into their roles. That FAILED. Many older workers hunkered down in jobs that had unique skill sets in and remain there now-- well after retirement age. Supposed retired Elitists accelerated corrupt financial tyrannical control and in that same time... did indeed capture the majority of free-flowing currencies worldwide, and stopped random native economy. It took groups to accomplish the tasks and terrorism and today those structures are costing everything while yielding nothing.

Meanwhile... companies like Home Depot are holding 401k Drives in an effort to generate TWO really important things... the sale of stock (even if only in blocks held by program managers and not the actual employees) AND the potential to conduct another mass termination where the powers that be stagnating us finally push the vessel of all that matters to them-- into the Abyss.

I've gotten pretty good at climbing... up ladders that mattered when there was economy and skill sets stoked by competence could indeed climb... and I've climbed up from the Abyss more than once. It's a brutal grueling effort that certainly isn't for the faint of heart. Guess what? We seem to have a shift-load of faint hearts in places any REAL economy erases and all of them lack the proper shoes for such a climb.

Are you paying attention? There is a fanatical movement to put puppets in positions that won't matter soon, and there are no eyes on the giant surprise Tsunami (that really isn't much of a surprise to commonsense) rising very ominously on the horizon. Do stocks matter? Nope. Can a lot of over-controlled no enterprise business platforms steer us clear of the Abyss by bringing in fresh 'meat' after another mass termination? No again. A tariff comes. A wall is under weigh. Decay is everywhere but Dumb People are closing their eyes and yelling la la la la la la instead of SEEING the damage already wrought and bought and paid for by REAL Americans.

We go BOOM now. Not have a new prosperity boon. No one paid the Piper and he knows how to extract his due.

Trump's Fantasies

Legend holds that King Canute brought his flatterers to the sea to show them that even a king could not command the ocean waves, that the laws of nature are more powerful than the decrees of men. So pity Donald Trump, who really believes that his executive orders can hold back the tides.
Trump is surrounded by cronies rather than flatterers and they and their foolish, ignorant king believe that denying climate change they can restore the wealth and glory of coal, oil and gas. They are wrong. Greed will not reverse human-caused climate change and Trump's executive orders will not stop the global process of phasing out coal, oil and gas in favor of wind, solar, hidro and other low-carbon energy sources.
In less than 100 days, we have learned that Trump is a man living in a fantasy world. He issues decrees, bark orders, sends out midnight tweets, but to no avail. The facts - real ones, not his "alternative" variety, keep intervening.
Trump's overriding motivation is to serve the economic interests of the US coal, oil and gas industries, which provide ample campaign financing. In short, this is political corruption: government policies in exchange for campaign funds.
As with so many of Trump's decisions there is more bark than bite, more bluster than reality. Trump can't stop the waves or the rising ocean levels in the case of global warming.
Coal mining will play no significant role in future US employment trends, Trump or no Trump.
The world does not need Canada's oil sands. Too expensive to exploit, highly polluting and far from markets. Regardless of Trump's approval, investors are likely to reject a pipeline that would probably go bankrupt well before the planned horizon for its use.
We should not believe that Trump's fantasies will change reality.

SHIFT... Are you really ready?

The only thing we have to fear is NOT fear itself... its CHANGE. We are engaged, change is happening in spite of all attempts to thwart it. We are about to officially enter the 21st Century, the Age of Aquarius, the End of Days and perhaps the Advent of Armageddon.

Einstein once remarked... I know not what weapons will be used in World War III, but in World War IV, they will use sticks and stones.

America has the lowest work participation rate in its history and 50% of Americans no longer have any money left in savings.

SHIFT happens. Billionaires or not. Executive Orders or not. BIG control and manipulation or not. Whether you want it to or not. SHIFT will come because it is past time for it.

Birth. Growth. Maturity. Decline. Voluntary or Involuntary Death. Inevitable Rebirth through Reconstitution.


Grand Deception

Saldeck, there never was a carbon emissions treaty. It was only smoke and mirrors to deceive honest climate activists that something was being done. The climate accord was simply another deception by globalists to shift heavy manufacturing from the developed world to "developing" countries that are exempt.
While we don't see many smoke stacks in Cleveland, Detroit, and the former industrial areas of Europe any longer, the smoke has simply been relocated to exempt areas of the world that dump it in the atmosphere that we all breathe. The "treaty" actually increased pollution. The Asian plants are more polluting and combine that with the smoke belching ships that move goods have resulted in a greater amount of carbon released per ton of goods produced.
The same can be said for worker safety laws. We simply moved production from countries that had laws to countries that don't. The list goes on, product safety, patent protection etc.
The only solution is less consumption and localized production which will require a radical change in attitude. I don't think there is a politician in the world that wants to or has enough influence to advocate this approach.
V_L's "Birth. Growth. Maturity. Decline. Voluntary or Involuntary Death. Inevitable Rebirth through Reconstitution" will force this change. What remains to be seen is, as Kunstler has stated, do we land up being in a world that is sort of like the mid 19th century or will it be something much more severe....another Dark Age similar to 5th-10th century.
Our ancestors survived both periods. We know this because we are here. They had a skill set. Something that was required until recently.

A Moribund System

US citizens constituite just five percent of the world's population, but consume 24% of global energy. Consider the consequences of a US-style model of "development" if it were to be aspired to and copied throughout the world. The model is unsustainable and based on the premise of endless GDP growth and endless supplies of finite fossil fuels to fuel it.The US derives its prosperity from oil. It is able to consume goods and resources at such a high level because the dollar serves as the world reserve currency. Washington will not allow its global hegemony and the role of the dollar to be challenged.

However, oil is running out and becoming more expensive. In the coming years, we will thus need to place greater emphasis on reconnetting with nature, as we did previously, to produce our own food again and engage in relations with the lands, seeds, the seasons and so on.

Arabia's gleaming cities in the desert are built on its oil. It sells oil for food. When oil is gone, its population will starve.
On the other hand, Greece is bankrupt. It can't afford oil imports. But it has arable lands and water. It could have a future beyond oil.
Then there is the UK , which has to import 40% of its food and much of the rest depends on oil to produce it, which also has to be imported.

What happens when oil runs out or becomes scarce and expensive? What happens when you have placed all your eggs in oil-based consumerism and have destroyed the very basis of traditional agrarian production?
Without oil we coud survive, but not by continuing to pursue the growth model China or India are pursuing or the US has pursued, but without sustainable agriculture we will not survive.

We have Western politicians and the media parroting unfounded claims about Assad government using chemical weapons. All for what? Pipelines, oil and gas. The war on terror is a war of resources. It is a war for the benefit of Western capital. Theirs is a neoliberal doctrine of death and destruction.
A moribund system. It has already led to two major world wars. There will be no recovering from a third.

Not much longer

The US won't be consuming 24% of the world's resources for much longer.
Trump sold out this week when he unleashed the cruise missile attack against Assad. He did it for one reason only, a sick desire for people to like and praise him.Hilary, Obama, and George W are doing their happy dance (along with Satan).
Our government and msm have gone from corrupt to dumb and corrupt. The final curtain call is approaching for the stars and stripes.
There is a special place in Hell for a nation that has squandered the abundant blessings that we have and have sown misery on people that aren't as blessed.

A Quick Response...

Did you validate your skill set yet?

A bizarre observation: Many Far Right and Far Left mindsets worldwide have one thing very much in common... they are entitlement reliant and it includes salaries for paper-pushing, button-pressing, lip-whacking administrative roles manufactured AFTER we had global prosperity instead of globalization.

