Limited best seller Inside Job: The Looting of the American Savings and Loans

Limited best seller of the not too distant past - Inside Job: Looting S&Ls
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Ten years after its publication, the step by step, blow by blow description of the S&L scandals, the forerunner and forewarning that banks could be involved in a bigger and more destructive collapse were swept aside as the subject book detailing the mechanisms and costs of Act One of the Denuding of American finance was conveniently forgotten ss we blithely progressed through the Gramm Leach Bliley deception by declaring theft and deception is not punishable by law as long as the thieves wear bankers' clothing.

Limited Best seller of the not too distant past: Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans (1989.)
Investigative reporters - Stephen Pizzo. Mary Fricker, and Paul Muolo, whose principal professional careers were dedicated to following the normal activities in the S&Ls, were in on the S&L scandal of the 1980s from ground zero, had access to and documented the procedure from President Reagan's signing the Cam-St Germain Banking Act of 1982 - early in his first term of office and followed and documented the progress of raids and collapse through to the end, which might be the successful prosecution and penalization of a few of the principals characters.

Their 443-paged work, which was published somewhere short of the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) lifespan which ended 1991 and the final disbursement of a couple of billion dollars short of two hundred billion USD for the partial clean up of the mess, with the majority of loot, as usual, not recovered was a prelude to the larger collapse in the commercial and investment banking sector a generation later. The book does mention that the greater shock lay in wait as the later and greater shock for the world. Despite their warning and evidence of consequence at hand, we proceeded with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley fiasco which declared that crimes were not to be considered crimes if committed by bankers or brokers in the course of dealing with derivatives and in conjunction with that political arm of sanctioned fraud and theft proceeded into the jaws of a collapse ten times as great as that 1980s exercise.

The first step to that practice run with the S&Ls, was detailed in the Introductory chapter of their book, likening Reagan's gathering in the White House Rose Garden to the Garden of Eden, which was later to serve as the back drop for George W. Bush's heralding Act 2 of the denuding of America's Financial Markets was entitled "The Origin Sin" and reports that one of the S&L's executives declaring he'd been waiting for just such a moment all of his banking career. The players were well aware of the potential for looting the signing and deregulation offered.

Depending on memory, the RFC ended up dispensing something slightly short of 200 Billion before it disbanding. leaving the balance to be covered by an entry of approximately $1,000 per taxpayer on the government's fiscal debt ledger. "Chicken feed" when compared to the more mature effort which surpassed the first act by ten times as much debt and destruction. But, wait! Act three is in the works now. We’ll be in the quadrillion dollars deficit produced by the destruction in process, still with no regulations to serve as hindrance with still a device or two to be developed in short order since a repeat of Act One's side stepping responsibility and the refusal to learn from lesson one and that left the field open for Act Two with no regulation established to restrain the ambition and Greed from outdoing itself, has been repeated in the weak all-show-no-substance-Dodd-Frank Bill, waiting still for the next bill modeled after Gramm-Leach-Bliley to absolve the thieves of responsibility beforehand by declaring anew that any illegality or criminality by bankers and brokers cannot be prosecuted or punished and no restitution will be ordered. If there is no punishment or restitution, that deficit will be thrust again on the taxpayer to protect the system so that it may pounce yet again on the innocent, unsuspecting tax payer/wage earner, put him/her out of work and confiscate his/her assets. . . should anything survive the Monstrous Act Three under way.

The real lesson learned from this repeating drama is that we wouldn't know what to do with all our wealth if not for the free-rein predatory catering paths left for the criminals running our business world.

Where are we headed this time around? And, why?

Well, there's the reverse mortgage foray subterfuge yet to be built on bit coins and blockchains so as to sidestep the too slowly moving currency systems we've relied on for old fashioned mano a mano transactions - legal currency is too slow in electronic performance and can be traced in its realistic path and physical reality existence. We've already discovered that theft of bitcoins, etc. cannot be traced so we are fairly well set up in that respect for the really big show.

For one thing we keep deliberately darkening the path of money so that it cannot be traced in any larger quantity. Before we know it, currency as currently described will be illegal tender for any and all debts beyond $5 or so, so that we'll all be forced to fall in with the bogus and unstable-by-design currency being inserted a step at a time into the system. In preparation for the coming inflation which is intended to be our salvation, (that is the same kind of inflation experienced by France in the eighteenth century - twice. The bit coin is now worth something like a mythical $400+ per coin (destructive fromt eh viewpoint that it represents a claim on the official currency and any satisfaction of claims for payment will leave the normal operating system unable to conduct business and more layoffs and more starvation will plague us) - laying out there exposed(!) all set to be stolen at will by technologically adept thieves - No one else understands how the system works. and no one stands responsible for security or stability.

For a second reason the door is left open to the thieves and schemers, the people most deleteriously affected by the theft cannot find the time to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of money, profit and the limitations of which the principals in our commercial activity defined too imiting and seek any opportunity to operate outside what is generally accepted as the sphere of commercial activity. Players would have us believe the operations are too complex, to be understood and that they haven't the time to unravel the secrets of the separate culture of commerce and money.

Thus, the general public knows of the plans, not the specifics or any starting point perhaps, but they have a general sense - "unmethodized" of course - that's why the survey of consumer confidence continues to drop along the way - the drop in confidence being an indication that we are progressing along the poorly lit path into trouble, loss of wealth, accumulation of debt and another generation or two of fewer job opportunities and diminished income. As that lack of confidence builds, the plunderers will spring out of hiding and begin shredding whatever is left of our venerable system which took six thousand years of inter-cultural community effort to arrive at this point of refinement. But one declaration of intent from central bankers springs from the dedication to the inflationary process to provide a business profit margin can be as devastating as several plutonium bombs in destroying civilization.

We're being prepared for that failure, too. A recent voxeu paper addresses the issue of "Failed States and the paradox of civilization: a paper offered to us as "New lessons learned from history". This is "the most pressing international policy concern in the post-cold War era from the Fund for Peace (a thought borrowed from their source, the Fragile States Index of 2015). The reference there, apparently, leads to George W. Bush's "War on Terror" and the push against Iran of 2003 is pointed to as the inauguration of the big push in this direction. many states in the mid-east and Africa have disintegrated since that fateful date of proclamation in Washington, D.C. They may still be protrayed on the political maps. but they have become dysfunctional since that date.

The public cannot tie the connections together usually because the importance of the consequences to such policy statements are never emphasized a the time, nor are they referred to subsequently to remind people who determined what political path was set out and how. That may due to the constant search for new scandalous declarations or efforts. Our politicians are so prolific in those areas in their ongoing efforts to keep the public confused as to how they (the politicians) have failed to perform their duties in performing their assigned and expected duties and achieving their own brand of stability. Not many people keep a political diary of politicians' behavior as did my wife. At election time, she'd sit down with her book and ask who I intended to support, and one after the other, confront me with poor performance records and flaws in their activities and alliances and ignored political promises. She would then weigh out the discrepancies with a personal scale of values that made sense until you considered who she would vote for and the make up of the various houses and the political power needed to advance toward her envisioned goals.

Something needs to be sacrificed to achieve political goals and this recognition and the decisions required to serve ends is not simple thing.

Some process similar to this is required to make sense of the money game, balance off the various powers and hold onto what we have each acquired. When we do so, we do not actually exercise easily defined principles, and not having maintained daily journals of performance, we'll fall back on secondary details to supplement our usually flawed memories. . . such as how does he/she conduct themselves in public and the behavior of their family members and associates. HOW far appearances carry in the decision making process is exemplified by three books on my bookshelves. On one occasion in Gloucester, Mass, we were fortunate to meet Arthur Schlesinger. I couldn'r resist, opened the conversation, and it continued as we awaited seating. After the short interchange my wife asked who he was and commented on his pleasant demeanor.

Sometime later, in a used bookstore we frequented, she called me over to point out a book and it was volume III of a series on FDR's early, productive years accompanied with her firm instructions to buy that book, authored by Schlesinger. I then spent a few years looking for the two companion volumes. The last not acquired until after her passing eight years ago. They were definitely worth the extended search in my effort, but you can see the impulse to buy them, originated from a trusted source and she was right in her decision however complex the path it followed.

Most of our decisions on critical issues follow such origins and include such inclinations. If we don't have the time to follow the logic path, another may conveniently present itself to us. And, if it's the only path available and seems rational, we'll follow it and hope it proves beneficial. So it is with money. It's there, we deal with it daily, we must know something about it. But, do we? And/or do we have the time to study the particulars of currency and its applications and effects in our lives and whether what the rest of our society intends for its values and uses is allied with ours. Obviously, as in the cases discussed here, it may not. And, we look on it as a matter of trust and faith beyond our control. It may not and should not be if we don't wish to spend our lives accumulating a personal stock of money many times over ending only with an inadequate supply when our productive careers are over. From that point most of us have no more than what we've painfully earned and saved once depleted, little chance of gaining any appreciable replacement. In the meantime, it is too complicated a process to tear us away from our smart phones or other attention-holding devices, in a way that makes us victims of the players, who have few other sincere interests to match their prime interest in life getting control of as much of other peoples' assets as possible. That's more than simply the capitalist view of commerce and business.

While we're at it, another indication of distrust in our current direction is the fact mentioned by Saldeck - publicized by PBS that Millennials refuse to build up credit card debt implying they are thus holding us back from "normal" development. We're breeding and raising unpatriotic laggards, the entire lot of them! In that respect, One question is puzzling:- Does that include those young people who are not gainfully employed at this time - due primarily to business's machinations - with banks' and governments' collusion??

