Jobs and the NYSE

Reason has no standing in diagnosing how the NYSE market (or other major markets) responds to news. . . or any other bit of information.

The media reports data and statistics in detail endlessly, providing as much descrip0tion of what is transpiring locally, domestically or globally as interested parties can digest. And, we listen to the "experts" predict consequences on the basic of a tangled diagnosis of factors which are reported through indices, trade organizations, or the general news services, all augmented with charts and graphs ad nauseum. At days end we doze off with analyses churning through our imaginations attmepting to fit everything together into one significant analysis that would give us a leg up on the competition tomorrow morning, wake up still mulling the wealth of information we've culled through, turn onthe PC and discover, as we have the past two days, that (for an outstanding example) jobs have not "firmed up" as diagnosed by the Fed or the expert specialized news reporters since new applicants for unemployment compensation, predicted to come in at 260K, actually reached 275K - a bummer, and new jobs created last month, which "experts" predicted in the vicinity of 205K, actually was well below that at 160K.

Double whammy, is it not?

What happened? Did things suddenly sour since Monday when the economy was proclaimed to have hit bottom and was now working its way up? Do the "experts" have privileged access to special stats? Oh, five days intot he new month, you say? Has there been a sudden, unexpected reversal of fortunes? Something unexpected and inexplicable has occurred? Have stored up figures been released that have been set aside last month for one technical reason or another? Or, are the reliable sources not discussing facts and hard stats?

Take your pick. Or, better yet, supply your own plauasible guess.

What prompts these questions is the fact that we expected markets to rue the day due to fading figures countering the optimism we were contemplating last night just as we dozed off. The market players feinted a decline at the opening and then through the day boosted the major indices higher and higher toward an unexpected finish near a point twice the size of the initial drop. We gonethroughthe wringer awaiting the final optimistic report since we still have an hour of trading remaining.

At one time the market floor was bustling with traders, bowling each other over in a selling frenzy; now, except for times whenn the TV cameras and some notable peronslaities make an appearance on the floor, the floor is relatively empty and those present meander through the dull silence waiting for something to start te day. It does not appear to be an active arena, nor a place where decisions are made. That more than likely is in some conference rooms off-site and well out of camera and microphone range, isolated from prying eyes and inquisitive minds. And, those that belong to reporters with deadlines to fill and nothing newsworthy to turn in - not privy to the real news and ratinale from those hard at work attempting to forge some hard reasoning that will explain the unexplainable - namely, how could the bad news generate a good market outcome for the day?

Judging from the dollars each rise and fall of an index point represents, an observer would be foolish to conclude that yesterdsay's news and today's market response are disconnected. It's assumed that readers here at Duff's Times are not uninitiates, have read the numerous references posted here to HFT (the super computer High Frequency inter-party Trading that makes money for insiders regardless pf whatever the general public does or does not do), or the "dark Pools" of other favorites - or the same special insiders whose actvity is profitable for brokers whatever they do with their high level betting games; or, that other isiders are anxious to get to the head of the line with whatever high level funds are offered to keep the level of optimism high among those investors who make a difference. Loss of interest by any of those parties spells disaster.

The other day we included reference to two Bloomberg articles which probed beneath the surface on the subjects of equities and commodities which was a cursory mention and description of Bloomberg's headlined "Six Charts Show Investors Don't Have Faith in U.S. Stocks" and China's frenzy over commodities which also demonstrates reluctance to rely on equities. So, equities should be in disfavor, should they not? Or, is that merely a come-on in an attmept to entice people away from stocks to allow the favorite insiders another head start of a half a lap or two on the general public?

Just what is someone trying to set up?

With the current debasement of the dollar -WHAT? - You don't believe the dollar has been debased? If no one other than the several thousand new billionaires can be offered for bait, just imagine how much frothing at the mouth the brokers trade is generating! Someone is anxius to strip the newly minted money away from the over-exuberant newbies! - Well, with the current debasement of the dollar well underway even multi-billionaires are concerned about whether they have enugh stock of currency dedicated to household expenses and whatever other discretions or indiscretions they may have in mind. Maintaining four or five households in select, high-rent districts globally, just with staff and normal maintenance is demanding. What about jobs and consumer goods? Haven't you heard, "Time heals all wounds. . . Are we still allowed to say that?"

Is that about the size of the levitation act being pulled by the special insider forces in equities and commodities? The size of the take in matters of days is just a few billion here and there, but give a week or a month of this and we are talking about appreciable sums. It does mean more money being stripped from circulation and hindering the lower sectors and hampering recovery so expect more reversal of statistics and more disjointed responses on the markets. Insiders are not yet prepared to surrender their public display arenas in the global bourses.

Oh, yes, about those jobs reported down. . . Reuters concludes that

". . . investors viewed the day's jobs report as less disappointing than first thought." What the heck, that was only 22% worse than expected! How many millions is that? Taking 143 million as the total workforce. . alright, we can't do it that way!

Entering the Black Hole...

If you have ever indulged yourself and launched a penny into one of those big smooth funnels and watched it travel along slowly and steadily circling, getting ever closer to the hole at the bottom until it plunges in... you know our course. As the path narrows closer to the bottom, the coin appears to pick up speed but in reality it is simply completing laps faster because there is less and less course in those laps. In the neck just above the hole, there is furious movement and no course. Momentum fails and the coin plunges into darkness. So will we. The difference is- the coin goes into a bank under the funnel and the owner of the arcade event gets to keep them and whatever else has fallen into that Black Hole. In real life, the black hole at the bottom leads to no banks, no Federal Reserve and no Wall Street. All the peoples of the world get to start again at the top... the longest course per lap.

