The New IMF Fiscal Monitor for April, 2016 is available

. . And the same tired tune is being replayed.

Two Chapters with headings tells the story in brief:

  1. Chapter one, Navigating a risky world;
  2. Chapter Two, Fiscal Policies for Innovation and Growth

Public debt rises. emerging markets falter, and no one buys from anyone, which tends to shut down production and curtail employment opportunities.
Nothing new in that, and repeating the same tune becomes tiresome. However redundant it may be, it becomes ever more obvious that money managers (meaning central bank authorities such as the Fed) have no idea in which direction opportunities lie.

A few years ago OECD issued a plea for "consolidation" an attempt to lower fiscal debt loads to the 60% debt over GDP ratio level, framing the suggestion in a easy going manner, bolstered by the hope that all nations would put their best effort behind the task and we'd be in clover shortly. We addressed the issue back then. There was minimal movement in the direction they indicated. Some nations made a minimal, optimistic gesture in the direction of a 5 or 7% reduction before relaxing, most were less ambitious.

That was back in mid-2012, when the ECB cut its interest rates down to as low as they dared and everyone was touting the improvement in employment ranks, still prior to the prominent Grecian/Eurozone tussle. Well, here we are going onto 4our years later, and the IMF is out with its latest assessment of possibilities and again we are hearing about "fiscal policy", "infrastructure investment" and "implementation of structural reforms". This is the IMF presentation of how to "navigate a risky world". Opening salvos point out the "worsening fiscal trends", "rising fiscal risks", and the effort to support "growth and long-term debt sustainability", "reducing vulnerabilities", by means of "Fiscal policies" to "promote innovations and growth". Biggest question in that mix, "Can fiscal policy do that?"

The advanced economies, who suffered 1% growth rates while the emerging nations were backing away from their earlier 6% + rates of better days prior to 2012, were convinced they knew how to escape the traps they laid for themselves. After all the "science" was there to guide them. But, it seems, when you depend on someone advocating salvation, there is little chance of delivery when the chips are down. Central banks are omniscient when things go well but helpless when events go against the grain; succinctly, useless in times of stress. They are unwilling to admit they depend on all commerce performing at their best at the worst of times; slightest slip and all hell breaks loose in policy measures that have no hope of shaking off the cobwebs and striking out on a path to recovery. There's something amiss in that policy outlook, something the learned gentlemen have not been able to detect.

Their idea of advanced economics, according to IMF, is that the growing divergences are set in the robustness of Fiscal Policy. . . or, is the lack of same the fatal flaw? The Fed's rate lift-off in December did nothing to stimulate confidence, bond yields are still low, the gap between US bills and bonds has been declared "benign" at a flat 1%, and the orientals are still groping in the dark in search of some benefit to be
found in adjusting their currencies in a world where buyers are still on holiday in all markets. The graphs from the emerging markets look like lightning striking, and overall charted fiscal balances are little more than collections of negative indicators.

In short, people, there is definitely a depression of some significance underway which is being hushed to fullest extent possible. We are not supposed to recognize the truth. One of the proposed suggestions as to reason for the failure is the unsettled atmosphere of the election year - with a slight reference to "obstructionism". (That's mentioned in the section devoted to fiscal risks!)

Two thirds of the nations in the ongoing (in the 2014-2015 period) IMF sampling group have experienced decline in their "revenue-to-GDP ratio". And the search is on for a means to reduce "vulnerabilities". When Robert J. Gordon places his One Wave global economic decline in a fifty to one hundred year time frame, he does so, it would appear, with a generosity based on hope that it could be stretched out that long.

The influx of refugees in Europe is a sign of the times: a strong similarity, if not a direct parallel between the weak non-war years of the first half of the twentieth century and the migration in search of opportunity to earn a living somewhere.

If we add the meagre collection of positives, where is the hope to be found? Our governments are more dedicated to wringing hands, mopping up tears, and tightening up purse strings yet another turn or two than they are in following the strategy of shifting debt from commerce to government coffers. This leaves the economists with no leverage whatsoever in the period of our Great Stagnation which it is hoped can be rescued by the inflation that refuses to materialize. Just as well, that would just aggravate the difficulties of coping on the part of our large cadre of unemployed.


In all, the latest in the run of publications summarizing the outlook for fiscal rescue over the past five years is no nearer an upbeat rhythm today than it was at the series' inception back in 2011. And we should note the new Office in the Treasury department, an offshoot of the Dodd-Frank Act, The Office of Financial Research offering its third annual report since the initial 2012. The 2015 report is the first Financial Stability Report. They provide support to the Financial Stablity Oversight Council which in terms of pay grades, ranks the uppermost of all the new authorities proposed in the Dodd-Frank Act - a committee once ranked among the DOA.

