The latest news, April 29, 2016

Here is Reuters' take on the market this early P.M.:

U.S. economy stalls in first quarter as activity weakens broadly

Markets | Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:11pm EDT

WASHINGTON | By Lucia Mutikani
U.S. economic growth braked sharply in the first quarter to its slowest pace in two years as consumer spending softened and a strong dollar continued to undercut exports, but a pick-up in activity is anticipated given a buoyant labor market.

In a nutshell - there you have it! Rephrased - Employment statistics are good, but no one is buying.

How would we interpret that - and perhaps more important inwhat category? Gossip? Pipe dreams to influence public opinion? Repeat the lie often enough and everyone will believe it?

Built on these facts - for starters:

  1. One reporting facility - at this tiem of day - presents stats showing 85% of polled nations have the dollar in decline; meaning, everything is more expensive for the US consumer;
  2. First, Retail continues its march into the desert, head high and pockets empty; and Second, what are all the hard working people doing at their reconstituted jobs? Covering debts incurred during the past eight years? Building up reserves to carrythem through the glory years ahead?
  3. The Fed attempts assurances that the economy will look better a few months from now so the business community should hold off on expecting them to endorse our recovery path at this time - meaning, they pass on the interest raising propoosition the outlook is that good;
  4. The Fed will wait to see teh outcome of the failing Internatinal trade situation - meaning? - NO one needs our goods or is willing to accept the gamble of dealing with our debt supported trade technique, loaded with declining value dollar payoffs?;
  5. The dollar is still under seige; the indication at 1:11 P.M. - 85% of the polled nations inonelong-running set of statistics have other currencies faring better in the exchanges than the dollar - meanwhile, the conversion from dollars to gold is picking up as expected;
  6. China still has no answer for their major headache - no markets for their goods, and their stock markets have no dependable alternative support;
  7. Bank of Japan dropped ovee 600 points (about the equivalent of a similar drop in the DJIA - slightly larger than a 3.3% sudden drop.

BUT!! Our employment stats set up grounds for confidence bulding.


Main question: How reliable is our ability to diagnose economic problems?

Tiresome it is, but we are not emerging from the consensuses with viable options; stuck instead in the "soft patches" of our weak economies according to Janet Yellen, (who picks up on the February technical term used by Loretia Mester, the new Cleveland Fed Bank president). What oter reliable descriptor is available? Predictions are out of the question, economic data is insufficient, mathematical modeling has no power in these areas, and we've burned the bridges of communication with the public accustomed to more common language. The foundering Fed is lost, wandering through a torturous desert with no landmarks, exposed to a burning overhead sun that publicizes all "filler" explanations, but serves as a searing spotlight that reveals their total lack of options.

Wait! Just wait! Things will improve.

And, in the process of waiting what improvements can we expect for the future? This is not the time to begin tinkerng with the motor. No, it isn't, but if not now, when?


[To be continued.]

The Rats Are Jumping Ship

A few things...

Yale alumni are asking Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs operative on Trump staff) to quit. If he does and Conn leaves (another mother-effing Goldman Sachs guy), not only would the White House Administration crumble, but stocks, bonds and corporativism would as well. How pathetically small this game has gotten... while The American People are more or less forgotten. Meanwhile... several other staffers have jumped ship. Other psychopaths are speaking out... Romney wants him to apologize, Cuban wants to be his Enterprise Czar... you will note that no name mentioned or implied has a tangible humble actual work history. The ladder is made out of dog feces and cat piss.

Banter of a tariff emerges. Obama needed to set a tariff in 2009 on imported goods. Doing so would have reconstituted the work force at it's highest stability point and created millions of new enterprises that-- today-- would be leading our prosperity while the hulls of worn-out inherited business platforms got pillaged for parts, pieces and legitimate professionals. It didn't happen... it's almost exclusively WHY we are here and this now sucks as badly as it does. If America falls... George W. will get the blame for chopping this tree down, Barack gets the credit for leaving it to dry in the hot Sun and of corse, the Donald goes on record for turning us into firewood and leaving lighter fluid and matches in plain sight. Please note-- Obama had the Congressional might to pass the tariff and let phony mortgages to pathetic people hiding behind degrees fail. Instead, he had Congress not read his pile of ACA and pass it, let degrees walk away from mortgage CONTRACTS and buy the remodeled house up-street or have a McMansion built, hid behind LGBTQ and screwed millions out of the careers and then lives to poop a Progressives Agenda out that was/is/will always be total failure because no one does anything in it except peck and protest.

How we could stop this... there are 18 million bicycles sold in the USA alone every year. About a million are made here, most of the parts are made elsewhere and imported. Most of the parts used to be made here and bikes were assembled all over America. A tariff literally ends bike sales here... too expensive even for junk ones. IF we decided to make America great again by restoring the ENTIRE bicycle manufacturing industry from metal to pedal from tire to gear changer to seat, frame and chain... just TEN factories across the nation generates at least 5 million jobs. 18,000,000 bicycles retailing at $400 generates $7,200,000,000 (a $7.2 BILLION DOLLAR industry) and one Hell of a lot of family sustaining income and economy-lifting fuel. What's in the way... inheritors and our grossly negligent Ivy League degrees-holding problem people. Law Firms would eat the enterprises for lunch and the Fool in the White House would call the victims of un-Free Enterprise-- losers. But... simple as that and a sober reconstitution of everything else garbage pariah Right Wing nightmare makers shifted to Asia out of greed... We the People could reclaim our nation with. What does it take? End Wall Street. End Money Lusting Groups and all the wealthy created out of other people's once-hard-earned savings and assets. End Law Firms. End Accounting firms. In fact... END EVERYBODY who touches money, numbers and legalese for-profit and get the primary frontier BACK TO ENTERPRISE CAPITALISM, not Fascism and Secular Stagnation.

We will likely hear something soon like... "I am not a rat" coming from a high-level mouth... but indeed... it is.

How Will We React?

It no longer makes sense to question Russian penetration of our American Society... it makes sense now to assess survival potential.

Stock Markets-- are like a run-away set of rail cars on fire and full of toxic substances heading into a populated area at full speed... and some are buying ride tickets.

American Hate-- our new national sport. It's happened before in the world... those places no longer exist.

240 days... August and September will be times most of us won't want to remember.

No Fear... is Fearful.

Word that traffic is lethargic in big box retailers should drive applicable stocks down... but it doesn't. We supposedly entered a Bear Market for Energy stocks but it only lasted a day or so. Stocks are at an all-time record high, but there is no economy, no jobs, no nothing... just stock markets.

Yesterday... the Dow dropped more than 100 points mid-day... SOLELY because of the Donald Trump Junior e-mail debacle. It affected-- ZERO big box retailers, gas or oil companies, imports, exports, whatever... but it impacted stocks when nothing else does.

What does it mean? It means-- stay out of stocks! DROP, straight ahead.

The Blow Out

How long have people been predicting economic crash? 10 years now? 20? The bulls scoff at the bears, the salaried condescend on the labor, big chains invade and small business appears to be an endangered species.

Some facts: Most stock Indices are at record highs... so are the compensation and benefit packages of-- elected Officials, executive management, accounting, financial and legal professionals, insurers, and administrators. You know what is NOT at record high? The stuff REAL economies require to sustain. Labor pay is dismal. People able to do work but have opted-out or are blockaded is at a record high-- so bailing graft, rackets and corruption must also be at a record high. Sometimes, it isn't the vagueness of the gloomy prediction that needs illumination, sometimes it's the plain-out lack of substance and ramifications of failure that need illumination.

There was a massive termination of career people from 2007-09. Few if any recovered. Nearly all had to tap (and likely still do) saved assets for basic survival. Behind them came a wave of device-reliant salaried paper pushers. The global economics went stagnant. Literally, everything of substance came to a standstill and still is... except, their pay, benefits and air-promises that what that generation sees on-paper will be theirs as they retire. Consider the silliness of that prospect. We have NO economy anywhere. Graft spending went astronomical. Some numbers are now so huge that they are beyond credible and often mocked... "we can't owe $5 Quadrillion, it's not possible." Really? By 2008 there were hundreds of trillions in derivatives without a single stretch-of-the-imagination possibility of solvency BUT, those contracts (unsubstantiated and phony as four-dollar bills) maintained a priority interest ahead of any other instrument in potential liquidation. That is-- dead things needed to be constantly bailed to prevent post failure pay out of derivatives. Why? The invisible answer is in who owns the instruments... it is unlikely that the holders are: American People, American Municipalities, Real Americans... People who would not use the windfall capital to kick a nation when it was down. What isn't silly is-- the exponential cost to bail the exponential liability that was the financial sector after it's April, 2001 coup. Yes... George W. Bush initiated two dumb things... the hyper-printing of the fiat American Dollar and use them strictly to bail dead entities.

Take the number of days since April, 2001 and multiply them by a bail figure. Now multiply that sum by itself (for exponential expansion) and then by the number of nations colluding as "G". The figure is beyond comprehension. We know this as a fact because a handful of hyper-wealthy people possessing the same in assets as some volume of ordinary people on Earth keeps adjusting. In 2000, a million of the wealthiest on Earth possessed the same in assets as a billion other folk (obviously based on the poorest). By 2012, the million richest possessed equal to 4 billion. Today, the ratio is grossly imbalanced at 50 of the richest on Earth (yes, just 50) possess the same in assets as 4 BILLION other people, and most of those now included as the poorest were once the American Middle Class. Most of those folks are now over the age of 55 and unable to ever recover. Meanwhile... our elected Officials now enjoy more compensation and benefits than ever. Meanwhile... a collection of careers that do not really participate in any actual economy (they are leeches to it) enjoy more compensation and benefits than all other People. The distortion tells us everything.

History tells us that when a currency dilutes to the extent that it's validity factor is less than 1% of it's original viable rate as free-flowing money, that society ends badly and catastrophic failure ensues. 100% of all fallen societies possess identical factors-- their governments are grossly corrupted until the failure. None survive the crash. All forms of financial paper are instantly invalid. They make good kindling. They never achieve value beyond that again. The majority reel at the apex of the deceit behind the triggering of the failure... generally helpless until the dust settles. In the aftermath there is Chaos that gives weigh to basic survival needs. No one shoots the baker, the butcher or the candlestick maker, but they do go after all the pathetic pariah. Weird things gain value... certain materials, items, stuffs... never specie. No one wants to be the fool handling gold when ordinary people crave food, clothing and shelter. Darwinism rules at that time.

We are at best-- months away from this. I call it The Blow Out because in reading all the history, it most closely resembles a blow out.

Frankenstein And His Creator

Frankenstein dies. His creator dies due to trying to play God and instead created a monster that is wrecking havoc. And this perfectly ties into where our planet is at today.
"They" are the creators. They created wrecking havoc over all life forms on the planet. Their Frankensteins may not look like monsters but we see these Frankenstein everyday. The Frankensteins they created come in forms of sweatshops, the dow, payday loans, hedge funds, drones, missiles, nuclear power planets, fossil fuels, pipelines, pesticides, chemicals, dams, guns, mines, etc.
Stop worshipping this life killing bullshit.
Always Frankensteins are unnatural and will die. The planet will be ready to begin once all the Frankensteins are destroyed. My hunch is this new beginning will not include the creators in the equation. The creators will die with these Frankensteins just like the story.

And now I want to tell you about my vacation in Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region.

I felt like it was the first time, in my 34th year of life, I was allowed to get lost in nature. There was no mega city close by or its sprawling suburbs to soak up. It was just me and my boyfriend surrounded by wooded mountains, waterfalls and river.
I finally got the peace and quiet of nature I have been needing. Getting lost in nature to me is not going to a park that's a few miles in length but is surrounded by Industrial Civilization. Getting lost in nature is not hearing cars or airplanes, or people blasting music over covered picnic tables. It is being able to feel yourself think and getting lost in the natural sounds of the world all around you.

This all makes my wonder, why have we lost our connection with the land? When we take a break from our grind, we go to another city to bask in someone else's grind. We have disconnected ourselves from wildlife even though we depend on it for our survival. We belong in nature. It is our heaven.
When was the last time we tasted the sublime? When did we last feel wonder? Can we remember feeling awed by something?
These are things we need, if we are to thrive. They are fuel for the higher human abilities. If we lack them, as is currently endemic throughout the West, our higher abilities will lag. Albert Einstein wrote: Who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

Two Roads

Frankenstein and his Creator story... we are enduring the last hurrah of the exploiters of the 20th century. A very abusive era. The replacement era won't be progressive. We need a new course. Repairing what exploitation ruined is not just a good road, an entire economic cycle can be achieved doing it. What lies ahead is better for our souls than any exploitation era so-called convenience. Shift happens.