Headlines of telling... GMO food won't hurt humans but leaves them hungry (so it's danger is delusional value). We have an uptick in inflation (inflation has been rampant for years now, we just ran out of targets to shift data to). Obama okays overtime pay for millions (for salaries under $46,000 so corporate game playing begins- as this resolves nothing). The San Andreas Fault ripe for a Big One (love this one... they are hoping for disaster to alter our death spiral... doesn't that exacerbate the condition instead?). Oil is UP, Retail is Down (One artificially-inflated oil minus one destitute consumer equals too much oil in over-supply that experts just deny exists). Amazon says it is irresponsible to not be a Prime member (step right up and see the Big Show, purchase a ticket at the door and expect nickel and dime fleecing inside...).

Mortgage due diligence requirements are amazingly intense now. Car credit now surpasses home and student loans in secular stagnant conditions (making commonsense wonder what is happening to all the surrendered cars now?). The average student cannot pay because they lack sustainable jobs. Home foreclosures are on the rise again according to Real-Trac and squatters now occupy more Vegas area real estate than in 2001 and/or 2008.

The rolling coin is picking up speed as the course shortens... one UP market day followed by multiple DOWN days. The news is the same... UP on hopes, DOWN on reality. Sears K-Mart didn't die but did die and is now splitting up brands in dedicated storefronts that aren't anchors-- so they screw REIT-owned malls and expect consumers to go to new old product stores to buy stuff that needs extra warranties because it is engineered to break down. WOW. We see Kohls looking to do something with it's zillion feet of stagnant goods warehoused in Wisconsin... a state that has not known an economy this century. Buffett buys tons of Apple... a dead-brained entity that doesn't make it's products in the nation it demands full-price patronage in. We strive for self-driving cars but do not employ the majority of the nation in sustainable-wage jobs.

Ever notice that they make those coin funnels just big enough so humans cannot reach down and salvage their coin just before it falls into the Black Hole? There is a good reason for that.

And a deep hole it will be

While Jakobsen primarily looks at central bank policy, a similar process is occurring in the political arena.
The current POTUS certainly looked presidential but was not. Speaking with conviction, in a soft voice, from a platform will only work when people think you are credible and have good character. When that is lost, and the establishment only has more of the same to offer, people will choose a radical alternative:

" The “new nothingness” thesis was based on zero rates, zero growth, zero reforms. But you hinted that all of this nothingness has spilled over into culture and politics as well… do these macro facts hinder peoples’ imagination, or their ability to deal with the problem?

Steen Jakobsen: Yes, I think so. This year, we see a growing gap between the central banks’ narrative – which is that you have a trickle-down impact from lower rates – and [the situation on the ground]. People understand that zero interest rates are a reflection of zero growth, zero inflation, zero hope for changes, and zero reforms. In my opinion as an economist and a market observer, people are smarter than central banks. And because they are smarter, they can live with policy mistakes for a while because the narrative is very strong and because people like (ECB head Mario) Draghi and (Fed chief Janet) Yellen have these platforms from which they not only talk but occasionally shout, and they are deemed to be “credible”, scare quotes mine…

We see [this gap] in the Brexit debate as well, where the elite and the academics talk down to the average voter. By doing that, of course, they alienate the voters from their representatives. That’s what we see globally, that’s why Brazil is going to change presidents, why Ireland could not get its government re-elected with 6% growth. It’s not about the top line, but about the average person seeing that we need real, fundamental change."

Eye on the prize...

Back on Market Talk I used to write about the prize. People have the power to change our course and often forget that, lulled and lured to complacency by falsehoods. We won't act because we think it will take our Ford aluminum body pick up away or shut down NBA basketball, or reveal a slight tendency or a well-hidden preference. That's all about to go over the waterfall with the canoe and occupants.

The prize is raw native freedom and the need to reduce organized extinction to rubble.

Central banks know they set that in motion and yes... Such broad disdain for the top shelf gravy train will tumble the towers. Drones won't enforce law and order if people stop paying debt down and there is no value to an electronic balance sheet or disclosure of assets when people opt- out of electronics and devices. Sometimes we crave a homegrown tomato over a cheap mass produced hothouse one.

The instrument of collapse is consumer debt. When we borrow just to sustain, then the racket has no legs and goes down the drain. What then? You know that answer is your reliance on complacency. It's really... Cancer.

So What?

It seems to me that self-sufficiency is the only way that we as individuals can have any hope of surviving the tumultuous days that lie ahead. The mighty force that put us on this earth originally gave us all that we needed to be self-sufficient, but five generations have conveniently allowed themselves to follow a clever clique of silver-tongued sociopaths who can sell ice to Eskimos and sand to Arabs, out into a civilized jungle in which we are all lost.
Most of us do not have the ability to become self-sufficient even if we wanted to and most of us would rather follow the silver-tongued sociopaths to the bitter end. Becoming self-sufficient takes years of learning and preparation. Unfortunately most of us just don't have time.

So what?

We are too spoiled, too preoccupied,too complacent, too selfish, too pathetic to defend ourselves. Consequently, we do not deserve to be free. Get ready to spend hours patiently and obediently standing in long lines in the hope of buying a few scraps of food in order to survive for just another day. Just take a close look at what is happening in Venezuela.

It's why we haven't corrected...

So what? The ignorant response from those who do not learn from the past and yes... The number of self- inflicted victims will be a phenomenal count.

We have taken the history journey here. The Hungarians were super proud getting off those trains at Auschwitz. There have been food lines but the more clever version is the drive through window here and now... Not one offers actual food and at a premium price.

The unseen will lead the collapse. Your neighbor, sister, friend, church acquaintance... Hanging on and in on meager meager means or constant credit tap for basics. In 1988, it was the perfect payers that tanked the portfolios. From never miss... To cataclysmic not a penny or percent in asset value to their name.

