Business becomes the villain? Is Hollywood Making money from Financial Crises?

in a small local newspaper, the kind we find full of many ads and little news which recently inroduced a column for a movie critic, the current issue carries a review of a remake of the western, The Magnificent Seven, this revision starring Denzel Washington. The scenario is changed from a Mexican Town to an American sounding locale, Rose Creek. And the villains are not bandistas/marauders, but have been replaced by "the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Boogue. . .

Does this establish a new set of standards and is Hollywood then set to follow the lead of those who have little respect left for Big, as in too Big to fail, or is the takeover or attack on household assets penetrating through to the providers of action entertainment for the movie-going public? First question popping up in the mind of O&G: what about the rest of the world? Has there been a report of any of their culture or national psyche anywhere that has or intends to portray the business man as a "deadly force" in a local environment? Could that happen?

Is it possible that some of the Republicans deserting the party in protest over the Trump for president issue are movie producers and will jump on the bandwagon = perhaps a little after-the-fact at this point and portray some of their comrades in philosophy as "deadly"? The other question: has our collective perception of the downside of Big and predatory grown to the point where sufficient people are prepared to accept the premise that Big and predatory can be the equivalent of bandistas/marauders"? . . .And, draw rowds large enough atreacted to the ideas to make it profitable? Do they see dollar signs in the millennials turning to Ssnders or Johnson as viable candidates?

Has it expanded into a depiction of a plausible threat to our culture by enough people to attend theatres? If so, that is a threat to TBTF in itself. Books will follow and more in depth on personal levels will explore the consequential changes with more impact than dry, critical analyses. And, this would be a lead-in to social movements such as those that took hold during the Great Depression. Perhaps this may mean the government authorities will see any portrayal of conflict as a promise it will germinate and laws will pop up in anticipation and attack the provisions of the First amendment might suffer. The belief from this quarter is that We have the Supreme Court with the proper mindset to set the stage for some unconstitutional decisions.

Which should not be a surprise! However, I still don't believe I could be enticed into a theatre these days. Too much trouble getting out and round and sitting through an hour and a half or two hours of noisy confrontations which have been dramatized beyond reality with e explosions and violence appears to be more than expected for someone in my situation. I'm forced to wait for the TV replay. . Or, if critics are favorable to the presenttion, perhaps, when the DVD comes out some time and discomfort will be saved or avoided.

BU, then nothing that has happened to date, including the candidacy of someone like Trump for president The conditions were set probably by Sinclair Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here". I've carried the idea that if we swung away from a democracy, it would be more toward a dictatorial right than a freer culture. A depressive state of mind to carry through life. Don't suffer it, if it can be avoided. . . Better to occupy one's mind with something inspirational instead.

Interesting point

About many of the statements you made above.
I'm not much of a cinema person. Most of my favorite films are black and white or early color. A few years ago, Virgil suggested a movie called Avatar. I was hesitant at first to watch a movie about "aliens" but since Virgil recommended the film, I rented it (I don't like modern cinemas either. Uncomfortable chairs, noisy people etc).
It was the first movie that I've ever seen where humans were the villains. The "humans"(most of them) in the movie were militaristic corporatists whose only goal was profit regardless of the despicable means to achieve it.
We may see more movies where big business are villains for the simple reason that they are. Main st man and woman have seen there jobs outsourced, been forced to train oversees replacements in the service sector, and watched a hope and change president appoint a jobs czar from GE that moved manufacturing oversees. I don't think it has much to do with the current potus election. There have been many novels written in the past decade that advocate smaller business models, some for the simple reason that mega businesses become too powerful and power corrupts. A leason learned in the early 20th century but now forgotten. Movie themes generally follow popular novel themes.
Young, indeed most voters, have made up their minds. I personally don't think there is a large undecided vote at this point. Most people, whether they plan to vote for clinton or trump aren't particularly enthusiastic about it. This is apparent by observing the almost total absence of campaign signs for either candidate (at least in Ohio). I'm curious if it's like this throughout the country.
As Kunstler posted yesterday, both parties have produced regurgitated hairballs for president. This may hopefully be a good thing. Or it might be bad. Either way it is what it is right now and yes it is better to not get overly stressed about it. As you said "Better to occupy one's mind with something inspirational instead." One day at a time.

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Article 1: Traders are preparing for a big sell-off. It's about time. Translated... little do they realize that none of their stocks have assets. The fall drops like a rock.

Article 2: Headhunters are throwing money at burger flippers. Translated-- business rackets can't find decent front line personnel. Yes, indeed. It will clear out the home offices and drive down phony baloney administration and text pecker addicts.

Article 3: Wall Street confused about Trump's agenda. Translated-- the cocaine is getting to Wall Street. Failure straight ahead.

Article 4: the VIX ain't worth shidt. Translated-- after 8 years of zombie investing, it appears that zombies will lose everything before March.

Article 5: No safe harbors. FINALLY-- people are recognizing that every bastion is toxic. Buy buy buy or say good bye to your online wealth, kids.

My Topic Today Is...

Divided America

I recently read a good history, entitled The Spanish Civil War by Paul Preston.
Everyone talks about 1930s Germany as a parallel for what the US is going right now. ( recent tweets:" Are we living in Nazi Germany?"
"Of course not! At least Nazi German had the guts to take on Russia!). But I am pretty sure 1930s Spain is by for the better analogy.
Let me try to give a brief summary.

By the 1930s. Spain had been in decline for about three centuries. Its last imperial possessions had been lost in the Spanish-American war. It was economically backward and highly uneqal. Big landowners controlled the economy. Lots of people wanted this to change and joined various leftist movements - communists, socialists, anarchists. I n response, lots of other people joined right-wing movements - fascists, religious fundamentalists and monarchists. A shaky democracy was established in 1931. At first the leftists won, and implemented some reforms, but two years later, the rightists won and reversed all th reforms. Then the leftists won again and the rightist-domineted military decided that it was time to stop messing around with all this democracy crap and launched a coup.
The coup suceeded in abaut half the country and the two halves then proceeded to go to war with each other. The rightists got help from Hitler and Mussolini, the leftists got help from Stalin. Atrocities were committed on both sides
The rightists, with greater population, more military veterans and more outside help, stadily defeated the leftists. They shot hundreds of thousands of people, raped untold numbers of women and in general terrorized the parts of the country that had supported the leftists. Then they maintained a fascist regime for a few decades until people got tired of it and democracy returned.