Since meeting the woman I am now married to... we did a circle trip around some of the Great Lakes. The brutal landscapes of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are exciting and of that captivating quality you describe Georgia has. We canoed a river and then hiked back to the Forbidden Waterfall on Kauai (HI USA). The hike included forging across river rapids and a walk over boulders to reach the grotto. The 150-foot falls were dangerous, spectacular and absolutely NOT for the average tourist jaunt. They cannot be reached any other way. We hiked Yosemite (CA USA) this year and also saw the great Sequoia trees. Natures survives us. I have no way to link you to other sites, but I take a lot of pics and post them of places exploitation has failed to compromise and/or nature has won back. America is full of rusting industrial era ruins. Friends have been taking pics of rural Eastern Europe for me to view... a great destination for next year. I am envious of your adventure in Georgia and thrilled you have a significant other to share your adventures with! Each of us could be excessively wealthy, but with wealth comes a paranoia that negates any chance of ever experiencing life at our level and with our significant others-- ever. Melania Trump does not hike and Donald couldn't enjoy a breathtaking view sans all the modernity. To be able to is true wealth.

A FB video shows a person I know getting repeatedly patted down and scanned at the airport by TSA officers. She is blond, mid-thirties and wearing a tee with jeans that are covered in metallic glitter. She is upset at the inconvenience and her 'man' is filming it. She chose the outfit by self-centered narrow-minded ego, not in preparation for a security check. Darwinism suggests people like this will realize more and more resistance as people grow intolerant of obstruction, exploitation, ignorant arrogance and psychopathy. A reminder that it took generations to achieve this level of hubris and will take time to break it down. In the end... more people will grasp how to humbly enjoy things, smell the flowers again and let go of distractions. Many people are followers because they fear any other attempted course. Think about it... as the pendulum swings away from cliques, groups, conglomerates, bigs, fads and peer pressure, there is only that "nature" remaining. We are then- each alone- if we have only followed. The richest people on Earth always have someone next to them to share any random moment with.

This is where we are going now. We (she and I) are steadily reducing our man-made obstructions and having fun making alternatives. Generally, it is costing a little more up-front to chance away from commercialized exploitation, but well-worth it. One faction is travel, another is departure from routines. Try it.

Dream, Plan, Go, Share

I enjoyed reading your adventure because I felt part of it.
Adventure travel feeds your dreams and builds your confidence. Dream, plan, go, share. But no matter how many steps it gets to get there, the one thing that's certain about traveling to spectacular nature spots is that it soon becomes addictive. Experiencing one wilderness just does not seem to be enough, your soul quickly calls for more.

Here's to your adventures in whatever corner of the world you find them.

Sadly, the modern West has become a mad scramble to distract as many sets of eyes as possible and to keep them -to own them- for as long as possible. And so long as professional distractors own your imagination, you won't experience much in the way of awe. Think of Google and Facebook. These outfits bring in billions of dollars per month, based almost entirely on how much human attention they can capture. The people are serious about owening your brain cycles.
I want your attention because I think we have something worthwhile to communicate, not to own your brain.

We need to get away from these people and beyond these foul concepts.
Don't let yourself by driven away from the higher and better things.
Lay under the stars and wonder.
Sit in the wilderness and image benevolence and beauty and goodness unchained.

Rate of Evolution

My rate (speed and intensity) of Evolution is very hectic right now. I really never have been a good Status Quo person and now I am moving very quickly juxtaposed to the prevailing "quo".

My divorce change my entire thinking process. All that I had- suddenly got exposed to and violated by- the tenets of the last era. The rate of change I had to endure in order to find survival was unbelievable, but I did it. It's like standing there with millions just like you in proximity and after the dust settles from a storm that should never have taken place in America and in many other places worldwide... I found myself alive, but changed. Everyone else alive had changed too, but so many were (and remain today) in denial of the course of events and circumstance. I realized that I had to 'progress' or keep moving while simultaneously developing new viabilities to bridge my existence from the past to the false-present to the completely unknown future.

WE Dreamers, Planners, Go-ers, Do-ers and Sharers were hunted down and seemingly destroyed without anyone checking to see if we actually were. We were not. In fact... we were all that we were plus the new influence of the base-survival wits-on-full-tilt existence we endured. Think about it... we can chronicle backward into the late 1990's and see exactly where corrupt influences began altering en masse and tampering with the fundamental integrity of all that [seemed to] mattered. Money touchers have been corrupt since the first of them devised a currency unit to replace actual work. Probably the third person involved recognized the power in this, turned corrupt, and the rest is a sad history that has curdled societies while taking Man from simple superior to today's state-of-the-stupid by choice.

The woman I found (online ironically) was like no one I have ever known. European by birth, endured so much there, came to America by necessity, realized so much here and evolved through so many boxes and walls only to know a critical loss. Life went on and her tenacity far exceeded mine in restoring her evolution. She had her pick of just about anyone because she had earned that privilege... but she chose me against all odds that this was a right move. She knew something. Since meeting her, I have endured more than I ever knew I could and when ready to surrender to the pressure of it, I had her to relay experiences and her own discoveries to ease... then to guide a new course. The books found at: were amazing. After our first dates, we started reading For Men Only, For Women Only. Each read a book and made sticky notes on key passages. Then we switched books and read the others' notes too. By the time we finished, I could have proposed to her on the spot. That much Evolution happens when two people grasp who they truly are through this sort of exchange. She has literally re-built me since, but selfishly, because as the True Me evolves still, so does the True Her. From a Modern Era series of definitions on who is what, what is of value, who wins, who is a loser perspective... I just spent the last two and a half or so years in ways no one can survive alone. Find this bizarre, because while I endured this type of evolution, she carried-on with the momentum of her own evolution and is at the place I was before the assaults on my stability. She let me endure all I needed to, but never let go of me or provided short cuts.

LOOK at what prevails today. Your post is accurate...
We need to get away from these people and beyond these foul concepts.
Don't let yourself by driven away from the higher and better things.
Lay under the stars and wonder.
Sit in the wilderness and image benevolence and beauty and goodness unchained.

What you may not realize is-- THIS is the broad plain now... where you look around and notice so many standing around you, or not notice them but feel their presence. A vast majority of the world now personally defines the psychopaths and recognizes our course as being catastrophic if not altered. To use the word: Darwinism, is to know that inside the vast majority is the Will to not step toward Oblivion while there are infinitely other options. The "group" that has taken more than needed, stepped on those around them for a view they cannot use, exploited, committed corruption, tilted Fate to favor themselves with little regard to repercussions... are becoming isolated and a finite group without the ways and means to hold their status. Quo shifts eternally. When withheld or obstructed, if shifts violently. To stand in front of it and scoff that it will remain stagnant on a round orb circling a round Sun circling in a round galaxy in an expanding universe is-- plain-out ignorant.

Most don't realize what is happening to them on a macro level. To have limited wealth (fiat money), assets (luggage), position (roost) and lack immortality does not make one weak or a loser WHEN the aspect of each of these is controlled and manipulated by exploiters running out of resources and afflicted by their own arrogance. Do we really believe in Oil? Nope. Whatever gets suppressed, oppressed or taken away opens new doors. I'm going to be sure my landscaping feeds me before I plant it full for the visual beauty of passing neighbors. I'm going to know what is good for me before I resign to quit shopping anywhere except Whole Foods. I will never buy on Amazon because it outright ruins my local to regional to nation economy. I don't want it fast... I want my nation to last. I will keep my skills sharp. I will listen, no matter how painful, so that speech and ideas reign supreme over clandestine everything.

Realize that IF catastrophic financial failure happened TODAY it would only majorly impact a fraction of the world's population. The rest have already started to smell the flowers and back off from psychopathic pursuits. There is more hope than most think. The key is not knowing that, but to go seek it and except whatever level of it we find. I have sat on a rock in the middle of nowhere without any cell signals next to a waterfall and rapids holding the hand of my lover-partner and enjoyed the Sun beat on us while not just listening to the nature around us but being part of it... and knowing that in that moment, we two are the least able to survive for a time where we are. It humbles...

A Bizarre (Maybe Not) Theory

A couple of decades ago now... [we] discussed the concept of Globalization being a mistake. Inherited wealth had surmised an end to their gravy train because in spite of intentional acts like down-sizing to mass terminations, the average America was gaining savvy and no longer duped by shoddy marketing, services hustling and buying into what was best-described as evangelical Koolaid. In short-- lazy wealth found itself losing pigeons. Nixon started the globalization transition when he went to China. He went to- China, not Hong Kong. When he went, Hong Kong and Taiwan were already mass-producing what was no longer feasible to do in Japan. China was an opportunity that looked and smelled like a gravy train adjunct BUT only complete idiots ignore millennia of history associated with Asians. They learn fast. Their culture is largely based on a racketeering and corruption in-dominance that leaves the majority destitute, God-fearing and obedient. Hard work is considered honorable, although, those bestowing the honor label rarely are honorable or hard-working.

Offshoring American and European jobs, then sweeping currency into stagnation literally bit off the hand that used to scoop prosperity into the gravy train. Globalization was the drag on a cigarette so heavily laced with cancer that it began killing Day One.

It is very possible that the world's wealthiest, aren't wealthy at all. In fact, they may be the world's greatest debtors and freakishly force-obligated to their own Notes. When you are so incredibly (self-assumed) clever that you buy paper you yourself owe... it's useless. Further, when you buy paper and attempt to collect on it, but ignore real Law and are actually possessing nothing you can legally collect... you possess a DEBT, not a marginal return on investment. It's possible that Russia has suffered so much that it no longer has the means to manufacture sustainable economy. It's People have been suppressed out of competent ability to do work. Europe is like that. America is like that too. Administrative, Financial, Legal, Political... these are not industries where work disciplines and routines generate economy. They all take from the economy and thrive ONLY when others are generating tangible assets of economic substance. That is all gone all across the world.

If the value of everything that once held value by validity is now-- ZERO, then there are no wealthy people in the world, only people fully dysfunctional to the world. They may hold sway politically and by nebulous contractual instruments... but collectively, the greater world is finding those two attributes less and less meaningful. No one who is poor fears a contractual breach... not when they know the labor they do is priceless to a dead cat publicly traded stock of an entity run by other people who do not have a similar labor capability.

We don't care about William & Kate. We don't care about OJ Simpson. We are pissed-off that Jeff Sessions isn't resigning. We hate the Trump kids for being where they shouldn't and getting in the way of actual efforts to salvage America while it can still be salvaged. We don't pay attention to EU news... strip the Union from Europe now and you see-- nothing tangible. What in particular is France producing to generate tangible economy? Greece is producing local cheese, booze, food stuffs and more and it is a shell of the land it once was in EUC terms. No one has touched Goldman Sachs and yet it is purely obvious that doing so releases the globe from stagnation. The Big Banks are collapsing in both the US and Britain. The BREXIT mattered. The Keystone XL pipeline did go through Indian Lands and many Indians were massacred for it but the gritty Canadian Oil flowing to refineries in Texas has no buyers. Elon Musk now makes solar shingles for rooftops. It was actually discovered more than 25 years ago. Not by Musk or anyone he knew. The original Patent filer did not survive the filing.

Could Y2K have been a Terror Plot? Was it a ruse to worry the world about computer clocks while the entire world's globalization was kidnapped and enslaved for ill-good and nefarious purpose? Seems so. Hard to deny with so much cancer oozing from everything.

Maybe Not Maybe Yes

The social character of new global capitalism is marked by the fact that the formation of this new aristcracy is arising out of the ashes of an insecure middle class.
It is a huge irony that in the new capitalism there are more risks on working for a living than there are for owning capital. The basic right to capital remains inviolate, as opposite to a job and the super-rich will only lose but a portion of their possessions whereas the own of a job can lose everything. In today's global capitalism, reward often tend to be higher for doing nothing, using capital through inheritance, than for the hard work of securing skills in order to work for a living.

In the name of global competitiveness governments compete each other to bid down wages and welfare. It is not unreasonable to ask supporters of new global capitalism: When does the bidding down stop?