A catastrophic failure drops a lot of curtains small minds have been hiding behind. Skill sets have labored hard for little pay during this controlled artificial era of gross negligence and willful misconduct. The pendulum swings now. It may seem like you are on firm soil when in fact you may be nowhere near any. The only saving grace will be a needed skill set. Bastions and beliefs won't matter.

Good luck!

You May Not Be Aware Of This...

There is-- right now-- an urgent and concerted effort to enroll everyone possible in 401K programs. Why? Because it makes stock purchases. Why is this important? No one outside of a shrinking group of elitists own stocks. Everyone else has been tapping 401K programs for money to pay debt off with. The whole nation is doing that. The amount of debt being retired exceeds gross incomes. I suspect that April, 2017 will be a record month for commercial chain closures. Next next record will be set in July. The next after that will be October.

Two Observations...

Stocks are steadily lowering without fanfare because any accurate observation would trigger collapse and Wall Street knows it.

We have achieved a bulimic condition in retail... the amount of cheap trash importing from China is at record level-- any not selling. Big Retail has been trashing unsold tonnage as it exits floor-plan instead of marking it down beyond 75% off. Simple math applies... if you have 5, sell 1 and take losses on 4, you don't cover overhead and you certainly don't operate in the black. All the bigs are hemorrhaging now and taking it out on staffers by running skeletal crews.

Remember what was predicted in Super Nova... mega-sized entities run entirely by administrative types and the least number of performing staff at street level... who independently but collectively decide to "walk" and they all fall from hopelessness.

It has been recently reported that 80% of jobs in America that pay enough to sustain at lower Middle Class or better-- are held by women who also dominate the field AND the hiring authority. The War on family-oriented White Men appears to be achieving its planned genocide result.

A third observation

From Mises:

"04/13/2017Ryan McMaken
A new report from the US Treasury Department shows that growth in federal receipts has fallen to the lowest level seen in 80 months, with the 12-month average falling 1.3 percent from March 2016 to March 2017.

The last time federal receipts fell as far was during July of 2010 when they dropped 2.4 percent from July of the previous year. More importantly, the last time receipts fell this much, while in a downward trend, was in July 2008 shortly before the financial crisis.

March 2017 was the fourth month in a row during which federal receipts were down year over year, while growth rates overall have been falling quickly since mid-2015. ....

Moreover, if we dig deeper into recent receipt data, we find that through the end of 2016, corporate tax revenues fell a whopping 11 percent, which was the largest drop since 2009 — in the midst of recession. Indeed, it appears that much of the recent decline in receipts is due to falling corporate revenue.

Looking at personal income taxes through 2016, we find that growth in receipts is at the lowest level seen since 2003, in the wake of recession. The quarterly data doesn't look any better. ....

Last year, a look at total tax returns and personal income taxes paid revealed that wages and salaries went nowhere between 2007 and 2014 (the most recent year available).

On the other hand, those who already own lots of inflationary assets — such as stocks, real estate, and fine art — are doing fine. Many others — many who pay the taxes — appear to be doing less well...."

Some commentary by Stockman:

"Meanwhile, there is another shock heading toward the canyons of Wall Street. Namely, that this so-called recovery is finally running out of gas. I have no use for the seasonally maladjusted and endlessly manipulated, massaged and revised data that come out of the Washington statistical mills.

By contrast, the data that comes out of Uncle Sam’s revenue farebox is an altogether different kettle of fish. That is, no employer in America is paying withholding taxes on payroll slots that do not exist or sending in estimated taxes on profits that are not happening."


"Declining federal revenues should be a warning sign that all is not well in the economy. The habit of measuring economic well-being in terms of the Dow Jones or home prices — as the Trump administration likes to do — tells us little since rising home prices and stock prices are more indicators of price inflation in the current economy. And, of course, rising home prices largely just indicate that the cost of living is going up."

Rising home prices are happening because REITs own and control over 60% of residential homes in America now. They can increase or decrease the number of homes for sale in any market at any time. The interesting conundrum is-- many hasty up-market purchases made now will not make it to close (cash short-fall) and those that do will spur validity to comparable homes when they sell in late Summer early Autumn.

Stocks have slid more days than not- indicating steady integrity liquidation probably by large fund groups. Fewer big players and no economy and no legitimate hiring or wage movement literally tee-up recessionary aspects leading into the Summer-- a traditionally lower economic period from year to year.

Further--- Trump is ordering the IRS to use tax collectors to go after revenues. Bizarrely, the obvious low-hanging fruit are Republicans and Tea... and youth who are stuck in low-paying for-cash jobs.

We go BOOM soon.

Concerning V_L's retail

Stockman, like most of us, has been confounded by the duration of the market surge since the lows in 2009. Facts are facts however and one day market participants, at least those that believe in a eternal upward surge, will be hurt badly. I'm not wishing this but it is what it is.
A little crunching by David:
....To top it all off, the state of American retail is indeed perilous.

With the recent chapter 11 filing by Payless shoes, it now appears that upwards of 3,500 stores will close in early 2017 alone.

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fudge factory seems to be getting the word about the scorched earth condition of the malls.

During the last two months, it has reported a 60,000 decline in the seasonally maladjusted job count; and a 758,000 drop in the actual count since the December holiday peak. By the way, that compares to only a 644,000 drop over December-March during the prior year.
The fact is, other than easy credit-fueled auto sales, which are now also rolling over, and purchases through Amazon’s cut rate e-Commerce juggernaut, the American consumer has been quasi-comatose for nearly three years now.

Reported sales at general merchandise stores in February were no higher than they were 30 months ago in August 2014 — and I do mean “nominal” sales. Since the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is up 2.8% during the last year alone, inflation adjusted sales are actually already well into recession territory.

More importantly, the plunge in department store sales — which comprise the anchor and driver of 70% of mall traffic — have not abated in the slightest. As of the most recent reading, the monthly sales rate was down 30% from the pre-crisis peak.

Again, that’s in nominal dollars. In real terms, department store sales have fall by upwards of 50% since the early years of this century.

Moreover, debt-encumbered American consumers are dropping, not shopping, because this entire so-called recovery has been wasted. That is, consumers can’t spend energetically because there has been no significant deleveraging since the 2008 crisis.

Despite all the Fed’s madcap money-printing, they are impaled on Peak Debt.

In a word, the retail mall sector is facing insuperable headwinds and the worst of both worlds. That is, flagging demand and immense over-capacity.

It now appears, in fact, that nearly 150 million of retail square footage could close during 2017 — an all-time record.

Does the foregoing paint a picture of economic health? Hardly. Quite the contrary, in fact....

Our Lives Are Split Into Two Modes Now

We are all fatiguingly familiar with shallow thought, momemt to moment, basic survival....the grind. Sometimes drifting like sedate plankton, sometimes frustrated trying to get those important survival things done in our dysfunctional 'civilization'. We intentionally, often forcefully submerge ourselves in the delusion that ordinary business as usual will continue to proceed forever. But most of us, when we are in this state, are at least vaguely aware that it is a lie.

The other mode is forthright awareness of the lie. We know the Earth is dying all around us. That business as usual will not, cannot, go on like this forever. We know that to whatever extent we are ambitious and 'living well', to that same degree we are killing ourselves and killing the world. But we are not 'functional' when overburdened by this awareness.
So we delude ourselves, slip back to mode 1 and sip another shallow breath as the shadow of mass extinction blocks every ray of light from reaching the future.

The Rich, the Ditch and the Wall.