No one buys Apple stock when they can't afford an apple to eat and honestly... As Apple, Google, FB, Linked In, Twitter, Tesla, name-a-tech all train wreck, what rises from their ashes? You can't eat an I-Phone... It's toxic. A skill set is not.

Why we haven't corrected...

A massive number of American corporations are tremendously indebted AND have substantial cash. The cash and debt were a plot. Unfortunately, the plot lot of corporations is not six-times more in debt than they have held on and off shore. There is no economy... self-inflicted by the mass terminations and job blockades. The odd prediction of 90% of the stock market values evaporating is a correction that appears WILL happen now.

I Am Not Allowed To Respond

I would gladly do so, but I am not allowed to. The 403 Ghost is here again.

We Are Being Controlled Toward Cataclysmic Failure

The 403 kicked in when I wrote about the New World Tech Order and LGBT late last night.

The censor is not active this morning. I am not afraid of the censor, I am afraid that what I write is coming true and that is why we are being censored.

I want you to give very significant thought to this... Lawyers, Government, Bureaucracy and Technology. All kill societies.

If you read your financial news this morning, Wall Street is now trading "sideways". In sane terms, it is shuffling dead cat stocks through a mill meant to touch each one and claim "activity" when we know factually-- they are just hollow pods of dysfunctional management funding PAC pledges with 0% credit debt... caught in the same quicksand as the rest of the world now... unable to generate enough revenue the old-fashion way (earning it in enterprise) that lifts it from the mire.

Where we are (G-Nation)... people use Google instead of critical thinking. The undeveloped under-utilized brain is not something snapped back into premium function. It is wholly possible that "brain damage" will be the single most significant crisis in the coming era. Flat out--- algorithmic thinking is causing our sinking. People buy on Amazon, use Amazon, rely on Amazon, but Amazon kills off the very economic stability REQUIRED by society to float so many paper and button pushing administrators. The lifeblood of pariah is-- someone else doing the work. No one left-- is. Linked-In and Twitter are wonderful tools of collusion, control, blockades and for manipulation. If we only have our worst on the bandwagons and no horses left to pull them... we have... what? Fire pyres? In G nation societies... less that 15% know, know someone, use- Uber, Lift, etc... Apple has a racket but it's pigeons cannot afford it's products or worse... don't see the new "pink" as a technological advancement any longer.

The Saudi aren't "in" to OPEC any longer. American Big Oil has forced us to be "all-in" it's holy war for oil and gas control Armageddon... the competition just opted out.

There are enough billionaires in the world now to hang them like gutted ducks in the storefront of an Asian market and drip enough hoarded capital from them to resolve every consumer-level crisis on Earth. Being their puppet is no longer the thing... I wonder how long it will take before those elected actually get that?

Greece Finds Horror Fantasies Coming True Right Now

The economy, the people, the heart and soul of Greece have been demolished by a lower order of bureaucratic seizure that plagues the world. It is scorched-earth economic warfare, ordinarily referred to neoliberalism.
The newest twist/manipulation in negotiations with Troika for Greece survival (demise) in order to provide the country with 86 billion of euros of which 90% pays off debt, 10% to the state. demand Greece cut pensions (again), raise taxes (again), privatize state assets (for a song), and deregulate labor. Inspirational?

The country has already unloaded state assets like ports and airports at bottom-feeder prices.
The fate of Greece is at hands of Troika, consisting of the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund, which launched a powerful supersonic heat-seeking missile, affectionately nicknamed "Troika Boy" boldly emblazoned in cursive on its warhead, successfully hitting its target dead-on, total destruction.

Greek people are beginning to change their opinions about Europe and Eurozone. The polling data is now revealing a strong trend towards favouring a return to their own currency and a lack of hope in the European project.
Political developments across Europe are reflecting that this sentiment is not confined to Greece. The Austrian Presidential elections have altered the mainstream politics in that country which has nearly gone with a far right lunatic.

The European elite have created a monster which is steadily coming home to haunt them.

A Greek default may still be likely, which will bring a stop to unsustainable austerity. Come to think about it, why not?

Payday loan

Your post reminds me of how much the world has changed.
I've heard of payday loans but never really looked into them. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked my opinion about a problem he had.
Long story short, he borrowed $1000.00 from a local payday loan office. He showed me the paperwork (not even a complete page of paper). The APR is 405%. His payment is $155.00 every two weeks of which about $4.00 goes towards principal. The loan office has control of his checking account if he defaults. He can't cancel the account since they are listed as the primary owner.
The situation reminds me of V_L's stories about loan sharking in the early 20th century.
He said he had to borrow the money due to an emergency. His phone broke. I'm not kidding.

A Dollar Not Borrowed From A Payday Loan Is A Dollar Saved

Payday loans are generally repaid by cutting back on expenses and by borrowing from family and friends. In other words, the exact same thing that borrowers would have done had they not had access to payday loans. So the people's consumption still ends up falling, but they pay 3000% interest.
A dollar not borrowed from a payday loan or credit card is a dollar saved.

I am waiting and hoping and wishing for the time, when Old and Gray can be here again. I miss him...but i am lucky to have someone so special to miss.

Know Your History...

The book: Lending is our history... isn't as intelligently written as Fiat Money Inflation in France, but it tells of a history most people are clueless to- today.

Higher interest rates look amazingly appetizing to greed, but in credit there is a term called: dynamic capacity. I wrote programs and helped shape premise for loan products that captured market share, but always with the focus on the dynamic capacity of the general public to endure them. For instance... the L.I.N.A. was Limited Income No Asset for a credential basis. The timeline that program flourished in had massive small enterprises and strong but waning wage earner dynamics. If the gross sales had substance, we didn't care about the net because the real estate was in hyper appreciation. In defaults (if done right there were few if any), the exposure on the real estate bailed us. I cringed when the N.I.N.A. (No Income No Assets... liar's loan) replaced it. When the pendulum swung back, portfolio losses rose so exponentially that many places collapsed. A good credit file (diligence) survives all swings.