How is this a parallel for America?

Like Spain in the 1930s, you have a coutry divided into "red" and "blue" regions. Like Spain you are suffering from a decline in international power and prestige. Like Spain, you have an increasingly, bitter, intransigent conflict between the right and the left.
And like Spain, the military leans to the right. In America, also the right controls most of the 300 million privately owned guns. This means that if the US had a civil war along left-right lines - Republican voters vs. Democratic voters, the right would win. It would win more quickly than the Spanish right won. As for foreign intervention, Russia would probably be on the side of the American right, while there is no foreign great power that would intervene to help the American left.

What would be the consequences of a rightist victory in that kind of civil war? Lots and lots of people would die, suspected leftist sympathizers would be the victims of many massacres. The US economy would crater, hurting red and blue America alike. A dysfunctional repressive regime would set in. ( as or V_L and Neoh, if they are still alive, they will be in Canada or Australia or elsewhere, writing angry blog posts denouincing the right and lamenting the fall of America, like Pablo Picasso).

There is no way for the left to reach military parity with American right. And since a civil war would be so bad for everyone in America (as it was for Spain) it should be avoided for the sake of all Americans, not just the prospective losers.

Kind Of Sort Of...

Our banks are tools. It was like that in Spain in the 1930's too. Once wealth realizes it isn't wealthy any longer, it goes into panic-mode. All banks are beholden to major depositors who are typically shareholders too. A quasi-parallel is 16th Century England's banks where the elite controlled the economy through loan rates (favoring themselves). Ultimately, all economic chasms are the same... the wealth hoards the currency draining it of cash flow validity. Everyone else is force-oppressed into levels of destitution until a shift totally derails the currency, requiring military to enforce the old premise.

Here is what everyone is missing in America. The wealthy are in power now but they aren't actually wealthy. Since the onset of derivatives and fiat money printing, the currency is fouled. If there was $50 to $60 trillion (comparatively) in global currencies in 1997 and there is in excess of $5 quadrillion in supposed currencies (none flow today) in 2016, then every wealthy person would actually also-hold 25 times their worth in their own debt-- vicariously. I'm not stupid. I read away as the Federal Reserve issued monies to major banks after 2008 and then auctioned the Notes for a net rate below the face rate-- which was bought by the same banks it lent to. Those banks never paid on those Notes so the debt went stagnant to non-performing. What no one seems to get is-- the monies lent entered the world but never amounted to anything. That's like adding sand to a glass of water. The water doesn't leave the glass with the new volume, it turns into mud then hardens- making the sand, water and glass- useless.

THIS is where we are right now. Wealth is in control but is no longer actually wealthy AND it is old... wise by the existence of catastrophic failure it caused... not wise by wisdom. It cannot use the military without injuring its own support base. It cannot continue placating business because no entity is doing enterprise. It cannot support banks that are insolvent. It FAILED at globalization. It sees Big Brother as a threat and does not want to engage any more lawyers [because they are draining what5 little wealth remains while doing no real good]. Bizarrely, the best chance for us all is wealth abandoning all of its stuck-bastions in favor of new fresh high-risk small enterprise and be their daddies. Why? Because they are a bunch of old men in need of excitement and only have so much in tolerance remaining.

I'm NOT afraid. I just need to remain in control of my ego and promote my commonsense and wisdom. We have endured a Giant Complacency and it ruined just about everything. In the glass world, it means new vessels, venues, means, opportunities and technology reined-in as a tool, not a New World Order. THIS is why there is so much friction. A lot of lifetime careers in administration are about to see unearned wealth dry up in a glass no one wants to drink from. Once again... grow a skill set. Worry less.

When asked... Harry Houdini said he chanted the word "escape" to ward off fear overwhelming his thinking when engaged in peril. Try it. Take a moment to chant away your fears and clear your mind. Find a worthy mantra. I am... Happy to Help.

That's why we need each other

I'll use the recent immigration to Europe for an example. The msm depicts that everything is Kumbaya. The established European population and the more recent immigrants of Islamic heritage all love each other. Many of the alternative media depicts a situation from a Mad Max movie complete with rape gangs and death squads. The result is that thoughtful people in the USA that are unfamiliar with Europe realize that they don't really know what the situation is like their. Our best hope is that we know someone with a level head to tell us the real deal.
I imagine that the Europeans have a similar predicament trying to analyze the situation in The USA.
So what is really happening here? The best way that I can describe it is that both the Republican and Democratic parties blew themselves up this past year. An ever increasing number of the electorate do not identify with any of those parties former core values because neither party have integrity. They both serve powerful corporate interests primarily while pandering to small minorities. This is why you have a very large number of people that voted for socialist Sanders in the primaries and landed up voting for Trump in the General election.
Another very recent change is the blurring boundaries of Red states and Blue states. Trust me,the people of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania did not suddenly decide to buy automatic weapons and gold in preparation for a war with NYC and west coast cities.
I would describe our differences as being like the Protestant revolution in old Europe. Back then people got fed up with the corruptness of powerful members of the Catholic Church and realized that those corrupt church leaders had little interest in their flock. Many good priests also got fed up and left that corrupt institution. I think the same is happening in a political sense in both Europe and America. The people don't hate each other but they are fed-up with traditional politicians and their various power trips.
I'm not moving to Canada or Australia. Canada is too wimpy for me and Australia has those crazy Mad Max guys :)

What They Think

I've just finished reading comments about Divided America on my Italian blog.
Here are some comments:

- Made me sick to read this.