Technology-- a Canadian company is paying the buyers of their adult sexual toys $10,000 each as part of a criminal-level settlement. The device was marketed as a "smart" toy that gathers facts and becomes intuitive. Duh? The device does NOT become intuitive... it gathers info and transmits it back to a central computer that analyzes it. The analysis is done by humans observing the USE of the device. Basically, users were being spied on as they employed the device. The device's "responses" were managed.

Datavision-- the company invented the two-way camera back in 1977. Very simply, the component installed in almost everything operated looking outward to absorb what viewers were doing as a means of gathering information gleaned to market products and services more "precisely tailored" to the... victim... I mean viewer. It is theoretically probable that Big Brother (as Orwell surmised) really did exist in 1984. Today, he is going through a Terminator phase. Maybe? Let's hope not.

A considerable and viable faction of the Republican Party is labeling Trump as the "Emperor without Clothes" after his tax returns validate a man in billionaire's clothing living on credit and cooked bookkeeping. We knew that. Why didn't they know that? In his first "Cabinet" meeting, President Trump proposed a considerable modification of duties and authorities to the Executive Branch of the Unites States Government. They include the machinations of imperial psychopathy. We knew he would. No one in his Cabinet has a recent work history.

A recent 'unsolicited' advice blog appeared in an e-mail address I keep in reserve. It essentially outlines the DOW's intended path to 30,000 in 2017. Yes, it predicts that rise! Options are paying even when the stock markets drop now. It is a win win win win win win without substance and validity scenario of massive obvious dysfunction. Meanwhile... Left-leaning militants must be on vacation as the Right re-aligns. There is every probability that somewhere near the Middle forms and alliance predicted in that amazing "Super Nova" book we can't relocate. Thank about it... we have the societal-compromising Big Brother Orwell warned us of, the Tyrannical Financial mess forecasted in Super Nova that forces a crash of corrupt cash and an all-new financial structure that harvests excess unused wealth and plants it back at street level to avoid bottle-necking and secular stagnation. Bizarrely, that book written in the 1980's suggested secular stagnation.

User Error-- nearly all of retail is driven today by algorithms instead of commonsense. Merchandising is ordered to rack-up a product within a set time and does it. Early that same day, phone-in-face enters store, goes directly to the item guided by an app, puts it in a cart and pays using the self-check-out. The item is sold out quickly then restocked. The restock never sells and is cleared-out in coming months. Phone-in-face comes at the end of the clearance cycle guided by an app, attempting to buy the item for a penny and finds it cannot be done through the registers. It gets donated or dead-stock-wholesales to some dark entity. Commonsense reviews all this and realizes the sequence of events leads to a loss almost every time. Add a wall, watch all of this-- fall.

And The Left and The Right

The left and the right in the US are acting on perceptions of reality that may prove wrong.
The rest of the world is perplexed. It is perplexed because this is not happening in some global backwater. It is perplexed because it is happening in the most powerful country on earth, armed with a huge nuclear arsenal and other weapons of mass destruction.

There is no future for either of the major parties if there is no democratic future for the country. If that means the formation of a new political party, the party of reason, so to speak, so be it.

Solidarity and the Five Shifts

It happened in the shipyards at Gdansk and in Warsaw... a time when individuals at their wit's end in frustration... rise... only to find themselves in like company. That group chose a man named Lech to lead their train wreck of a suppressive Russian oppression. Good men and women can do that-- rise. But good or bad character is not a prerequisite for leadership. Degrees are not. Successful business history is not. Leadership is a gut trait. When you have nothing left to lose except an incredible wealth of intellectual property and you teeter over to a willingness to gamble it... you many be that rare leader that disburses the psychopaths and buries the threat of Armageddon by extinction certain gene pools.

Money-- imagine currencies across the world created and designated for economic use ONLY. The unit has an expiration date for spoilage. Money moves through mercantile markets and food courts, not stocks, bonds or banker pockets. It's basis? The work-unit. You get some for working, you go without when you don't.

Education-- go to school forever, fool. But you possess no credential without proof and the proof is in the floor sweeping. Establish a criteria that moves living people through an ability and capability cycle. The exertion is based on age and health dynamics. This also works for the fallen. End welfare begin people care.

Pursuits-- the wealthy need no vacations or time off. The harder the work, the more important the play time.

Mental Stimulation-- make it a mandate to use your mind, create culture that cultivates healthy mental. Limit the exposures that dement us and that absolutely includes limiting the ubiquity of technology.

One Earth-- promote cultural diversity on one orb. Walls are fine. Wars are not. It is generally recognized that small men seek global ends. That capacity is thwarted by a commonality across all the world that weapons serve no useful purpose and anyone challenging that premise needs a quick trip to a far off isle and be left alone for quite a while.

We endure today the end of the Exploitation Era. It ends as it began-- garbage types without souls willing to destroy everything for power and wealth. It has to occur to all that this pendulum swings back to favor Mother Nature not restore survival through redistribution of money that is not based on any validity. It all goes. All that survives this is-- skill sets.


In September 2016, I was at a conference in Gdansk, Poland. The conference covered areas like solidarity and refugees, solidarity and violence, solidarity and multiculturalism, solidarity and globalization.

Solidarity. In 1980 it was present in Poland. They experienced the enthusiastic atmosphere of new born solidarity. It was the miracle of solidarity. But the solidarity in Poland was killed. And it has never been reborn. Now thirty-five years of the formation of the Solidarity movement and twuenty-six years after the collapse of the communist regime, solidarity in Poland is an absolutely abstract and dead idea. They said.
In the present world, solidarity is not in fashion. We are taught to be competitive, successful and self-made individuals.
Solidarity is limited and suppressed by class or rather group of solidarity (lobbies), individualism and consumerism. They said.

But still happens that members of this or that nation, society or group support one another in a difficult situation. From time to time we can still hear about heroes and about ordinary people who help their friends, neighbours or strangers. This is the miracle of solidarity. They said.

Solidarity. They are now celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaty Of Rome. The signatories were Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. It marked the beginning of a perceived need for closer economic cooperation and solidarity between the Member States. The Treaties of Rome established a common market where people, goods, services and capital can move freely and created the conditions for solidarity, prosperity and stability for European citizens.

Well the bit about solidarity, prosperity and stability for European citizens isn't quite right is it?
What would Greeks say about that?
Why are they celebrating something that they have completely rejected?

Poles, Polarity, Solidarity, New World Order, Walls at Borders

I know a thing or two now about Poles and a lot more about those who fled Poland after 1980. Those who made it out and then didn't sell their souls to gain stability here in America are incredible assets to our future. They realized great hardships there, came here and endured suppression by the very retards clogging our economic movement now... and exist in a precarious system they know full well is teetering and unstable.

There is no direct comparison to any recent circumstance in Europe and the one gripping America today. Here is why. Our war-mongering is an industry. We are in Syria now and soon- North Korea. These wars are profiteering of a third kind. The machinations there use up surplus weapons in order to prompt the need for new weaponry. We will realize closed-bid contracts, select industry prosperity and economic boon only in states that exist to support war-mongering. Likely, our choices for targets will be largely based on the Global Economic Dominance by Oil for Oil game. It has players in Russia, Saudi, USA and Brazil but not in China, India, Australia, Europe or Africa. Interestingly, it has cooperatives in Canada who are not players.

We are about to make the Mexico-US Wall a priority. The cost exceeds all the capital it would take to make America great ever again. The players in that game of Local Economic Dominance are- the Federal Reserve and its member banks, large corporations that don't actually do any business or commerce, and a body of billionaires who largely don't play by any known rules and are no longer touchable by our legal system.