The OFR (Office of Financial Research) has some very clever artwork, reminiscent of that produced on the Shadow Banking System by staff members of the NY Federal Reserve Bank a few years ago. However, clever artwork is not a fair substitute for policy-making that stimulates market activity. Wages do that; and until we have sufficient people at the lower levels earning reasonable wages and patronizing the various markets, recovery will remain a distant target out of range of the weak weapons we've employed thus far in search of relief. And, in order to absolve themselves and their compatriots of guilt, the "scientists" will not report this as reluctant wages, but rather as reluctant demand. No presentation of bright, clean sunburst graphs or 3D tiered, multi-pillared networks will help in our understanding basics that are simply not working at the needed level at this time.

We can discuss challenges, liquidity, vulnerabilities endlessly, but in truth, it all depends on the simpler basics, doesn't it?

With the introduction of the new Office, it certainly does seem contradictory to have a political party advocating smaller government as a principal political goal while steadily introducing more complication requiring larger staff in government offices under an ever-growing umbrella of government protection. Or, is this their attempt to provide more job opportunities?

How much of that growth is duplication?

There is one more critique of the global economic situation - that of the banking and financial markets - The BIS quarterly review published in March, 2016. They discuss the flattening yield curves and widening credit spreads - those usually found in recessionary scenarios. They open their acknowledgement of -

  • slowing growth in the emerging markets that "spilled over" into the advanced economies; followed by,
  • expectations of reductions in interest rates and bank profitability; which was reinforced by,
  • Bank of Japan's negative interest rate move with the ECB and the Fed making strange noises about measuring bank strengths followng rumors of 5 of the top 8 US banks falling short of strength in that area; and,
  • Eurozone fears of a first, cancellation of coupon payments on the CosCos (contingent converitble bonds - the ECB bail-in arrangement.

The fourth paragraph in the opening section closed with this observation -

Underlying some of the turbulence was market participants' growing concern over the dwindling options for policy support in the face of weakening growth outlook. With fiscal space tight and structural policies largely dormant, central bank measures were seen to be approaching their limits.

Following this release, the banking industry has come under fire with weakness demonstrated in the equities in Europe and the US.


We could go on with the BIS report, perhaps compare it to the other reports mentioned prior to that, but details add or detract nothing from the generality of the BIS report opening section. O&G's marginalia continue on through the opening 75 pages of the document and then onto the next section given over to "electronification" with a catchy title, Hanging up the Phone - electronic trading in fixed income markets and its implications.

But, we get the picture - everyone is agreed on the visible results and the unexpressed causes which, if voiced, would indict the banking and finance industries. Where they do not agree is on the cure. We've expressed our preferences for restitution and expulsion, but there is little chance of any such program being enforced - much less promulgated. So what we're left with in the cure department is divergence - a wide ranging series of proposals which all attempt to skirt realities or finger pointing and that eliminates any hope for hurryng along by way of an assisted cure. It appears if there's to be any cure, it will be the of the natural type meaning, the "scientists" will follow the popular advice given to fledgling physicians whereby ninety nine percent of the patients are presumed to recover on their own, so the advice is, "Don't do anything to worsen the situation."

Which may now stretch the generation timeframe assigned to recovery to perhaps another decade beyond, if the systems can sustain the stress. In all likelihood, we'll experience the major hit long before that. It's difficult to believe that even the most dedicated player can hold on for much longer.

The Monster Is Beginning To Show In The Daylight

There are two monsters... one is generally stomping around every day as blatantly obtuse as can be like a bully and taunting anyone smaller to fight it. Let's call it-- GOP. The other monster is more a vampire or night creature that comes out after dark and sucks the life out of something to sustain itself. Let us call this monster-- NWO. We ordinary people are the villagers enduring both terrors day and night with no relief in sight... yet.

Much like Goliath in the days before his encounter with David, GOP stomp around and ruin anything and everything with over-control. It is insanely rich by corrupt means... it shorts a publicly-traded nothing and nods to politicians-- who trash it. When the bottom falls out, they take short profits and buy long positions that realize insane returns fake-funded by 0% borrowing to bolster. For some reason, there is no association between the stock and debt weight any longer. It's like staring at an oozing chunk of toxic fungus and giving it a hug... you might get a shock reaction and can step back in hubris, but there is no question of your future... you have none, except maybe to become what you hugged by self-infliction.

Much like Dracula, NWO continues to grow a reliance predicated on death. A bite in the night turns a live person into a zombie that must now feed or...? No one really knows what happens when vampires don't get a daily does of someone's life sustenance.