- Why right? A number of reasons I think. Order over chaos. Certainty over uncertinty. Stability over change. Semplicity over complexity. Reassurance of custom, hierarchy, past, place, status, tradition over anxiety of unknowns. Fear of loss over any gain. Terror of anarchy followed by tyranny rather than being part of an existing order even if tyrannical, being in rather than out. There are always more ribellions than revolutions but few of either turn out well.

- I suspect that much more realistic scenario is one where blue states and red states form regional confederations. We are starting to see a lot of that. Scotland is effectively becoming an independent state. Belgium is in the process of breaking up. Czechoslovakia already did. Even Canada has been flirting with a break up.

- While this is an interesting analogy, a left-right civil war in the US is staggeringly unlikely. I do think there is a disturbingly high chance of some major catastrophe occurring in the US and the developed West sometime in the next 20ish years, but violent civil war is very low on the list of possibilities.

- Where do I sign up for premature antifascism?

- There is no more need for a civil war. Trump will roll back climate regulations. The seas will rise, downing the coastal elite. Leftists don't need guns, they need boats.

- Europeans are only divided on important issues, but those issues are only important because we are divided. If we all agreed, they wouldn't be important issues anymore.

- As the trend of massive wealth concentration under a corporate welfare state continues to erode the middle class and working class, the struggle will keep America at war with itself.


day 1

The inauguration, although historical, went well. The protests by those that don't like Trump were for the most part peaceful. The usual crowd of bullies who support Trump (a small % of Trump supporters) didn't try to disrupt them. Extremists on both sides did not get their wish for mayhem and violence.
All kinds of predictions of what lies ahead politically. Not worth reading or paying too much attention to them at this point. The one that did catch my attention was by the economist Steve Keen that was posted at TAE:
Steve does not seem to be overly worried about Brexit or Trump. I get the impression that the biggest shock will be to those that expected "The end of life on Earth". Globalists will be disappointed.
The weather in NE Ohio is beautiful today. Sunny and record breaking or near record breaking temperatures of +60f expected. I'll enjoy the weather but a part of me realizes that it is not normal. Too many unusual winters in the past 20 yrs. The birds are confused. Building nests and trying to attract mates.

I See Extreme Disrespect and Incivility

You KNOW there will be agitation and retaliation. Loved people will be hurt or worse. May God intervene where arrogant egos have led us to.

The Black Hole Concept

What do you do when it is revealed that your Presidential candidate has a terminal illness? You try your hardest to destroy the opposing candidate so that the election itself is compromised and must be redone. Two things to consider... Hillary remains direly ill long after the purported viral run period. Claims of Trump using "Foundation" monies to pay his personal bills were just compromised because Bill Clinton does it regularly. The odds are against the shadow masters letting either of these losers reach Election Day.

Japan prints more fake bail money again! The trend is obvious- consecutive days of putting up fake money to bolster dead stocks, only to see it all dashed by the Closing Bell prompts the "G" nations to print up more fake money and Central Banks to see it to markets where it lifts numbers but does no people good or gets used for good purpose.

The housing markets are a total bust. Some believe the bubble is setting us up for another repossession festival but it looks more like non-owner-occupied properties from REIT's to slum-lords cannot generate a viable return on current investments. A home foreclosure is one thing, the call of a commercial blanket is quite another. That would make owner-occupied single-family residences literally a protected species.

BIG is shrinking. There isn't a whole lot of merger and acquisition news today, but if you troll for it you quickly surmise that BIG is dying and consolidating using Law Firms as protection barriers. What I see is-- when BIG has to flush salaried deadbeats out to fend for themselves in artificial economies of virtual reliance... we can count the minutes of survival they will endure before succumbing to Reality.

Avatar tells us what the future of weak people hiding in machines is all about. In the movie- Logan's Run... Humanity destroys perceived Utopia and climbs out into a brave new world. In both movies there is irony in the post-script... Humanity must again rise above the nature it enters. We seem to lack the Hollywood initiative for making Stark Reality movies about genuine natural struggle. Maybe because we haven't been careful about what we wished for.

Who expected a rate hike today??

Everybody that isn't brain damaged knew there wasn't going to be one. The market surges into the close because Fed-Speak says that the economy isn't doing well (no sh%$ sherlock). Yellen then incoherently mentions something about the Federal Reserve not being affected by politics.
An interesting local development in the Trump campaign. Don King stumping for him in Cleveland, Ohio which has a majority black population. Brilliant move.
The msm continues to show their ignorance by being shocked that a black man uses the "n" word while addressing a predominately black audience. I guess Barbie and Ken news anchors have never been in the streets.
King's comments were interesting. He didn't mock Obama but at the same time said Obama was just another part of a failed political system.
So the market surges and most don't care since most haven't benefited and a growing number of small winners sense that it won't last.
It will be different this time. Even war won't rescue the "shadow masters". People are beginning to sense that it will be a false flag.
I agree V_L. Big always dies. Caesars, Czars, empires, kings, and Holy Roman Emperors. All consigned to the dust bin of time. What makes this time different is that it's global controlled by global corporations. The salt of the Earth will have to pick-up the pieces.

What REAL Americans Are Seeing And Digesting...

The Philippines President- Rodrigo Duterte gives Obama a middle finger salute and gets dissed by ONLY the "G" nations living on fake-printed money, steerage media and obviously-- New World Order.

America's own heavy steered media piles on top of Donald Trump but won't follow up on what Hillary Clinton actually has (viral). It isn't pneumonia. Over the past few months, Obama has appeared rarely and scarily to want America to pony-up cash for foreign causes and concerns while sitting in the Oval Office smoking cigarettes and Twitting. He goes down in history has the most ineffective uncivil unfair phony POTUS... ever. Bizarrely, Hillary Clinton announced a while ago and has not retracted- that she will keep Obama's status quo. The only polls favoring Clinton only poll Clinton supporters and most of them are on Squared's payroll.