Meanwhile... what amounts to more than 80% of Americans now suffer some sort of: oppression, depression, succession, suppression, recession, frustration, and a gross deception about the value and sustainability of algorithmic control. It is very noteworthy to observe the amount of waste (shrink or loss) from Big Retail as an attempt to thwart small businesses from going into competitors. Simply, Big is throwing away its aged clearance to avoid it re-entering the mainstream as arbitrage. Its a pretty intriguing concept because-- both the Wall and a tariff nix the supply chains and create a rather humongous vacuum. Now consider a third game at street level that has both voluntary and involuntary players and both perceived and actual roles. America's Paid-to-Play Class is largely indentured to a condition that exposes them to terminally dire consequences. They lack every possible survival skill. Meanwhile, more and more enter the game involuntarily and without adequate pay or the ability to thrive. These oppressed people have skill sets and are growing survival skills.

Poland had a run of bad luck throughout the 20th Century. The cascade chain of events leading to Solidarity put simple people in dire need of a long vacation to recook and regroup. This will be a simple condition in America by our Summertime. The difference is America's governmental structure. It is more likely a truth that our next election cycle will contain candidates who do not politick for position before the Public. They will be group-sponsored and agenda-oriented. They will hurt us even more than we are being hurt now... BUT, the forces promoting them will be in greater decay and polarity with each passing month. Their supporters will be increasingly inept and their detractors will be increasingly angrier and intolerant with such a game condition.

It is more likely that our "Lech" won't be a train wreck. He or she could very likely be more a Pope with callouses on hands and knuckles. That's going to play havoc in nations fully void now of viable enterprise and industry. WHY do you think North Korea teases so much? Better to be an annoyance to a superpower than assimilated as new slave labor and lose all identity. All the "game" players are octogenarians or older and no one can live forever.

Get a skill set.

Solidarity never meant globalization

We aren't wired for that. The original Solidarity movement in Poland meant solidarity for Poles. They didn't want to be part of the Soviet Union even though the Soviet Union by that time wasn't as bad as the people who write history want us to remember it. Education was free, people had enough to eat, medical care wasn't bad. The people of Poland wanted decided that they could do better without the communist version of NWO. They weren't doing it because they wanted to be western European. They just wanted to be Polish AND they wanted all those extravagant things the west had that in hindsight are probably not very good for them or the planet.
The European Union, in theory, sounded like a good idea. People of similar cultures all blending together. That could have been accomplished informally without the bureaucratic nightmare it has become. Basically a continent ruled by bankers for bankers. And since they are ruled by those types, there was little concern when they decided to open their borders to people of a different culture. The only thing that mattered was cheap labor which meant higher profits. So while there is a compassionate group that was fooled into believing that "All You Need is Love" to make it work, they have been proven naive. It's gotten so bad that many of these countries consider it illegal to even report accurate demographics about what group is committing a disproportionate amount of crime. We do the same in America although skin color has a lot to do with it. In America we encouraged blacks to be a different culture than the rest of the country. Really dumb since the same people are saying we are the same regardless of skin color (true) yet they tell them to be different because of their skin color (hypocrites).
So, in America, it's become so perverted that you are now supposed to be ashamed if you're white, straight, and male (unless you were born a female and had a sex change operation in which case you are a hero!).
Hungarian Orban has been fairly/unfairly trashed. The problem is the same as usual. Unreliable coverage by all media. So I'll only explain it as someone who heard it from a recent immigrant to the USA from Hungary. It seems that after the fall of the Soviet Union, Hungary tried to do the right thing and welcome the Roma. Disaster. They are still trying to live with that decision. They'll be more cautious before they make another decision solely on "All You Need is Love".
NWO globalization won't work. We have a better chance if we quit trying to build Babel. A story which once seemed strange. Mutual respect and understanding which include minding our own business will help. Common sense will also help.

A Trip To Michigan, Our Own Third World Country

There and back just now... family stuff. You know you are in Michigan as soon as you cross the border and good paved roads disappear. From the failing bridge over River Rouge (a site every GOP needs to see and if unmoved, be chained to any house below that bridge for a week), south into the Downriver area... I-75 is completely gone. Last Summer, there were stretches of it where trucks moved to the left lane to make it over for fear of a trailer detachment in the two other lanes... it truly was falling apart. Once through the City of Detroit (still a deteriorated mess) to the Eastside, it is reminiscent of places we once coined "the other side of the tracks". Simply... aged, failing and it looks like it is. This was once a thriving vital and glowing area, folks. Our hotel was a one-star by standards based on any other hotel I've ever stayed in. There is a Mercedes car dealership next to it.

You can actually tell now- what triggered around 1999 and has not been intelligently dealt-with since. Decay, long-term unemployment, a lack of family-sustaining employment, the impact of globalization on the former crux of what once made this nation great. The Republican governor of the state- Rick Snyder (former CEO of Gateway Computers) who prides himself as a "geek" and "bookkeeper" has allowed the state to descend so low that its "Flint Debacle" appears to have spread to much of it. The water at the hotel was- gray. The Eastside faucet water was once tested against some bottled waters and won. GM's Tech Center looks really old now. As does much of the office space along the 696 corridor.

This state- Michigan, was once second only to California in economic prosperity. Yesterday morning, we had to veer on one of the Mile Roads to avoid hitting vagrants foraging for stuff along the curbs. They had every sign of extreme exposure and were "grimy".

You are absolutely correct, NEOH... The Tower of Babel story was a fable as a child to me. Today, it is as real as any actual history story/lesson. Back home... a prosperous area... but laced with first-generation-foreign... every single one staring into an I-Phone as they walked... being told where to go, what to buy, what to do... by an unGodly device.

A Culture Of Cruelty

Too egocentric, too cruel. All moral standards collapsed. Only self-interest.
Only few of western citizens are capable of detecting connection between their continent's wealth, those hundreds of millions of ruined lives all over the world, and the wave of immigrants.
The British Prime Minister considered to employ army, lamenting inconveniences being experienced by British holidaymakers.
Great Bretain, responsible for the loss of hundreds of millions of human lives worldwide, is now pretending that it is facing a serious refugee crises, while there are only some 25.000 asylum applicants on its territory.
All over Europe immigrants are portrayed as some menace, or pest, not as group of desperate human beings, victims of the Western Empire.
If left alone, these countries that are now bleeding millions of their own people, would be, more likely, as rich or even richer than the West.
The West is not in dealing with the refugee crises. It is, as always, cheating, lying and calculating pennies, after stealing billions.

Destruction of the world, killing and starving of millions, is sad but a necessary price to be paid for the high standard of living of the chosen people in Europe and North America.

Let the slaughter be contained to far away places. Let it not appear in the television screens. Let us not see th victims. And let those dirty beings stay were they are. We don't want to face them at our resort towns and in our capital cities. We don't want to see their sores, their wounds, their puss. We are very sensitive.

Western exceptionalism is our pride. Western exceptionalism puts its religions, cultures, races and ways of life on the pedestal. It represents our pride. The Tower of Babel represents the human pride and the moral is that pride must be destroyed.

Babel's Mortar Is Made Of Twitter

Too ubiquitous in your claims, Saldeck. There are TWO movements here... commonsense and an unnamed one. Commonsense knows that if you under-pay all your personnel, they will undermine your foundation. Commonsense knows that if you under-pay the formerly mass terminated who took those jobs for survival reasons- you will be the one undermined, then fleeced, as they claim your asset.