Both GOP and NWO employ Big Brother and gross manipulation to control us villagers. We exist in between the knuckle sandwich and neck bite. Almost everything has been ravaged now. Suddenly though, there is a change. Treasury Secretary Lew is traveling to Europe to duke it out with Margarethe Vestager of the EU today over Apple setting up cardboard shop in Ireland to escape tax liabilities. The monsters look to be running out of victims and have eyed each other. Who is Lew? Lew isn't a financial person, he has no relative Treasury-proficient level of expertise. He was Obama's PR Guy before this. Vestager looks like a Brussels muscle puppet.

Meanwhile... we all wish there were actual validated data figures handy. Read yesterday that 60% of US publicly-traded entities did not make any non-market profit last quarter. Oil is bottoming-out again. JP Penney's is closing stores all over and anyone monitoring the Sears store closures knows they have a scam going on... not a liquidation. Check-out prices are now 60% off the tag- which is MSRP. Do the math and the net price is still higher than every discount store's everyday price. It makes sense that a Penney's closure cripples weak-market area retail in general. An over-supply scenario coupled with an actual acknowledgement of no economy anywhere is building.

Back to the monsters. We now know there are two distinct monsters. We know the village is in ruins. The future is pretty clear-- there isn't enough fresh meat for both monsters so a showdown is ahead. We the People of the village have amassed incredible debt made entirely out of survival, so there are no assets to repossess, nothing to offset pure very substantial losses. If you are sober (many are not and choose not to be-- read your history on France around 1796)... you recognize that we misnamed the monsters... one is really named Financial and the other- Legal. Neither will ever be naturally critical to societies, they both mutate out of desperate survival once some stability forms.

All this said... interestingly enough... a sudden voluntary vacation taken by every villager right now would save what's left of the village and fully destroy both monsters. Could it be the crazy cure for all this control and manipulation? Go eat cake by the ocean instead of letting your life be drained by administrative and financial pariah. Oozing fungus left to the Sun... scabs to death.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize, Friends

For some reason I said I would try this site again because I missed my friends-- and for the first time in several weeks-- the site existed again! THANK YOU to whoever holds that power, for your grace.

Meanwhile... let us size-up where we are at. At the street level: [likely] nefariously funded groups are all in a panic because of the Trump election. Not because he won, but more, because they will have to get actual jobs soon. The days of administrators and agitators is soon over. Wait until Obama gets the bill for all his underhanded social-uncivil select agenda shift stuff.

Campus poop-fest: the likes of Robert Reich (former Clinton Era 'Economist') are kindling anarchist rebels out of college students who have borrowed tuition money to buy a degree that will be a ticket to a high-salary job in corporativist-caused complacent America. Let's call that scenario the Giant Sucking Sound once coined by Ross Perot. Incredibly, Reich could have had a lot to do with setting America up for such a catastrophic circumstance. Dear college types-- we can no longer afford you, get enterprises.

BIG... Trump fills his Cabinet with "people who made a fortune" but seems to miss that they all made that wealth in stock markets rigged and manipulated by fake-printed 0% money that never trickled for a day in real economy. It's actually quite clever because... IF Trump's Cabinet trips over its own ego in his first 100 days, we will hear his now-famous words shouted... YOU'RE FIRED. Consider the course once pompous-ass wealth has no credibility. From what I can tell now, anyone who once had a skill set is now either too old and hollowed-out by golden years momentum (and crabby)... or working is a labor role in a box because Millennials cannot (ADHD Phone-in-Face Disease). Bureaucracy is compromising everything to the extent that opting-out may be the Number One choice in 2017.

Let us contemplate-- opting out. If half the nation hates Trump and the other half hates college types in salaried roles they are dysfunctional to national prosperity in--- a massive QUIT causes the SHIFT to hit the fan in 2017. That's right... we end corporativism just by remaining pissed-off-enough to not go to work. Vicariously, it ends our techno-problem too.

So... what's the "prize"? We are, folks. We are truly the prize. Oppressed and suppressed since Y2K, we might actually see freedom before we expire. Are YOU still in stocks? That is truly crazy. The current day after day rise in the Dow benefits ONLY that faction of the world that doesn't participate in it. A fall to ZERO is now more credible that a Dow at-all. Over the last few days- only one stock has seen a consistent gain--- Goldman Sachs. This is the same publicly-traded entity that underwrote all the debt failing globe-wide now AND triggered the means for the market crash in 1929.

Man Of The Year

Nice to see you again, Veteran_Lender. We missed you too.

" So...what's the prize? We are, folks."

The real heroes of our story today are the millions who dared defy the Empire. And this is why the American "basket of deplorables" is
"my man" of the year. No, not Trump.

US capitalism failed in 2007. It failed entirely. US had a chance to uphold justice and prove that its system could correct itself. US proved otherwise and the world was watching. They didn't care so much about the financial result as the US did, rather they cared about the sociological result. Would this hold? It didn't. It failed. How important is economics if you have just enough to destroy the enemy? Not that much. It was on 60 minutes if you missed it.
As much as I didn't like Trump's rhetoric, it might be what US need globally.