The Pay Day Loan is loan sharking. You will find it's origin, fund and fuel source, corruption, and exploitation and a whole realm of ramifications in that book. Few realize that the perpetuity of credit is predicated on the ability to pay it back. The most valuable thing is the consumer's labor and return on it. When you suppress-- wages, job availability, family sustainability, wherewithal, etc... you get vagrancy. When it becomes more prudent to default and lie in the gutter... there will still be food, shelter and clothing to some degree... what there won't be is revenue to fund those outrageous interest rates. In 1905... in cities with populations of 25,000 or more, 4 out of 5 families were over-indebted to loan sharks by 125% of household income... or more. Interest rates exceeded 400%. The corruption tapped-out the consumer and eventually brought America to a screeching halt. The loan shark failed to collect the revenue from the vagrant-level consumer they sculpted and defaulted on their loans to big eastern banks (Mellon, Morgan, Bank of New York, Boston Bank, etc...). Though attorney- Frank Habachek(?) authored the Small Loan Act, it was the failure of nearly every "incorporation" that ultimately free'd Americans and created a viable economy that largely was controlled by JP Morgan. Prescott Bush and other turn-of-the-century Ivy League school financial elitists conspired to create a Central Bank by contracting with old wealth from Europe and made themselves "members" in excessive authority over our US Treasury. We the People became beholden and obligated to whatever they conspired to do.

We are at that same place again now... global secular stagnation, 24 war fronts, a priority to oil land conquests and not one penny actually building, sustaining, driving economy. Instead of major cities, all of civilization is held hostage to greed and corruption. Financial tyrannical control is-- man-made and man-destroyed. If we actually wake up and stop paying... we live. Close the banks, end the Federal Reserve and get RID of Wall Street. There is no degree in commonsense.

The Unstable United States

"global secular stagnation, 24 war fronts, a priority to oil land and not one penny actually building, sustaining, driving economy."

The golden era of US dominance of the world-system began to come undone circa 1970 and has been unreaveling ever since and increasingly. There are many signs of this. Some of them within the United States itself and some of them in changing attitudes of the rest of the world towards the United States.
Americans are now living through a presidential campaign that almost everyone speaks as unusual and transformational. There are a very large number of voters who have been mobilizing against the "Establishment". But, you may think, all this will calm down, once the presidential election is decided and "normal" centrist policies will prevail again. But what then will be the reaction of those who supported their candidates precisely because they were not advocating "normal" centrist policies? What if they are disillusioned with their current champions?

All this time, the United States has been truly losing its autorithy in the rest of the world. It is indeed no longer hegemonic. The United States is now considered a weak and unusual global partner.
Life in the United States is not as good as it once was. Trump has used as his slogan "make America great again". The "again" refers to the golden era.
If Americans were to stop trying to make America great again and start trying to make the world a better place for everyone, Americans could be part of the movement for "another world". Changing the whole world would in fact transform the United States, but only if Americans stop longing to go back to a golden era, which was not so golden for most of the world.

That said.

Last week a research wing of the IMF come out with a report admitting that neoliberalism has been a failure. The report entitled "Neoliberalism: Oversold?", is hopefully a sign of the ideology's death. They were only about 40 years late.
As Naomi Klein tweetted about the report, "So all the billionaires it created are going to give back their money, right?"

The Underlying Instability of the United States

There was no "Golden Era" in the US, just exploitation. When you rape, pillage, abuse and seize... the loot divide is blood money, not gold or golden.

There was a mistake and it cost a LOT. IF, in 1977, we shuttered the auto manufacturers in America and adopted the Honda course, we would have seen Big Oil fail and our roads dominated by small vehicles getting 100 mpg (Civic 600) and waning trucks losing out to efficient rail. The photo-voltaic cell existed in 1977, so berm housing, passive and active solar, as well as wave-generated energy would have dominated us. I know this for a fact... I had studied it in high school and set off for it or genome research. I was shut out of all of them.

I'm not going to write the subsequent historic climb to this precipice we teeter on now. We all know that control and manipulation by the exploitation generation set us up for catastrophic failure. Wealth mongering sounds good but what good is wealth when you are breathing deeply in a gas chamber- the penalty for causing global collapse. When we think about the gross stupidity of "neo-liberalism" and worse "grand old party" politics... BOTH resonate one clear perception of future state... a post-apocalyptic existence. The COOL part about that same Fate-- it will not impact the masses because they have been forced out of the mainstream that is leading to the catastrophic failure. Losing what's left of your assets after fighting for years like a guerrilla in a survivalist way says you won't really see your cheese move much-- it's been rolling for a while now.

What the globe has been waiting for is finally approaching. The world doesn't want to see the United States fail, it wants to see it's pariah weakened and crushed, and lifelines thrown to the survivalists so common economy can replace arrogant useless worthless greed. WHO supports the anti-Trump bashing? Socialists. What do they want? As many entitlements as they can get. Where will it come from? They never say BUT my costs rise daily.

What has happened in America should be banned worldwide. Remove the crushing weight of garbage legislation meant solely to raise the weak and suppress the able and you get-- America today. The i-Phone is a weapon of mass destruction. The Civil Rights Act (as engaged right now) is a weapon of mass destruction. Incorporation is a weapon of mass destruction after the Founder is removed or left. When the Supreme Court voted to make entities real people too... it became a terror to the concept of Freedom. It gave select group rights... a direct opposition to... We the People of the United States of America.

What really IS... neo-liberalism? It's the group of people most likely to have bought college degrees and went to careers where they had ZERO ability to compete without administrative control and manipulation. That's it. They cannot sell things, make things, do things... they MUST administrate, delegate and dominate... BUT... they have no actual skill sets, commonsense, craft or value to what made America great.