Know this... Europe is dead now. It has a manipulated currency, controlled economy and gross dysfunction based on a globalization desire that is literally driving it to ruin. Robots and Social Agenda do not generate economics, they are cancers.

Know this... Everyone is pointing fingers at Russia, who may or may not be guilty of things, but British long hairs certainly ARE guilty of meddling in Western Politics and fueling Neo-polarity. REAL fingers need to locate the Rothschilds of the world and doing something about Davos infestation.

Know this... America's recent terror attack by educated types who's only REAL interest is in Change that puts unearned cash in their pockets and a lopsided wealth problem... is nearly collapse point now. The world is truly gripped by secular stagnation, a never-before-seen event by dimension proportion. I'm not the only one talking up "skill sets" nor the only one who recognizes the precarious pinnacle TWO unsustainable platforms now teeter on.

The world never found the remains of Babel after the tumultuous tumble. The rubble made good gravel for new foundations. A Paradigm Shift is engaged, a world enraged is infuriated with towers and agenda. You cannot mend-a broken soul.

Prepare to crash.

PrepareTo Crash

The problem is that even if some of, say for example, Trump's prescriptions were correct with respect to the intended, and promises outcomes, he would still fails because his precedessors have left an unfixable system. The sheer complexity of the modern state, along with the sheer lack of consciousness, ensures massive failure as have happened so many times throughout history.
Nothing fundamental has changed. Only now the collapse is global. And there is no sanctuary for those who seek to flee.
The evidence for the build up to collapse is now so evident that anyone can see the end in sight.
On the other hand, the collapse of the current system is a good thing. Some systems are fixable or adjustable. This one we live in is neither. Once the rotten old system is debris it will be possible to reset human values and start fresh. We won't have the high tech gadgets to help us back to the kind of life many of us live now. But, so what.

Now, if something exists, there has to be a reason for it to exist. Why this fascination with zombies? We have created a genre that has never existed before in the history of literature. Can you imagine Homer telling us that the city of Troy was besieged by zombies? Did Dante Alighieri find zombies in his visit to hell?
I think there is a reason: literature reflects the fears and hopes of the culture that created it. And here, it may well be that zombies reflect an unsaid fear of our times: hunger. UN announced that the worst food crisis is happening right now.
Look at the memorial of the Irish famine, in Dublin:

Do they like to zombies of a modern movie? Yes, they do. In our imagination, real starving people may be turned into imaginary undead zombies.

Crash Dummies

Before this "era", really good business people lived in the future. They existed in the present but even as they did, they projected forward with an anticipation complex to pace-set. It's a fundamental practice that likely initiated when Man first stood erect. During this latest era, we lost that but we gained- zombies.

You realize-- people exist today on conference calls that can last 8 hours, break for dinner and sleep before re-engaging, and accomplish nothing at all for YEARS on end. If such a condition existed when Man first stood erect, he would have crouched back down. The super-controlled arena we endure today is not actual life at all... it's anti-life, and those who can only exist in that way are- zombies.

Today's prevailing colors are- black, white and gray. Whole houses are decorated in these hues. These hues are-- lifeless and sterile. Big box stores are designed by plan-o-gram for uniformity so zombies can enter, locate, procure and leave... sterile. Autonomic cars are the rage. Sterile. The I-Phone is lulling people with fully functional brains to shut them down-- obey the anonymous sources projected to them-- do no thinking. THAT, in every zombie movie since the word appeared... defines zombie.

China is on the ropes. Their currency manipulation is rearing around to bite them. The bastions they manipulate are stagnant, thus making them so STERILE that they are inoperative or without viability. I laugh at Trump detractors because they all rely on Amazon-- a phony business reliant on an import structure guaranteed to succumb to the approaching tariff and/or blockades that every other nation on Earth will adopt as America stands back up once imported crap stops oppressing us and zombies either go back to the nations they came from or run to their mom's basement and cower there.

Old research once pegged the Los Angeles MSA as being 70% likely to endure zombies (dead brains walking aimlessly) once we crash. I don't care what the media says about President Trump. All he really has to do is just stand there and let Obamaland fall apart... allow New World Order to reel in disconnection and suppress lawyers when ordinary people with skill sets, ethics, character and tenacity-- reclaim their lives. It's not far off now... no BIG is immune. We know what makes them tick.

Everything Is Happening Fast

This is one of the greatest moments in human history. Everything is happening fast.
Their new tricks are actually very old. Their entire system is outdated. It survived only because of its savagery and cruelty.
These days encountering people inhabiting the West is like encountering those zombies living in Nazi Germany during WWII. After the war was over, they were street walking for years, at least many of them, repeating the same refrain:" We did not know." "We never realized."
Both Europe and United States are suffering from a series of devastating mental illness. There is nothing more to understand.
Hundreds of millions of victims in all parts of the world are speaking for themselves.

Inevitability Cycle Arc-- This is what Decline looks like.

Many people believe President Trump's ability to engage us in nuclear war against Russia marks the end of the world.
Russia just agreed to a cease-fire with Ukraine.

The American stock markets continue to rise (14%) since Election Day.
There is no American economy. None.

Big Retail will be reporting financials in the coming week. To call them weak is an understatement. Non-existent would be a better word.
America STILL imports nearly all of it's retail merchandise and no tax exists yet on those imports.

Nearly every Big Box of every kind is massively under-staffed. Many are setting up manned stands asking customers to work there.
They pay $10/hour when administrative jobs in the same area pay $10,000/month. Who is worth more?

Almost 100% of the American infrastructure is aged. The South and West have no resources but it's where people are relocating to?
Unless we get steady life-sustaining rain all Spring... American topography will get seared again by the global warming that isn't happening.

Shift happens... and is about to.

When Greed Fails To Pay Attention

American stocks have never been higher. American entities have never been so dysfunction and unable to conduct enterprise. There is a very big divide between worker and executive compensation. There is a predominance in administrative, paper and button pushing jobs and over-supply of people willing to work in this capacity, while an extreme shortfall exists in people able to work at street-level. Street-level jobs do not pay enough to survive but people not working at street-level are unable to survive without reliance on street-level workers in every facet of their phony existence.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you what is coming straight at us and at full speed.

An Enormous Task For Young People

There is a difference between the ends of previous empires and the end of the current empire. That difference is global ecological collapse. Empires are always based not only on the exploitation of the poor but on the existence of new frontieres. All empires need to continue expanding or collapse. America grew because there was always another ridge to cross with another forest to cut on the far side, always another river to dam. And the forests are gone, the rivers are gone. The fish are gone.
The pyramid scheme upon which both civilisation and recently capitalism are based has reached its endgame. And rather than honestly addressing the predicament into which the world has been pushed, it is far easier to lie to ourselves, to each other.
For some the lie can be that despite all evidence, capitalism need not be destructive of the poor and of the natural world, that the "invisible hand of Adam Smith" can. And another lie is that the sources of our misery do not inhere in capitalism but rather come from immigrants stealing our jobs. And of course, those damn environmentalists are to blame for denying access to that last one per cent of old growth forest, that last one percent of fish.

Yes Neoh, young people have inherited a broken world and fighting to get their countries back on track will be an enormous task for them.

Yes, Challenge Is For Everyone

All Western nations now feature large enforcer classes, composed of bureaucrats, law enforcement units, inspectors and so on. None of whom produce anything and all of whom restrain producers from producing. We now have a very large financial class in which aggressive people make millions of dollars. The problem is that finance is not productive. It may allocate money in beneficial way but it does not actually produce anything. At present allocators get the big bucks, and the producers get scraps.
The modern business ethic has become about aquisition only. Mere grasping is an insufficient philosophy for capitalism. It leads to dark places.
Right now a parasitic ethic rules the West and will continue to rule so long as producers play the part of the suckers. Producers are being abused. Money has been removed from the hands that made it, into the hands of non-producers, liars and destroyers.