Almost 100% of the posters in Comments portals favoring Clinton are fake. They were created that day or in recent days, have no content and no history. Who is on record endorsing Clinton: George HW Bush (think about that one), Henry Paulson, Rupert Murdock.

Think clearly about the Bush support... George W was the worst POTUS before Obama broke his record of failure, Jeb ran, didn't win and is tied to the Florida chit ballot fiasco, Neil initiated the Savings, Loan & Thrift banking failure. Those backing Hillary Clinton played key roles in the collapse of every competitor to current Federal Reserve member banks and the legislation that gave them omnipotence. We are not better for what banks have become or done in the 21st Century. THEY back Clinton. Wall Street backs Clinton. Donald Trump doesn't even have the support of his own Party. Mitt Romney has been called out on his undermining.

We need colossal catastrophic failure before nearly every ordinary person is made insolvent or we get Armageddon... which plays well into the financial holdings of Clinton endorsers. Less than 50 people in the world now have more wealth than 4 billion others. It isn't moving in the right direction nor can we see degradation in financial markets because G nations keep bailing them. Clinton is part of- THAT.

The Federal Reserve did not raise rates because they know positively that doing so collapses rackets and solidifies a win for Trump over Clinton. Notably, there are fewer people in stocks today than ever and most working people do not believe they will yield from their 401K or pension at retirement because of the financial corruption. With this much distrust... things go bust. November 8th isn't that far away now... The Federal Reserve WILL raise it's rate come November if it appears the NWO game is lost. You watch...

The debate

The MSM as usual is missing the point about the importance of the upcoming Clinton/Trump debate. The MSM has yet to grasp the concept that this presidential cycle is different this time. The only ones that care about the debates are, well, people that belong to college debate clubs.
Real Americans have just endured 8yrs of Obama who was one of the best well spoken debaters/speakers of the past 50yrs. What did it get us? A liar that ranks among the worst presidents of the past 70 yrs (tied with George W). He delivered nothing and continued, no actually increased, the slaughter of innocent civilians (perhaps millions) in countries that were not a threat to US security. Those countries are now in shambles and due to the slaughter, Western Europe is in danger of collapse. And Hillary was all for it and will have more of it if she wins.
The rest of us deplorables, know that Clinton like Obama is a lieing smooth talker.
And yes O&G, should she win and maintain support from one of the House's, she will be able to achieve her agenda which will be more of the same and does not include improving Main St America (with the possible exception of Main St in the Hampton's, Brussels, London, Hong Kong etc).
I've never seen an election where one candidate has 90+% of the donations yet her advertising means so little.
Hillary worshipers are confused. How can so many people dislike her after tens of millions are spent to convince people otherwise? We aren't falling for it anymore, that's why.
Why would somebody vote for Trump? Simple. If Hillary gets elected it will just be more of the same. Trump is an unknown so they'll take a chance.
Oh how the elites hate Trump. He dared to challenge Globalism. He dared to say stock valuations are fake. He dared too call the High Priests of The Federal Reserve manipulators. He dared to open dialogue with Russia.
Meanwhile, Hillary supporters continue to talk about Trump mouthing off about building an imaginary wall on our border with Mexico. Hopefully he learns that the most effective wall would be to punish corporations that hire illegal, whoops politically correct would be undocumented, aliens. Damn there I ago again. I meant to say migrants. Meanwhile, Mexico is planning to build a wall on their southern border with Central America. Mexico belongs to the Mexicans. If their people support restricting access to THEIR country then we have no right to interfere.
Trump/Clinton is not a "US" phenomenon. It's occurring throughout western culture and is rapidly spreading to South American and eventually Asia.

The Morning After. . .

unable to dealwith prepared opponent, he was out of Trump at the end- lacking stamina.


AFTER the ball comments

Rudy Giuliana: "If i were Donald Trump, I wouldn't participate in another debate unless i was promised that a journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker."

Donald Trump: "My mic was defective within the room. I wonder - was that on purpose? Was that on purpose?. . .Whoever the hell brought this mic system, don't pay the SOB. . . Don't pay him."

To O&G's surprise: at the mention of Rosie O'Donnell at the Presidential debate; "I had no idea she was a condidate."
- or was the Donald too pooped to keep facts straight?"

The only onlooker of the ddbate who'd grant Trump the advantage in any area following this display, could have done so only if he/she hated everyone else involved with a blinding totally disconcerting passion which woudld lead them to disregard everything else in the world.

The wolrld had an honest view of how Trump reacts to pressure of his own mking - it was not pretty from any perspecive!

No more on this sissue until after November 7th. If then?

A Mutation

Sir, something is happening to me. I am not quite sure what is, but it feels like a mutation. No, isn't visible. But , while I still find him utterly disgusting, completely nauseating, part of me is beginning to feel attracted to Trump.
I never found him attractive before, But something happened, I have begun to mutate. Maybe it is because Trump is an absurdity, and it is hard to take absurdities seriously.
But Hillary Clinton? She is very serious. And it isn't hard at all to imagine her not only launching airstrikes and wars but berating those who don't support her for doing so. She repels me, much more than Trump does. I want her to lose more. That is, I am starting to want to see him win.

But no, I don't want him to be the president of the world. I don't want anyone to be the president. Why do Americans need a president?

You're fine

Some quotes by deplorables that appear to be uncouth are remembered for century's.
One that comes to mind was Denis Diderot:
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." Imagine letting that one rip during a presidential debate! I think V_L my be the reincarnation of Diderot!
What was status quo Marie Antoinette remembered for? "let them eat cake". What was George W remembered for? "Mission accomplished" and "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job". Obama will be remembered as the Nobel Peace guy that said “Change We Can Believe In” as we accelerated war making and a few thousand Wells Fargo people get caught forging accounts.
The Diderot phrase still strikes fear into the hearts of the elites. The others are mocked.

Chiming In...