Consider what happens now. Between anti-American leaders-- Bush and Obama, America is indebted QUADRILLIONS to the rest of the world BUT the paper those nations hold is based on US validating it. I won't. During the Obama Years, we saw 100% of able-bodied people in America surrender most to all we EARNED to garbage selected by Obama and his Administration to rise in power and prominence. They did. They caused catastrophic victimization and gave us no economy, just debt. They are SO SCARED of losing all that abusing power that they will deride Trump and Sanders to put their next puppet in place. It won't happen. If it is Hillary it is war. America was built on actual effort and ingenuity, not deadbeats getting handed what others worked for.

The rug was pulled out from under the able and we got a sub-economy. Pull it out from neo-liberals and we get a lot of useless zombies dying from a lack of hand-outs. The world needs a strong America, not an Obama-merica.

Europe's Emissions Testing Managed By Politicians

It was disclosed yesterday in the wake of Volkswagen diesel emissions corruption that Europe's testing is managed by politicians. Political sway, not anyone with actual capacity to evaluate what comes out of vehicle exhaust pipes all over Europe, determines passing or failing grades. Failure hasn't been the choice in decades. Post test testing has revealed MANY vehicles exceed safety and air limits by 200% or more. According to ACTUAL experts... 4 out of every 5 vehicles operating in Europe exceed safety and air standards protecting humans. In China it is far far worse.

At this point in time... EVERY person worldwide enjoying salary pay and a cell phone (i-Phone addiction) should be hauled in for gross negligence and willful ignorance of condemnation of the planet and the rest of the People on it, as well as respectful inclusion of all other forms of life. END NEW WORLD ORDER NOW.

What Goes Up Ends Up As Rubble

You have to find it fascinating that these ancient people cling to wealth, wealth-mongering and class distinction by force majeur... they offer the world nothing whatsoever for all the grief they spew.

While I can appreciate the various aspects of abuse expanding in their finite universe of corruption, I see a world growing fully detached from this exploitation and gaining the sub-economic strength to repel it at borders. The job creation thing condemns Obama. If we thought the era was a bust, watch what happens as the world requires a tangible economy for all that virtual quasi-reality. The rise in consumer debt will lead our correction. People who owe debt collectors stop buying. That debt isn't from excessive irresponsible spending, it's from trying to live on a LOT less than living takes. The plethora of billionaires is not a problem. What to do with busted billionaires is. There can be nothing more pathetic than a deadbeat who got his, lost it and is completely dysfunctional in real life and skill-less to it.

The heirs of the manipulation windfalls need to see that wealth as toxic poison to their existence. Trapping it on Earth allows it to be evaporated without taking down good and/or needful things. There is not enough skill sets to recovery the old viable economy any longer. There are plenty of brutal new skills to beat into plowshares but not enough fresh water to quench thirsts.

I guess that answers the question

From V_L's link above. So we've got the Federal Reserve and their counter parts the world over distorting equity markets with their enormous cash position:

"The financial crisis has been a cash cow for central banks. They are turning record profits, bolstered by income from their bulging asset and loan portfolios and, more recently, from charging banks for making deposits....The U.S. Treasury collected almost $100 billion from the Federal Reserve in each of the past two years, more than three times its average annual haul in the three years before the 2008 financial crisis...."

"So What"?

There is no one bolder than a financial criminal-- caught-- facing death and only has a foul mouth as a weapon. The markets will be wild for now, then collapse completely once arrogance figures out that in order to hoard, all roads leading out had to be destroyed along with the ones leading in. Greed Mountain sinks under the weight of too many old egos the world has no use for. Panama Papers publicity merely starts the routing.

Repercussions from the lead post on jobs and NYSE

Monday's reaction to last week's jobs stats - as per Reuters, late Sunday, May 9, 2016 -

Asia stocks weaker after soft U.S. jobs, China trade data

TOKYO Asian stocks were mostly lower on Monday after a disappointing U.S. jobs report raised questions about the underlying strength of the world's biggest economy and worse-than-expected trade numbers out of China.

Yet, after Friday's lower than average trades, Bloomberg showed Monday's futures in the US avoiding red, comfortable with the "facts".

Would that strengthen the teaser lead story just before the PC was shut down and lights were doused?

The potus has the markets back.

The Fed and other Central Bankers influence has bee waning. Has anyone else noted the POTUS trying to promote his legacy by using the nominal value of the US stock market as proof? He's been doing it quite a bit lately. I don't care for the guy but I have to be a realist. When he speaks, the world listens. It also helps that Secretary of the Treasury works for him and the Chairman of the FOMC jumps when he tells her too. Throw in some Goldman cabinet members to show him how to do it and he'll do his best to make it happen.
This president started publicly promoting his legacy in late 2014. He'll do everything in his power to keep US markets levitated through the election in November. He's extremely sensitive about his image to the upper 5%. The 5% richly rewards team players with six figure speaking engagements if they follow instructions.

Trump says Clinton must go to jail.

It sounds like silliness but it's actually very clever.

Harry Reid wants Bernie Sanders to stop his campaign but according to non-manipulated polls, Bernie is the people's choice candidate. There is no proof anywhere that people want Clinton as President. The FBI investigation concluded that she violated Federal Laws. This week she herself deemed Trump as unfit to lead... No facts... Just arrogant spewed hate.

Paul Ryan suddenly endorses Trump. Barack Obama announces he won't say the word- Trump, then speaks at an event where millions are spent performing an Air Show that ends with a crash and the death of a pilot.