The centerpiece of this article the "Inside Job" was stumbled over in retrieving a 1991 NBER publication, "Financial Markets and Financial Crises". "Inside Job" was listed in that bibliography which shows by what manner of accident we can discover where we've been and what we've been exposed just through the accident of Being in the right place at the right time or following the right instinct. This has characterized my work since the first accidental discovery which established a reputation, hated by those who did not want to be unveiled in their doing "God's Work; but, then, O&G feels he has been led to these discoveries by some inexplicable force controlling his moves.


Is that a "gift" – or, just a "forced" explanation?

The Looting of the S&L's: Part II

Oxtober 9, 2008, The Nation magazine published an aticle by Robert Sherrill, formerly of the Washington Post and a frequent commenter on matters Financial, Political and Socil, with a long list of books in his resume, contributed the 53 paged article in further explanation of The S&L crisis and subsequent developments in banking that resulted in the long running suppression of normal economic functions. One thing made clear by Sherrill is that the original attempt to introduce deregulation was chmpioned in the 1920s.

However, the attempt back then was not the sloppy, heavy-handed all-inclusive attempt to get government out of the regulation mix. In effect, it was the first attempt at a "Volcker Rule": Sherrill reported, "growing out of their problems" was intended for thrifts and banking in the sense that "banks remain banks and not become gamblers and hustlers in other lines as well." Reagan/Bush and their cohorts of the time - Greenspan, Treasury Sectretary Nicholas Brady, and L. William Seidman, Chair of both the inadequately equipped FDIC )with meager $6 billion insurance fund for thrifts) and the porfligate Resolution Trust Corporation (with unlimited taxpayers' backing) managed to put their own spin on the intent with the snappy one liner, "government is the problem". Yes, a lazy government not inclined to handle its responsibilities is a problem. . . But that works on both sides of the steet. either adding to the complication or neglecting its duties and allowing corruption to have the upper hand..

Truth was, that according to another paper by two insiders of the FDIC,Timothy Curry and Lynn Shibut, The Cost of the S&L Crisis: Truth and Consequences (c. 2000) the total cost was $519 billion. Sherrill adds in explanation that had the difficulties been resolved in 1986 the cost would have been held to somehting alonghte lines of $20 billion, but Reagan was more focused on re-election and allowed the resolution to slip which the S&Ls in thei heated attempt to get as mcuh as hhey could from the weak regulation of the times, continued to drain the assets of the thrifts as only greedy appetites are want.

Sherrill provides devastating figures being bandied back and forth between the House committee and the S&L bandits, at one point this exchange took place between Committee member Walter Fauntroy and a mamber of the Board of directors of a failed thrift, Danny Wall, refrring ot Ronald Perelman of Revlon -

Fauntroy: :Did I understand you to say. . in return for $315 million in cash,that Mr. Perelman received benefits of $897 million?"
Wall: "It might not work out this way."
Fauntroy: "But, it might?"
"yes, it might."

How many of such deals does it take to run a $20 billion bailout into $519 Billion? nO as many as we might imagine without a pad and pencil for a little calculation.
It's no wonder that Charles Keating, a star beneficiary of favored tratment and settlements during the period ended up with an alteration of his name to "Charles Cheating, Jr." by Sherrill. Adding to the burden was the carryover from the Reagan administration to the George H. W. Bush tenure the payoffs that grew gradually to the exorbitant level

These in re the little refinements possible by carrying the coverage of Washington manipulations through to the final resolution instead of jumping in to get a head start on the reporting competition and wrap up the story before the ending. Someone treated the current financial crisis with the same clarity, claiing that we could have cleaned up the mess for a couple of hundred billion if resolved swiftly and earlier, instead of the several trillion dollar (ir even quadrillion) eventual cost. Someone made a great deal more money for doing sloppy work over longer periods - all with the intent of making it look more difficult which means more expensive.

Sherrill's Title for his article is "S&Ls, Big banks and other Triumphs of Capitalism:
I. Suppose you go to Washington. . ." and opens with this sentence. . .

Have the poor suckers of this world ever lived in an age that offered such netertainment? Costly, to be sure. and they are the ones who are going to pay for them, but at least they are getting to watch some wonderful burlesque - first the pirates of a frnchise system of communism forced to scuttle their own ship adn then the pirates of a fraudulaent system of capitaliasms beginning to do the same. . ."

The last reference is to the 2007-2008 state of the current still uneresolved situation. What O&G has labelled as Act 2 above. . which is slowly but certainly leading into Act Three. still in evolution.

This is a continuation and repeat for the unpteenth time through the tsunai thread start Feb, 2009 and Duffminster Times (start January, 2011) presentations. And,it could easily evolve into the third dramatic unfolding with almost a repeat of the words and/or examples supplied through the first two. Apparently, the Washingtonians do not feel a need to present new faces to the public. They used the same one twice in the past thirty years and got away with it - still re-elected, which translates to still in favor with the voters - so why not try for a third time?

Is there no way to geta thought process at work in the seats of government? And, don't point me to Donald Trump, the carbon copy of the past seventy or eighty years. That was sickening enough .

Settlement Skulduggery

When the government goes after big companies such as banks, and obtains huge out of court settlements, just where does the money go? The money does not go to any individual who demonstrabily lost money as a result of the banks' actions. Any money paid in a legal settlement must go to people actually hurt by the illegal action. But no. Where does the money go?

According to the Wall Street Journal article "Look Who's Getting the Bank Settlement Cash", tens of millions of dollars disguised as "consumer relief" are going to liberal political groups.


Good question easily answered, Saldeck. The US Government cannot just GIVE money to all the artificial entities it props up with fake money, fake economy, tyrannical control and manipulation to keep degrees in salaries and competence in destitution. It needs rackets. Closer to 2008, it was revealed that the Legal Costs in these settlement rackets runs at about $400 million PER DAY. The racket lawyers get a share but the majority goes to the Law Firms who put it in stock markets that channel it to prop up dead business platforms, fund steerage technology and entities otherwise insolvent in REAL economy.

Anyone NOT believing our gross global indebtedness exceeds $5 quadrillion and rises exponentially in open and dark pool rackets needs their head examined for fluffiness. WHY do you think the latest G20 session went badly for the USA? Even the other racketeers are beginning to suspect the validity of all this phony money only coursing through financial sectors and central banks instead of a penny of it being currency.

Topsy Turvy Tower Game

Excellent post as always BUT... you forget that history repeats for those who do not learn from it and it should make sense that others read it and learn well.

Some experts say a cycle is 29 years. 29 years ago was 1987. When we go back in time to the period from 1980 to 1987, we illuminate an incredible number of purely-corrupt financial moves made on an unsuspecting America. Almost all of these moves are predicated on a prior 29-year cycle in which wealthy Founders (made so by exploitation) were realizing mortality. The position of Chief Executive Officer was invented during this time... a position of over-control and greedy manipulation... just in case a putting of heirs in executive positions did not perpetuate the march toward New World Order- as planned.

1987 was the first year of our completely fiat Financial Sector in America. It also was the year Colgate began manufacturing toothpaste in Mexico by tooth-rotted poor laborers and Levi Strauss opened textile manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Canada. 29 years after 1987 is 2016. What I find fascinating about the 29-year cycle is-- the characters initiating this financial tyrannical corruption then are all alive today.

What you miss, Old and Gray... since 1980, America has seen a massive number of corrupt inept corporate pariah take tremendous amounts of unearned wealth at our expense. I've written this before-- there was $50 to $60 Trillion in global currencies in 1998. Today, the figure (on the same order as the RTC fiat bail out kiting) is astronomically greater... maybe $5 Quadrillion or more. The difference this time is a total lack of economic movement to give substance to the criminal financial activity.

All the taking making the tower wobble and as more monkeys are put on the burgeoning shelves made of takers who do nothing but hoard it in markets... the structure is gyrating wildly. If the top 20 nations on Earth have no economy and all the others exist in poverty to destitution, the game shifts to putting more and more monkeys on that tower. The tower cannot support those on it now. More drives it to ruin. If you read me well-enough... THIS is why the GOP won't support Trump and tens of millions of competent skilled capable former career individuals... do. Stop listening to his rants, stop realizing the impact of his fathead on a mortally over-loaded topsy turvy tower of unsustainable financial tyranny.

May I be so bold... 1929 + 29 = 1958. 1958 + 29 = 1987. 1987 + 29 = 2016. 2016 + 29 = 2045. You won't be around in 2045 buy I may. Each of these years had an incident post-event to mounting corruption due to financial tyrannical control. The next on is 2045. Between now and then is the world's only chance to NOT repeat history and wipe-out what appears to be a long-running scam hurting ordinary people. We know precisely what happens 2-3 years after each of these benchmark years. In 2019 is the worst year of our current lives. Dare we prevent such a re-occurrence NOW by throwing a Trump in the machinery?

A True Asteroid That Hit The US Economy

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, the author asks the question of what could have happened in the early 1970s that changed everything. Impressive, but what caused this something that happened in the 1970s? According to the author:" We abandoned traditional American values that built a great and prosperous nation."
Unfortunately, this is a classic case of an explanation that does not explain anything.
Why did the American people decide to abandon traditional American values just at that specific moment in time?
So what was that "something" that changed everything in the early 1970s?

There was a change that took place in 1970: peak oil in the US. It was a true asteroid that hit the US economy and that changed a lot of things. Possibly the most important change was that the US ceased to be an oil exporter and became an oil importer. The shale oil boom didn't transform the US into an oil exporter.
At the present, with the recent peaking of the Bakken field, it looks like that the good times of half a century ago will never return.

It is not a surprise that our life depends so much on the production of that vital black liquid that we call "crude oil". And with the probable downturn of the US production that seems to be starting right now, we are going to see more, and more radical changes in our society. What these changes will be, we have to see.