I would say that Trump is a realist who believes that American foreign policy should serve to increase the well-being of people living in the United States.
The United States currently has extensive security committments to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and East Asia that drive its foreign policy, literally none of which provides any material benefit to the US, and which Trump has critiqued on this basis. The Never Trump neocons want the US to be in a state of perpetual war against Russia, Iran and China, and they hate Trump more than anyone else because he doesn't.

So, if you think that great power wars are by far the biggest risk to human life, freedom, security, and quality of life, maybe you should have voted for Trump. The biggest possibility for a great power war is the US attempting to interfere with the attempts of China and Russia to exert influence over their neighbors, and Trump is much less likely to see that as problem than the vast majority of American politicians.

The Prize is-- A Rest Of Our Lives...

You are correct, Saldeck, in all regards. America is no realizing retirements of people who matter... not by what they do (profession) but what they constructed to keep themselves employed for decades. The farce of their retirement perception is-- they bit the hand that fed them- off, and by leaving, the source of a pension is now steering toward collapse.

Our largest fund groups report that pensions and retirement funds need much more in the way of gains than Obama's fiat fake-printed money generated. The same goes for D.R.I.P. and dividend stocks, they need the near-zero rate credit to buy loyalty. Most are now a 6:1 ratio or greater in debt to assets. That is to acknowledge "their" perception of asset value.

The bastions are changing. Stocks are rising, gold is falling. These are two bastions hopelessly clogged with seniors who do not generate economy. The same goes for techno-wealth. They rack up big earnings but don't spend equally into the economy.

Trump did not get elected to grow an economy. His mantra was-- make America great again. For a fact, there was far more prosperity when the Dow was 7,000 than there is now. Most Trump voters know we NEED to crash to force complacent creating culture to ruin and force techno-addicts to put the phones down. The future looks mighty brutal but compared to what many have endured up until now... bring it on.

Saldeck-- Italy voted. Did you know that almost ALL of the USA-based media suppressed the results? You can search: Italy Exit Vote and see that the most recent links are aged. Literally, since 1981, much of the world has been adversely influenced by Ivy League types. 27 years (a normal economic cycle) from that point was 2008. You are absolutely accurate on 2008 being the beginning of a failed distortion. We WILL correct now and it WILL be a very powerful movement. Luckily, most of us have been pushed to the ground, so we don't have far to fall and we are very good at standing back up.

One thing is blatantly obvious... the daily rise for the Dow is a sign of terminal illness. The afraid, really are.

I Still Believe In Fairy Tales

A wave of revulsion rolls around the world. Approval ratings for incumbent leaders are everywhere collapsing.
There is a clear parellel between the results of the Italian constitutional referendum and those of Brexit referendum and the defeat of Hillary Clinton. In all cases, we saw devastanting failures for the mainstream media. People refused to listen to the messages beamed to them. They had the feeling of being swindled and when you start suspecting that you are being swindled, you probably are. And they react accordingly.
Something is deeply changing in the world. All we can say is that it is happening and that the old ways don't work anymore.

Italian voters dealt a major symbolic blow to neoliberal-corporate welfare policies that the EU has been imposing across the continent since the start of recession in 2008. Voters rejected Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's proposal for a stronger executive and a weaker legislative branch intended to push through neoliberal and austerity reforms that large banks and corporations demanded at the expense of small businesses, the middle class and workers whose living standards have been on a steady decline.
The goal was a stronger executive to pass legislation that would benefit capital within the EU.

One of the answers, now, to Trump. Putin, Orban, Beppe Grillo, Duterte, Le Pen, Farage is to defend the crucial politic unit that's under assault by banks, monopolies and chainstores: community. It is to recognize that there is no greater hazard to peace between nations than a corporate model.

And yes, I still believe in fairy tales. Fairy tales are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

How can you not believe in fairy tales? :)

An old photo

"All we can say is that it is happening and that the old ways don't work anymore."

The photo at the end of this post reminded me of something. Voters are not rebelling against old ways, they are rejecting new ways. The photo shows what I assume to be the proprietor of a small grocery store. A store that was common in my area of the country through my first couple of decades. People supported these small grocers because the owner was a member of the community. This was the norm for millennia.
Today, wolves in sheep clothing warn us of dire consequences if we reject globalization because consumer prices will be higher. The mantra has taken on a religious tone. None of them will admit (or mention) that mankind did quite well for thousands of years paying a little more from a member of the community.
I replaced my clothes washer a few weeks ago. The new washer was on sale at Home Depot for less than $500.00. If the new washer had cost me $1400.00 from a local hardware then I would probably of had the old one repaired. I would have bought the parts from the same man that sells washers. He would have been happy selling the part, knowing that when I needed to finally replace the machine I would purchase it from him. The planet would be happier because the carbon emissions are less for repairs than replacing every 6 yrs. And if I couldn't fix it myself, then a local repairman would be hired.
Replacing my machine from Home Depot did little for my community. The machine was made in Asia. The Home Depot worker who sold me the machine will probably not work there 5 yrs from now (I don't even remember his name).
The man in the Photo knows many trades. He wears a butcher's jacket, The neck tie of a proprietor, He has useful accounting skills, he is the purchasing agent, an inventory expert....