There is ZERO news about the deluge rains in Europe. Twelve FEET so far and threatening art in the Louvre. Obviously economy is being flushed away. The Ukraine is under 2 FEET

Jamie Dimon remarks that auto lending is a ticking time bomb. Over a trillion outstanding with the average outstanding over $30,000. Vehicles have hyper-appreciated sticker prices of more than 200% over pre-Obama era stickers and there is zero after market value. No one can afford an over-priced used car. Bill Gross opines about future returns on market investments but couldn't answer a simpler question like... Where does future investment money from if there is no economy anywhere in the world?

Stay tuned...

Obama's Legacy Is Manipulation

Group-Think. LGBT. His first Oval Office visitors were Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfien.

Group-Think (ad-nauseum conference calls and text-direction-instruction) destroyed everything. America used to be an empowered nation of thinkers and the chaos/progress variable kept foreign entities scrambling and inheritor-based rackets swapping out "talent" like toilet paper rolls. Trump is super-popular among actual voters because they know that noodling our linear course right now causes more opportunity for ordinary people. Trump talks, but he doesn't have to do anything more than addle the Status Quo freaks. You have to THINK what an algorithm actually is-- it's a math sequence. Jumble the numbers, watch the self-proclaimed elitists crumble.

LGBT-- in any other era, this would be called a THREAT. You are born Black but you get an ethnicity designation and privilege for being so in America. The majority of the nation gets lumped under Caucasian-- a so-called ethnicity spanning several continents and actual differences. Lesbian, Gay and Transgender are choices with psychological and not physiological issues and under Obama-- being a weirdo is somehow more important that following our Laws. Since Lesbian and Gay are actually just- Gay, we can assume the "L" stands more for cheap jaded Lawyer looking for causes to exploit for-profit.

Supernova once foretold of an era with two attributes causing the next era--- a) corporations would grow too big and become too thin to sustain. Exploding entities would put salary-reliant administrators at the mercy of skill, craft and labor. The word "talent" would change and be measured by the callouses on your hands, not a psychopathy condition in your head. The b) is fairly evident now... the fools causing the great collapse would engage in so much financial corruption that the world would be unable to reconcile, repair, remedy or validate money crimes. A new currency method would come to pass. Obviously, hollow-headed morons thought THAT would be electronic computer funny money. It might turn out to be callouses.

So we have taken the post-glory era of Rome- when politicians war-mongers administrators and organized criminals reigned mainly in insanity-- and re-labelled it: globalization. This is validated by a self-volunteered claim of the ego-arrogant GOP scepter by Mitt (the nitwit) Romney as the candidate-apparent in a brokered convention that couldn't be more anti-American. The Public can easily quit paying on debt in response and retaliation-- crash America to smithereens.

What we have learned... the next time we hold Presidential campaigns... call the two main parties out and destroy what spew they produce. In the abyss formed by their decimation- require obvious things like: an actual history in the mainstream workforce, a career other than Law, Finance, Politics, Administration and Placed Management. Take no Scholar by their self-proclaimed Education and cut the tongues out of Lectern Preachers. Be sure they have no cootie attachments to the financial sector, alumni associations, or weirdo groups.

It might be fun to eliminate campaigns altogether and register every indigenous American by a legitimate Social Security number (cross-verified and validated) and just have a random-number-generation pick to fill the Offices. At the swear-in, be sure all those chosen know that they are NOT gods and collusion for self-profit and benefit is rewarded with death, not a pension born from those who actually worked for a living.

I think our crash month is September. THIS September.

10,000 Points Of Light And New World Order

We write a lot about the ordinary person in this world but as it goes, I'm pretty sure the majority of the world is in the same boat. How we react is our personal perspective... some rebel, some hide, some write, some yell, some try religion, some succumb to religious-ism, some are meek and others pray very hard for God's intervention.

There is another perspective and it is just as desperate... born wealthy and taught a superiority mentality. We call bold people- arrogant, egotistical or say they display hubris... but the formed Elite are a different breed. Recall the words of George H. W. Bush during his miserable Presidency... always meandering on about 10,000 tiny points of light (or lah-heeet) as his mouth would form. I don't think anyone really knew what the nutcase was talking about back then, but we can well-imagine it was not a light-show kind of thing... it was more-- terrorism initiatives that involved oil, omnipotence, global power, control and manipulation.

Twenty seven years after 1989 is 2016. The Reagan Era had brought us massive spending (mostly military), job losses and peculiar market activity. We had attacked Grenada mainly because Bush had some certificates of deposit seized by Noriega. We sold weapons to the bin Laden family and trained people to use them. Some might remember that in 1989... we had the identical mystery stock market failure we did in April, 2001. Bizarrely coincidental that a Bush sat in the Oval Office both times.

10,000 is a large number for a coup or assault, but it is equally large, mainly outrageously large, when what you sent around comes back around bringing reaction from everything it ruined, damaged and victimized. We the People really don't know WHO is masterminding, but we DO know we are accelerating into catastrophic failure now. There is easily 10,000 flaming disasters outstanding and obvious now. I find it amazing that we are increasing our front in the Middle East fighting an American Congress-named- ISIS in an oil land. We are seeing leaders in oil lands fall. We are seeing our nation and most "G" nations seize-up from the unbelievable financial corruption involved in the saving of oil entities at the expense of billions worldwide. A world... fully gripped in secular stagnation. The forth-coming elections are intriguing. 21 lowlife GOP candidates dashed... by one loud-mouth using his own cash to trump his competition. It is easy to see that the 10,000 points of light folks are pissed and befuddled because they have to in-fight to restore Right Wing control for future manipulation. That said... a veiled stupid attempt by Hillary Clinton to use old farts in Congress (Dem Leadership) to beg Bernie Sanders to quit his campaign to let the queen of deception reign. This all leaves voter-America with two choices... a rock and a hard place, without a paddle on a river rapidly becoming a nightmare.