One choice is to go rogue. By that I mean to separate from the system, stop seeking its approval and to live the life of an outsider.
Every time they accept people calling them weird, they are resigning the massing culture and going rogue, not the one that is sold to them by Washington and Hollywood.
You don't have to be a superstar to count yourself among the producers. In fact, you don't even need to have a job. What matters is that, given a choice, you would rather create than live off the production of others.

The Differences Are Recognized By The Producers

Your post is accurate but also ominous for the Takers. First off... Capitalism has nothing at all to do with money grubbing or greed. Capitalism is a function. You do (produce) but charge for your effort. Financiers think charging for their services is Capitalism but money touching fuels the act of doing something that warrants a price, so touching money is the exception to Capitalism. I was paid to make money move integrally. What I earned was based on my integrity and ability to keep cash flowing. The product was never mine and so I produced nothing. I was not doing Capitalism, my vocation was institutional.

When money touchers tell you they are Capitalists, then it is essential to remove all protections and perceptions about institutional components to award them with a fair level playing field where you and I and the next guy have exactly the same access to fuel, tools and rewards. You see... as a guided POTUS appears to be removing what he perceives are restraints on institutions... he is really removing the walls that give them true exception. A fully de-regulated banking system is unnecessary in America. We the People merely change fuel sources and banks have only their own capital to invest. Their track record of success as investors is the most dismal of all quasi-capitalistic adventures. During the 20th Century alone, banks were literally a 3:1 ratio of losses to gains with the nation bailing them like clockwork every 10 years.

Producers know each other. Its in the eyes. There is a sort of "hungry" look that isn't greedy... its needy. When you spot people less interested in a price (raw materials) and more intently focused on quality or an aspect-role in a broader project, you know you are seeing a producer. Plenty of people believe their I-Phone will guide them through some craft-skill-handy "challenge" but without basic primitive knowledge of handiness and skill in crafty pursuits... the outcome won't match what's displayed on that tiny screen. The two "far" factions stand out now... either you are too addicted to lowbrow tech to back off and live-a-day not constantly on it... or your entire focus revolves around money grubbing but not spending any to keep economics alive. Both are cancers. You cannot constantly poop in your living room and not expect it to rot, reek and be infested.

We are heading for catastrophic failure, but yes... those with craft, skill, ability and capability do exist. None of us... not one person... can tell us by actual experience what a catastrophic failure is like or will do to us... but indeed, a capacity to produce is a prerequisite for standing up first in the aftermath. May God help those who are most able to help themselves and then others in the aftermath.

Catastrophic Failure? Leave the remaining fossil fuels... the ground. Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels? Burning much of what is left will lead to environmemtal and economic catastrophe. The system that produces the world's food supply are heavily dependent on fossil fuels. The internet and most technological development based on it would cease to exist. Most world currencies would collapse.
In short will be panic and economic collapse.

May God help those who wish to curtail fossil fuels use.

Nasa descovers three new planets. Will there be oil there?

more on fossil fuels

I don't know what the world will look like as the world becomes weaned from fossil fuel dependence. The only thing we can be sure of is that it will look significantly different than what we have become accustomed to during the past 150 yrs or so, give or take a few decades.
Considering that world population in 1850 was approximately 1.2 billion and today it is about 7.5 billion speaks volumes about the effects of technology with an emphasis on relatively cheap fossil fuels. It's really quite amazing. The entire population of the world was less in 1850 than the current population of India or China today.
So, time is ending for dependence on cheap fossil fuels. It doesn't matter how much oil there is beneath our feet because it doesn't matter if people can't afford it. There will always be the Pollyanna who will be quick to announce that huge amounts of natural gas that is being harvested but few realize amount of natural gas that is consumed by a small electrical generating plant. Fewer realize the losses that happen during production and transport to the washing machine in their house.
The world does not realize that the majority of efficiency for fossil fuel conversion to usable energy had been achieved nearly half a century ago.Much occurred from the time of James Watt's improvement of Newcomen's to standard 1960's technology. A huge improvement it was of less than 20% to nearly 75% in 1960. A 55% improvement was significant enough to keep the party hopping and the population growing. The last 60 years have been spent chasing the remaining 20% or so. Hard to keep the party going chasing the remaining 20%, an expensive 20%, while eroei declines dramatically while population relentlessly increases. And then there is that little discussed Jevons paradox that we choose to conveniently ignore which we shouldn't because it is true when it comes to energy.
At one time I was an advocate of nuclear power but have since changed my mind. I love the amount of potential clean energy that is theoretically available but I don't trust that it would be used wisely by a species that has demonstrated zero growth in maturity during the past 4000 years. Maybe even a regression in maturity. 4000 years ago there was at least an attempt to build something that lasts. Today it is how much money did I make this quarter.
I also am an advocate of clean coal technology but have become jaded due to our immaturity. I've watched as politicians have pretended to advocate clean energy but were really just placating their multi national corporate corporate cronies for offshoring their plants to other places of the world that were exempt and could burn that coal using even dirtier old technology. The world is not mature enough for a real treaty.
I don't know where we are going. I just know that the acceleration has increased dramatically during the past ten years.

What The Coming World May Look Like...

When I relocated, I bought another house to renovate. Its in an area off a bit from main streets and highways, in fact, nestled nicely in a matured area where custom-built not estates were set on larger parcels. I call these types of areas-- coventry locations because the could have more than they do in the way of modernity but don't. One don't is-- street lighting. With most of the homes set back from the curb-less paved narrow street and plenty of mature trees throughout... light pollution is not so "glaring" there. At night... I can see the Milky Way there. Along the side of the lot is a run-off for a creek. It was meant to course excess water through a culvert and send it to a larger basin across from me. Instead, people filled it in over time and now run-off water tends to build up and flood front lawns. I will eventually redo the course so it does the job it was meant to and I will have a creek running next to this house for several months of the year. The possibility exists for a nice solar panel array on part of the roof or next to it. The possibility of a barrel-shaped wind turbine at treetop level affords a near-constant breeze will turn it. The site this house sits on is nearly 3/4 of an acre and rolls from one side to another. This is the perfect condition for tiered planting that helps itself to water as it rains but gives it up to the creek when its had enough. Between that tiered condition and the creek is the perfect location for accumulating nature that rots into gas. A simple collector tank with a cement roof allows it to achieve pressure.

Pendulums swing. People presume. Fate does what it wants to and the result is rarely what the majority want but mostly what they need.

In my retail setting, I see many infants being babysat by technology that is destroying their eyesight. Their parents don't know it yet but it already has doomed their eyesight and will impact them after 45-- when physiological changes manifest and natural body needs divert (NEOH and I both know this on a personal level...) energy to autonomic needs over peripheries. I see kept-women attempting to retain a 21 year old's body in an old lady's cage. I see guts telling on lifetimes of gluttony and self-indulgence. I see body-builders who cannot pick up a box of tile. I see a LOT of people far-removed from sustainability. Corrections do not cater to or are sensitive to-- the weak.