I have met the richest people in the world.
If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your backs, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world.
If you never experienced the horrible pangs of starvation, you are luckier than 500 million people alive and suffering.
You are rich if you have love around you.

And Yet... Perception Is Not Reality

In 2012... sales to Russians and Brazilians were 35% of my exports. In 2017... I have had ONE sale to someone in a place I had to check the map for to know where it was... it was in what used to be the boundaries of the Soviet Union. I have had no contact at all with former patrons in either place. A friend in Argentina who went off-grid some time ago recently pinged another friend for help. His region... vital in both agriculture and ranching was being oppressed to price quantity below market so BIG could buy it. The prices were inconsistent with costs. The region was penalized by being "overlooked" as a supply source. The assistance requested was for guidance... without any sale, the locals were retracting from cooperatives and literally re-forming as villages. The area has been realizing de-evolution.

READ between the lines here about what BIG will ultimately do to themselves... if the world fully stops recognizing wealth, there is no possible way for the wealthy to enforce such falsehoods as: financial instruments, legalese, generally-accepted accounting practices, etc. As these overly-organized-for-corruption aspects disintegrate, there is a worse condition behind them... de-evolution. The refugees had cell phones. Those Argentine villages may no longer have community electricity, much less cell service. The FACT is-- nothing the wealthy embrace today has it's own sustainability. We can do without Oil. We can use something other than Dollars for currency (and do). We don't or want Lawyers. We don't need ANY administrators doing ANY type of overseeing. We don't need technology. We need skill sets. Sadly, the longer we fail to value them, the harder it will be to re-teach the now-primitive to value them.

An interesting thing about those who have experienced the horrible pangs of starvation (I have not, I ate carefully selected well-expired food stuffs)... is in getting there. The fear of falling overrides everything until you hit bottom or close to it. Suddenly, a primal survival urge replaces it and you do. You go to sleep nauseated by what you ate and you awake seeing the world very differently because it can't hurt you. You have little left to lose and can then wager it to survive. Some whore what's left. Some resort to criminal activity. Some forfeit it and kill themselves. The others... leverage it and create an all-new basis to make progress on and from. THESE PEOPLE are not in the media. They could be a neighbor or a person responding to your posts... the FACT is, they exist at your level but by entirely different means. It is extremely complex and yet- relatively simple. They wake and-- go into survival mode. I am certainly not as bad off as I was now. That said, I cannot stop going back into survival mode. The knowledge of that hunger drives me now..., greater than any fear I once perceived.

Ever rich person fears everything. Every thing every rich person possesses is fleeting from the masses. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to surmise the forthcoming blow out. When all Men fall, best to be a Man closest to the ground and nimble enough to grasp what will rain down, than any other level and the perceptivity of a clown.

Perceiving Reality

Allowing us to better perceive reality. An example: Nancy MacLean's new book Democracy in Chains, tells us how a secretive network set out to curtail our freedoms.
The history professor's work on the subject began by accident. In 2013 she stumbled across a deserted clapboard house on the campus of George Mason University in Virginia.
It was stuffed with the unsorted archives of a man who had died in that year: James McGill Buchanan. She writes that the first thing she picked up was a stack of confidential letters concerneing million of dollars transferred to the university by the billionaire Charles Koch.
Her discoveries in that house of horrors reveal how Buchanan developed a hidden programme for suppressing democracy on behalf of the very rich. The programme is now reshaping politics and not just in the US.

In 1980 he was able to put the programme into action. He was invited to Chile, where he helped Pinochet to write a new constitution. Amid the torture and killings, he advised the government to extend its programmes of privatisation, austerity, monetary restraint, deregulation and the destruction of trade unions, a package that helped trigger economic collapse in 1982.
None of this troubled the Swedish Academy that in 1986 awarded Buchanan the nobel prize for economics. It is one of several decisions that have turned this prize toxic.
It would be fair to say that Buchanan vision is maturing in the US. But not just there. Austerity, the budgeting rules, the dismantling of public services, control of schools, all these measures follow Buchanana's programmes.
Complete freedom for billionaires means poverty, insecurity. pollution and collapsing public services for everyone. Because we will not vote for this, it can be delivered only through deception and authoritarian control.
One of the first rules of politics is know your enemy. We are getting there.

They are the creators of their own reality. An example: an Op-Ed in the New York Times was entitled "Buiding an Ark for the Anthropocene". The article says that we are barreling into the sixth mass extinction. One-third to one-half of all Earth's species could be wiped out. So they need a modern version of Noah's Ark. But, the author asks: What species do you save?
This is precisely where this culture has been headed since the biginning: it has always wanted to play God and decide who lives and who dies. The truth is that these beings wouldn't need to be saved if civilisation weren't killing them.

In the article there is no discussion of extirpating iPads, iPhones,computer technologies, retractable stadium roofs, inseticides, GMOs, nuclear weapons, predator drones, etc. None of them is mentioned -never- not once.

The reality is: endagered species don't need arks - They need a living planet!

Good. But...

If we adhere to the concept of Cyclicality (everything sustaining is round or a circle for good reason), we can all agree that as humans, the Koch Brothers have surpassed Decline and are somewhere just shy of voluntary or involuntary Death. They can continue to pee in all the drinking water they can, but the vast majority have moved on from the trappings that allowed these fanatical nutcase to thrive beyond their inheritances. In attempting to conquer the world and stuff it in the little box that is their pathetic existence, they have alienated the value of the box itself. What if experts are wrong and we do trip into the 6th Extinction (I too have read books on this) but the people who pass into the 7th Regeneration are the majority who choose to live over living to work? If just 50 people now possess more wealth than the lowest 4 billion out of 7 billion, it kind of makes sense that what those 50 possess is about to no longer have value to the rest of us.

Very early in my credit career... I had to make substance sense and return on investment off a myriad of crap loans made by defunct companies that my employer bought for pennies on the dollar. So much of that future birdcage lining was total nonsense. Loans made to borrowers with zero ability to repay it, gone destitute since. Collateral that I was willing to pay the borrower to keep because it cost too much to repossess and sell it. But during the era that paper was written... it was a force to be reckoned with for a LOT of victims. We haven't seen that since. The Housing Collapse paper was self-inflicted. The banks that wrote it (non-bank lenders didn't write it because they didn't have the in-house funding to make junk, someone required diligence, criteria adherence, warranties and representations). Banks funneled worthless badly-written credit into the Operation Twist fiasco and stuck the Federal Reserve with a toxic nightmare. Retailers began importing and it hurt American Industry. American Industry started exporting jobs and it hurt everyone. The wealthy will do ANYTHING to avoid touching the common man's playing field but in Reality, the Spaceship Boondoggle they conspire to fly all over Earth today is NOT going to yield oppression suppression and a Rise of the Fourth Reich through controller technology operated by Big Corruption.

It will reach an impasse very soon and begin exactly what Andrew Dickson White described in Fiat Money Inflation in France... each subsequent move after the impasse had a devastating reaction on the source... it had to, the People were too ravaged for corruption to matter. You don't see stock markets rising on news of economic power supported by tangible sustainability... it's always something obscure. The obscurity is never aligned with Reality. When you fall from whatever level of success you made for yourself... the FEAR is the thing that causes the most pain. All the balloons you held so tightly either pop or fly away. It's a cataclysmic devastation. BUT... once you've fallen down and struck the Earth (bottom), the one thing that falls out is-- your FEAR. No matter how bad your day goes, if your find sleep and wake the next day, you are the victor! Why? Because all preconceived notions are nonexistent at the bottom. Wealth does not FEAR this. It fears FEAR. It is more likely that many wealthy today will find Death voluntarily... caused by self-inflicted FEAR.

Not one country, not one country in any country, not one city in any country anywhere in the world has broken free from the confines of secular stagnation and-- on their own engines- is thriving in a departure from darkness that overshadows this whole era. The Right won't win it. The Left won't win it. The Muslims, Catholics, Blacks, Jews, Indians, Aliens, Lesbians or Dwarfs won't it. People will win it. People without much money but with some non-traditional necessity commodities with skill sets will win.

Change is happening but most of us are so victimized by dark sources that confusion reigns. Confusion is not a commodity.

Confusion Reigns

The planet is so awash on greenhouse gas that millions of brains will so lack oxygen that they'll slip into a carbon induced confusion.
Now, let's get really real. How many minds were talking about no-growth, steady-state economics, the three e's of sustainability (environment, equity, economy,), small is better, de-industrializing, and on and on? Each and every square inch of soil, and cubic meter of river and 2000 foot of altitude is raped and re-raped. By us, the supremacists. The dunces. We could choose differently. But we don't. And we won't. Not as long as the same unquestioned beliefs run the culture.

I Agree, But...

A $27 BILLION natural gas refinery project just bit the dust and shuttered. Why? Because there are a glut of such projects and no customers. Here is some history you may or may not know... when Thomas Edison harnessed Niagara Falls and lit-up Buffalo, New York, the combined mongers that had thrived to that day (whale oil, kerosene and wax) conspired to eliminate the competitor, even though it was was so much better. They nearly won. We have electricity now. The point is-- the people who actually grasp history aren't always doing it for good or noble reasons. Almost 100% of our course since Y2K has been controlled, manipulated and moved solely by tyrannical financial and a whole lot of corruption. Why? Because fossil fuel mongers KNOW they are dying and will realize replacement- by renewable resources finally- and they aren't about to let us off that ship.

I keep referring back to Andrew Dickson White's accounting of the the French Revolution Era from the economic perspective for good reason... it outlined the "Tipping Point" that put corruption on a self-inflicted loser track. At one point... no foreigner touched anything French (including violins- they were assembled in Germany during this period) and a small segment of the population isolated themselves with nearly all the money hoarded in markets. The People had nothing. "Let them eat cake" may not have actually been said but it wasn't said flippantly, it was a solution. The farmer, the cooperative, the baker and decorator all lost money bringing sugary delights to the banquet table of the rich and royalty... who didn't eat them. They were thrown out each night. The remark was-- let them eat the cakes instead of discarding them. Kind of like pimping Coke and Chips to starving nations today.

There is a massive GLUT in refined fuels worldwide. Unlike unrefined crude that can be pushed back into the ground (and has been since Y2K) refined gas dissipates until it is useless in it's intended purpose. We went from George W. Bush telling the world it is running out of oil, to the introduction of cars wielding 840 HP engines that get no miles per gallon. Why? Because the hopes are that fools will help Big Oil bust the glut. It isn't happening... the fools are working in water parks this Summer and spend all they make on pursuits, micro-brewed beer and the latest I-Phone. There is a good chance that the spotlight is on Russia for a different reason than you think. It is on Vlad Putin because Russia has a glut in refined gas it can't alleviate and no economy. Brazil has no economy. China is wallowing because it has too many gluts. Canada isn't all that solvent either... Trudeau does a lot of PC stuff and none of it generates economy. Mexicans are buying up American Thrift, shipping it back home and those people sustain off it. America is largely a garbage data debacle and has no economy.

Meanwhile... in the tower that Trump built... he has forced the Senate to at least "talk" about healthcare reform. Won that yesterday. Last night, Congress veto'd the crap Act McConnell spewed, so no one will be talking about the Far Right version of healthcare reform. More than 60% of right-leaning Americans have shifted, according to a poll. The Left claimed them. Not so fast... I have never had more "likes" before in talking up the MIDDLE as an anti-Party. If Americans don't like the Far Righter or Leftist choices, it MUST have another choice. If in fact that third option wins, both sides are eliminated and the new options must be outside of those Parties. It brings to bear a new concept-- REAL democracy. Is America a Republic? Who gives a crap that matters? Vote away Seniors... but unless you are hell-bent on forfeiting all your stagnant wealth and re-joining the workforce at the LABOR level... then you vote... not BE the choices.

Six months out this weekend. The American Government is a complete wreck. The Public is wholly suppressed by controllers but won't kowtow and goose-step to them. All this manipulation costs plenty and as I once mentioned about pee in a cup... the drinking water is now dark yellow from all that urine in this nation. If history is repeating itself now... we enter the damned-if-you-do stage. Every move comes back on itself. When I originally suggested dis-incorporation, I was mocked. Today, I am seeing it spoken and written in many places. Imagine owning a stock certificate and receiving a legal letter converting it to a debt note. You own it, but it is comprised of money-equivalent that was fiat and all fiat money is recalled for evaporation. A wild notion but it is a viable solution.

V_L did you see this? Thoughts...