I feel... strangely complacent... which is really odd for me- because I am never complacent. It seems to me that those who worked stupid-crazy to create invincible towers of power, forget to equip them for off-roading and are freaking out as the awkward pinnacles wobble. The complete MIDDLE of America has been attacked, victimized and is not about to surrender to one or another "group". It wants freedom restored. PEOPLE have always had the power to retake what was taken from them and it doesn't require massive funding, weapons of mass destruction, guts, glory or an army. It just takes conviction.

I marvel at ancient predictions... after a 27-year manipulation, mega-corporations without enough skilled people working in them- go poof. The Great Cooperation puts able-bodies together that build new enterprises while every nation discovers that financial catastrophic failure is a good thing (people will be astonished by the extent of the corruption but the revelation instantly eliminates Elite everywhere). Reconciliation prompts simple Laws that anyone can adhere to, with an intolerance for lawyers attempting circumvention. This brings a new era that lasts a thousand years. That can only occur one way-- that 10,000 points of light are snuffed and their military mentality is reconstituted into sustainable resources. This paragraph exists in a book I can no longer find, written more than 27 years ago. Pieces of it brought us together originally.


"I feel... strangely complacent... which is really odd for me- because I am never complacent."

COMPLACENT is one of those words that have two conflicting definitions depending on the source. I had to look it up recently when reading some articles. One article used it in a positive sense, the other used it in a negative sense.
I believe your use of it in your above comment would be the positive definition. You are at peace with the effort and preparations that you have made, are aware of your limitations, are not naive in realizing that we must have the acceptance and serenity concerning things we can not change, the courage to change the things we can, and developing the wisdom to know the difference.
One of the definitions describes it as being satisfied with oneself while being aware of dangers. The other describes a sense of being smug,lazy or satisfied while ignoring the existence of dangers.
Sounds like you might be describing serenity? At peace? Emptying ones mind of negative emotions so as to allow room for divine guidance..positive thoughts..constructive action.

The 10,000 points of light you describe are tiny points of light. Like a paper match, they eventually burn through the limited amount of fuel contained in the paper. They are only matches, not great galaxies that appear as tiny points of light. Unless the flame from the match is shared with a larger source of fuel, it burns out. They are not galaxies that constantly birth new stars when old stars go supernova. The 10,000 points of light described by Bush(s) are selfish. They are running out of paper. They are really not any smarter than yeast in a sugary solution. They die after they rapidly consume the sugar. When they die, the product that is left is bread or beer depending on the recipe.

Some matches have more paper than others. These human matches are afraid. The rest of the world is losing respect for them. I find it interesting that the last two monarchies of any consequence, England and Saudi Arabia have been very friendly to each other lately. I found it comical that the Queen of England was upset by her reception in China recently. I don't see the world rallying around any monarch. The only people in the west that are obsessed with English Royal family tend to be the same people that are obsessed with the Kardashian's. Does she know anything about China's recent history of the past 100 yrs concerning the absurd concept of monarchy to the Chinese?

The debt fueled experiment of the past few decades is ending and it will probably end badly, at least initially, for most of us. It'll be a financial supernova perhaps. That's ok. New life will emerge from that stardust.

My Response Can't Wait Until Morning...

Indeed... most people don't have $500 cash dollars. As a lender, the worst bankruptcy risk was the dual income of $350,000. They had nothing... total credit lives, zero budget sense. Every poor person has some cash. Everyone in the realm above poor does not. Exception-- common sense.

Welfare... the lesson we will try to impart to the future is-- never give them actual money. If you are poor unable to work, you need a remedial job and an education. If you are hungry, food shall be provided, not Bridge Cards used to buy whatever. We have two welfare recipients, the top and bottom. Denying both- actual cash- and requiring them to conform to a norm of society builds the middle, keeps both ends tight and does not burden the working with weight that retards progress.

Complacency-- you are wrong with your assessment of me. I am never complacent, I am copacetic with the conditions at hand and need not add any more to them. I am not at peace, I recognize the condition and merely bide time until the world shifts. I am already where it is going. We here have been tortured by the influx of fake money versus common sense logic as to the course [we] should have taken. Birth, growth, maturity, decline to death and rebirth... unless you conspire to re-invent a wheel that turns nothing because it is dysfunctional. I am not complacent. I know that we set ourselves up for cataclysmic shift and I am doing the best I can to stay footed-- and mobile-- to run along our shift and hopefully assimilate to it.

You might guess that my meditation is pure healing. I spend myself all my days and pray to recover every night. I was not put here to be frugal with my Self. Where I am going joins me with the most incredible other Self I have met. Our roads were not similar but we sought the same destination. We have chosen to get lost again for a while and have some adventures together. Our two should be an amazing combination for the journey.

10,000 points of light assessment-- spot on. They tinker with inevitability, their genetic code disappears from the Earth for their ignorant arrogant attempt to play-- god (small 'g' on purpose).

Look up-- Goblecki Tepe. What should fascinate us all is-- an early fortress of colluding Man, left abandoned as nature gave the world an Ice Age. It is really important to recognize patterns beyond our capacity to alter. The one we enter now is touted as being the 7th level of Humanity. What hubris. I think we just correct arrogance and lazy material greed stupidity this time.

Americans pay for low wages

When you are paid starvation wages, it is up to public assistance programs to make up the difference. That government assistance, costing treasuries billions of dollars per year, is part of the high cost of low wages. A majority of United Statesians who earn less than $10 an hour receive public assistance, either directly or through a family member.
The EPI study reports:
- Among families or individuals receiving public assistance, two-thirds (67%) work or are members of working families. When focusing on non-elderly recipient families and individuals under age 65, this percentage is 72 percent.
- About 69 percent of all public-assistance benefits received by non-elderly families or individuals go to those who work.
- About 47 percent of all working recipients of public assistance work full time.