Many years ago now and somewhere in the volumes written here in Duffminster are-- Inevitabilities. One such-- with the elimination of single passenger vehicles and then vehicles fueled by combustion (thus, robot and autonomic vehicles won't exist either), civilization will adjust to the model that sustains... clusters of coventry, huge stretches of agricultural existence (which likely also generates energy for the coventry) and a vastness in-between where anything goes. The three levels of survival check and balance as they have since life began on our Earth. We will be adjusting existence by necessity, not governed by politics or beholden to legal or monetary tyranny. Technology will by trashed, then restored so that it is a tool (that means the Internet and microwave connections will disappear) and Administrative everything will make great kindling. I'm not suggesting some sort of barbaric or primitive condition... just a pimple pop. The kind of thing that frees us from pariah, many of which, are unable to discern today that they are indeed-- pariah.

How do I know this? Simple. Consider the polarity in play today. The Far Right and Left do battle. The battlefield is the former Middle, or all that once thrived and prospered by its own effort. Sooner than later, polarities generate finality. Maybe the Far Left finally overcomes enterprise and kills it. As a result, it destroys itself and compromises tens of millions to billions because its insistence on techno-control feeds no one. Maybe the Far Right succeed and abscond with all the money in the world... finally rendering it totally useless. Billions worldwide instantly find freedom from oppression and begin local ways to stay alive. One thing is for sure-- legalism and lawyers are destroyed the same moment either side is a victor because the opposition instantly shuns all Order.

Its really much more simple than most imagine. I met a lady last night who makes her own everything and mainly from scraps and shreds. She bottles broths, jars pastes and jugs liquors. She keeps dry goods. She isn't poor at all, in fact, far from it. She merely controls her own outcome by producing her own body needs. Bizarrely (because I asked), she said she generates enough supply in the same timeframe it takes for her spouse to do his day job. Her garden generates fuel. It supplements her house's needs. Doing this keeps her in better shape physically than all the work-out people I know and I BET YOU she can lift a box of tile.

We all knew these days would come when we stopped seeing alternatives to actual work as the norm and built a premise on laziness. There is a great need for people with skill sets and those with them are really in control. When catastrophic failure happens soon and all of us Humpty Dumpty eggs fall off the wall, the Plumber rises and can still Plumb, the Digger can still Dig, the Farmer can still Farm... but the Runner can only Run, the Paper Pusher just stands there as does the Button Pusher and ask "where is my dinner?" Ahhh... that's the rub. There isn't any.

Damn The Environment, Full Cuts Ahead

A select few intellectuals know we are undermining the systems that support life, but a majority do not see it that way. Some think we can correct what we have done, so we have time. These are the bargainers that are partially in denial.
This process has all become too complex, self-organizing, and self-perpetuing. The system is adapting beyond human control.
We do not have a plan B to shift this undermining of our system that support life. We are doomed to our present course.
I have very little hope that there will be a gentle transition from the way we operate now to the way we will need to operate in order to live in balance and accord with our Earth environmmmnt.

Plan B- Straight Ahead

Oh ye of little faith.

Amazon controls just shy of 50% of all commerce now. A gross Anti-Trust failure in the making. Wal-Mart and CostCo remain saintly to Moody's. Those scraping the bottom, like Sears, are in some serious do-do. What few realize is-- the majority of current retailers are all owned by the same conglomerates who have more than $38 billion in DEBT maturing from now to next year. Every retail chain comprised this way: reliant on imported product, pay street-level workers poorly and rely entirely on plan-o-gram floor planning done by children with degrees and no actual enterprise in the background... is about to fail. You may be inclined to think that's great for BIG, but it isn't.

Three things are becoming evident... the top cannot support its greedy compensation scams, the bottom cannot survive without income and won't work if it hurts to do so. A wall and tariff cut off imports and arbitrators own all of the indigenous supply and know how to do actual commerce. The cost to do business is not the same as it ever was and doesn't need Wall Street.

In 1905... big eastern banks lent to greedy jewelers and pawn broker lenders who fleeced the new Industrial Age workforce (Middle) until 4 out of 5 families in American cities with populations of 25,000 or more-- owed more than they earned (sound familiar?). The American Economy halted. It actually STOPPED. Freed by taming a major greed problem. What you don't know is-- without customers or borrowers ponying up actual money, it was the jewelers and pawn broker lenders who failed and then the big eastern banks. America bailed those banks... Morgan, Mellon, Boston, New York et al. TODAY, the consumer is wholly tapped and using excessive credit again. Greed holds stocks in entities that have 6:1 debt to cash flow ratios, owed mainly to Federal Reserve member banks. The sitting President demands more military, a Wall and Tariff, he wants people who buy stuff to leave while filling his Cabinet with people who don't buy anything at all in mainstream economy.

In case you aren't paying attention... history is gearing up to repeat itself. As for your environmental concerns. We know for a FACT that we are at least the 6th and maybe the 7th civilization here on Earth. At least one before us achieved significant progress and likely significant pollution in lieu. Have faith in Mother that she will care for her children, who will grow up to abuse her. Perhaps the next evolution chooses not to do so but it is their Fate.

Straight Ahead Beauty

There are many signals indicating that we are entering a stage of civilization crisis: debt and stagnating economy, special interest groups that override the public interest, overwhelming bureaucracy and the inability to respond to local and global environmental problems.
Only after we stop hoping that the golden age of infinite growth may ever come back, we dare to move on.
Only after living through the anger and sadness over broken dreams of material prosperity will we possibly be able to begin to create a new civilization.
Historically, economies have taken many years to collapse. Today we are dependent on an international financial system, an international trade system, and the availability of oil to make our vehicles operate. It would seem as if this time collapse could come much more quickly.
A civilizational transition requires that we have enough time to actively prepare ourselves. In Cristianity, the wish to prepare oneself is contained in a prayer: Spare us from dying suddenly and unprepared, Lord.

Grant Us Coffee, Lord...

The prayer I pray constantly is: Please give me a willingness to progress; and I thank God for my Evolution.

We all walk through the valley. The trick is keeping our eyes open and not fearing our own shadow. Walk on. This too shall pass.

Skill, Time and Coffee.

It is difficult to evolve when every adult choice Americans make today is subject to gevernment permission. It is the result of politicians hatching thousands of new laws year after year.
Lawmakers are now targeting your loved coffee. They are considering taxing coffee as a way to pay for water pollution cleanup. Because, they said, coffee contributes to water pollution via human urine.
Gosh! Who knew coffee was such a public hazard!

After all, it is not particularly difficult to evolve, but it does require skill, time and coffee :)


It will be interesting when Congress MUST stand before America and recite all our Laws. One cannot obey what the makers cannot say in a day or two or two hundred. :)

A 300+ point gain for the Dow yesterday, more than obviously signals a desperation to achieve 30,000 than an indication of economy. Any savvy person can see the derailment ahead. Sadly, if you've never had a legitimate skill set, your job of zombie will likely not thrill you.

Coffee-- a gift from Europe was the dandelion flower. It is a cursed weed here in America. Grow them in loamy soil and the root gets quite long. It can be sun-baked on screens for a day and then ground between stones until coarsely granular. It makes excellent tea or coffee.

The more laws created to thwart American Ingenuity, the more of it you won't see from 30,000 feet while it is thriving in the sub-economy.

A report read yesterday indicated Amazon is a doomed stock (I predicted this). Corporate proliferation, import tariffs, walls and a shift in who will keep their jobs here in America with another foot in the old country while jeering America, will end it somewhat abruptly. You may want to read up on dead-stock. Apparently (much to no one's surprise) corporate America has been hiding the quantity of unsold inventory it possesses and can't unload worldwide. There is also an entity buying up all the penny'd-out inventory of the Big Retailers and holding it. Word is, a great deal of it has no future market potential at any price.