Here is what passed our NH legislative process and will become recognized as of Aug. 1st 2017:

I Have Now... And Other Reports

AWESOME to see your post! Wish we could read more from you!

You might want to sign up for "American Consequences" and check out for more alternative currency stuff. Essentially, the globe is mired down by exponentially escalating fiat money owed by the world, stuck in stock markets (so, stocks are at least worthless and more likely debt notes). Some say- $5 Quadrillion and growing. Each of the 50 richest in the world all own their own debt notes, the derivatives behind them, and acquired only fiat money, so... it's like over-extending your credit card 25-times over the limit and proclaiming your excessive obligation secured by everything you own- as wealth. It is not. The wealthiest people in the world have no fake money, just tangible commodity and a momentum system for converting it into income... not money.

Bitcoin wealth is virtual. We all know by the damage done to our own financial wherewithal and supporting systems that much of this century has been wrought with terror initiatives to wipe out tangible currencies around the world. There was-- $50 to $60 Trillion in currencies in play on Main Streets in 1998. Currencies have been extorted to the extent that debt notes trade as currency, derivatives move like currency, currency units are still the standard for wealth estimates BUT, nearly ZERO currencies course anywhere and the whole globe is secular stagnant. Since Y2K might actually have been a "fake-out" (PC clocks) and more likely the onset of Big Brother-ism, who wouldn't have guessed a virtual currency meant almost exclusively for playing and not tied to any viable Index like a Work Unit or Commodity... might eventually surface.

Bottle caps make a better currency. Much like traffic round-a-bouts in busy areas, municipalities soon learn that when schools let out there is a continuous stream of hurry mothers commandeering the circle and two or more stranded traffic routes until every mother has arrived at every after school activity. Eventually, there are traffic lights again and fuzzy-logic techno-monitoring to ease the bottlenecks. The relation? If we resorted to virtual money it would indeed wipe-out all the phony wealthy and restore some form of Main Street pulse. Or would it? My argument with technology is-- it advances in a zombie-like dragged-foot styling that ignores obvious glitches and garbage data. I was a participant when companies converted paper records into computer files. The integrity rate was so-so and fixing (edits) was tedious. It wouldn't have been so bad if NEW data was just as lame AND written over integral FACTS. Just 5 years after that massive event, the core data warehouse at a then Fortune 500 company was-- corrupt, pilfered internally and sold on the streets, and subjected to lawsuits for erroneous content.

Internet Security does not exist in an integral state, yet. When we (users) can travel as if in an impenetrable bubble along information highways without fear of breach or intrusion (no cookies, hacking, bugs, viruses, tracking or compromise), then and only then would an alternative currency be viable. If we had all that, it would have to be based on an Index we would all agree on, like, WORK units. When you WORK, you get paid. All work is the same as long as it benefits the whole nation. Beyond working years is fixed benefit. All benefits are the same after validation of the non-work state (medical or age not privilege or civil right).

Bizarrely... the original SuperNova forecasted mega-corporations without the personnel density to survive. They explode (fail) and salaried zombies are forced finally to cooperate with genuine competence to form new alliances that create a new premise for enterprises without any corrupt incorporations remaining. Before that, there is so much financial corruption that money on Earth totally fails and is deemed- worthless (we vote to not fix it, but to replace it with a new system). The theory in the book was based on the world having a single virtual monetary system. How convenient is- the BitCoin, given that forecast. We know now that technology isn't taking Man into his future, it's sapping his ability to free-think and make empowered decisions without techno-aid. Man is getting dumber and duller while a small group fully departed from everyday work-a-day in the real world existences keep taking technology further and further. Man is detached from that. In a nutshell... I own no stocks because I can readily surmise they will drop like rocks from all the corruption and phony representation. I don't stockpile money because it's fiat. I focus on tangible commodities the ordinary people in the world need, want and use. At least they will translate into currency-flow after the catastrophic failure occurs. We cannot resort "back" to last era because we destroyed its fundamentals but cannot proceed and go "virtual" because it doesn't work and neither does anyone addicted to it's Koolaid.

There is something else. It is ahead. It isn't BitCoin. Maybe it's carrots. It was nails once. And shells. If it exists outside ordinary Law and not everyone has it or wants it... odds are it is a fool's play.

A Follow-Up on BitCoin

There are only 700 IRA accounts in the world employing the BitCoin as it's financial vessel. Account number 11 brags that he is up 300% since inception. Apparently many of the others are in it as a hedge against the currencies of the world. The interesting dilemma with that is-- nothing actually substantiates the BitCoin, so there is no historic basis for it against actual currencies. In short-- it's virtual, it's not tied to any Indices and it is not readily accepted worldwide by most money touchers.

There are several new articles out just now on the BitCoin. Not one suggests it is anything more than nothing. That might be a good thing considering the Dollar and Euro are both intrinsically tied to stagnant soon-to-be failing debt and are fiat against any known Indices.

Beer bottles may be the safest bet-- they can be refilled and often with liquids much tastier than phony money.


I was fascinated by crypto-currencies. It is an interesting historical fact that people who take part in rebellions tend to coin their own money - not when the rebellion concludes, but as it starts.
I believed that crypto-currencies were our rebel currencies. I believed it was our moral revolution. But...there is always a "but", right V_L?
Crypto-currencies are undergoing a massive sell-off. They all show the characteristic shape of a financial bubble and it is bursting.
Crypto-investors are no more rational than any sort of investor. Pride before a nasty crash.

A Reminder About History

You are correct, Saldeck.

For a fact, 100% of all sustaining initiatives and stabilizers were born low (Class) and embraced en masse by common people. Ergo-- the sub-economy. There has never been a financial sector "solution" not routed out eventually for it's corruption. 100% of ALL financial Law came after the abuse in it's content. The Glass Steagall Act was written in reaction to massive financial sector crime. The Gramm Leach Bliley Act underwrote de-regulation guised as a Privacy Act. There is a world of difference between writing for correction and giving criminal elements protection.

The criminals KNOW we are now beyond the tipping point. I may enjoy a certain degree of intuition but I would never be so ignorant-arrogant-naive as to predict where we will embrace the next wave. The best practice for all of us not in ivory towers is-- to let go of perceptions that are really baggage and-- survive.

Tulips. Saffron. Great examples.

One Few Of Us Are Seeing Coming. It's Coming FAST.

Cyclicality. A Cycle not broadly grasped in Business is-- the birth, use, maturity, decline to functional obsolescence of Capital Expenditures. A business without them runs in a garage with card tables and chairs and supplies you can buy at the grocery store. Generally, Capital Expenditures exist like a giant game of Chess. Each move has to have strategy. You buy or build a building someplace and expect a Return on Investment... like a tax break or marquis advertisement or civil and municipal benefits. You have to spend money to get exposure. Doing so builds your brand like nothing else can. The exception of course, is convenient necessity. You don't have to go for exposure if the world is already clamoring for your mousetrap. That said... few mousetrap makers stay unique for long, so Capital Expenditures gives you the foundation to go an enterprise on.

INTERESTING. This middle paragraph was about corporate failings and suddenly I got banned by the nefarious 403 again! Something must not be going well. Read what I write here. Imagine what we used to spend capital on. Vomit at what we do now. The latter is the disease... about to be brought down on it's knees as sleaze.

You will begin seeing lots of commentary on Capital Expenditures. They were needed in 2009. By now... for way too many than most realize... it is very much way too late. If you scoff, read your history books about what market degradation did to seemingly the most vital of societies.

The Dumbest And Most Self-destructive Act

Many on Wall Street believe that Capital Expenditures are the lifeblood of the productivity. But the truth is that most capital expenditures provide investors with poor returns. It is easy for management to be talked into expenditures because everyone else is doing it. But as consumer demands and technology shift, today's grand projects become tomorrow's dinosaurs.
Firms are left with a legacy of debt and, finding themselves strapped for funds, discover that they have less rather than more flexibility to meet future needs.

Now, V_L, let me say something about the "dumbest and most self-destructive act":

The "free trade" wing of the Republican Party has taken the United States into a trade war that it can only lose. New sanctions against Russia force Europe into an alliance with Russia against the United States and by extension with China as well. It is the dumbest and most self-destructive act of economic self-harm since the United States linked the dollar from gold, and will have devastating consequences. Berlin, Paris and Rome will conspire with Moscow to circumvert the sanctions while attacking the United States at the World Trade Organization and other international fora.

Do they know what they are doing? When the US Congress adopts draconian sanctions aimed mainly at disempowering President Trump and ruling out any move to improve relations with Russia, do they realize that the measures amount to a declaration of economic war against their dear European "friends"?
Whether they know or not, they don't care. US politicians view the rest of the world as America's hinterland, to be exploited, abused and ignored with impunity.

Yes, the US federal government is ugly, stupid, but the people of USA are not. Plenty of beautiful people oppose the satanic ball in DC with every fiber of their being.

Rail declines continue

Lay-offs that began in the 4th qtr of 2015 are accelerating. A significant amount of engines are being idled. The first qtr of 2016 was extremely poor. April, the first month of the second qtr was poor. Today, the first wk of May was released and again it is poor.
The railroads largest commodity is coal. They were benefitting from oil shipments but those have fallen dramatically. They have invested heavily in intermodal shipping containers but that is also collapsing.
A little from today's report (1st wk of May):
"WASHINGTON, D.C. – May. 11, 2016 – The Association of American Railroads (AAR) today reported U.S. rail traffic for the week ending May. 7, 2016.

For this week, total U.S. weekly rail traffic was 492,923 carloads and intermodal units, down 10.6 percent compared with the same week last year.

Total carloads for the week ending May. 7 were 233,047 carloads, down 14.8 percent compared with the same week in 2015, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 259,876 containers and trailers, down 6.4 percent compared to 2015."
"For the first 18 weeks of 2016, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 4,320,667 carloads, down 14.3 percent from the same point last year; and 4,628,008 intermodal units, down 1.1 percent from last year. Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 18 weeks of 2016 was 8,948,675 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 8 percent compared to last year."

They also commented a little about oil shipments:
"Crude Oil Carload Update

The AAR also reported U.S. Class I railroads originated 63,261 carloads of crude oil in the first quarter of 2016, down 21,664 carloads or 25.5 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015 and down 49,828 carloads or 44.1 percent from the first quarter of 2015. "

rail report for May 2016

I decided to post this here since the report mentions that rail is not experiencing any improvement through the second month of the second qtr,

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 1, 2016 – The Association of American Railroads (AAR) today reported weekly U.S. rail traffic, as well as volumes for May 2016.

Carload traffic in May totaled 962,571 carloads, down 10.3 percent or 110,678 from May 2015. U.S. railroads also originated 1,049,631 containers and trailers in May 2016, down 3.3 percent or 36,365 units from the same month last year. For May 2016, combined U.S. carload and intermodal originations were 2,012,202, down 6.8 percent or 147,043 carloads and intermodal units from May 2015.

In May 2016, ten of the 20 carload commodity categories tracked by the AAR each month saw carload gains compared with May 2015. These included: miscellaneous carloads, up 30.8 percent or 5,854 carloads; crushed stone, gravel and sand, up 5.3 percent or 4,670 carloads; and chemicals, up 3.8 percent or 4,514 carloads. Commodities that saw declines in May 2016 from May 2015 included: coal, down 29.6 percent or 109,276 carloads; petroleum and petroleum products, down 20.3 percent or 11,988 carloads; and metallic ores, down 12.9 percent or 3,701 carloads.

Excluding coal, carloads were down 29.6 percent or 259,735 carloads from May 2015.

Total U.S. carload traffic for the first 21 weeks of 2016 was 5,050,191 carloads, down 13.6 percent or 792,892 carloads, while intermodal containers and trailers were 5,417,763 units, down 1.3 percent or 70,136 containers and trailers when compared to the same period in 2015. For the first five months of 2016, total rail traffic volume in the United States was 10,467,954 carloads and intermodal units, down 7.6 percent or 863,028 carloads and intermodal units from the same point last year.

"Most economists think the economy has picked up in the second quarter from the dismal 0.8 percent growth in the first quarter, but so far railroads aren't seeing much of it," said AAR Senior Vice President of Policy and Economics John T. Gray. "A variety of environmental and market forces continue to punish coal, and high business inventory levels and excess truck capacity, among other things, are pressuring rail intermodal volumes. Railroads are focusing on what they can control — providing safe, reliable service — while looking forward to the forces they can't control turning their way."

saldeck - and a way of opening the floodgates.