Nearly $53 billion of public-assistance money is paid annually to people who work full-time, the EPI study reports. And, full or part-time, money going to working people is concentrated in specific industries.

Although not addressed in the EPI study, a big conclusion to be drawn from this data is that these billions of dollars of public-assistance money constitutes a massive subsidy of business. Often highly profitable businesses. Take Wal-Mart for example. Wal-Mart reported of $14.7 billion for 2015 and nearly $80 billion for its last five fiscal years. Yet the company pays it employees so little that employees organize food drives for themselves while it dodges billions of dollars of taxes and receives further billions of dollars in government subsidies.
It is no secret that wages have badly lagged productivity. Differentials between wages and productivity are also found across Europe and Japan.
Fighting back is surely what working people around the world need to do.

It is impossible to enslaven entire group or race of people, at least not indefinitely. Longing for freedom is impossible to breack, no matter how brutally they try to.
I saw the Western Empire forcing countries into civil wars. Wars sparked so the multi-national companies could comfortably loot.
I saw millions of refugees from once proud and wealthy countries that were ruined by the West.
Victims of turture. Mothers who lost their children, wives who lost husbands, husbands whose wives and daughters were raped in front of their eyes.
I am terrified of wasting my life if I put selfishness on a pedestal, elevating it above the most essential humanistic values.
A person, a country or a culture that thrives on the suffering of others is defunct, thoroughly immoral.
The West had been doing exactly that for decades and centuries. It has been living from and thriving on the enslavement of others and usurping everything on and under the surface of our Earth.
Indoctrination is well planned. Dreams are poisoned and ideals dragged through dirt. Nothing pure is allowed to survive.

People are made to fantasize only about hardware. Phones and tablets, cars and television sets. But the messages are empty, full of nihilism, repetitive and shallow. Cars can drive very fast, but there is nothing really significant waiting at the end of the journry. Phones have thousands of functions and applications, but they are broadcasting increasigly trivial messages.
Television sets are regurgitating propaganda and intellectually toxic entertainment.
It all brings profits to big corportions. It guarantees obedience. But in many ways, humanity is getting poorer and poorer, while the Planet is almost ruined. Poetry is gone , from most of bookstores and from life.
To me, to be a true person means this: to be engaged in the constant fight against the incessant rape of human brains, bodies and dignity, against the plunder of resources and nature, against selfishness and consequent intellectual and emotional emptiness.
I don't care under which flag it is done as long as the people holding those banners are honest and concerned with the fate of humanity and our Planet.

This is not the end. People are waking up from indoctrination, from stupor.
The war is waged, the war for the survival of humankind. It is not a war of bullets and missiles. It is a war of ideals, dreams and information.

It Has Been Said Many Times...

The Globalization Era will certainly be one for the comic and history books. Back in the mid-20th Century when this was schemed and hatched as an initiative, the theme seemed to be righteous. A right wing new world order where there would be oodles of everything for everybody and certain moguls would align themselves at the base of the cash flow and aspire to be trillionaires. Really sharp historians will note that after we dropped bombs on Japan, we sent them consultants who taught them industrialization. Japan made their own moguls and after endless trial and dismay, came up with pacesetters that led them to actually out-perform the American Greed that taught them. The Nixon Era can be credited with the inroads to Asia. Made in Taiwan. Made in Hong Kong (before it was assimilated into China). These places were more outposts for American Industry in those days- build there for one care-- cheap wages and slavery conditions outside of American Law. Selling goods made overseas was an incredible boon for greed... it cost less to manufacture and Americans had a lot of spending money.

Greed startled itself in the late 1970's. The first negative-amortizing mortgages busted the lenders who spewed that crap paper and thus- screwed the investors. We saw tighter recessionary cycles (every 3 to 5 years) and with so much graft cash billowing out the tops of the ivory towers, bookkeepers began reporting not enough cash left in the nest for promises made to workers. Every GOP scam and plot hatched from 1979 to 1992 interpreted greed as a necessity to fund first and forego ethics and integrity to anyone else. Those same folks are now the billionaires people worldwide are suppressed by.

"People are made to fantasize only about hardware." Indeed. But realization is a harsh lesson and once learned it is almost impossible to fool enough people again. This is why we are here, at this socio-politico-financial time. Involuntary death is our point in the inevitability cycle. It is not human death for us. While your figures are likely correct, Saldeck, mainstream America works and is nonetheless unable to stay afloat, and so debt is piling up at record pace. We all saw what happened when the Federal Reserve raised the Bank Rate by .25%. It will have to do that again soon and this time, those likely impacted will be everyone.

While what you say about Wal-Mart is true (employee food drives), every major retailer including Wal-Mart has low sales volume and traffic now. Even though Amazon enjoyed 42% of online sales last quarter, overall sales volume is falling away. NEOH gives us logistics data-- a lion's share of steadily dwindling activity (best of the worst) is not an award winner. You can only starve people so long and reward yourself so much-- then you and the monetary unit you hoard are dysfunctional. The need to rise up is less productive than continuing to opt-out but nowhere as valuable as waking up to realize your living is somewhere in-between a rock and a hard place and very far from the sustainability that will dominate the coming era.

Logic dictates... if the Right follow the current course and accuse Trump of corruption regarding campaign finance and funding, AND. Hillary Clinton is convicted of crimes related to Benghazi... then Sanders does not win because he is the last man standing... the nation likely goes to war and the sitting President remains in Office. That is only going to spark massive problems because he likes lawyers, gays, blacks, transgender and righteous women more than fairness for everyone. America really has no one steering us today. The President is useless, Congress hasn't done their jobs in 8 years and the Supreme Court just spews political action causes (group windfalls). Without the majority employed and solvent--- we are just as much sitting ducks as Europe is.