The game played, appears to be quite lame.

Some Like It Lukewarm.

It has to be said now... a rigged Dow climbs over 300 points in a day, then retraces half back (because its owed to banks who owe it to the Federal Reserve on a day Note). Meanwhile... day-traders are freaking out and posting talk of selling off now.

There are no safe harbors for fake money in a stagnant economy.

Even President Trump agrees the current stock markets are a bubble and will burst.

Are Stocks In A Bubble Or Not?

It is funny how an election can change the way a man sees the world. Before the election, Donald Trump thought that stocks were dangerously inflated. That was candidate Trump. President Trump sees things differently. He tweetted:" The Stock market has posted $3.2 trillion in gains and consumer confidence is at a 15 years high." So when Trump was running for office, stocks were headed for another crash. But now that he is president, happy days are here again.
Which Trump do American people believe? Are stocks in a bubble or not?
Stocks are not just in a bubble they have completely deteched from reality. Of course high stock prices are not a problem if they reflect the strenght of the economy. But do they? Of course not. The economy is mired is a permanent state of near-depression.

Is this the same Donald Trump who, before the election, said "it is a terrible time to invest in the stock market?" Is this the Trump who said " I think we're in a big, fat, juicy bubble?" Is this the Trump who said "if you raise interest rates even a little bit, everything's going to come crashing down?" It is. It is the very same person.
Isn't it amazing how things change when a man becomes president?


It's not only funny how an election changes how Trump sees the world. It's disgusting how the world sees the world. This was a very eventful week. It was approximately eight years ago that the markets had bottomed, the US had a new president that promised change, oil was expensive, public pension funds were being revealed as insolvent, and all kinds of pundits were claiming that American youth must have a college education to survive.
This week, the msm and their followers are fawning over a photograph of Michelle Obama tenderly hugging an aged George W Bush. Apparently they have found they have a few things in common which are state sanctioned mass murder, lieing, and a hate for Trump. The Obama's have been kind to the Bush/Cheney types. They've realized their place in this world and will be rewarded by being house nigger for the deep state "massah" instead of being relegated to field nigger like the rest of us.
This week the markets hit all time highs for reasons that make no sense to me. Thinking about that time in 2007 when the Dow hit a high of +14k, I have to think is our population better off? Hell no! I tend to think it's all that "greater fool" thing and there may indeed be a significant number of greater fools to reach even further highs....or maybe not.
Earlier this week the DJIA surged 300 pts which was ironic since the same day there was a significant number of articles about union pension funds going bust. Lots of reasons being cited like to low exposure to stocks which is weird because when pension funds were going broke in 2009 it was blamed on too high exposure to stocks. Few mentioned another important reason which is many of these funds are a pyramid scheme with a shrinking base of new contributors. So Teamsters, please listen, this isn't 1980.
Oil was expensive in 2008. Not so today. All kinds of talk in 2008 about alternative "green" energy. Not too much concern today. Wind and solar currently still in the ~2:1 eroei range at current prices. Not much progress will be made as long as man designates "market forces" as being the supreme being.
So 8 yrs ago we decided to send all the kids to college including the ones that can't read. Today we have trillion dollar student loan debts and lots of college graduates that can't read. Mission accomplished!

About the use of the "n" word above. I had lunch with some old friends this week and we didn't all have the same skin color. We were discussing current events and one of the subjects touched upon was collegiate/msm/Hollywood obsession with being overly sensitive. One of the older guys with black skin said "we are all niggers now" when describing the widening chasm between elites (including elite wannabees) and the rest of us. I agreed and I'm proud to be a field nigger. I won't sell my soul to be a house nigger. So I hope that it's understood that I am not being disrespectful. To those that are offended because they have decided to embark on a life's mission of finding reasons to be offended, then I'm glad I made your day.

Bulls, Bedlam, Irony & Inevitability

Bulls-- that "8 years ago date" is this-coming March 9th. At least 10 very credible sources predicted it as the crash date. One states-- an all-out attempt to out-run a market crash will cause a market crash. Notably, there isn't enough asset validity to stop a free-fall.

Bedlam- when you ruin the EPA, you get to drink piss water. When you clear-cut all the trees, you stop breathing. When you hoard all the currency, the rest of us create new currencies and don't share them with you.

That's called- irony. It is inevitable that the irony lesson will be greater than the greed lust.

Dirty hands always mattered. What matters more than ever is recognizing dirt on the hands than colors of skin. It begins, MLK Jr. You were right.

This Day In History: March 5, 1998

Seems like a REALLY long time ago now... anyway, this day in history 20 years ago... we had some economy, people did stuff with their families and generally, the world was a good place. In no way do we resemble that today. Sad, isn't it.

The Lost Customer

Fossil fuels-- a leading reason for building a pipeline through America to bring sandy oil from Canada to Louisiana and Texas refineries is-- there are countries who will buy it. No. There isn't. There are no customers looking forward to buying crappy oil. We don't need coal-burning as a fuel... we have enough wind turbines now to supply America (actually, a pocket of them in the West are so constant now that they could do it alone. Add those in Indiana and Iowa and we no longer need to charge for energy). We DO however, need to charge more for commercial use of freshwater and would do well to create a pipeline to America bringing IT from Canada.

China-- Chinese workers claim they are not stealing American jobs... as they stand in front of Assembly Lines... invented in America and brought to China by inherited-business-types absolutely positively to exploit cheaper labor rates in China. When we invoke tariffs and restore industry here on America Soil, it restores us AGAIN, not for the first time. Notably, China owns the rights to plenty of resources on American Soil including a lot of premium timber. Who sold those rights? YEP... those same business types.

I AM THE CUSTOMER. I always have been. Every American IS the customer. The customer is always right. The customer comes first. Customer service is key. Listen to the customer, succeed in business. The only place THAT never happens is-- in the Board Room. American businesses are chock-full of garbage that NEVER made America great, it oozed into Board Rooms and usurped businesses that USED to be great. The customer never mattered to these pariah... the liquidation profit did. You cannot get worse than Carl Icahn in that mannerism. Anybody know how Carl got his wealth? He TORE DOWN the Capitalism he is consulting Trump on to make us great again. My speculation... never ONCE has Carl said, kill me... bring back Capitalism.

The ONLY way the world leaves secular stagnation and revitalizes individual nations into self-sufficient and vital competitors that generate the fundamental thrust behind Capitalism is-- snuff out the wealth-mongers holding us all hostage to a failure initiative called-- globalization. The world needs only to restore proper pay for real labor, reward invention with enterprise, innovation with enterprise, motivation with enterprise and eliminate-- salaries to administrators, paper and button pushers... sustainability to those who do not contribute any into OUR economy while allowing those who do to stand up. Good GOD... never ONCE in this 21st Century have those who EARNED actually been PAID properly. All else is-- CRIME. If OUR President is truly OUR PRESIDENT... then the next wave of Executive Orders wipe out wealth-mongers, stock markets and forces DEADBEAT CONGRESS to recite ALL of the LAWS on the books before Lunch in one day. No pay until they do THEIR JOBS and create a series of reformed legible literate LAWS ALL AMERICANS can easily follow. How stupid can government be? It created so many laws that no one can possibly obey them, then wonders why it is broken. FIX the LAWS. RESTORE Enterprise it RESTORES Capitalism. Free the currency until it circulates on Main Streets again. Close the Fed-member banks, end the Federal Reserve and GET RID of Wall Street. THIS restores AMERICA.