The Old Ways That Don't Work Anymore

I think the "new ways" they are rejecting, are actually the old ways of Clinton, Obama, Cameron, Blair, Renzi, Hollande. All of them are finally gone.
So here is our silver lining. This is a revolutionary moment. This is their failure, decades in the making. And their failure is our chance to regroup. To retire the old elite and to empower a new generation who look out for the working class. The whole working classe.

And again I say: one of the answers to Trump, Beppe Grillo, Le Pen, Farage is to defend the crucial political unit that's under assault by banks, monopolies and chainstore: community. A not-polluting, low-energy, human community. Much as Neoh describes it.

The global backlash against mainstream politicians is, at heart, an attempt to reassert national sovereignity against the force of undemocratic globalization.
An article in The Atlantic entitled How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul, reminds us that a similar choice was articuled by the American jurist Louis Brandeis. " We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentred in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."
In 1936, the congressman Wright Patman managed to pass a bill against the concentration of corporate power. Among this targets was A&P, the giant chainstore of his days, that was allowing out towns, destroying local retailers and turning independent tradesmen into clerks. The Democrats broke up giant banks and businesses and chained the chainstores.
What Brandeis and Patman knew has been forgotten by those in power, but not by the victims of this system.

Going Long

I hear (read) you, Saldeck. I think we all agree that there are two fronts afoot and neither are doing our times any good. One side has known only exploitation for so long that it cannot fathom existence that does not begin with the wave of their hand or click of fingers. The other side has built a machine that is capable of deploying mathematical formulation that can alter natural order.

What has to fascinate all the rest of us is- the fatal flaw. BOTH fronts NEED each other to exist at all.

When I make Comment posts in financial arenas, there appears to be a finite group of detractors literally on a consistent basis. They hold stocks "long" that are apparently supposed to generate even more wealth while already at record highs in an unsubstantiated validity time. The collective NYSE flirts with 20,000 right now, but no expert can factually explain how it rose from 7,000 with world economies going down the drain and remaining stagnant for a decade now.

The "math" doesn't add up unless it isn't math, just formulated control and manipulation of mathematics in capsuled format as to arrive at a completely fictitious number without meaning.

We already know two very important things about the future. There are too many wealthy people for there to be native economy anywhere. Unless currencies free out of markets, the markets themselves detach from value and literally evaporate because they are meaningless. This must change (one front). There are too many formerly solvent people suppressed oppressed damaged victimized destitute or worse growing into a massive liability via that same stagnation. These people can no longer work as they once did and those that exist in employment now do not possess the kind of disciplines and skills required to create viable economy. This must change (other front).

There is an old theory about the bell curve of human viability. Youth- strong, impulsive, irrational by sexual over-control. Middle- strong still but waning, rational but often illogical, discovering internal clocks, maternal/paternal responsibilities. Mature- carefully able, either irrational about a potency level or accepting a diminish, wiser, more focused on long term sustainability. Aged- physically weaker, cautious, less inclined to do, more inclined to employ wisdom. %%%% The problem now is that many Mature to Aged people are doing the jobs that Youth and Middle should be. During Obama's time, a degree "bought you a ticket" in many cases to a position you shouldn't warm. No classroom can generate competence and for 100% of this era, it became so. It's WHY we are in such a mess- globally and economically. To have a Twitter, life experience pursuits, consolidated entities without competing enterprises, mass media control, overkill politics and literally TEN YEARS with nothing but machines to show for it.

If you "went long" you were wrong and get to finish broken. The one world society that apparently won Barack Hussein Obama a Nobel Peace Prize is fracturing because it created force-complacency, not free enterprise, freedom and quality in life. Read the human viability theory again. It must be restored or literally... civilization as we know it will end. Remember this... MAKING fire remains the most vital thing Man ever did to separate himself from the other beasts on Earth. Nothing since has generate that same significance. You can be master of the i-Phone or algorithm or command an entity... whatever, but if you can't pick up two sticks and rub them into a spark then blow the ember into a flame you don't eat. We have become complacent and reliant. Given all the obvious factors, nearly everyone worldwide is not prepared to be a part of the nativity and yet it is apparent that we must- unless these two fronts voluntarily eliminate themselves.