Veteran_Lender says: "Good things do exist"

The world's largest land animal, the biggest fish, the bird with the greatest wingspan: all are sliding towards extinction. If we will not protect such magnificent species, what we are prepared to do?
Those should be among the central issues of our age.
Elephants, rhinos, lions, polar bears, the great sharks, turtles, condors whales, rainforests, coral reefs: they are all bycatch of consumerism.
Flying to Bratislava or Bermuda for a stag weekend, shopping trips to New York, driving our gas guzzlers 300 metres to school, furnishing our homes with rare wood: these ephemeral satisfactions occupy a sacred and inviolable space. The wonders of the living world, by contrast are dispensable.

What is the opposite of tunnel vision? I know it: open mind to new configurations.

I wish you were there

I wish you were there Saldeck. The early 1970's were a wondrous time. Sensory overload!
Yes we did temporarily abandon American "values" that had no value. For a short period of time, young Americans learned that there was a big world out there. For a short period of time, materialism was not so important. The environment was important.
For a short time we questioned "authority" about the justification of war. We were proud and great-full to be Americans and we expressed that pride by burning the American flag which no longer represented the majority of Americans.
We still read books back then. Popular authors were Orwell, Huxley, Hess, Tolkien and many others.
There was a surge in imports from England, Scotland, and Ireland at that time. It was called music. We were surprised to hear that those musicians had studied American black musicians. The British Isles knew more about our musicians than us! We couldn't get enough of it.
Abandoning the gold standard was a non-event to young people at that time. There were more urgent events occurring.
It was a wondrous time but it was short lived. We didn't "follow through" after Vietnam and the enactment of civil rights. Many of us grew up to worship what we had once hated. The sin for many of the rest of us, including myself, was not being vigilant and becoming complacent.

My 1970's

I completely missed the flower children era of the 60's and then the anarchy era that followed. Viet Nam veterans were returning from overseas armed with intense drug and carnal knowledge. There were druggies and pushers on our playgrounds and all the hyper-developed girls were compromised by the 10th grade while young men had few job opportunities caused by the enormous baby boom. I was part of the third wave, so my jobs were volatile from older and younger competitors.

By high school graduation day, I had straight Jesus hair down to my mid-back, wore a hemp bead necklace, polyester shirts, bell bottoms and matching vests on 4-inch platform heels... or, bell bottom hip hugger Levi's, tee shirts and Earth shoes. I smoked cigarettes and other stuff and, drank American piss lager. I was there when all of today's fast food operations IPO'd and actually produced edible stuff (the Whopper truly was too big to eat). I drove several models of muscle cars, broke a lot of laws by social pressure and faced a dating nightmare because of AIDS, Herpes, STD's and a culture in transition quite volatile over sex and responsibility. My parents were not rich but made enough to bar me from tuition aid and loans were generally unpopular.

I got a full-time job while attending last semester Senior year because opportunities like that were not common. I earned more than twice the Minimum Wage at $5.75/hour and my bosses could abuse at will and we would smile and take it. Different from others... I was very into History and Economics during my school years and knew the repercussion potential for taking us off the Gold Standard. I watched as young couples bought custom-built homes in fringe suburbs away from Detroit only to lose them when the rates rose following a recessionary period much milder than our current one. I would make a career out of salvaging the ramification losses of that period.

My employer delighted in finding out when I attended college classes and kept forcing me to drop them or quit. I managed to attend enough decent lectures to begin the footing of my own education outside of the classroom.

Things I wished I knew then I know now... buy a few American-made electric guitars and put them away. Keep my modular furnishings bought at thrift stores for pennies, they are worth a fortune now. Buy a few hundred shares of Magellan Fund and start following Buffett. Sadly... at one particular lecture, a professor actually foretold the future (our current circumstances) quite accurately. I should have heeded his insight more than I have.

Shaken, Not Changed

"I wish you were there"
Oh Neoh, I would have loved to be a hippie in the 60s/70s.
"I had straight Jesus hair down to my mid-back"
I would like to see a pic, Veteran_Lender :)

The 1970 may have been many things, but boring sure was not one of them. Its trailblazers shaped our world today. In 1970 the history has been shaken but in some ways remain unchanged, a collective and carefully constructed self-delusion strengthened, Trump to Clinton. We seem to be still waiting to grow up.

I Would Call It-- The Naive Group Era

Pic... no you wouldn't... you would seize up with laughter. My love keeps two pics from back then with her. I'm leaning against a post wearing my motocross racing gear and my hoodie is unzipped. I look like a clothed toothpick. Sometimes I rode with my hair in a braid. I said the word "dude" a lot.

The really early 60's saw the Rise of Establishment types. Ivy League college spew going to work for dad or daddy in law armed to the teeth with arrogant subversive hate white superiority complexes. They were not for fairness, they were for legacies and superiority by-force. By the early 70's, these nutcases were top executives wrecking America. Everything bad that has cropped up as cancer since-- is owed to them and Boardroom, Clubhouse, Golf Course collusion. During the Birth and Growth stages of the Fall of America As We Knew It, wildness was left unleashed because it was killing itself. People in America who graduated from high school in 1971-1974 generally destroyed themselves on drugs, alcohol and unprotected sex. There are not many alive today and those who are, are not entering retirement intact. A noteworthy... the Class Reunions of the 70's Generation are for the whole decade now. Mind you, these were Baby Boomer years with more of the population than any other until the Millennials. The casualty count is extreme and given the unfairness of data massaging during this Obama Era... there will be more casualties before we ever get to retirement.

The 70's were naive years. The Disco Era was bizarre. We got an AIDS epidemic from it, Cocaine use and a breeding ground for secretive management employing Nazi Regime-level tactics against non-members of the American False Elite. Something they didn't count on was-- the education level potential in the 1970's was extraordinary compared to anything since. We were taught to learn (discover) using reference material before the Internet. We input the first integral database content and saw it corrupted, so we know for a FACT that today's Techno-Age is built on garbage-input. We possess the last-known genuine trade, skill and expertise attributes predicated on the Tried-And-True learning method.

For history-sake... intervention occurred in May, 1979 to stop the use of negative-amortizing mortgage loan programs. It was the first attempt by America's dark superiority faction to use corrupt credit to collapse wage-earner dominance and usurp real property by planned defaults. Yes indeed... what seemed like one big giant party was actually a planned initiative to conquer America. Bizarrely, architects of such an initiative are mostly alive today and in their 90's still over-running oligarchies.

A pair of American-made Levi Strauss rigid denim blue jeans cost $5 in 1974. Today, the MSRP on the tag exceeds $80 for a pair made out of quasi-denim and imported from China. The average person wearing them earns less than twice what I did in my high school graduation year.

not really

Those that graduated era 1971-1974 have not destroyed themselves. While many from that demographic are passing on, I believe it has more to do with ageing than youthful excess.
Most grew up and settled into more moderate lifestyles. While their/our youthful exuberance may have shaved off a few years, that age group will have an average life span exceeding our parents (in spite of ourselves!).
The herpes epidemic didn't hit the news until the early eighties. While that disease has been around for millennia, the outbreak of the early eighties was characterized by more frequent recurrence when compared to the previous strains that were less frequent. That scare was diminished shortly afterwards when the medical community found as yet another unnamed disease that was killing gays, Haitian blacks, and intravenous drug users and shortly afterwards, anybody. It caused a scare when it was discovered that it had a rather long incubation (yet contagious) period. Safer sex then started to be practiced. A couple of local shops that used to produce latex gloves switched to condom manufacturing. Unfortunately, both epidemics are experiencing a surge in infections (in the US) as safe sex is being abandoned by the younger crowd. Some psychologists claim that the current youthful generation get a "rush" from the risk. I'm not a doctor so I don't know.
Anyway, the late 60's and early 70's were unaware of what would change 10-15 yrs later and most std's were cured with easily available antibiotics and nobody expected a persona like Ronald Reagan to become a two term president!
Yes V_L, we were naive. Most youth throughout time have been to one degree or another.
I still wouldn't trade growing up in that time than any other time. Despite all the anxieties and chaos of that era, the USA was a better place then than now. You didn't buy a newspaper in 1970 and find the front page saturated with sexually explicit ads and gossip. Not so today. Open any of the MSN, Yahoo, Google home page and they are saturated with it. Although we only had three TV channels, you could get varying commentary concerning most subjects.
Was America better off in the 60-s and 70's when compared to 2016? Yes. Can we go back? No.

For Every Action There Is An Equal Opposite Reaction

How many times now have "experts" marked us as beginning the Sixth Extinction? Can there be anything more arrogant than an attempted call of an end without a clue as to beginnings and ends? I have devoted a lot of time to grasping the nature of cyclicality. I've learned two important things... first: I am very small compared to the broad variables in play all around me. Second: I am insignificant in the broadness that is in play all around me.

Oil... the 20th Century will be marked as the Era of Exploitation and in the broadest cycle (the planet- Earth in an ever-changing universe) the use of oil will be a blip at best. We know that the inevitability is: Birth, Growth, Maturity and Decline to Voluntary or Involuntary Death. Rebirth occurs, born out of the decayed matter that once was. To grasp what is and will be, look to the distant past. The i-Phone in use during the days of Atlantis would not be evident today. The fine china used by Neanderthals wouldn't look like anything we might recognize. A spark plug for a methane-combustible sports car driven by some person in the 2nd Extinction would not give us any clue to that civilization today. Of all the landmarks created from 1885 to 2016... absolutely ZERO will last a million years. Even the seed vaults won't. The crystal skulls as data storage? Who cares... we cannot access them- the technology no longer exists and if it did, what good would it do us?

It has to occur to us all that an overwhelming financial tyrannical regime is not countered by war but by functional obsolescence. In a nutshell, if 50 out of 7 billion people control all things financial, it makes perfect sense to "off" the 50 (voluntarily or involuntarily) and begin again. We have no idea what was once valuable and depleted to exhaustion leading to any of the last 5 Extinctions, nor what will trigger this one. We have no idea when it will be triggered... there is no such thing as an expert in an unfathomable dynamic. The universe is X-big? Who cares? It is not provable or needs to be. What is for certain are actions we CAN see.