The thoughts generated by her posts seem to require more room to think.


Not So Completely....

Submitted by saldeck on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 04:41.

The US economy come to a halt the past three months. What are the consequences for a global economy already progressively slowing? What will a stagnating US economy mean for Japan, already experiencing its fifth recession since 2008? For Europe, stuck in a long term chronic stagnation? And for emerging market economies, struggling with collapsing commodity prices and currencies?

Once heralded as the only bright spot in the global economy, the US economy now appears to have joined the slowing global trend.

Fiscal policies designed to stimulate consumption and good paying jobs are rejected. Trump is not going to have to do much...suppressed people will stand back up and do it, instead.

Describing China as "raping" the US economy embraces inaccuracy and distaste. This has not bothered Trump before and it is unlikely that he will lose any sleep over it.

Freedom of navigation? China has never impeded freedom of navigation on the high seas. The first US cruise ship in nearly four decades docked in Havana in early May. It is good to see freedom of navigation restored.

The Silk Road Initiative has in its vision and scope the potential to be one of the major economic programs since wartime debris littered the cities of Europe.

The world is changing, sorry for the cliché, but it is becoming increasingly evident. A common sense approach on the street level (literally), is taking shape in Rome and Milan where Chinese police officers are helping turists from China.

Brenda and Pete were so surprised by this!


'Going it' alone

Submitted by Old and Gray on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 09:57.

After spending 400 or 500 years developing international trade, it's inconceivable that the US or any nation could suddenly reverse course and run an economy on its own. So, we are all victimized by each other, if not by our own delusions. The concept of "One World" has been prodded along with all the "technological" developments since prior to the use of the term. Now that we have One World we're discovering that we've overlooked a few fissures in that brittle earthern crust and marched ahead regardless - all to our collective disadvantages.

During his active career, Robert Mundell devoted most of his interest in international cooperation in the direction of compatibility - that is not only for the commercial compatibility, but cultural and financial as well. Without more unity than is found in commerce and money to bind us together in mutual interest, it was pointless to pursue the attempt. Let's presume that is a matter of maintaining mutual respect through the tribulations of negotiations and the trust required. So the issue is, what do we have in common with each other? And, how deeply rooted are these uniformities?

It's far from a simple matter of declaring that it is to our best interest to form alliances and proceed from there. When coupled with the force exerted by competition and only weakly moderated by the vision or expectations of cooperative benefits, it would seem the parties contending with each other are more in combat than cooperation with one another. Not the best of all possible worlds whether it's nation against nation or individual against individual, and still far removed from the most advantageous situation in the eternal search for mutual benefits.

So we stumble through our alliances, however far back in history one would care to delve. The roots of compatibility between - say - the present UK and the US is steeped in as much sharing Britain's history and political setup - filled with mistaken presumptions - as it is in trying to pretend we enjoy the same cultural habits and customs. - Myth more than fact - about the same amount of similarity a historian/researcher might find between modern day Australia and Britain. Disparities would be more obvious than similarities but for the language and some few structures - architectural as well as cultural in some cases.

What holds us together more than anything is the needs of each other's we service or resources we share or covet, interchanges made less objectionable (or more tolerable) with a smile and arm-over-the-shoulder brotherly cameraderie than does hard-nosed negotiation with grudgingly offered or accepted concessions - though we often pretend we're following one path when we are doing the opposite. It produces a situation we're forced into if we're to avoid the destructive clash or arms "of olde" to settle disputes or differences.

It's not much different than the circus that runs in Wasington - or Frankfurt, Bejing, - pick your venue - on a daily basis with gritted teeth and white knuckles with "diplomacy" smoothing the path.

Even though O&G has insisted from the start that we are in transition - Again! - how much of a "change" that is may never become clear. We seem to slide from one poorly defined cultural code or political device to the next, mostly repetition of what had transpired 50, two hundred years, or several millennia ago - different settings, different styles of dress but the same animosity beneath it all.

It seems the only way we can make headway through this complicated life, is to pretend that we control the life around us, when we are doing little more than blending in reluctantly and finding the result not quite satisfying when the control we actually exert is measured impartially.

So, what must we do to reconcile the ideal and actuality? Can it be done in Babelonia or New York City, London or Hong Kong - or Rome? What are we looking for and can we find it? And, is it the world that's changing, or is it simply the constantly changing, next "modern" dressing, language and technology that changes too rapidly in the course of a too-short lifespan to allow for adjustment?


We want to try something different

Submitted by neoh on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 08:59.

We are not a European country, We are not Japan, We are not China.

An increasing number of us have realized that being the worlds consumer is unsustainable. A growing number of us are realizing that the world is better off without the US military being its policeman.

We are rich in natural resources and we do not have a manpower shortage. We don't want to participate in the collective NWO visualized by our politicians and Wall St.
Our largest container exports to China is scrap cardboard. I'm not kidding. Our top tech success is Facebook.

The past 30 yrs have resulted in a decline of living standard for 80% of our population. Our credit cards are maxed out, one of the so called benefits of being the worlds currency in a ZIRP environment.

We know it won't be easy. We know that our standard of living will decline before it gets better. We also know that to continue on the current globalization course will mean further, perhaps permanent decline. Becoming more isolationist may or may not work. But we're willing to give it a shot.

We don't need wine from France or Italy. We have our own vineyards. We don't need autos from Germany or Japan. We know how to make them. We don't need grain from Brazil. We have plenty of grain. We don't need oil from North Africa. We have our own energy sources in North America. We don't need military support from anyone. We're up to our necks in weaponry.

The average American can't afford a trip to Europe for vacation. Only the rich or the credit card addicts go there, besides, there are plenty of places in our vast country to visit.

I know I'm oversimplifying. Of course there will always be some trade. But globalization is also oversimplifying. We let out crony politicians sell us that bull. The result will be probably blowback to another extreme. That's what happens when you've been swindled. There will probably be an over reaction followed by a more moderate stance.

As for Cuba, I hope that we don't turn it into another vice ridden brothel for foreign tourists which caused the Communist revolution 60yrs ago. It seems that Greece and some of the Eastern European Union Wannabees are fast becoming that for the rich industrial power northern countries. That's what happens when you let your politicians swindle the population into accepting being on the lowest rung of the ladder called the European Union.

The Weakness Behind Omnipotent Power

I have known powerful people in my life. Some had addictions. When a person affected by an addiction has powerful influence, everyone else suffers until either the person succumbs to the addiction OR there is an intervention followed by an extremely dangerous weaning off the source of the addiction. The resulting person is rarely well after that and certainly confused about all the prior abuses. There is even a shock period, where discovery of abuses is realized in horror because memories are unclear.

We recently had to endure a fool named- Scaramucci. This is a man who achieved power but has an addiction (psychopathy). For the duration of his tirades, we all saw the "character" he played... the man without the make-up was an idiot. That man will begin a dangerous (to Self) descent now... playing off of his 15-minutes of ill-fame, until it consumes him. He could easily become his own victim soon. It is fairly common. So many will enter this Cycle soon... the fame or power they achieved was not based in any kind of sustainable Reality. The realms will reel from the flush-out... Law, Finance, Politics and fields interlaced with overlapping credentials in these arenas. We will be very surprised often (by the extent of corruption involved) and then- not, because we all anticipate corrupt ties now. A Republican Senator is now chronicled by his remark-- The GOP is Dead. We are about to see the American Financial Sector- fail. Law will follow. As legalese brings it's own to their knees, the days of "law-makers" will go away and a New Era of Responsible Recovery to Sustainability to replace making laws that favor lobbies.

One has to step back and imagine the breadth of that approaching Tsunami Wave. Some say that our romance with corrupt omnipotent power in America took form with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act and cap on House Representatives (both occurred in 1913). Our Constitution says ONE representative for every 60,000 Americans. It would mean a House comprised of thousands and likely a much greater indicative swatch of People living here. The smallest factions present in that House are the ones who rule it corruptly now-- the Far Right, obstructed by the Far Left. The new "House" would be mainly Middle with two extremes and unlikely obstructed by either-- who would be extreme minorities.

It is unlikely that Europe, Russia and China would work well together. These are three distinctly varied societal cores with lust goals that do not permeate to the citizens. You aren't going to see Poles embrace Russians, Italians cooperate with Chinese, Scandinavians allow anyone else to circumvent their infrastructure, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal to be reconciled against defaulted debt or the Germans to tolerate second place or fiddle. What we MAY see... an end to Amazon and Alibaba. A recognition of mass supply and a new device to determine what of it should move into the world markets and what gets destroyed. A dealing with and system process for waste accumulation and disposal. Reconstitution everywhere on the planet Earth. The Fall of Lobbies and an end to Davos. The wealthy are actually NOT wealthy. They're broke many times over and that ends stock markets, bond markets and compromises quadrillions in false financial instruments. It may take two or three lifetimes ahead just to untangle civilization from this corruption.

Meanwhile... there is only so-much water on Earth. It's our new ultra-precious commodity that WILL NOT become exploited... contrary to GOP denizens attempting to be Lords of H2O. Natural Order (Chaos) has a way of usurping New World Order at precisely the moment when those addicted to omnipotence can least defend the corrupt hold they have on Man. LOOK at the world today... weak beings in control of secular stagnation as the world turns away from their devices. If no one has money, no one needs money hoarders or their hoards. The time has come for sea-change. Hold on... go with the flow.

Over 6,300 Retailers Slated To Close In 2017

I want you to contemplate this. Today's economy is no different than it was in 2007-08. In fact, there are fewer people able and stable in today's economy. In order for these "retailers" to have sustained since 2007-08, it would have required billions EACH to float the dead commercial space. Multiply that by multiple locations throughout the US and the exponential DEBT figure becomes astronomical. By 2012, experts had suggested a debt-alone figure exceeding $632 trillion for the world. If every store closing had a billion in debt trailing it's closure... the figure for THESE retailers alone would be $6,300,000,000,000. $6.3 QUADRILLION.

It is now conceivable (since there is tremendously more debt owed by all sorts of entities) that money in stock and bond markets is about to suffocate itself by stagnation. It is completely worthless and worse... has no basis for any sort of recovery.

The rich aren't rich. The poor won't owe what they never had. We have arrived. Shift is on the verge of happening.

And Jeff Bezos Is Laughing

We are going to look back and ask how was it humanly possible that these money lenders and money changers on Wall Street did not known that many corporations and governments couldn't possibly pay back the mountains of debt lent to them? Or did the Wall Street money lenders and money changers just want to have a master's upper hand over debt slave corporations and governments?

"Over 6.300 retailers slated to close in 2017"
And Jeff Bezos is laughing.

For his smallish stature, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has a booming laugh.

Is Bezos laughing at all of us? Is Bezos laughing at the giant retailers, who are closing hundreds of stores because their thin margins cannot witherstand Amazon's predatory pricing?
Is Brezos laughing at the Unites Postal Services, to which he has given much business for shipping Amazon's packages? Amazon is now using part-time workers to deliver its wares.
Is Bezos laughing at many million of Amazon customers who think temporary discount and minor shipping convenience can make up for the billions of tax dollars Amazon has learned to avoid and the thousands of small business competitors whose closure shrink the local property tax that support schools and other public services?

Is Bezos laughing at humanity?

The Company Store Problem (Repeated History)

It literally dates back to the Dawn of Mankind. The currency was once-- shells and then- smelted nails.

Pretty soon, every component of your life will be based on an Amazon product or service. Your instincts will alter to process- Amazon first, and then you will forget every other choice you once had to aid your living. You won't be able to manually grocery shop, clothes shop (and try things on before buying them), channel-surf and settle on older movies or series you wait weekly to see new episodes of. You become-- programmed. Your job is administrative. You are paid a salary. Your entire existence revolves around funding an aspect of Amazon. You are-- completely helpless and useless outside of the Amazon Hive.

Few realize what this is doing to Mankind. Some do. The great "weaning" of useless existences is at hand. People are becoming so incredibly dysfunctional that they are no different than cows. Cows are milked. Cows become meat.

When there are a majority wholly-reliant on Amazon, Bezos can and will invoke the "company store" history lesson. He will print his own money, set his own costs, dictate a Law and Privilege existence based on whatever ultimate objective he has. A vast swath of Mankind will end up dead because of their inability to function off-Amazon. The world will have two components... Amazonites and the rest. He can force any addict into compliance and/or servitude to do his bidding.