Two Fronts

Because none of it works, there is no normal to which to return. The Keynesian measures, in a world crashing into environmental limits and the mass destruction of jobs, are irrevelant in the 21th Century as the neoliberal prescriptions.
There is no going back, no comfort in old certaintes. We must rethink the world from first principles. We must decide what we want, if we want get it.
So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation. They justa wanna be the happy complacents that they are. They do not want fundamental changes in a world where interest prevails.

But....throw them out of work, deprive them of bright expectations, underfeed them and they begin to seep together into a common morass of discontent and impatience. Almost unconsciouly.


China's bond market is failing and there is anxiety that they may lose much of there export business. The oldest bank in Italy is failing. Merkel declares war on extremists that she let in. The US is mobilizing more troops in Eastern Europe.
In the USA, msm is desperately trying to tell us that Hillary would have won if Russia hadn't revealed her corruptness. Interestingly, the intellectual collegiate class is falling for it. The DOW approaches 20k for no real reason at all. Auto plants have up to 180 days inventory in some cases. Trump is assembling a group of oligarchs for his cabinet that would make early 20th century industrial barons blush....
It's going to be a weird year!

Things Unseen While America Falls Apart

It will be interesting hearing about 4th Quarter retail sales. Dismal is far too nice a word for it. The prevailing brick and mortar store walker has an i-Phone in hand and whiles away time scanning SKU numbers hoping they pop up at a penny. I hear Amazon is doing very well on the pitching end (selling) but will be hard-pressed to show anything but red as returns deluge them. Global Returns were said to be north of $280 billion earlier this month. That means some incalculable figure AFTER the holidays. Experts believe at least 60% of items returned will be broken, abused, missing parts or swapped for something else. It's a mad mad mad mad mad world today and one thing you can count on is-- the correction is inevitable.

In all my research reading lately, the Dickens Era appears to have some relative coherency. Super rich on greed lust dust, super poor elsewhere and some administrative types living on "experiences". Anybody else notice that only a "PC" version of ancient Christmas Hits loop over sound systems now? Anybody else grasp that the people protesting the loudest about the Trump "win" seem less interested in what is good for all of us and more panicky about getting their rackets revealed? Based on who Trump has chosen for a Cabinet, it is unlikely that progress might be possible, even probably, but only AFTER his "team" crashed us? Yes, I have predicted this for a long time, but like any other person with good sense... one does not put on a party hat to run across charred floors in a room engulfed by flames when no one remembers if the exit has a lock on it or what it looks like on the other side.

See all of you there and safely, friends. Our wild ride begins--

A Mad, Anti-human world

It chokes the best that's in us, aggressively. I want out. Screw the way things are.
We wanted flying cars and we got killer drones. We wanted freedom and we got body scanners, we wanted cheap energy and we got Fukushima. We wanted a long life and we got Alzheimer. The more gadgets we have, the worse the situation becomes.
If we want to save the world, we don't need gadgetry. We need to be what we are: human begins.

time for a different approach

I think much of the world is now realizing that the status quo is unsustainable. The rather sudden realization by our fellow humans will result in some rifts that will hopefully be temporary. We are experiencing this in both Europe and the USA. An example in the USA would be the rift between those who voted for HRC and those who did not vote for her. I think that this rift will eventually be mended when the 95% of the electorate finds they have more in common with each other than they have with Clinton or Trump.
As V_L mentioned above, serious rebirth will occur once the old way is finally established to be unsustainable beyond doubt. Trump, who I voted for (because I disliked Hillary more) will fail because he is attempting to roll back the clock to a time that is no more. This is not the 1950's. His cabinet is essentially the same as who Clinton would have appointed. I don't think he realizes that a great many of the people that initially supported him are already planning to defy him as he adopts failed GS type policies and appoints military industrial complex cronies.
The tycoon mindset suffers from a fatal flaw. Everything is measured in money and power. A terrible disease. If they lose half their wealth they literally panic even though they have more than what they will ever need. Every day Common men lose everything yet survive.
So for me, I will strive to be more kind to my fellows, especially to those who didn't like the way I voted. Perhaps it will be a way of showing what we have in common since they also do random kind acts. I was wrong for lumping them together as "snow flakes". Perhaps they will learn that I'm not a hate filled racist. Perhaps then we can work together towards a natural sustainable existence.
Western society is divided at this time over dumb stuff. We'll have to unite if the selfish 2-5% is to be defeated. Otherwise, that 2-5% will continue to do what they do best which is keeping us distracted by rather petty divisions (seeing insurmountable mountains instead of mere mole hills).

This Is What I See...