There is less acknowledgement of God today than ever in my lifetime. Commonsense knows for a fact that everything around us is beyond the capacity of Man to create. To speculate- than "who" did it? Is not a necessity. Only arrogance and ignorance pursues that course. To relax one's over-working mind to admit there are greater forces than we need to know about and focus solely on the existence we live in now is the key to Life. Obviously... the algorithm is today's terminal cancer. If in 5 years- robots will take over another 6% of jobs on top of those usurped already by technology, then wealth will not divide us, the use and non-use of technology will divide us. Edgar Cayce (the sleeping psychic) told us that Atlantis was destroyed over 7,000 years by technology. A force shooting upward had a reaction that pulverized the ground beneath that continent until it began sinking. Civilization steadily left it and created the existence we know today. Who knows if that is true? It sounds plausible.

We know for a fact that $4 trillion in wealth transfers to a new generation now. There are 460+ billionaires in America alone now and just 50 people globe-wide now possess more wealth than 4 billion other people. These are extremes igniting specific inevitable reaction. Continued destitution is not a reaction, its a cause to the effect. That means extreme involuntary change is going to happen. If the world saw a complete blow-out of finance, ultimately, just 50 people would realize it. The rest of us would endure shifts and adjustments. I'll say it again... own a skill and craft. The odds do not favor or indicate that the course of this Complacency is paved as smoothly as arrogance wants us to think it is.

Be prepared for the broadest of changes and if you can recognize a reliance in your existence, make sure it is on God and the broadest of cycles, all the minutia will be shifting. To what... it matters not.


"There is less acknowledgement of God today than ever in my lifetime."
I've found the same. The height of arrogance. One does not have to look at the entire human race to realize that we are failing and that there just might be a higher power called God. All one has to do is look at himself and realize our individual shortcomings. Shortcomings that are either removed or diminished (albeit sometimes slowly) when one looks to God for guidance.
Realistically, the world needs a young generation to step up to the plate if this world is to be changed for the better. Should this group emerge and manage to have a voice that's heard, then it will be our (older peoples) duty to provide support to them even if we don't agree with everything they propose. Any young group that proposes to put in hard work to promote a better world for their fellow man is better than a group that is only interested in self enrichment and self centered goals. It must extend beyond immediate friends and family. This will be difficult but it must happen. Otherwise the inevitable result will be cronyism.
Very difficult. Even us that don't desire a lot of the newest gadgets still will indulge in some selfish behavior and spending that we rationalize as being good.
"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God". A powerful statement! I live in one of the richest countries in the world!
I think it is ok if it's a gradual process. Just buying what you need to eat properly without waste means that less product would be used which might reduce price of that commodity for the rest of the world.
Jesus gave us a hard choice in that sermon. Sell what you have and give it to the poor. Very hard to live up to that even though I intuitively know it is correct.

In The Long Run We Are (Not) All Dead

John Maynard Keynes continues to influence our lives.

According to Keynes, Christianity represented tradition, convention and hocus pocus.
As young man, Keynes was a member of a Club. He and many members of the Club were homesexual. Homosexuality, according to Keynes and his lover, was the supreme state of existence and superior to heterosexual relationship. Keines'economics like his sexual preference, are a reaction against the Christian worldview. On the contrary, the Christian religion influenced Adam Smith and Bastiat. They saw an all-powerful God governing the affairs of men.

At the core of many of Keynes'writings was an obsession with the subject of savings. He understood that the virtue of saving was related to the Christian worldview and that it reflected a future orientation. For him the act of saving indicates a purposiveness to life.
The purposive man is one who takes action that will ultimately not benefit himself - since he will someday die - but will be left for others.

There is a connection between a man's thinking and his sexual life. A person committed to homosexuality is without descendants, there is little to focus his attention on the future, on the long run. It is appropriate that Keynes is remembered for his quip: " in the long run we are all dead". For him thrift, family and concern for the future were mental diseases. He tells us that capital is brought into existence not by the propensity to save but rather by prospective consumption.
The great virtue is consumption, extravagance, improvidence. The great vice is saving, thrift, financial prudence.

According to the Bible, in the long run we are not all dead. Parents have descendants who will live on into future. What parents are and what they impart to their sons or dughters does in fact live on their descendants.
The effect of the short-run and "childless" philosophy of Keines are clear: all western governments have followed the Keynesian prescription of spending and consumption. Our publc debts reppresent our lust to consume today without thought for tomorrow.
We have in large measure spent our childrens inheritence. We have practiced anti-christian economics, but we have not, as Keynes expected, spent ourselves into prosperity.


I did not know Keynes was homosexual. You are absolutely correct-- a homosexual resigns any future in the way of procreation. If you may recall earlier in the Obama Era, there was a fanatical movement to marry; then adopt and raise children. Of all the arguments shouted-- none bore water and while some homosexuals can raise children, it is an unnatural premise and so-- imperfect. The worst mother STILL maintains blood connection that transcends all other theories. This said, how interesting that those supposedly in charge would pursue a course destined to fail because it's author did not fundamentally grasp- succession. There are movements in the major religions to accept/tolerate gays as equals, but all the major religions grasp Creation as our Foundation. Therefore, no perfect harmony can exist in such tolerance. I think there is a fearful flight to make dysfunction acceptable and by-nature, the majority blank-out the possibility. It is also nefarious and corrupt-minded that every initiative wrought on us all right now is-- anti-family or Hell-bent to wipe-out the breadwinner, the nuclear family and the premise of children raised by mother and father both.

We are watching as the Decline arc shifts into the Death arc... voluntary or involuntary. This is a short lived arc because it involuntarily accelerates into Reconstitution almost immediately. The time is noted for its decay and degeneration of former stalwart aspects, but beneath the rot in the pot is a tumult of epic energy re-animating a new vessel that will break ground and reach higher in life than what it had in its former existence. Maybe it is linked somehow to the millennia or century or epoch... but we are witnessing the destruction of very antiquated thinking and structure. No... I do not think our future is anchored to exploitation technology, extreme experience gratification, financial tyranny or steerage politics tied to military oppression and suppression of the masses. These things required evil discipline honed over the last cyclicality. Tomorrow looks-- completely different.

When you consider things much more broadly than society allows... our youth resemble Adam and Eve more than any other characters. There has never been more useless mental stimulus or more flight away from self-empowered sustainability. The odds are completely against continued dumb-headed reliance on toys, fads, gear and artificial intelligence. The recipient is getting more and more life-ignorant. Soon, it will become evident that technology in the hands of a primitive existence snuffs itself out. There is no need for a device if you are resigned to basic survival because the financial, political and social facets of existence are corrupt. Did we really achieve man's peak with the algorithm, or was it slipped into the mix to prompt a complacency that erupts into our rebirth and reconstitution?

I'm convinced that we are on the edge of that caldera remarking on the color of the substance coming at us.


Whether it turns out to be the final Act of this play or many more acts to follow remains to be seen.
There have been many changes in attitude during the past nine years. I remember when news of Iceland abandoning EU demands concerning their failed banks roiled markets. Nine years later, Briton votes to leave the EU and it's a non event. This year marks the year that young people in the first two years of high school weren't even born yet on September 11, 2001.
In 2008, nobody would have believed that there would be trillions of negative interest and near zero interest bonds in circulation.
In 2008, I used to brag about my local S&L being a good example of responsible/community orientated banking only to watch them jump on the band wagon of risky financial speculation.
In 2008, the presidential election was divided among republican/democrat lines. Today those lines have disappeared and we have neocon's Bill Kristol and charles krauthammer endorsing Hillary Clinton whom they had spent the past 20 yrs trashing. This was a wake-up call to many main st voters.
As much as I dislike Obama, I am greatfull that many Americans might not so easily fall for voting for someone twice simply because he's a smooth talker.
Many things are crumbling now so whether they/we like it or not, change is coming. I think Trump is a blowhard but I don't particularly fear him. Andrew Jackson was also a blowhard who ironically got his image on a Federal Reserve note.
Dmitry Orlov, an American of Russian descent does a pretty good job of describing the awkward quandary that many Main St Americans find themselves in this election cycle:
"In all my years of watching politics in the US, never have I seen a presidential election generate such overwhelmingly negative emotions. Everyone hates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or, increasingly, both of them. This is creating a severe psychological problem for many people: they want to tell their friends and the world that Clinton is mentally unstable and a crook, but they are conflicted because they realize that by so doing they would be supporting Trump. Or they want to tell everyone what a vulgar, narcissistic, egotistical blowhard Trump is, but they are conflicted because they realize that by so doing they would be supporting Clinton. Some are abandoning the two-party duopoly in favor of minor parties, ready to vote for Jill Stein the Green or Gary Johnson the Libertarian, but are conflicted because voting for Stein would take votes away from Clinton the crook and thus support Trump the blowhard, while voting for Johnson would take votes away from Trump the blowhard and thus support Clinton the crook. There is just no winning!...."

This is not just American problem. Most of the rest of our planet is experiencing similar. Act III will be a big act!

We Have To Get There... First

The Federal Reserve says Americans have racked-up $3.8 Trillion in consumer debt and mortgages.