Recent article-- Foreigners out-own Americans in American Soil assets.
Recent article-- UN Official believes America should pay reparations for slavery.
We are losing on our 24 oil conquest war fronts. We never secured the oil. Trump is correct- ISIS is using the oil to grow itself. A reminder that Rome lost three Legions when it put a lawyer in charge.
The Postal Bank of China IPO'd this morning (there) like a wet firecracker. It is believed Soros was one of four majority investors (77% of shares sold to just 4). His monies are locked in at it's failure for 6 months. An hour after the Presidential debate, Clinton's corrupt media was spewing anti-Trump ads based on debate topics. Trump has not participated at all in media mudslinging ads against Clinton. Clinton said she would tax the rich. SHE is rich. She and Bill bought a $2 million mansion in upstate New York in recent days. If you were going to live in the White House soon, why would you buy a mansion elsewhere? In the debate content, Clinton argued that she would create small businesses because they hire. Many of us mass terminated in 2007-09 resorted to small businesses having been job blockaded since. We can't afford to put food on the table much less hire anyone. Trump said we need regulatory control of the Internet and better security. Hillary Clinton blew-off her 33,000 e-mails debacle. The moderator "admonished" those in the audience who shouted when Trump brought that up, but failed to "admonish" when Clinton said anything that also brought the audience to voice.

Trump should decline the two other debates and stay his course while the FBI should do it's job and get Clinton under lock and key for crimes against our State. Much as Saldeck describes herself, Millennials across America are questioning their Clinton vote. They know she can't do what she promises to because we don't have any more money to do it with. Trump vows to lower the tax rate claw back offshore wealth and put it to work creating jobs. I doubt if he will make a good President but he makes an excellent tool for creating Chaos that upends secular stagnation. Generations X&Y owe the world plenty for their unsustainable folly and the nation will see that happen. Sorry O&G, you foretold of a Tsunami and now you moan as it comes into view.

We need change and we are about to get a lot of it.

debates mean little

I truly understand your dislike of Trump. I don't personally care much for him either although I will probably vote for him.
"The only onlooker of the debate who'd grant Trump the advantage in any area following this display, could have done so only if he/she hated everyone else involved with a blinding totally disconcerting passion which would lead them to disregard everything else in the world."
It's not a personal hate of Clinton. It's more of a hate of the status quo. There is a worldwide movement occurring, for better or worse, that hates the deceit that has been perpetuated upon the population by political leaders. You have to admit that it is audacious to claim a low unemployment rate simply by manipulating numbers. That is only one example but there are so many more that we have discussed. This is not just an American phenomena. It's happening throughout the world.
Many are confused by why a left leaning person would even consider Trump. The reason is because we only have two choices. We know that Clinton will perpetuate the George W and Obama legacy. A legacy that means more war, more lies, more debt, and more corruption. A system that can't continue. We know Trump "doesn't get it", his main part to play in this act is to disrupt the status quo. He can't fix anything. We are far beyond fixing this broken system. No man or woman can. Like it or not, changes are occurring. Perpetual growth and a welfare society financed with debt that can't be repaid won't continue.
Many people are ready for change even though they know the process will most likely be painful.
This has happened so many times throughout history.
As the old saying goes:
"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Those that do know history are doomed to repeat it with everybody else that doesn't know history"
The Tsunami arrives.
As was explained in the Tsunami thread, there is no such thing as just a Financial Tsunami. Great social and political upheaval always accompany it. You were correct.

Immune From War Crimes Prosecution

" the slaughter of innocent civilians (perhaps millions)...."

The U.S. can bomb any place it wants - a school, refugee camp, hospital - and they will not be held accountable. US immunity is atrocious. They shoul be held accountable like every other human being.

There is no recourse for the families of murdered victims against the country responsible for armed drone, intervention, regime change. International law is written by the strong, the conqueror, the hegemonic.


The United State house of representatives voted to pass a bill that would allow the families of victims of the 11/9 terror attacks to sue Saudi Arabia's government for damages.

Drinking Water Is The New Oil

Nestle corporation recently won the rights to a Canadian town's drinking water supply. They will, as they have done elsewhere, attach machinery to it and begin charging at the spigot rather than allow the source to be exploited by... locals. Evart, Michigan "was" the source for Ice Mountain bottled water. Machinery tapped it for 175 million gallons PER DAY until the aquifer grew so depleted that the once-fertile farms in the area literally turned to dust. Niagara water is not tapped at Niagara Falls but in Niagara, CA and that source is actually an imported tap. In a purity test done almost two decades ago now... the drinking water from the tap sourcing the Detroit River watervliet was purer than half the major brands. Coca Cola and Pepsi now produce more water than acid-soda pop. There is no regulatory body controlling A) how much water is commercially tapped in any given area, B) whether commercial tapping threatens life where it is tapped, C) ZERO, and I mean-- ZERO quality assurance standards exist for bottled water, D) how much of the world's gross fresh water supply is commercially controlled.

Once again, we resort to history for reference. Damming rivers to choke off downstream farms and ranches was employed in the settling of America. People had to die before government intervened. Drinkable water was withheld in several African nations and used divisively to oppress populations into working mines or fields until the current era.

What I find fascinating about this is that the growing global intolerance of corporations will only be stoked further by the threat of control of an essential life resource. It seems almost Satanic that we face crises of such epic proportions that Armageddon may be only only recourse. Simply put, no one can prosper by controlling the essence of existence because-- starved of it-- every other being will fight to the death before succumbing to a lack of it. Is Nestle an agency of the End of Days, or is this the swan song failure ending to groups of heartless fools colluding like cancer so that purging them has to be the only answer?

Read my words well, they will be the most important ones before war is the only alternative... close the banks, end agencies like the Federal Reserve and get RID of Wall Street and market Indices globe wide. When the world is beholden to bits of paper it cannot use, does not possess, cannot benefit from for survival... it eliminates them and all who touch them. Of four elements... earth, air, water and fire... three may not be controlled by anyone because they are essential for everyone. The fourth is a means to stop all who try.

WE are not better for the 21st Century to-date. May more commonsense, grace and beneficial intelligent design replace what fouls us now.