Absolute wealth corrupts... absolutely. NEOH is correct about wealthy people. Their enemy is not human, it is self-inflicted. Even the perception of loss creates panic-- not about the loss, but about becoming like everyone else or even being at the shore of the river that separates ordinary living and the place where wealth perceives it is.

I have a new job. It pays me about what I earned in my early twenties BUT I am talking and interacting all day. My feet and knees are sore at the end of the day but I have spent minutes at best- over-analyzing myself and extraneous matters. The place is filled with people like me... ex-Merrill Lynch, ex-Chemist (PhD level), ex-Electrical Engineer, ex-business owners... get it? I didn't fall through a trap door in the real world and end up in the Land of Misfit Career Losers... I stepped through a door and found all sorts of people just like me. One woman "turned me on" to her homemade fudge just yesterday. I got a hand-written accolade for doing cleaning that had not been done in quite a while. There are also people there who don't get it. They cheat sales, try to haze the new-bee or remain distant blocked by some self-perception. Not one of us actually makes enough to survive but collectively-- we do. I talk to customers all day. People are genuinely happy with and about my expertise. They literally cannot get to me (when that type tries to), I am extremely broken and cannot feel the attack. I revel when that type has to give up (the boss won't reprimand- he is thankful for all the talent and respects it). I couldn't give a crap about MBA degree spew, unit-productivity or follow plan-o-grams to the letter. I'm not actually encouraged to, just to wear the perception that I do. The whole place operates that way and helps those struggling when they need help or lifts a person who overcomes something. Yes, it gets recognized! I have never in my life worked so tranquilly. As I stated... it is nearly for starvation wages.

What you don't read or hear about-- about this society today-- is the number of people who don't talk to anyone in a day. There are two types of these... those who put themselves too high for others to get to and no longer know how to act- human. The other has an i-Phone attached to their face and a stupid gaze as the try to walk with it stuck there. Both perceive internally that they are smarter than the rest of us but absolutely cannot function without their "aid". One needs money, the other a device. In all cases, neither stands a chance of surviving the obvious shift their extremes are creating. I go to work. I cannot manage my enterprise like I used to and sales are rock-bottom. Don't cry for me, I have mountains of commodity that must exist where we are going or we will be in trouble. Supply is not as readily available as most believe and certainly what is, is not all functional.

I would worry less about the coming Administration because it has never strayed from one fact-- that it is corrupt and money-oriented. I would worry about how far the last Administration got undermining the fundamentals of our civilization. To unplug us causes no major disruption provided we can restore all of the fundamentals. The in-coming Administration owns those brands but lacks the ability, intellectual and physical capacity of operation. Now... tie the paragraphs of this post together. Ability- lives but below sustainability. Ineptitude and Incompetence has unearned momentum wealth, excessive salary and a fully unsustainable premise.

Shift happens. The prize is not perceived material wealth, placed position or "experiences". It is the ability to cooperate where reciprocation exceeds walls, moats and towers. I didn't invent this premise, I tripped into it via a very hard and long road. There are 100 million+ like me here in America alone now. Billions more worldwide. And two shrinking pools of self-inflicted detachment- fools. If you are doing well today, it is unlikely you will have a clue what to do in the near future and while no one is going to resent you, you MUST adjust. Cooperation is not part of New World Order, it existed at the Dawn of Man. It is an undeniable fundamental that opposes Political, Financial, Administrative, Legal or Military oppression and always has.

When you cannot BE ordinary any longer, you won't know so, but everybody else will.

A Merry-Enough Christmas To Everybody the end of the day, you stand by who you are. You are a good person.

It feels like spring here.

Enjoy your Christmas rituals. The rituals seem to make our lives richer and more enjoyable. And without going into too much details, there is one Christmas tradition that's unlikely to disappear any time soon: LOVE. The number of children conceived peaks over the Christmas holidays, leading to a bump in birth rates in September. That's certainly one way to bring a family closer together.

Happy Christmas...

The combination dates back to Europe and over 500 years. Hap, or by-chance... Christ (Jesus) on his mass day. The recognized first use of Merry Christmas was by Dickens... a beggar uttered it. So the phrase is supposed to well-wish by good fortunate occurrences- on the day we attend church services in honor of the birth day of Jesus Christ- the Savior of the world. This-- IS the gift.

It is interesting to note that on this year's day, American churches will be filled with people who do not attend church most or all of the rest of the year. While attending- they will fail to participate in the mass- and spend most of their time "positioning" as to look every part the psychopath they are. The sadder part being-- a healthy chunk of the population will never consider attending church because they are so far gone into artificial economy and society.

I do not denigrate religion or religious people in my statement... I merely note the obvious. If there is a way to fix all that is broken, it is to restore Sunday as Christ's Day, recognize mass as the time to reflect on human weaknesses and redirect attention to Faith Hope Love and Respect. My fervent prayer for all of us everywhere is a miracle at the least... that God breathes humility into the flaring nostrils of psychopaths and the rest get their heads out of the sand long enough to grasp their neighbor's hand and cooperate in kindness rather than device.