These are crafted words because Americans have actually reduced the size of home mortgages with only the jumbo in exception. A recent article more than suggests a cliff-effect for McMansions. They are not kept up with pride of ownership, more likely by maintenance services, their owners are hipster administrators and there are no new buyers to sell them off to. Major markets typically inhabited by text peckers aren't growing and the commercial vacancies caused by too much online emphasis are starting to show in plazas or along corridors. Honda, Nissan and Toyota continue to dominate the car lease crowd. Such folks don't buy American nor do they support us economically. Salaries go electronically to group investment. Electronic debit covers obligations and almost all of their free-time is in group gyms, texting and tech surfing. It is getting so that you can spot the exception person because they literally appear to be anti-society or dysfunctional in it. Bizarrely, these people are not integral to a sustainable society and as we get more distant from a functional one, their existence literally becomes-- futile.

That said, the majority of the consumer debt growing wildly across America is spent on survival. There is so little actual cash flow outside New World Order's encapsulated economy and society that people just put life on credit with near-zero regards to paying it off. THAT said... paying off debt is America's number ONE financial desire. You don't need to be a salaries Economist to see this picture in full-color. For a fact, re-entry in the work-force over 50 years old is not openly possible. We see old workers in retail but if you look closely, they are either much older, disabled, veterans, minorities or related to others. You cannot openly apply for a position and get an interview call. I dare anyone to prove otherwise. Home sales appear to be stagnant. American-made cars are achieving record inventory again.

A recent article shadow-sponsored by H&M (retail cheap-o clothes racket aimed at teens and twenties) proclaimed thrift or used clothing as "dead". Surprisingly, the Comments below were written mainly by late twenties and early thirties proclaiming H&M as cheap and thrift as their main source for clothing. To read deeper into the Comments suggests the 10,000 tiny points of light New World Order initiative is running out of pigeons, fools, buyers and Public tolerance.

This leads me to a conundrum... which will blow-out first... the now-perpetually-obligated indentured consumer... or the financial tyrannical manipulative control causing it? This isn't a new happening, it occurred in America in 1905. Back then, the loan sharks fled to bankruptcy protection and great Eastern banks cries to the Treasury and got bailed. Notably... all the racketeering cards have been played now and there is only one alternative move left to the game... forgive the debt, wreck the rackets. Banks have never been such an obvious target for dissolution and stocks have never been more ripe for picking as debt repayment fuel to appease foreign interests in American assets.

Act III by Nicole Foss

Interesting that O&G used that term. Nicole Foss, of The Automatic Earth, used it today to describe that part of identifying the third act will be the war on cash:

"The internal stresses are building rapidly, stretching economy after economy to breaking point and prompting aware individuals to protect themselves proactively:

People react to these uncertainties by trying to protect themselves with cash and guns, and governments respond by trying to limit citizens’ ability to do so.

If this play has a third act, it will involve the abolition of cash in some major countries, the rise of various kinds of black markets (silver coins, private-label cash, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin) that bypass traditional banking systems, and a surge in civil unrest, as all those guns are put to use. The speed with which cash, safes and guns are being accumulated — and the simultaneous intensification of the war on cash — imply that the stress is building rapidly, and that the third act may be coming soon.

Despite growing acceptance of electronic payment systems, getting rid of cash altogether is likely to be very challenging, particularly as the fear and state of financial crisis that drives people into cash hoarding is very close to reasserting itself. Cash has a very long history, and enjoys greater trust than other abstract means for denominating value. It is likely to prove tenacious, and unable to be eliminated peacefully. That is not to suggest central authorities will not try. At the heart of financial crisis lies the problem of excess claims to underlying real wealth. The bursting of the global bubble will eliminate the vast majority of these, as the value of credit instruments, hitherto considered to be as good as money, will plummet on the realisation that nowhere near all financial promises made can possibly be kept"

Larry Summers-- The Fed Can't Buy Us Out Of The Coming Recession

NEOH's post is accurate. What is interesting but suppressed by Big Media is-- we are very far from familiar shores with all this manipulation and yet-- masses made destitute from Day One still live. That validates sub-economy but not goofy stuff like Bitcoins and gold as replacement currencies. It suggests that common people can and will stop the corruption and crash the lofty towers. Perhaps without a single shot fired.

Whoever is behind this-- is getting older-- not more powerful. If we are entering Act III... this is the part where the mortal mistakes are made.

Been There, Done That

Central bankers are nervous about how they might react to another financial downturn amid historically low interest rates.
The problem is that almost a decade after the financial crash, the world's leading economies are continuing to struggle, low interest rates have not ignited a new era of strong economic growth.
The problem is that at some point, perhaps in the not too distant future, the current economic expansion will come to an end. The next recession arrives. The question is: if interest rates are at or near zero, what can the economic technocrats do to stimulate growth?
The recession arrives and the central bankers are powerless to prevent it.
Perhaps, we need a recession to kill the Central-Bank Casino.


Something big is happening.
It's noticeable in the US. I have noticed, and it has been brought to my attention, that there are very few yard signs or bumper stickers endorsing either Clinton or Trump (at least in my geographical area of about 20 counties in NE Ohio). Most of the bumper stickers are old ones for Sanders who is rapidly becoming just another footnote in history. This is new to me. All previouse contentious potus elections that I have witnessed have resulted in a sea of signs.
There is also a noticeable change in rhetoric from main stream politicians. Or perhaps desperation. While we are used to Trump sticking his foot in his mouth, we are now witnessing Hilary, hubby (sometimes kindof) Bill, and Obama deriding entire population centers that dare to criticize them. A most recent example would be Bill Clinton criticizing the entire Appalachian coal region which is experiencing a "P3" cycle down in mining and manufacturing. Gone are the days of politicians trying to calm suddenly impoverished population centers of promises of new more prosperous jobs of being just beyond the horizon. Now they just call them essentially ignorant hillbillies that aren't intelligent enough to vote. Similar to the rhetoric from politicians and enlightened academia response to the folks that voted pro Brexit.
I went to an upper scale mall yesterday (Chapel Hill). Practically empty. One of the anchor stores closed. Curiously, many smaller shops gated even though they were stocked, some others empty. Most of the traffic was around cell phone stores (gag).
No mall rats either. Apparently mom and dad are tapped out?
On the "market" scene, unicorn believers are finally questioning whether unicorns are immortal although they still desperately try to believe that they exist. Central bank intervention only has a half life of a few days to a few weeks now.
Good call V_L concerning Friday's market action. Pretty much everything took a dump. Most of everything that ended up was subjected to wild swings and only ended up because the market closed.
I sense anger. It is not black vs white even though the media tries to play that worn out card. It's not Trump fans vs Clinton fans either. Both sides don't like their choices but are at a loss of how to change this failed system that resulted in these choices. Most people ignore the msm whether they be adoring Clinton (embarrassing to watch them) or Trump bashers (everybody knows he's a blowhard, we're not stupid).
People are disgusted by the thousands of low level Wells Fargo employees that were fired while the corporate received a record fine that was (drum roll) less than 1% of the previous years profits. Most people know someone that took a low paying banking (actually call center) job and how they were harassed to meet unrealistic goals while their low payed supervisors looked the other way.
The population no longer believes the spin. They know that unemployment statistics are a lie and that the potus claim that this is the best jobs environment ever is a lie.
They know that how far the fed wants to "nirp", it won't matter because you can't spend what you don't have. Besides, nirp is for rich people, everybody else pays 20+%.
I don't call bottoms or make predictions but something is getting ready to break. And by break, I mean broken, fubar.

Something Big Is An Under-Statement...

Apple owes the Irish $14 billion in tax money. The Irish government is actually fighting to overturn that judgment because they think they can attract more non-tax paying companies. The Irish people want the tax money. A reminder that Ireland was a PIIGS nation.
No one has heard anything about clawing back the bonuses and salaries of the 5,800 Wells Fargo personnel. If it doesn't happen, more corruption will occur.
Japan is selling its long-term bonds at a loss so they can buy short term bonds and become day-sellers of bonds for scrap revenue. A reminder (SALDECK...) that most of Europe's bail out monies are owed to Japan. When Japan goes down, there is no prior condition to base such a massive racket collapse on.
NEOH is correct... no one is interested in this American Election. Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. Bill is trying to explain the Clinton Foundation. No one cares. Its corruption. Youth doesn't like Trump. Really, who cares? Youth gets to pay the tax and interest on the Obama Racket. That's why he isn't talking... its a REALLY LARGE debt.
Focus on the debt. Greece and Puerto Rico haven't paid squat on their debt this year. Nearly 100 other nations have not either. Globally... unsecured debt is growing exponentially every day now. We blew our recovery assets on Big Oil conquests and the Internet isn't the Yellow Brick Road... its riddled with yellow journalism, scammy commerce and a lot of brain sapping junk.

All of this collapses now. Sadly, the sub-frame is nearly destroyed. There is no Plan B or safe harbor. How smart are you... we... me? Smart- isn't a degree its an ability to survive. We will know who has that talent soon. September still.


Solving the financial crisis and too high indebtness borne from existence of the Euro has one condition: first, get rid of its cause, dismantle the euro. Almost as obviously, this will not be enough. Unwieldy indebtness rates are here now. They are blocking real recoveries. Therefore debt restructuration is necessary, big time. Meaning that creditors will lose hundreds of billions of money they think they have, but in fact they don't because it's unrecoverable: debtors are broke. Meaning that many European mega-banks would risk bankruptcy.
Those are reality which most European politicians and all European leaders prefer to close their eyes on, hoping for them to disappear...

The presidential election was over the moment the world "deplorable" made its run out of Hillary Clinton's unguarded mouth.
You can't win an American presidential election without the deplorables'vote. They might even be the American majority.
They might or not be racist, homophobic and so farth, but they know they are deplorable. Deplorable, and proud.
They are the median family whose real income has fallen deplorably in the past ten years.
They are the 35% of adult males who deplorably have dropped out of the labor force.
They are the 40% of student debtors who deplorably are not making payments on their loans.
They lead deplorable lives and expect that their kids lives will be even more deplorable than theirs.

Deplorably, Donald Trump is going to win.