I am not sure what European Amazon addicts are like-- but American addicts are a singularity now. They are becoming fully incapable without their reliances. Boxes come every day containing life desires commonly available everywhere else and everywhere else generates economic stability. Amazon vacates stability- ubiquitously. Its like a bunch of Lemmings jumping to their deaths. The history of Company Stores isn't a pleasant lesson. They all end violently. Life is not better coming from shipped boxes of imported crap goods. AND NOW... sellers on Amazon are required to accept and refund returns regardlessly. In some cases, Amazon can dictate a refund without an item actually being returned. Small reliant businesses will suffer, Amazon- the Collective, will grow.

I can visualize many terrible consequences to an Amazon reliance. The least of which is-- a lesson learned.

Why We Keep Our Friends Close And Our Enemies Closer...

Obama promised "Change we all believe in". We got grossly unfair select agenda catastrophic failure that set the world up for and gave it-- secular stagnation. George W. Bush was America's "CEO President"... he redesigned our currency, installed hyper-speed printers and fiat money'd us into insolvency, but had the false elite mass-terminate most of the working nation as to completely discombobulate our economic stability. Bill Clinton gave us prosperity but most got theirs by using their homes like ATM machines and living grossly irresponsible and well-beyond their means. Bush Sr.'s 10,000 points of light turned out to be agents of our demise fueled by corruption during the Reagan Era (which was the most expensive to-date since America declared Freedom).

It was time to put the architects of American FAILURE in high places where we could all amuse ourselves watching criminals shoot themselves in the feet. It was never a Left or Right matter... it was always an Elitist problem. No one remembers that in 1980-81, Big Business began putting fresh-out-of-college drug, debauchery and alcohol addicts in jobs formerly held by rising experience and competence. History described to the future will pinpoint THAT era as the end of Capitalism and the onset of Criminalism. This current group of lowlifes infiltrating government offices worldwide are either- those 1980 bacterial losers or their kids. The Dot.Com failure was really a mass-take-over of by-then developed technology turned into weaponry for suppressing the masses and breach-birthing Big Brother.

Donald Trump goes on Extended Leave. This happens the day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller engages a Grand Jury panel into criminal-level foreign involvement in our campaign and election. There is a call to remove both the House and Senate Majority Leaders. Netanyahu is being investigated for bribery and corruption. Putin is accused of strong-arm interests in every major Russian industry that gives his an estimated $120 billion net worth. Tony Blair is being isolated from prosecution. Justin Trudeau has big problems with Gen X & Y sludge taking advantage in Canada while not giving anything back for what they are getting. No tariff on Asian imports and while Amazon sales are robust, their Bottom Line and tax time is a bust (biggest anti-trust cancer in history). Mexico now grows all of our food. A Wall ends all-- in America.

Consider this-- 50% of all stocks are owned by the top 1%. 41% of remaining stocks are owned by the next 10%, leaving just 9% of stocks owned by the masses and nearly 0% owned by incomes under $50,000 annually (reported as the majority by-unit person now in America). The DOW just crossed over 22,000 without a single valid reason for continued escalation completely dysfunctional to the rest of the nation. There was $50 to $60 trillion in currencies worldwide as of 1998. Between stock markets and corporate debt alone, an estimated $6 QUADRILLION exists without anything close to that in collateral offset. SO..... If the top 11% of Americans own 91% of the stocks and they are all older than 60 years old AND the money used to buy those stocks is FAKE (fiat)... and no one under 60 is buying stocks (let's not count 401K contribution) then the coming solution is to...

I see a little silhouette-o of a man... Scaramucci Scaramucci... the train... she run out of track now, no?

The DOW Is UP 21% From Last November

When you consider the Dow's apocalyptical level rise since 2008 (when it hit 6,700 points) to this week's record at 22,000... you are either in one of two camps regarding it. Camp 1: anyone NOT in stocks missed the boat, you are a genius for buying long, and you will take it all to Heaven with you as the rest of the world ignites in Hell. Camp 2: (I'm in 2): The Dow hit 6,700 points in 2008 because the racket-economy that actually peaked in 1998 lost it's underpinnings and failed the first time in 2001, then again in 2008, had no basis. Basis-- fundamental strengths requiring ordinary people contributing tangible effort toward tangible progress shared and balanced by in-come and out-go use of the prevailing currency unit anchored to a solid Index that is recognized globally as being of value. Since 2001 (really), the world has been printing up fake money (not currency) to bolster dead stock markets solely to keep corruption in power that is steadily destroying itself and dismantling our progress as a civilization. A failure of epic proportions exists now because those in control are drunk on fear that they will suffer horrific Fate if they are not in charge.

News- those in charge will suffer horrific Fate by their own hands. That will happen before year-end now... the criteria for failure is accelerating.

Corporate financials are creative writing. Quarter after quarter are gains but no detail on markets. More is sold AROUND the plethora of closures, as if the store of the survivor has anything different than the failures. Executive wages rise, employee wages do not. The blended average shows rising incomes on data, nada in economy. If every stock reported accurately, the globe would be an incredibly fantastic amusement park place, instead, it's a drug den for the most part, and nowhere anywhere has sustaining economy. Experts are now pointing to the "VIX" as the trigger for disaster. VIX is the ticker symbol for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index, which shows the market's expectation of 30-day volatility. It is constructed using the implied volatilities of a wide range of S&P 500 index options.

Note the word- expectations. Here's an expectation-- TWO Grand Jury investigations in play, more than suggest a type of volatility that corrupt stocks won't benefit from. Some say-- when Trump goes down, the Pence rises, but a Pence in hand is not worth more than the sum destruction caused by two Bushes. There are changes afoot worth noting. The Dow is probably no more substantial than it's 2008 low of 6,700 and perhaps as low as 2,000 by financial correction (right-money). Some say ZERO is the target based on prior corrupt manipulation. NASDAQ is not a safe harbor. In fact, literally no reasonable technological innovation deviant from the Information Age has-- legs. This is mainly due to wiping out ordinary people and actual economy. Manipulation has also corrupted every other bastion where safe harbor once sheltered old money during volatile periods. In a nutshell... the sheer existence of all this fake-printed-money has guaranteed an end to ALL currencies as we know them.

Empire's Twilight

The great upward of wealth continues. Wars rage unabated. Pown shops, porn shops, gun shops. Temporary solace from creeping moral and financial decay. Big box stores and shopping malls, once prosperous, now homes for roaches, rats, pigeons and echoes. Empty of marchandise, void of jobs. Bridges crumbling. Once-buzzing factories filled with cobwebs and dispair.
So what? False flags continue to fly. And still allegience is pledged. Still believing the lies, clinging to the lies like their lives depend on it.
Poor lives nothing but liabilities. Kill them. A million here, a million there.

Xi of China has a Heavenly Mandate to serve his people, and his country will end poverty.
Putin of Russia has a nearly 90% approval rating among his populace. Who loves Donald Trump?
North Korea's Kim Jong-un thumbs his nose at Empire. Guess he does not want to follow in the footsteps of Allende, Hussein, Gaddafi, Chavez.
And Duterte continues to taunt Empire, showing the world his country's blood history of oppression under its thumb.

What if the other children tire of the abuse? Alliances are formed. The bully's closest allies now defect to the insurgency. The Empire stands alone. The other children move closer. A Bolshoi Ballet ensues. Defying gravity. There is a name for this ballet: Empire's Twilight. Empire looks on, grudgingly understanding that its day has come to an end.

When The Bough Breaks

A sworn enemy of ACA (ObamaCare) is suing the Republican Party for failing to replace it. Trump's new Chief of Staff takes his Twitter away. The cost of nuclear reactor projects that have failed (in the USA) is so expensive that it is toppling fortunes. The cost of Amazon to America exceeds all reason for it's existence. 67,000 orders for Tesla cars- cancelled and it appears that we are headed back into the same conditional circumstance we faced in 2008, without the wherewithal to bail stocks any longer. A notable financial expert challenges the Federal Reserve's "data" against Reality and asks-- who is correct... the numbers or the lives?

There is no doubt that something terrible this way comes... but few grasp the enormity of it. We are all somewhere in the tallness of the towers built this Cycle. I'm fairly sure my losses keep me on a lower level and closer to the exit. My concern now is- falling psychopaths from above. My father said-- we will expect to be surprised, we will more likely be overwhelmed with some intense shock about how far some went and how high they got. It all drops when the cards tumble... and they are now.

The cost of indoor storage has risen a lot lately. There are fewer people available for maintenance and repairs, too many in office suites and not enough in street-level jobs. Funny, but I was reading about the power behind evangelists recently. Imagine... from the mouths are the reworked words of God in exchange for wealth equalling kings. Minions are many and they all want God to Smite their victims. Vengeance is mine sayeth-- them, but really now... when your hands have been so intensely on the steering wheel for so long that your fingers are now melted into the composite material... the lesson is the Wall you so desperately desire. Richard Rohr writes about convincing ourselves that we are losers just because someone had called us that and we are mired down by the weight of secular persecution. I grasp that because I do it to myself. I am tired of treading water when I am clearly capable of setting new records in swimming.

The Dow has achieved undeniable loss territory. I don't know where it will take us but I'm convinced it's going to hurt most and even kill some. There are no windows that open on Wall Street, but there is access to rooftops.

Progressives vs. Fanatical GOP vs. The Vast Majority

Trump's falling approval rating and the nation's ire with a dysfunctional Congress is the tip of a dangerous iceberg, with all of us forced to helplessly watch as our Titanic tickets buy us a first-class passenger trip toward Oblivion.

I like technology but I can and WILL live without it if Big Brother doesn't get out of everything it intrudes on 24/7/365. After catastrophic failure, the techno-world may find itself fully "unplugged" until it guarantees unobtrusive usage and resigns to be a helper-tool, not an all-encompassing brain-sapping weapon of Mankind's destruction. The part of the world that will stop at nothing to force Progressiveness on us exists on salary wages in administrative jobs in business platforms that do no enterprise and oppress by political correctness with no considerations AT ALL to any other agenda.

I pray to God but I cannot tolerate anyone wielding religion as a weapon. When you pray for others to be hurt or worse, your prayers don't reach God, they fuel Satan and his minions who crawl about the Earth for the ruin of souls. Christ wore old sandals, sack-cloth and drank from a wooden cup. That hardly compares to the luxuries every Evangelist preacher has. GOD sent His only Son to Earth as a poor person to live and work among the simple and impoverished. It only makes sense that Satan would send societal pariah to convince the rich to loose wealth for power and control. GIANT church buildings... limousines, jets, tailored suits and jewelry. Anyone can read and quote from the Bible... no rich person will ever fit through the eye of a needle or pass through the Gates of Heaven. This said-- it is obvious where the current agenda is born from.

Do WE care about Immigration Law reform? Yes. Do WE support ANY of the proposed changes spewed on us by two opposing Administrations recently? Nope. How about changes to the Healthcare of America? Nope... nothing worth passing and that includes the original unread ACA. Should Republicans master changes to the Tax Code? ARE WE KIDDING? That's like having escape artists design prisons before their interment. Does the vast Public need banks? NO. Banks literally died in 1998. Everything since has been bailing, retribution and revenge on the Public. We have at least one billionaire banker today... wealth born entirely out of corruption. We have the single largest wealth-drain BELOW the wealth class in man's history and a stock market less than 12% of adults in America participate in.

We STINK with groups with agenda. We LACK leadership, cooperation and positive economic motion in America. What the recipe makes is obvious to all.

We In Humanity

Religions and government systems, are often used as excuses - whether labeled as "salvation" and "righteousness" or "low" and "order", to exclude and to inflict cruelty on the excluded. The specifics of what we do are always influenced by the environments and conditions we find ourselves in. But the manner in which we address the challenges comes exclusively from our moral character. And that is what we have control over in this world.
Evil is weak. The good don't need evil, but the evil are fully dependent on the good. This is our greatness.

Greatness is not conferred by having the most billionaires and neither by having the biggest corporations. When at the same time there are millions of working poor and unemployed what is indicated? When there are millions who are homeless and nourished by dumbster diving what does this tell one about the greatness of a country? Clearly, there is a wide chasm between the haves and have-nots. This is not greatness. The number of skyscrapers, the number of overseas military bases, the number of nuclear weapons, Silicon Valley, and the glitz of Hollywood do not mask the stench of having a huge underclass that refutes any claim to greatness.
Greatness is a transcendent quality that sets itself above all else. Greatness is anathema to moral turpitude.The deterioraring quality of life for millions of people on the domestic front point toward a quality that rebuts any claim to a greatness. And how great are you if you can not properly care for and provide the basic necessities for your own citizens?