Solidarity With Sioux

Stop the pipeline, stop Big Oil and Big Bank.

In spite of virtual mainstream news black-out, the Standing Rock Sioux's struggle continues to seep into every corner of the earth and spark a mounting ground-swell among grass root movements. A sign-on letter has been created which invites the world's archeologists, anthropologists, historians to add their names.

This new-old story of struggle is the Standing Rock Sioux people who oppose the DAPL's incursions into the sacred lands and waters of their homelands.

Most Americans live far from the path of the Dakota Access pipeline - they won't be able to partecipate in the daily nonviolent battle along the Missouri river against a $3.7 billion infrastructure projet that threatens precious water and myriad sacred sites, not to mention the planet's unraveling climate.

But most Americans live near a bank. Maybe a City Bank branch or Well Fargo or Bank of America or HSBC.
Maybe you even keep your money in one, if so, you inadvertently helped pay for the guard dogs that attacked Native Americans as they tried to keep bulldozers from mowing down ancestral grave sites.

Maybe you have a retirement plan invested with Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanly, if so, you helped buy the pepper spry that the company used to clear the way for its crews as they cleared the right of way straight to the Missouri river.
Perhaps you bank overseas - Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland? Barclays? Yes, them too.
In fact, every name in the financial pantheon has extented credit in some form to the Dakota pipeline project.
These bank customers support poisoning indigenous people's water, contributing to global climate change.

water and food

In todays age of mega M&A, we can expect more of the same from the Nestle, Heinz, and Monsanto/Bayer platforms that have increased their strangle hold over the worlds populations.
Some have underestimated the power of these too big to exist corporate entities. European citizens, who are correctly concerned about GMO food products do not realize that the recent Monsanto/Bayer merger was simply a backdoor way for Monsanto products to enter the European market. On a chess board it is a brilliant move. Mega corporations control politics on both the European and North American continents.
They have not won the game yet. They can still be defeated but the rules of the game have to be changed. The addition of several rows of pawns would probably work especially if the pawns refuse to protect anything ranked Knight and above and attack those choice pieces regardless of color.
The four Archangels serve God. While God allowed man to use all four of those elements in a righteous way, man must remember that each has power that is far greater than man.
Mystics throughout the ages have successfully used those tools when the reason was for pious unselfish reasons. Abusing any of them for corrupt or selfish reasons always results in a disastrous ending.

They Have Not Won The Game Yet

Reacting to Bayer's reported takeover of Monsanto, The Friends of the Earth Europe said: " Bayer's buyout of Monsanto is a marriage in hell, which threatens to further lock in industrialized agricolture at the expense of nature, farmers and the wider public. While public support for local and greener food continues to boom, this megacorporation will be doing its best to force damaging pesticides and GM seeds into our countrysides."

Movements resisting industrial agricolture will converge in October, where farmworkers, farmers and more from across Europe will meet in Romania for the second Nyeleni European Forum on food severeignty.
Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agricolture systems.

Davide against Goliath....but they have not won the game yet.

Defining Arrogance And A Price For Exerting It

Kind-a Sort-a President Obama chooses to veto a Bill that affords 9/11 victim families to broadly sue the Saudi government for being the birth-nation of certain terrorists. I am VERY PLEASED that our Congress is acting to counter that veto. Indeed, Obama... it opens the door to all sorts of things.

When I breached the hallowed inner sanctum of garbage Right-pledged bankers in 2000, I caught a glimpse of how a colluding mass of inaccurately-labeled Conservative trash could manage and maintain corruption of enormous magnitude across a whole sector. They were in fact-- a terror-committing group by definition of action. Now... as Elizabeth Warren rises in credibility to strike at the heart of that terror sector by way of prosecution for corrupt bankers at Wells Fargo, it sheds light on the criminal way of existence for bankers since Y2K. Whether you agree or not... if in fact the Act passes by treading on Obama, it doesn't just pave a way for foreigner nations to sue America, it opens America up to sue corporations and entities that act as terror groups. It blasts open the door that takes down financial tyrannical control and manipulation and let's us pursue their wealth without another place in the world to shelter it.

What it is quickly coming down to is-- Obama, a man who seems to favor foreign anything over American and who embraces a college degree as a validation of competence before it sets foot in a workforce, as long as it owes a fortune in government loans, who bails Wall Street out daily while killing off Main Streets globe-wide... will likely have to close the Fed-member banks, end the Federal Reserve and get RID of Wall Street before year-end-- or face global repercussions for not doing it. He has 24 ACTIVE war fronts!!! Congress didn't authorize that-- the Chief did.

Let us not forget that there is also the matter of job blockading since Day One of this Administration after grossly unfair mass terminations. Those who usurped the terminated roles have done poorly since and mainly Twitted. Like many terror acts, guilt is obvious by identifying participants. Merely showing the financial statements of career: bankers, politicians, financiers, economists, insurance agents and other assorted pariah, as opposed to the financial statements of everyone who WAS in these arenas prior to Obama... we will know the participants and can deal with them fairly and justly.

The Obama Era has been horrifying for ordinary people who have had to do extraordinary things to live.

Yep... Stupid Hollow Invalid Arrogance...

Give me a break. Obama has ZERO military, diplomatic, public sector, worker-level experience or history. He appears out of nowhere as a Senator in the early 21st Century does poorly (voter record) and overtakes Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency in late 2008. We go downhill at full speed since. Fast forward to now... largely, the working Middle Class is fully decimated. There are 100 million long term unemployed and 50+ million struggling in under-employment to self-employment, fully job blockaded from their career fields. All those roles have been usurped by filthy garbage degrees who could not generate an economy out of an endless supply of fake-printed money because they ALL have attention-deficit disorders and Twitter Pecker addictions. WHERE does Obama's hubris-drunken expertise in anything come from?

WHY isn't the FBI doing it's FULL job and arresting Hillary Clinton as a fraud and Obama as aiding and/or abetting in criminal actions obviously AGAINST the Citizens of the United States of America? Or what's left of us. GET THIS GUY GONE SO REAL AMERICA CAN RECOVER OUR ONCE-GREAT NATION FROM UNIVERSITY GARBAGE.