Trump a winner? While doing all inhis power to be the loser?

Not a winner after his pitifully chidish and tasteless mimicking of a handicapped person in order to protect himself against criticism. The reiteration of "TRUMP UNFIT FOR PRESIDENT" will strike a few more negative choruses.

As for the economy and saving the dollar with monetary policy, We can't seem to get on track for anything here in the US these days and the eurozone follows suit. Reuters headlines Friday's (9-9-16) DJIA stumble of -394 (-2.13%) prompted a follow up drop off world wide at 6 AM NY time,giving support to the opinion that credibility in central banks (US and the Eurozone) characterized as "fear" by the early Reuters' headline is totally absent. Resuscitating the opinions of (! was mistaken" Greenspan) How can central banks extract themselves from the mess they created?

Greemnspan who is quoted as assessing the current business situation as "Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of private property." who, among the vulnerable poor, can afford the price or possession of physical gold? Paper certificates will be worth as much as the dollar. That disappears with loss of faith in the issuing institutions.

Yes, protectors of those who need no protection, will seem like oracles. The brunt of the inflationary pressure, devaluation of the Dollar and confiscation of wealth will be borne by those who have the least. Those rho will be forced to tolerate losses in pension funds and other physical assets - e.g., houses, raal estate.

That's the headline quote as we look at Asian, and European declines of roughly 3.74% (Asian markets) and 3.36% (Euro markets as of 6 AM NY time. NYSE respnse will be interesting today. The phrase "market bubbles" is becoming more pupular in usage.

No winners this time

I expect that most people, should they be asked by the msm who are they voting for, will respond undecided (even though they have long since decided).
Many people that I know look at this election cycle very negatively. Kind of like being asked to choose a dessert. Would you like cat poop or dog poop with your coffee? These are actually the only two choices we (main st usa) have this time around.

Edit. I won't post the link but it's from James Howard Kunstler's blog (he's having trouble with his own ghosts). Normally I don't like to post complete articles but since this one is short, addresses the general public's dislike for Trump and Clinton, and warns about the war on cash that we have been posting about. I am also a paying subscriber:

" Signs of Desperation.September 12, 2016
Idiocy and mendacity are a bad combo in the affairs of nations, especially in elections. The present case in the USA displays both qualities to near-perfection: on one side, a boorish pseudo-savior in zero command of ideas; on the other side, a wannabe racketeer-in-chief in full command of her instinctive deceit. Trump offers incoherent rhetoric in opposition to the current dismal order of things; Clinton offers empty, pandering rhetoric in defense of that order. Both represent an epic national drive toward political suicide.

The idiocy and mendacity extend to the broad voting public and the discredited elites pretending to run the life of the nation. The American public has never been this badly educated and more distracted by manufactured trivia. They know next to nothing. Even college seniors can’t name the Secretary of State or find Switzerland on a map. They don’t know in what century the Civil War took place. They couldn’t tell you whether a hypotenuse is an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral. Their right to vote is a danger to themselves.

The elites operate in their own twilight zone of ignorance, only at a loftier level, flying on wings of sheepskin. Submitted for your approval: Harvard wizard Kenneth Rogoff’s new book, The Curse of Cash. This is the latest salvo in the international campaign to herd all money into the control of central banks and central governments, supposedly to make central planning of the economy more effective — but really for the purpose of extending the fallacy that the mis-pricing of credit and collateral (that is, of everything) can save the current incarnation of crony capitalism, and more to the point, save the fortunes of the racketeers running it, along with the reputations of their intellectual errand boys. Henceforth, all “money” transactions would be traceable, allowing unprecedented power for authorities to regulate the lives of citizens.

It remains to seen whether the American public might be snookered into this scheme, which already has some traction in Europe. Of course, Europe is headed into some interesting political heavy weather of its own in the months ahead, and there is plenty of reason to think that even the docile people of Denmark and Sweden might eventually revolt against the central bank regime if they see the Germans do it.

One more thing this week: why exactly are America’s Clinton-invested political elites inveighing so strenuously against Russia and its president, Mr. Putin? The US has gone out of its way to provoke Russia militarily the past several years. We foolishly sponsored the revolution in Ukraine that has left it a failed state — and which prompted Russia to reclaim the Crimea, historically its own territory and the site of its strategically crucial warm water ports. We continue to run NATO war game exercises along Russia’s borders. We fly surveillance planes in their airspace and then act surprised when Russia sends up fighters to remind us where we are. We hold naval exercises in the Black Sea and wonder why the Russians buzz us. Are we out of our minds? How would we act if the Russians flew their planes over Catalina Island or held naval war games off Hampton Roads? Who does the US policy elite think they’re kidding?

These memes in financial and foreign policy are dangerously crazy and dishonest. They are doing a good job of making the US political establishment look like a claque of fools and outlaws, and laying a red carpet for the election of Trump, the fake savior… the apotheosis of the fabled Greater Fool."

Eye on the Prize...

Johnny Depp depicts us Americans as- dumb as Hell with our front buck teeth sticking out. Some are like this... some are the culmination of long running blood lines who, from birth, begin a long journey to the next level. What is the next level? Who knows... but countless generations have pursued it and to some degree, have advanced Humanity in two directions... good and bad. You need to think carefully about our two primary candidates and what they say. I enjoy those as Depp describes... who think Trump's utterings are... well, what are they? Trump has said a lot of things. What is his history? He builds enterprises... he makes other people pay for them... they employ people... they cycle, he re-invents. We know that the US is exploding 10,000 pound bombs off Florida. We know that Hillary Clinton was not a good Secretary of State, or Senator, or property investor, or commercial venture participant, or wife, or lawyer... get it? She owes a LOT of people we don't need or want having a stake in our future. War is good for Wall Street and very bad for youth who lived well, are soft, addicted to devices, not good at labor, opting out of a time-honored scam where they buy-out the dark-side of Capitalism at nosebleed prices.

If Big Retail doesn't see massive sales by the end of October, major retailers (much bigger than Sears) go bust. Wal-Mart is not doing anywhere near as well as Big Media says it is. Residential housing is not appreciating and sales activity could report stagnation soon. We saw another big stocks drop on Friday and weal recovery today. That's because the bail-out funding source- the Federal Reserve- is not in good light. In fact, it's potential for shutter has never been greater or more necessary.

Your recent post header warned of something big... indeed. Very big. They can't really keep faking it to a dead audience.

Two Losers

I just cannot see how Americans can accept these two major party presidential candidates. They are in fact, a major embarassement that should make every American cringe at the ugly reality that these two presidential candidates are worthy of any respect, loyalty or votes. Two sick narcissists in it for themselves, not the country.
The US political system produces this reality. A two-party duopoly serving the rich and powerful, but not the ordinary public is what Americans have had for a long time. What gave the nation awful economic inequality, destruction of good paying middle class job in manufacturing, and horrendous national debt also gave Americans these two losers.
Can you settle into voting for the lesser of two evils, when each of the two evils makes you gag? Evil does not accurately describe these two options. Choose the lesser of two embarassements, of two calamities, of two democracy destroyers.
The world is watching.

We're stuck

One of the most interesting things about this election was the endorsement of Clinton by rabid neocons. This laid to rest any uncertainty about there being a difference between career republican and democrats. The two party system worked reasonably well for the past 100+ years but now it seems to have failed.
I don't know if the European multi party parliament system will work here at this time. Maybe in the future but for now our msm has been thoroughly hijacked so that even if we did suddenly have more parties, they would probably just be more of the same old/same old in disguise with the same corporate sponsors paying for msm coverage. I fear that much of Europe, the world actually, is in the same predicament.
As an American at ground zero, I think I can safely explain the two prevailing states of mind. One set is fearful and hopes to extend the current system hoping that things will change for the better. They don't like Clinton but for some reason think that she is less dangerous than Trump (concerning security) even though they know she is corrupt and supports war. They feel Trump is more likely to cause one. This group tends to be all wealthy people or what is left of the vanishing middle class that managed to retain some wealth (retirees, public sector unions, fringe "everybody's picking on me" minorities).
The other group are those whose lives and wealth have been devastated for various reasons (companies that hire illegal immigrants, companies that moved their jobs overseas, and a few people that blame everything on the "everybody is picking on me" minorities. Their is also another group that supports Trump for reasons besides what V_L listed below. He does not have a record of needlessly harassing other countries. He may or may not do the same but at least he doesn't have a political past of harassing nuclear armed China and Russia and preaching about how great The US system is. A system with failing schools, filled to the brim prisons, narcotics addiction, etc etc. This group is willing to try something new even it fails since the current system has already failed and only on artificial life support.
I understand O&G's dislike of Trump. Most do understand (including Trump supporters) but I wish he could travel to his former home Cleveland, Ohio today. It was bad the last time you visited but it is, to use saldeck's term, deplorable today. With the exception of the downtown skyline and a small sliver of the far west "West Park" neighborhood, you would only see decay. These people have nothing to lose regardless of who they vote for...if they are even registered to vote.

Third Party

The role of a third party will be to alter the breadth, role, function, and process the institution itself, to force those who service the institution to serve, instead, or primarly, the people they pretend to serve, but to whom they perform that service minimally or not at all. Such change never comes from those within the insitution itself. So, the surest way to end a thirdy party revolution is to put the party into an institution whose power is already absolute and whose corruption is complete.
If change is what people want, third parties are the only way to get it, and the winning attitude is not to expect to put third people in office. When people say of Jill Stein "but she can't win" they are expressing the fact that they have already capitulated to the institutional system as it is. The right attitude is that "win or not, we are demanding change, and we are not leaving until we get it. That is the attitude of those who partecipate in third parties.

Neoh says:" You would only see dacay"

The failed states of Iraq, Syria and Libya, a direct result of globalization, have their contropart in Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee. They are the America versions of Mogadishu, complete with lawlessness, senseless gags, widespread hunger, fear, and opiates.