Possessions Are Not Wealth, I Guarantee You It Is Something Else

A mentor of mine (long ago in a career far far away) once noted that the weakest of all of us have a particular trait... they take up some position and defend it relentlessly even when it becomes so irrelevant that they risk an ousting for it. At that moment, the weakest will dash the very vessel we all rely on, to prove nothing beyond dogged arrogance. The reference was about a CEO who bought a failing entity to possess it's assets, but knew nothing about those assets or the industry sector they came from... tried to "rename" the sector to qualify what his position was, refused all input by experts to jettison the poison immediately and at any cost... and it triggered the single largest bank failure in history. There is a person in business often referred to as "the suit". The suit is a costume not unlike a clown outfit because the person wearing it may indeed be intelligent, but lacks commonsense and acts more akin to a fool. Sadly, the cultural gyrations of this person align precisely with 'glass ceiling' types who embrace the fool in the suit, over the performance major built on wisdom. The suit usually becomes wealthy by delegating the dirty work of the hierarchy while working hard to detach with assets intact, when the gambit collapses.

Today... it is ALL "suits" and ALL "hierarchical dirty work". And all about detaching with assets intact, when the gambit collapses... BUT... they all assume the world they escape into is a working world to blend in to. It is not now, it won't be for them- then.

The gambit is collapsing and the get-away is a nuclear strike on North Korea to trigger another world war with all the weapons manufacturers gearing up for sales of the Apocalypse to all the nations raising arms against each other. The problem is-- the turning world. A strike on NK wipes out the California crops the very next day. Hawaii too. No nation has people who want to engage in world war... they have been at war all of this century to-date and gripped by secular stagnation. We ALL want another war-- one that wipes out the wealth class and restores simple existence on which to build the next era of prosperity on. THAT era melts down weapons for future reconstitution. It unplugs Big Brother and demands responsible tools over exploitation and sensationalism. It stops recognizing degrees at all and demands performance competence. It wants to eat good food and drink good water and doesn't want any products tampered with or tainted by corporativism. There will be no suits... not for generations ahead and hopefully by then, Man will be reading books again and grasping the lessons of this era.

The goal of every psychopath is to step on everyone else to be on top. The failure of every psychopath is-- being on top without the stuff to be there. A clown outfit stands out when everybody else is in jeans dirtied by actual work.

Oh Where Where Has The Pineal Gland Gone?

(The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin that is secreted in response to darkness. Caucasians have higher rate of pineal gland). Oh, the lacking white/Caucasian race, oh where has the pineal gland gone?

The insanity is we don't just overthrow them, the heads of all corporations, insurance companies, law firms. Off with their heads, now. All of them.
But we are a strange fruit hanging, now are we not? We plug bullets into wedding parties, children and babies in bassinets, facilitate cholera genocide and we blow up mountains and denature rivers and entire swaths of the only places humanity can live, but, we just let these anomalies go, go, go and gawk at their tabloid advetures with Rolls Royces, Rolexes and Rotten hate against us, the 80 percent!

You can believe that the white race with its ravaging Western Medicine, Western Toxicity, Western Diet, Western Mores, Western Business, Western Education, Western Diseases, Western Capitalism is really the cancer on Earth, if we were to really look hard at history. If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something wrong with western white civilization. You can see devolutions on so many levels!

This is the age of more than just being stupid, or the century of the dumb. In both the collective culture of us, mostly wage slaves, working the plantations of the elite and their stinky bosses. This the age of hubris to the 100th power. An age of confusion, followed by denial and delusion.
They have to be stopped with an entirely new way of thinking about our relationship with fellow humans and all non-humans on earth.
De-industrializing and retrenchment and resilience and resuscitation of simpler but higly refined lives/lifestyles are our only hope of co-existence on a planet when we are the minority species. The Rights of Nature is the right of regular man, woman and child to live smart, small and connected lives. Tourists going to the moon, or cruise ships to mars, this is the highest stupidity.

Teach kids on the street that all corporations lie and lie big with their PR firms and all governments hide and lie, with the marching orders of Corporations and their PR firms. Teach them that there is an apocalypse of real dimension on the Horizon. Prepare them to march against the rich and the powerful.

" ...another that wipes out the wealth class and restores simple existence" Yes, Craig.

God, Nature and Pendulum Swings...

Some say the least number of people (as a percentage of all people) are praying today. There are 7+ billion people on Earth... more than ever before. The sheer number of people who pray today is much greater than ever before by dynamic number. WHAT do most people pray for? For God to end the dominance of the powerful so that their lives can be simpler once more. The rich pray for more power... heard by Satan, not God.

The single largest bubble of magma continues to well-up toward the surface... beneath the upper western United States. The pool under Yellowstone has conjoined with the chain of volcanoes running from the Aleutian Islands in the north to those in California. The San Andreas Fault is just below that chain. In southeast Africa, a recent earthquake caused a rift that has begun a separation of that region from the mainland. It mimics the same tectonic plate movement that created Madagascar. An iceberg weighing trillions of tons just broke off the Antarctica ice shelf. Sinkholes of tremendous size are appearing in various areas of Russia. Abusive drilling in Siberia is causing the tundra to melt. The warming of rock there has an exponential effect so chasm bigger than our Grand Canyon already exist. Mature crops in both Mexico and California are rotting because there are no workers to harvest them and yet, we are allowing Nestle to drain sub-surface aquifers so fast that surface soil above them is turning to dust. There are 9 locations already where the surface soil can be borne on winds to become Dust Bowl level disasters at the whim of weather.

Corporativism ends when it becomes irrelevant to Man, Earth and survival. I didn't mention the "get a skill set" mantra lightly... it will be a necessity. The Millennial Generation here is starting to recognize the ill-effects of the "smart-phone" and a cult-level reliance on technology. They are beginning to see that by going manual... they create the greatest weapon of mass deconstruct of corporativism. The approaching "Holocaust" is predicated on something called the "brink". Simply... real people would never deploy nuclear weapons regardless of reason. Real people would never mass terminate the progress mechanism that begins a dismantling of civilization as we know it- for fake money wealth. Real people raise families, grow enterprises, do humanitarian things for intelligent reasons. Real people have hope, faith and live lives. Not everyone alive today is a real person.

When we contemplate what happened to the Neanderthals... consider that they were the "Mature Arc" in the Cycle of their Inevitability. In the Decline Arc emerged alternative beings and the choice-- to assimilate forward (progress) with a blended legacy in the ReBirth... or Extinction. The lack of walking talking Neanderthals today validate the options. So too is the Fate of Corporativism (smaller scale, of course). Those who hold back progress for greed reasons become- Extinct. There is no legacy, only the damage inflicted temporarily as their existences are erased. Those who assimilate become integrated and a component or two of their composite is thrown into the future (how history repeats itself). We are on the verge of historic shift in three ways... recognition of God's Plan in our existences, recognition of the magnificence of Nature, acceptance of the Cycle of Inevitability above any other man-made anomaly.

I believe in God above all else. I am intelligent but never for one moment assume I am as smart or capable as God. I follow God's Plan and question it often because of intelligence, but retreat to trust because I have Faith, and Hope His Plan for me is challenging but not damaging. In retrospect, nothing has ever happened to me that I didn't cause or deserve. I am far better for all my lessons. I have been "here" before... at that intersection-- I Don't Know What To Do Street and I Have No Clue Avenue. Because I believe, I have faith that my passage was planned. When all else fails... God prevails.

America Reaches The Precipice For It's Re-Invention

We could go way back to start this history lesson... but let's start with Ronald Reagan. Ronnie won the popular vote because Americans thrived on artificial happiness. He and those of his age fought in a World War, then re-invented themselves into one of the most shining examples of prosperity in Man's History... except, they did it through exploitation of resources that culminated in a problem. Along came George HW Bush, who, by any standard worth having as a standard... was a creepy Elitist with more mental problems than commonsense. By the end of his term, America wasn't enthralled with 10,000 points of light, it smelled rat and knew one was gnawing at our toes now. For all the goodness of Bill Clinton, few grasp that he had every possible means of extinguishing a smoldering fire, but was greedy, and thought no harm in dipping into the financial wherewithal of the nation's future for a little beer and party money. I know people who voted for George W. Bush and most will stand there with their arms crossed defending that vote- but inside, they know they screwed themselves and a Hell on Earth await them for doing so. He was a complete set-up mechanic. He had a good idea of what he was doing and 100% of it was delusional to what actually will happen. There was that Obama guy... he was supposed to be an ordinary person who reached the Presidency, finally. He was not ordinary, he was a good lectern speaker with a lopsided perspective on what actually happens in actual economies and chose to throw a select agenda on top of one. Those harmed... rival a world war or two. Those who thrived created two camps with ZERO champs... a Far Right and a Far Left of epic destructive capacity.

The Right to Vote is one of America's greatest weapons... a weapon wielded to calm all rats back into hiding places or a weapon of mass destruction. Given the circumstances vomited on America by the end of the Obama Era, destruction was absolutely the only choice. A second Clinton would have been a Black Hole where every corrupt nefarious criminal nut case aimed his or her foul initiative, while a People once-great, would stand and watch helplessly as all they ever knew was raped, pillaged and a finite New World Order without the masses claimed every single square inch of what America was. No... to stop that Fate... one group rose cleverly, another group rose nefariously, both groups produced a- Trump. Donald Trump is America's best version of a cockroach. Lifting him into the Oval Office accomplished-- putting a pariah so putrid that even rats abhor him into the spotlight. Insects don't like the spotlight but this one does-- the epitome of a psychopath... high on the role, clueless and soul-less about the job. The two groups-- one containing the filth of society- KKK, GOP, Tea, Nazi, Fanatical Christian and all the other Hate Groups with PACs and lobbies desiring on the order of a mass murderer... the power to control the lives of those they believe are their enemies... which are ordinary people not goose-stepping to their extremist cult criteria. The other group had run out of hope, but had faith. It was time to make sure all the free tickets to materialism that Obama gave away were charged for the cost of the mayhem they brought on. It was time to snuff 10,000 points of light, put the party money in the economy and charge the wealth-mongers who took it. It was time to collapse the phony Dollar hyper-printed by goofy Dubya and exacerbated by delusional Obama. It was time to recognize skill sets above college degrees and stop bringing what made America great to it's knees by constant law-making and ZERO responsibility for the reaction to adverse Law and garbage ordinances. It was time to end all lobbies and stop paying elected Officials with agenda. Do your job... or leave DC prize-less.

So where are we now? Our corporations are meaningless fruitless business platforms stuffed with administrators, alligators, crocodiles and text addicts. The produce- PAC and lobby support, not products ordinary people actually want or need. The wealthy exist in a stupid loop. No one has fallen from that cloud in a very long time, but new ones rise daily and the world gets a bit more stagnant with every new loss of currency. Every single society in the world is dysfunctional. Really high quality integral people have been out of work and sync with the pulse of society for over a decade. People exist in careers that don't matter and many have built amazing houses of cards. Literally everyone is exposed to cataclysmic loss and failure and most actually pray for it. They pray for change and now accept that change may impact- them.

Ahead-- Trump will need to explain his connections to these terrible groups AND his preference to fulfill the wants of lobbies over his campaign promises. Meanwhile, Mueller creates the premise for felony-level charges against Trump via a Grand Jury. Meanwhile, nations confront American Arrogance with the threat of war. Such wars would require an army, but it seems likely we have several of those already... KKK, NRA, Tea, Nazi, Fanatical Christian, GOP, Goldman Sachs alumni and all the other Hate Groups and Lobbies. We also have wealth mongers and their families because America is not a better place for legacies and corrupt inheritors. As long as we are shipping extremists off Our Soil, it only makes sense to throw the Far Left extremists on-board those vessels... L, G, B, T, Q and all the women's groups that conspired to blockade and oppress former breadwinners and cripple their families. It will get ugly before it get's better.

I wish all ordinary people-- patience and fortitude. This is not a time to take sides, it is a time to cooperate for the Rise of the Middle. It truly is what made America great. Freedom is not a fantasy, it is what keeps all currents flowing as to not allow bad things to stagnate, settle and fester into what we endure today. Get ready for Chaos. It's what brought us into this Reality. All of us.