A cottage industry has developed (thanks Hillary!). "Deplorable" merchandise is in demand. T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs are proudly displayed by many of the 85% that have been either left behind or no longer counted by Obama's "greatest job recovery and economy" in history.
For the first time in decades, negative advertising is having the opposite of its intent. The elites respond to this by producing even more negative advertising. Academic elites contribute to the Trump supporter by calling the Trump supporter stupid. MSM contributes to the Trump supporter by warning of dire stock market consequences if Trump is elected. Dumb. Trump's supporters are not fearful of a market crash since they have no skin in that fraudulent scheme. Some would even find it entertaining to watch an 80% "correction".
Most people are slow learners and that includes the elites. The difference between an elite and a deplorable is that the deplorable at least knows that he is a slow learner.
The African American community has found that there are Trump supporters among their own, or at least anti Hillary supporters among their leaders.
Don King dissed Obama and Clinton in Cleveland. Louis Farrakhan dissed Hillary and Obama in Chicago. It doesn't matter whether Billy Bob white guy likes or dislike Farrakhan. They have found common ground for now.
Soros, who endorses Clinton has rightfully or wrongfully been accused of bankrolling the faux racial tensions in Carolina. People are suspicious that their might be some truth to it since it feels like Soros and he hasn't really gone out of his way to deny it.
These three events alone, King, Farrakhan, and the possibility of a false flag event by Soros have provided Trump with advertising results that surpasses the tens of millions that were given to Hillary by Corporate and other deep state organizations.
Politically, the next 43 days are going to be interesting but then the real fireworks will begin as the worlds financial system collapse accelerates. I don't expect people will be waiving little American flags that were made in China this time.


At least the "deplorables" know that:

The establishment or deep state defines our world. This deep state, this establishment is only looking out for its own best interests, not the country's. This deep state will do what it wants no matter who sits in the White House. The deep state controls government, banks and media. It shapes world view. The deep state is the country's true ruler, with a president just a figure head.

President's pronouncements are nearly always contradicted by the deep state. While the president talks of peace, democracy, racial harmony, prosperity and going after bankesters, etc., the deep state wages endless war, stages meaningless elections, bankrupts nearly all Americans and enables massive Wall Street crimes, etc.

Only the infantile will imagine the president as any kind of savior or anti-establishment. How can you expect a deep state's enemy to land in the White House?
A presidential candidate will promise to fix all that is wrong with government, and this appearance is very useful for the deep state, for it gives Americans hope. Promising everything, Obama delivered nothing..
So who you think is being primed by the deep state to be the next American false savior?

Decades of mental manipulation has producted a cultural perversion of the most basic and fundamental values.
These who reject this model of dependency are now called the Deplorables.

Rare honesty from the financial sector

I don't expect the above article to be around too long.

"Most religious men find the answers to their prayers in scripture. Ted Benna found them in the U.S. tax code.

Fed up with clients only interested in getting the maximum tax break for themselves while doing as little as possible for their employees, he began to feel he could either remain a workplace benefits consultant or a Christian, but not both. In fact, just weeks before his life’s eureka moment came in September 1980, he thought about leaving the Johnson Companies, his suburban Philadelphia firm, to take a job at a local Christian college.

Instead of quitting, Benna, 74, helped turn a little-noticed new subsection of the tax code into the least likely of household names: the 401(k).
....The Johnson Cos. administered 50 401(k)s in 1982, mostly to its own employees. Today Americans have some 50 million plans holding roughly $3 trillion in assets. Benna’s firm earned its money on the record keeping for the plans (with the help of a $65,000 Wang computer), but outsourced the actual investing component to the Vanguard Group, back when the future mutual-fund giant was still in its nascent days.

“Ted was the moral standard within the company and thought it was a conflict for us to also handle the investments,” Wright said. “He believed in doing the right thing.”

But like many critics, in recent years he began to think 401(k)s might not be the right thing. He’d created “a monster” that should be “blown up,” Benna lamented in 2011 The plans had grown so overcomplicated and so fraught with hidden fees and opportunities for bad decisions that they were better at enriching the financial industry than the actual savers — precisely the abuses that nearly drove him out of the business and to the Christian college back in 1980, he said."

I like this guy. He dares speak deplorable.

I have been and always will be-- deplorable.

It's been war for decades now. Deplorable me dared to take only a few college classes and absorbed what was taught to cultivate career prospects. I didn't learn how to be a trained monkey in a cubicle, I went forth and got my butt whipped by giant arrogance, pompous asses and observed how other victims survived them. I built my existence on wisdom gleaned from head-on lessons, mistakes and trials with successes and errors. I am not alone and every other deplorable one holds one self-evidence others fear... we can and regularly do-- adapt.

There is no denying a few obvious things-- our current society is unsustainable and has cost us way too much with nothing to show for it. Those who drink the Koolaid have a lot of-- nothing to show for it nor any ability to recreate it as it evaporates in the coming months. We are NOT prepared for the zombies we will realize as the Great Fake Society twitters out. Cold Turkey will have a new meaning soon... it will define a time when you realize you have nothing to show for your existence except pretense in a world of pretense intolerance. The culture shift won't be volatile but it could be hazardous (jumpers falling).

I do fear one thing... after 8 straight years of brutal guerrilla existence against overwhelming odds, I am unsure how well I will assimilate into any form of routine. I am a noodle now... slippery by necessity and wily because I must be.

True, it was sudden, but. . .

Lasl brainard laid it on the line, with her address in Chicgo earlier this month. In effect she said, No one believes anything we do anymore. If we don't do this soon, we might as well hang up our gloves and shoes and close up shop.