A form of fascism has already taken hold in two nations on the edges of the European Union, Hungary and Poland.
Far right-parties reacting to the flood of more than a million migrants that descended on Europe last year, are gaining ground in France, Austria, Sweden, Germany and Greece.
Failed states vomit up political monstrosities.

Wrong Time For Tunnel Vision

Clinton or Faux Clinton? Who really knows who is stumping for votes? Obama is stumping for Clinton but in the background authorized the intake of Syrian refugees-- in the next President's first year of term. We know Trump spoke to blacks in Detroit recently... no calamity occurred. Detroiters are at the epicenter for New World Order oppression. All Trump had to do is talk true turkey to victims and he had them. We're not "all voting" in the two-party debacle, Saldeck. In fact, no poll is accurate... plenty of people like to and are messing with them. Gary Johnson has more election potential than Hillary Clinton.

All this said... the elections are a smoke screen for a failing attempt to shift world wealth to heirs or group platforms. This too shall fail. Big Oil is collapsing, Big Retail is dead, Big Media has lost all credibility and as the smoke thins... the incredibly corrupt marketing and advertising sector is glowing radioactive. I honestly don't see the two major candidates making it to Election Day. I see both parties trying desperately to mold reserve candidates the Public will assuredly refuse before they get put on any ballot.

I'm sorry everyone... but at this point the best thing to do is to realize absolutely nothing that once was-- will be. Where does that leave 7 billion people? Perhaps in the best places they have been during the 21st Century. When craft and skill people fall from highs, they retain craft and skill. When paper and button pushers fall from highs, they cannot exist. Rackets fail with a splatter. Rigging falls into raging seas and sinks. Manipulation can cull an ugly monster to you. Not everything is terrible... it's sad that only exploitation crap gets media attention. Good things do exist and most fall under the "meek" header.

We are a far cry from the America we all know and had pride in. These 8 years have shown us what it is like to endure the involuntary death aspect of inevitable cyclicality. This was a big bubble and now it will crash and give birth to untold new prospects... none of which will involve resource exploitation or oppressive technology. A knowledge of history or how to find historic references may become truly valuable attributes.

If they really wanted to...

If central banks were really serious (which they aren't) about "reigniting" a consumer economy then all they would have to do is raise interest rates globally by about 1% and announce that they would no longer be buying bonds and equities. They could really start a stampede by announcing that they will be liquidating their current portfolio.
The result would be a massive liquidation of paper assets which would result in many people paying off debt to avoid the higher interest costs. Others would liquidate and buy stuff as the watched the market dump while the CNBC crew drink commercial strength drain cleaner.
Things might be a little crazy in the short term but it would be in the words of the great Sangria "a real hoot to watch".

The Gorilla Doesn't Like Bankers

You are both missing the 1-ton gorilla in the room. Very shortly, promotional credit programs will expire into the small-print rates consumers assumed they would not pay when they still had cash flow. There is no cash flow and those debts are hardly less than they were when initiated. Some are more. In a Court of Law in the United States of America, a judge must determine the borrower's Ability to Pay and whether the bank has anything that might constitute viability in the contractual legalese. Law Firms can argue all day about Ability to Pay... but history mandates that penniless people cannot give you what they don't have and nebulous scribbling in small-print about blanket liens on things without specific consent to let them be collateral- will get shredded. Barely working people making Minimum Wage for twenty hours per week can pay a bank literally a Dollar a day at best. Unless I am missing something here... 1905 is repeating itself. Banks have nothing tangible in the way of assets, neither does Wall Street. In fact, nothing financial is able to be tangible, viable or solvent now.

Notably, the Dow keeps rising and falling each day only to end up seemingly complacent... except that the cost of making complacency has been and still is-- astronomical. The next POTUS gets a dead nation in a secular stagnant world and all the Bigs on Earth are going to look mighty tasty. Big Oil violated sacred lands and had a campaigning Presidential candidate charged as a nuisance. I would vote for Jill Stein now simply to get her in the position where Congressional pledgers and Texas anarchists get life sentences in GITMO for national obstruction. Who comes to their rescue... bankers? Law Firms? None of us do.

The gorilla is getting pissed and no matter what else is going on in the room... pay attention to the gorilla. He rules. We crash... very soon now.

Young People Don't Like Bankers

It is only in college when you are buried in debt that you say - Ah Hah, I want to pay for thing myself- and they go to Wall Street. Why do they go to Wall Street? To make America great again? No. It is to make their wallets great again.
Fortunately now, they are a small minority.
No twelve year old wants to go to Wall Street. She wants instead to be a software engineer, doctor, firefighter, etc.

Too big to fail, too big to jail, too big to manage, too big to regulate. Break up the big banks, slow the revolving door. That is the solution.

more war on cash (and young people)

While young people may dislike bankers, they may be unwittingly be playing into their scheme.
My personal experience with the Occupy Wall St movement was for the most part very favorable concerning young people. Their weak link, in my opinion, is their over reliance with electronic media (smart phones). They (young people) are also more likely to use electronic forms for paying for almost everything. They are truly vulnerable to being wiped out or nickel and dimed to death as the war on cash accelerates. I'm in no way calling them stupid or naive. They just happened to have been born and raised during a technological revolution and easily learned how to maneuver smart phones, computers etc.
Many older people (myself included) grew up during an era prior to this and never bothered to learn about the newest technology. We tended to learn only what we needed to learn.
Technology has greatly simplified nefarious government/corporate control over the population. Government knows every detail of our electronic lives. Corporations increasingly also know all the details (politician cronies look away or we unwittingly agree by pressing the "I agree to the terms and conditions" key.
I think it's safe to say that governments know more about the people posting here at Duffminster than we know about each other. Everything that we do using media or smart chip cards has the potential of being used against us due to various "terrorist" legislation being enacted around the globe. I personally believe that it is best to avoid electronic payments when possible and to store a few weeks (not more) supply of physical cash. Storing too much would be dangerous in a world where access to physical cash is disrupted.
As far as posting ones opinions on the internet, I believe more is better. There is nothing that would please the control freaks more than to have a population that is fearful of voicing their opinion. Chinese government and many other nations have learned this and are using it successfully in preventing dissent. Combine this with worldwide electronic cash and they pretty much have complete control.
Nicole Foss posted the final part of her four part series today at The Automatic Earth. I won't post the link to it because of the usual problems we have all experienced. I've noticed that the problems occur most frequently when posting links to that or other sites like kunstler, orlov,charles smith and even stockman. This is not a coincidence. The power grab has been increasingly exposed and even people that are stock market enthusiasts are baffled about why stocks are up and everything else is down.
I bought a small whole life insurance policy (10k death benefit) in the 1980's. In 2005, I chose to let the insurance company invest the cash value portion in a diversified S&P fund. I haven't paid a premium since that time since I elected to have them deduct it from earnings and then I pretty much forgot about it. I noticed earlier this year that the cash value portion was worth nearly 70% of the death benefit. I've been trying to close the policy for several weeks now and collect the cash value. They are not making it easy. You would think i was trying to close out a hundred million dollars instead of a measly $6800.00. I would think a company owned by uncle omaha wouldn't be so worried about such a small amount but when you consider all of the liability they have committed to, along with the fact that they won't be able to honor them, well I sense a combination of fear and greed.
A little from Nicole:
"...Such attempts at total financial control are exactly what one would expect at this point. Aherd of financial middle men are used to being very well supported by the existing financial system, and as that system begins to break down, losing that raft of support is unacceptable. The people at the bottom of the financial foodchain must be watched and controlled in order to make sure they are paying to support the financial centre in the manner to which it has become accustomed, even as their ability to do so is continually undermined:..."
"An oft-overlooked benefit of cash transactions is that there is no intermediary. One party pays the other party in mutually accepted currency and not a single middleman gets to wet his beak. In a cashless society there will be nothing stopping banks or other financial mediators from taking a small piece of every single transaction. They would also be able to use — and potentially abuse — the massive deposits of data they collect on their customers’ payment behavior. This information is of huge interest and value to retail marketing departments, other financial institutions, insurance companies, governments, secret services, and a host of other organizations….
….So in order to save a financial system that is morally beyond the pale and stopped serving the basic needs of the real economy a long time ago, governments and central banks must do away with the last remaining thing that gives people a small semblance of privacy, anonymity, and personal freedom in their increasingly controlled and surveyed lives. The biggest tragedy of all is that the governments and banks’ strongest ally in their War on Cash is the general public itself. As long as people continue to abandon the use of cash, for the sake of a few minor gains in convenience, the war on cash is already won."....

...Dissent is increasingly being criminalised, with legitimate dissenters commonly referred to, and treated as, domestic terrorists and potentially subjected to arbitrary asset confiscation:

An important reason why the state would like to see a cashless society is that it would make it easier to seize our wealth electronically. It would be a modern-day version of FDR’s confiscation of privately-held gold in the 1930s. The state will make more and more use of “threats of terrorism” to seize financial assets. It is already talking about expanding the definition of “terrorist threat” to include critics of government like myself.

The American state already confiscates financial assets under the protection of various guises such as the PATRIOT Act. I first realized this years ago when I paid for a new car with a personal check that bounced. The car dealer informed me that the IRS had, without my knowledge, taken 20 percent of the funds that I had transferred from a mutual fund to my bank account in order to buy the car. The IRS told me that it was doing this to deter terrorism, and that I could count it toward next year’s tax bill...

I Can See The Pitchforks Now

I am a big fan of low-cost electronic transaction using interest-paying electronic money. But I am not ready to give up cash.