The Peak Of America's Glory

If the peak of America's glory was the leadership handoff from Clinton to Bush to Obama, then the countdown to chaos has been already triggered. The US disastrous governments in a row (2001-2009 and 2017-2021) have resulted in a country monumentally indebted and with declining military predominance and international prestige.

Trump will need to explain why, in an attempt to divert attention from events in Virginia, he is escalating tensions even further with a spurious trade war, at a time when the world is already convulsed with security tensions between the US and China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, among other nations.

For over 30 years, American workers and communities have been decimated by capitalists like Trump and other oligarchs who had no coscience about betraying their compatriots to make big bucks somewhere overseas. For Trump to blame China for this predation of Americans by corporate America is bitterly ironic.
Trump and his daughter are owners of global retail businesses whose cosmetics and clothing are manufactured in China and exported to the US, thereby contributing to their country's trade deficit.

Trump has a habit of blaming everyone else for America's problems. Mexico is stampeding "our borders", the Paris Accord was another "bad deal" harming American enterprise, the Germans are flooding US car markets and so on so on.

When the chaos starts, it is impossible even for healty country to stop.

When The Chaos Starts...

It already has.

To grasp "America" we would not chronicle any Era as glorious. Every era has purpose, or is supposed to. That's why we elect Presidents and have a two-term limit. This is what I have been trying to say for a while... this Trump Era has purpose too. In it, every ancient greedy lowlife wealthy person succumbs to their final arc in the Cycle of Inevitability: voluntary or involuntary death. Then we have Rebirth and Reconstitution without them. Every "rise" has an equal "demise". The trick is-- to make sure your rise has sustainable components, that's what makes you great. Greed is NOT good, it's a disease your heirs and successors always regret.

Our Media will play both ends to the Middle, but the Middle will surprise the world with cooperation and cure what ails us all. No pariah is a patriot. No group is good if it disenfranchises We the People. You would be amazed at what we do not need. Greed tops that list. Look ahead now. There is light on the other side of this black hole. The object is to get there intact now.

You are not privy to the messages of our Congressional individuals. At the onset the words were uniform and tailored. They no longer are. Every single one of them grasps today that the job has changes and so must the outcome. When it's YOUR cheese moving, you drop all pretense and get serious. I would not be in financial instruments, I would not belong to a Law Firm, I would not be a banker or insurer or money toucher now. I would not believe my job is more important than others think it is. I would not have a Twitter subscription. I would not be addicted to fast Tweets without due contemplation of ramifications. Change is here. It is not possible to avoid reconstitution.

From Chaos To Reconstitution

I spent my last long weekend at my parents' house in Tuscany.

The question of EROI -the energy return on energy invested- is raging nowadays, with some people insisting that a civilization cannot exist without an EROI at least 10 and higher. And that is said to mean we absolutely need sophisticated technologies, such as nuclear, in order to survive.

Tuesday, there in Tuscany, I had been collecting berries in the wood with my boyfriend and wondering:' what is the EROI of what we are doing?' A reasonably good EROI, I am sure, enough for what our ancestors needed when they survived on hunting and gathering. All you have to do is to walk in the woods, find the barries and pick them up.
If our hunter-gatherer ancestors used this method, and if we are here -their descendants- it means it was an effective strategy, that goes under the name of "gleaning" and it has accompanied humankind for millennia. It is a good strategy just because it is so simple: no tools, no laws, no hierarchy.

Of course with more than seven billion humans on this planet, it is hard to think we can go back to gleaning to feed them all. But for how long we can trust the expensive, complex and terribly inefficient enterprise we call "industrial agriculture"?
What I can say is that collecting berries is a big satisfaction.

Life was simple and easy, once, until we decided to make it chaotic, complicated, difficult and confused. If Chaos leads us to the rediscovery of commonsense and simple things, Chaos is Beautiful.

Note also that I collected more berries than my boyfriend. I was more patient. I choose a bush and picked it systematically. My boyfriend tried to find the best bush, he walked more and he collected less. There have to be reasons why women were more gatherers and men more hunters!

That Bizarre Twist of Fate...

Keep your eyes on what Gary Conn does. He is Trump's Chief Financial Advisor and Jewish by ethnicity. He is wholly disgusted and angry with the Far Right Extremist issue altogether and abhorred by Trump's handling and responses. He is forecasted to resign-- angrily. He he does, most "experts" believe the stock markets will catastrophically crash. I'm guessing that Conn will resign because he can use the Extremist incident as a reason, even though he is an intelligent man who grasped the corner Irrational Exuberance has painted itself in to. As I have written previously... there is no substance to the stock markets via fiat fake money printing. It has exposed our nation and much of the world to catastrophic loss from the top down.

This plays well into berry picking. Quality always beats quantity, so in the end, it's best about sustenance. That said- a bush in hand fills the basket. I'm sure they were all delicious!

Energy... my Renewable Energy research was based entirely in small resources that contribute to bigger resources that cooperate to provide across a broad network but manage from isolated points as well. Example-- if a tree knocks down a power line today, whole neighborhoods may go without power. If that same tree compromised one house's power supply, the network would compensate the surrounding homes from localized resources. My barrel turbine concept works off escaping energy leaking from every home. I am seeing new forms of blades (bird-flap mimic is a really great concept). You should know that giant heads in Texas tried to create a super-sized vertical shaft wind turbine (of course) and it's stator caught fire and burned it to the ground (because it generated too much power from one resource). Think-- trees and clocks. Leaf collection from solar, branch turbines powered by the leaves to trunk resources all feeding below-ground stators that transfer all that collection to power generators. It's all very possible. It would have been our global thrust forward if it were not for garbage wealthy greedy cold-souled losers who hijacked the first part of this Century. THAT said... what goes around comes back with a vengeance. The last thing anyone would want to be today is-- greedy wealthy and a psychopath.

We change now. Hold tight!

It's All Very Possible

There are too many people that think that the only possible civilization is our civilization as it is nowadays, including SUVs parked on every driveway and vacation trips to Hawaii by plane for everyone.
But keeping these incredibly expensive wastes of energies will obviously be impossible in the future, even imagining that we are able to stay with fossil fuels for another century or even more.

Solar energy has been used by humans for a long, long time. What we have been doing today consists of developing more efficient ways to do exactly what we have been doing in our remote past.
The real oddball in the panorama is fossil energy that will desappear in a century or less, no matter what dreams of energy dominance may be popular in Washington D.C..

It is possible to move to a fully solar-powered society. Or will we waste our remaining resource in the desperate attempt to keep using fossil fuels?
As usual, it is impossible to say what the future has in store for us, but there remains a certainty: we'll always have the sun.

No Kidding... The American Stock Markets Are Heading For A Crash

The Southerners who still believe The South Will Rise Again... are pissed off that the KKK and Nazis are stealing their anger platform. The word 'hijacked' is in play. Both groups hold on to stocks like weapons of mass destruction. An anger sell-off would compromise some dead companies living entirely off fresh stock purchases and market bail money.

Housing Starts are dead. All four major builders are extremely over-exposed again and help is NOT on the way. The premium house in America costs less than $125,000, it's all younger people can afford. That likes every McMansion out there again and the jumbo estate market totally gone. I'm understanding that even in healthy markets, the buying range starts near $125,000 to about $400,000 and you had better be offering a lot of amenities at that price.

Car sales are in the tank. Car leases are too. One reason is that subprime car loans and leases are under Federal investigation. A Chinese company is looking at buying out Chrysler from Fiat. Ford has vowed to restore it's car sales, but it has no alternative fuel vehicles to speak of and Mustangs are over-saturated. The aluminum bed on pick-up trucks was a failure of Edsel proportions. Tesla lost 50% of it's orders this month. GM has too many cars in lots leftover from last model year.

Terminations are back in vogue. As it was last time... throw the engines out of the car, keep the hood ornaments. In 1983, after down-sizing themselves into a low density state, nearly all publicly-traded entities faced self-inflicted death. The business plans haven't changed, the Executives still fund lobbies and PACs and don't pay key personnel well. There is a really big chance that tens of thousands of fake-market-reliant entities will go "poof" before year-end.

Jobs... not stock markets. Working people buy stuff. Record stock markets mean nothing. Wealth is fleeting and will be soon.

The Total Eclipse

And a total eclipse of worker productions on August 21 will cost companies millions.

The World May Be Next

Seeking to disrupt the cross-border partnership, that is a fundamental part of the Western economy, carries the threat of economic chaos.
Paying obeisance to American primacy is a danger to every company that does business in the US.
Semplistic views on security carry the threat of a border clogged by a quagmire of ruinous restrictions - ill-considered, ill-advised and self-defeating, but emotionally satisfying to those who equate American "greatness" with the ability to disrupt relations with other.
The US benefits greatly from the sway it holds in allied capitals. Shattering the trust that underlies that status carries incalculable consequences.

Like it or not, Republicans are stuck with Trump. The world may be next.

I think you might be missing the point

Saldeck, I think you are missing a very important statement V_L made earlier:
"You don't get it about Trump. He fought to win against complacency and discovered most people agree with him. He is not going to have to do much... suppressed people will stand back up and do it instead."
The point being winning against complacency not necessarily Trump's solutions to problems.
There is an equally important, though less publicized, situation playing out in the Democrat primary. Hillary does not have the support that she expected from the Democrats. Sanders has embarrassed her in many states. Again, as mentioned earlier, people are challenging complacency.
Challenging complacency is a good thing. Wise men said it long before it was popularized by Timothy Leary "Think for yourself, question authority".
Most Americans agree that we've been dragging our feet concerning immigration at our southern border. This does not mean that most would tolerate mass deportation and building a wall that would dwarf 10,000 Hoover dams.
I might advocate isolationism. This does not mean everybody agrees with me or the magnitude I would propose. Almost everybody agrees that developing products and then promptly shipping the majority of those jobs that would have made that product oversees is not working.
Don't trust everything that's printed in the msm. The only thing that seems to be actually happening at this time is that people are questioning the integrity of the system and the decision makers that control it.

I'll side with saldeck here

V-L's point may not be acknowledged but whether or not the US non-voter citizens will line up with him on this one at the polls is questionable.

Neoh, you know people talk a great game in the lead-up, but make up a long list of no shows at the polls. There have been surprise outcomes to Presidential elections in my voting lifetime beginning with Harry Truman which, as it developed historically, the voters got it right despite newspaper headlines set up - who knows? a week in advance? - proclaiming Dewey the voters' choice.

Romney blew his chances by behaving invulnerable and not keeping his mouth shut. . . O&G has already categorized Trump in the same box. We'll stay with the anticipation that he can't resist talking himself out of any resonable chance. . . only because once he starts talking, he doesn't really understand consequences of that which he proposes. . . The expectation stands no matter who the opposing candidate. . . which includes Bozo and Cheetah.

Unless there's a big disappointment in store, the faith rests with those who pull the levers in November. Rest assured, they recognize the difference. It depends on whether that knee jerk reaction to the power of the lever is too tough to overcome or not.

Keep it up, Don; the hole just got deeper

I don't want exemption from 'ignorant' Trump's Muslim ban, says Sadiq Khan

It's now plastered all over the UK's news media, been translated into every European language, has been as much lauded as has Trump's premature and completely idiotic stream of proclamations been ridiculed. And, the bet is: this observation is possible despite the current over-run of immigrants in Europe and the backlash. In other words, it's not the way differences are resolved

Since he has no grasp of the enormity of his mistakes, he has no grasp of the idea when or how he'll embarrass himself more or when his mind will reel off another bit of paranoid insanity. Every breath he takes is a threat that more immature nonsense will happen on the way out. We're all under the gun; each statement we issue is a measure of the person, and each measurement is indelible. To be in the spotlight, under observation and not understand that simple fact is the guaranteed death knell.

Operating on a shoot-from-the-hip frontier style from the sanctity and global exposure offered to the oval office is something a potential president cant afford. How long would it take to throw the world into complete chaos. . . choice of the wrong word? A sentence filled with hatred and/or prejudice?

How long would it take to slip from being the "Free" world's leader to a pretender-clown of no importance? A mistaken belief that the office elevates the occupant above unfavorable judgements? That every noise he emits is a gem?

In ten seconds he can destroy any prestige the office presents.

Go back to Truman again and his analysis that "The office elevates the man; and not the man, the office."

That's the basic point Trump will never grasp, and that's why he'll continue to dig deeper, obstinately.