It was plain enough between the lines. it was double dare firecracker stuff, and it was aimed at the vital parts. If it wasn't this month, it would have been squeezed in some time after the lights went out and it would be in a new basket on the steps of the orphanage the next morning, that is how frighteningly aversive the Board has become to the subject of increases. Nothing has been propping up the dollar lately. Today was another down day; when I last looked 22 of 27 of the major global currencies- it was a that poor level when I finished posting this) improving on the USD. The price of oil dipping nnd rising as it did in the past month was riding on the strength of the dollar fluctuations alone. If a move was not made this meeting of the FOMC, they would have had no courage at all to do anything before December or next year - and who knows where the dollar would stand in the foreign exchanges by that time. Down would have been a mere formality. No more evidence of anything would have been required.

No matter when the day for an increase arrived no one could have prepared for it. With the Board weeping and wringing out their wet kerchiefs, and the suspicion would have swung beyond belief of any stability attached to the buck.

They'll go home tonight, breathe a sigh of relief, down a stiff drink and tell themselves, they are over the hump, coasting free wheeling mode down the hill on the other side - come what may But the honest truth! it's as dark a downhill side as it was on the way up. No questions would have been or are answered by this move.

The one thing we have to look forward to is the election. With Hillary now headed for the oval office with good sound support in the Economics sector staffed by Stiglitz, Blinder and Volcker among others in the lead rank, plus backed up by a slough of impressive CEOs, she will emphasize the growth and support she intends to bring to the US production lines. . . and, I for one firmly believe with the proper support.. meaning at least one house in the Dem's column, she can do it despite the obstacles provided by the opposition (not loyal to anything most of us know) who no longer believe in the short patriotic qualification, "for the good of the nation. .."

She already has her $ multi-trillion budget worked out with the need of no more than another $2,5 trillion revenue. Enough has been purloined from circulatiing currency last merry-go-round to find loose change still rolling around from that overloaded assault to make the need a pittance from those patriots who've demeaned the rest of the nation. They'll bargain a concession of repatriating the multi-trillion of profits laying in wait offshore in exchnge for loosening their death grip on the dedication to protect their own private holdings for the good of the trillions awaiitng offshore for re-entry when the exchange is appropriate to endorse HIllary's realistic budget and proposals carefully developed by those who scurried about the meeting in New York a few years back, when Hillary was making last minute arrangements that sealed Trump's fate.

Th interest increase is not a good thing, nor timely (could it ever have been?), nor is it based on any paricularly good news as far as the global economies are concerned. It just had to be done and to the devil with the consequences. A now-or-never situation, no more no less. How much longer could that have been put off?

The story is out now that a couple of years ago, a power squad of zealous upper grade movers and shakers met in New YOrk and a second meeting took place in Texas later in which everything was worked out. The gates will be opened through the mechisms of the TPP agreement forthcoming, MIllennials agreeing to the move or not. It all hinges on the rcovery of the control of one of the houses, the senate more likely than the House - Hillary's support is solid from both parties. She's raised the money - hundreds of millions from corporate interests, brokers, bankers and prodfessional organizations to less than $100 million for Trump from the same sources. What is heard from Trump at this point are the death throes of a would-be tyrant's hopes.

Trump's fate is decided - he can threaten what he'll do to Mexico or anyone else 'til he turns blue in the face, because he, as well as his staff, knows where they stand. And, it shows in the chaos his entourage exhibits lately. The cash discrepancy is directly convertible to votes. NO way Trump can do anything but lose.


The people who put this deal together are not of the caliber that all the effort put forth before this point will go unattended from here on in. Believe me they will see it through to the end and will be there when the spoils are spilled out onto the table to collect. And, the end is in plain view for them.

The remainder, as they say, is a formality.

The Volcker myth

Volcker was the first Chair in my life who had the audacity to believe that he could "fix" the economic situation of a major economy.
His reputation has reached mythical status. I've read much of his writings but they aren't much different than Greenspan, Bernanke, or Janet Yellen. All coded Fed Speak that academics pretend to understand. That being said, I tend not to blame those individuals personally any longer. It's really a stretch for the government to appoint an individual and expect that person to fix the economy. That expectation is denying reality.
Economies, by their nature, go through periods of booms and bust, inflation and deflation. Less interference is better.
To sum up the hundreds of thousands of pages that have been written, and yet to be written concerning Volcker, Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen:
1. Volcker stopped wage inflation by engineering the worst recessions in the 20th century. That recession caused, or at least accelerated, the permanent loss of manufacturing jobs that this country had never experienced up until that time. Entire regions of the country have been impoverished. I call it the worst recession of the 20th century because the nations self sufficiency and security were destroyed. Mission accomplished Paul.
2. The next three chairs engineered a false recovery by engineering a credit binge that continue to impoverish the 80% and have created a false wealth effect for the next 15% and encouraged further globalization that enriched the top 5%. Mission accomplished.
Economist and their economic theories are interesting. They only become dangerous when you put them in charge of the economy.

Handle With Care

Handle with care: American system is a co-worker of God.
A co-worker of God. So Obama said to the United Nations General Assembly. His final address.
What a relief, not to be subjected to any more florid speeches filled with vacuous lies.
Unfortunately, his successor, whoever that is, will pontificate more the same.

Thanks to the co-worker of God we have:

The degradation of the middle and working classes. No longer do most adult Americans expect their children to live better than they do. No longer do most Europeans expect that their countries, will last more than a decade or so in recognizable form.
They are enraged. They understand that no one in the financial world was punished for precipitating the great recession, and that the tsunami of liquidity unleashed by the major banks through QE and other measures serves to float essentially insolvent financial institutions doing nothing to increase resources for productive use.

They are dismayed that the same central banks have reduced interest to zero or lower, essentially rendering whatever savings they may have sterile and imperiling their pension plans.

They are enraged that their leaders have spent their taxes and put their countries in a state of monumental indebtedness.

Thanks to the co-worker of God, this development is like a volcano - many years of pressure followed by a stupendous eruption of ash and lava threating everything in its path.

They are not co-workers of God. They continue to worship at the golden altars of the Mammon god of wealth and the Moloch god of power.