Something Nicole Foss missed: eliminating cash would heavily impact the poor. Undocumented immigrants, for example, most working and transacting in cash. Sub-minimum wage jobs would disappear without currency. In other parts of the world, small businesses and labor markets only function at all by avoiding laws, taxes or regulations. Estimates for Europe put the "shadow economy" at least 20% of GDP, and a larger fraction of employment especially for young people. Values in the rest of the world are likely larger.
It is not obvious that eliminating cash and cash transactions in Europe would raise tax revenue, rather than simply lowering actual GDP and employment by 20% or more.

More deeply, a world in which the government can observe every single transaction made by every single person and thereby reconstruct the size and composition of every person's wealth, strikes me as an Orwellian nightmare. Among the rights to privacy, the ability to make an anonymous transaction, already severely hampered, cannot disappear totally.

A global treaty banning currency and anonymous transactions....I can see the pitchforks now.

The urgency of their move to ban one of the longest-lasting pillars of daily life means that the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and all their backers, see the elimination of cash as a central survival strategy.
The disperation of the rulers is now quite obvious. They must sustain their system or perish.

Meanwhile... Just Beyond The Tunnel Vision...

Major REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are quietly shifting all their holdings away from the stock market and into... real estate. This would be massive group-participant hoarded game token wealth leaving the absolutely over-inflated unsubstantiated stock markets for perceived safe harbors. How much is a home really worth if you own most of them and all your potential buyers are impoverished?

Today is a Triple Witching Friday. Contracts expire and extreme liquidity flows through markets. If your sense ties these two events together, you grasp that algorithmic formulation goes wonky today.

5,000 fired at Wells Fargo for fake account creation. You create fake accounts when you are desperate to make goals that are far-fetched unrealistic. Banks-- tank, when no one can make goals set by fools making too much salary.

Electronic banking... Ye of little Faith have paper documentation in backing. I only have paper records because I have no faith at all in electronic banking and I was there as it was implemented. A lame horse leaving the starting gate isn't going to finish well no matter how much smoke and mirrors are clouding the track. You ain't got squat if you can't prove it, so move it OUT of electronic validation TODAY.

serfs and company script

I think the rich, the not so rich, and the rich wannabe imagine themselves as "lord's of the land". Instead of the medieval serf working the owners land in exchange for a barely life sustaining existence, the modern serf is forced to pay rent perpetually to a property owner. Since rents are rising even faster than the real rate of inflation for life sustaining products (food, QUALITY clothing, health care etc,shelter) while real wages continue to decline, the chance of most young people ever expecting to buy a home are continually decreasing. The price of housing can actually decline quite a bit yet never be affordable to the average family as long as wages decline.
Globalization did not work. China has built millions of new apartments yet the average Chinese worker will never be able to afford them. Their housing prices continue to rise in 1st and 2nd tier cities due to government intervention.
Parts of Europe have tried multi generational loans but these are destined to fail too. The original owner passes and the prodigy either can't afford to live there or have moved to other areas for employment opportunities. A nice neighborhood today does not guarantee a nice neighborhood 30yrs from now.
Either way, REIT's and banks assume they will be bailed out should their scheme fail.

Replacing A Lot Of The Banking Function We Know Today

After reading Inside Job, many will conclude that it was a mistake to differentiate between bankers and burglars.
As the subtitle of the book suggests, the bankers under ethical indictment are the thieves who moved in on the Savings and Loans, the once stolid institutions that accumulated local deposits from thrifty citizens to enable other hardworking citizens to buy homes.
In the old days the banker was perceived to be a pillar of the community - concerned, conscientious and conservative.
Then come deregulation and with it, degradation of banks, bankers and many of those in government whose sworn duty it was to protect the people against theft.

My own thinking is that we could have a base of "currency" that could replace a lot of the banking function we know today.
Bitcoin is already a viable currency and means of exchange on the fringes, especially in the developing world and I suspect its attractiveness will increase as negative interest rates spread and the War on Cash heats up. I believe that bitcoin is open-source, borderless, transnational,immutable, incorruttible and censorship-resistent.

What To Expect Going Forward Now...

Based on the machinations of the stock indices, Wall Street is in scared/anticipation mode. Activity has trended negative almost exclusively in real time, only to be bailed near close to either par with what it opened or a high/low close to it. The activity validates-- complacency. Complacency tells the world that currencies are stagnant.

Debts are astronomical. We will begin seeing failures now. On the corporate-side, Sears is a relatively obvious starter but I think we have others that will eclipse Sears Holding in overall debt. Think about it from a numbers perspective... Central banks have printed so much fake money that no currency on Earth has actual value on the streets. The Dollar faces a Reality Check today. Nations globe-wide relied on it for transactional substance but as of right here and right now... there is no way for the US Treasury to back what is outstanding with tangible economic faith or trust. There can be no rampant inflation if no one can afford anything- just hiked prices on the same stagnant shelf goods no one can afford to buy now.

I think the whole concept of jobs in the 21st Century has gone bust. The 4.9% unemployment rate doesn't include the majority. There are millions of paper pushing and button pressing roles that- in audit- more than suggest a take-pay create-decay scenario. Obviously, we cannot survive on pecker-output and there isn't enough integrity left in other sectors for economic substance. We are literally seeing a scenario where 100% of American corporations could dissolve and that would be an improvement. Further-- as they do, the whole financial and legal racketeering gambit fail too. It isn't all that clear what happens with infrastructure and structure now. We need food, clothing and shelter and all three of these are so heavily manipulated that no one can be sure how to balance them. There is no way for banks to pull through... I'm not sure what that means to Public Record instruments and the paper they are printed on. Gold is NOT going to become a default currency but reliable goods could.

NEOH... there isn't good reason to post everyday in a complacency. If I knew what direction to go in, I would be going there but I do not. This is a faith-testing time... do you trust your commonsense, stick your head in the sand and ignore or something else? Suddenly preppers aren't so stupid now. There is a distinct probability that the gap between catastrophic failure and implemented actual recovery will be truly rough. It's a good time to ask God what He wants each of us to do as He fixes this.

going forward near term, it pays to be a monopoly

"Dear UPS Customer,

Again this year we’ve made investments in the speed, scope and coverage of our transportation network. While we continuously search out opportunities for new efficiencies and implement them within our network, those efforts do not fully offset cost increases. To support ongoing expansion and capabilities enhancements, while striving to maintain the high service levels you expect from UPS, we will increase published rates in 2017.

2017 Rates Information*
Effective December 26, 2016, the following changes will take effect:

Daily rates for UPS® Ground service will increase an average net 4.9%.
Daily rates for UPS Air and International services, as well as UPS Air Freight rates within and between the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, will increase an average net 4.9%.
The Additional Handling charge will be assessed for UPS Air and International packages with the longest side exceeding 48 inches, instead of 60 inches."

I expect something similar from FedEx within a month. These type of rate increases have been ongoing every 6-12 months for 8yrs.

The Next Big Thing...

It's coming...

So it can't be manufactured any more cheaply and be more cheap (lack of integrity). It can't be shipped for less or arrive any faster. The next phase in packaging is-- a lack thereof. Competition cannot be suppressed oppressed or crushed any longer (goon costs are rising, as are hackers, whackers, crackers and crushers...). The ads cost too much and nearly everyone is immune to them now. The brick and mortar mall store is failing, the store-bought website isn't killing it, the outlet stores are crusty dusty musty and barren. The Millennials won't buy, the mass-terminated can't buy, the brain-free Twitter crowd owes their souls and are too caught up with raising future celebrity kids who are more likely to be Psychiatric Ward alumni. The President sucks, Congress should be arrested, SCOTUS is dysfunctional, stock markets are fixed to make the wealthy wealthier as long as they never liquidate any holdings and there are billions of weapons now in the USA alone and over 2 TRILLION rounds of ammo. It is easier to start off corrupt and blossom into a full-blown racketeer than it is to be a master of a profession. Home values are UP, but not yours or mine. Stocks are UP, but not yours or mine. There are unlimited job openings, but only one way to apply (online) and no one ever seems to get a call-back... unless you are hipster-age, then you've had a thousand jobs in the last ten years and modern companies can't seem to stop hiring you so you can quit on them shortly after your on-boarding.

The next big thing is-- The exit ramp. We just stop doing these ridiculously stupid things and act like actual adults. September is traditionally a very volatile month for stocks since 1890. October could be far worse if... whoever is behind all this manipulation bails this September. Face it, there is nothing going on that any sane person might relate to economic movement. We need an intervention.

Very Interesting About New World Order...

Air Farce One lands in China only to find no stairway mobilized to it on the tarmac. This G20 dumb-wit summit seems to be nothing shy of volatile and why not? ALL 20 nations face homeland discord over a lack of jobs, economy, legalese issues, corruption in financial, political, business and legal sectors (the Four College Degrees of the Apocalypse). There is a solution... arrest by Twitter subscription, send to work camps and compensate hipsters by blisters not by twit pecks. This is nothing shy of campus-mentality-fueled ridiculous hubris. Every "big" on Earth needs dissolution. Start with Goldman Sachs and alumni. A forehead tattoo for recognition might be a good first step.

Justin Trudeau (Canada) lauds a relationship with Alibaba saying it is Good for Canada. Apparently, they will sell Canadian output worldwide. You realize Justin, that doing this wipes out over one million jobs and the tax revenues and economic benefit they provide Canada. The move ONLY benefits the nine Canadian cartel families controlling nearly 100% of it's financial wherewithal and almost all of that is offshore.

NAFTA and TPP have not been good for America. Americans know this. The GOP and DNC insist otherwise but do not put themselves in the Public where just about everyone else would gladly debate the facts with a baseball bat. These are NOT good things and the G20 can stuff their Twitter connections where the Sun don't shine.

We NEED an intervention, God... ALL of Your People hurt and want to stand back up on firm ground. Feel free to restore financial whores to Hell (where they came from).