Wouldn't that be nice. To you and yours... may your Christ Mass Day go hap-pily.

The Unraveling

Continued observation-- note the stock markets... they are rising daily SOLELY on perceptions that Trump wants a higher Dow. Think about it... WHAT in Trump's history suggests he is a Dow enthusiast? What holds the Dow up? There is now a 97% chance that the Federal Reserve will raise its bank rate. Earlier in 2016 when pressed for details, the Fed said it plans on a 2.75% bank rate achieved in increments by year end. Year end is two weeks away. The bank rate was 5.75% when Ben Bernanke dropped it to zero. A 2.75% rate is a median increase by the numbers. The difference in environments is-- back when Ben dropped it, the globe was indebted less than $1 quadrillion ($632 trillion of it in derivatives). Today, the globe is mired by secular stagnation and worldwide debt exceeds $5 quadrillion (or more). If we learned earlier that a .25% bank rate hike caused a calamity, it makes too much sense that anything greater will cause a catastrophe. Financial tyrannical control and manipulation by two diametrically-opposed terror fronts (right vs. left) would absolutely collapse this artificial economy- for sure.

Note-- I said the 'artificial economy'.

Artificial economy

Welcome back V_L. I knew that you would eventually stop by to see if this site was reactivated. My biggest fear was that we would lose Saldeck if she only had my commentary!
Your comment about math in your post "Going Long" is absolutely correct. Although math can be temporarily manipulated to appeal to various human emotion, it never lies. Two plus two will always equal four even though some people may be temporarily convinced that it equals five or seven. The realization occurs, usually painful to those who allowed themselves to be deceived,when simple mathematical laws are realized. Wise men of old realized this when they had huge stone or earthen works constructed for the purpose of providing a safe time of the year for planting crops. I imagine that even in those times there were some people who would plant early because of a couple of consecutive early springs causing them to think "that this is the new normal". If the early springs continued for five years then more people would plant early because they wanted the larger harvest. If it continued for seven years in a locale, for example Britain, even more would plant early even though another place was experiencing normal weather. They would deceive themselves into thinking that Britain was different. When normal weather patterns returned during the eighth year, entire communities would be wiped out because there seed crop was ruined by a killer frost. The wisest of those communities were not surprised. The solar equinox had not changed, the math was the same as always.
We are currently in a similar phase in the USA. Trump, or anybody else, can not change the math. The USA is not different or special to the extent that math is no longer pertinent. Pension funds will not recover. Social security is not solvent. The stock market is not the economy. Simply printing money won't work. Lies won't work forever.


The 403 error again.

An Attempt To Stop The Brexit

Apparently, Britons do not have the freedom to leave the EUC because doing so breaches certain "Rights". The omnipotent are getting desperately arrogant now. If anyone still remains who doesn't see that We the People on Earth need to gather financial tyrants and jettison them to the Sun on permanent vacation...

The End of the World is not at hand... but the overreach of wealth and financiers is. Remember who fought hardest for that re-vote and who left town quickly when it was denied... yep: bankers and financiers. Its time to shut down money grubbers globe-wide and restore Natural Order.

The Guardian

Apparently the British msm is controlled by big money interests like the American media. I've been reading both the US version and the English version. Those that voted to leave the EU are depicted as prejudiced country bumpkins that obviously don't realize that they need snobby adult supervision ("intellectuals", economists, etc). Basically people that have worked for a living are somehow inferior.
We see the same thing in America. Those that have decided to stop supporting failed policy (free trade, zirp, nirp, sexual identity circus's, war, unicorns) are depicted as ignorant knuckle dragging "missing links". We are being told that the snowflake crowd, who is unable to survive by their own means, is superior to people that work for a living.
Snowflakes must wake up. They will be cannon fodder when they are no longer useful (which will happen sooner than later).
I'm disappointed. I've never seen a generation that refuses to think for themselves as they do. They deride boomers yet they support the most corrupt boomers simply because they support people with sexual identity issues, marijuana, etc. This group wants a "mommy" and "daddy" to tell them what to think.

Pretty People Need Dirty Hands Too

Sober observation there, NEOH.

Notably, the Obama's put "class" in the White House? Justin Trudeau is a Teen Beat heart throb? Cameron quits and we should all mourn?

A pattern emerges. It seems we 'deplorables' are functional people with skill sets. The Fall to Earth is a hard one- especially when you've convinced yourself you have wings and in no-way do you.

Keith Jarrett's Broken, "Dirty" Piano

This story was told me by my mother.

The American pianist Keith Jarrett found himself in an unenviable position. Shortly before beginning one of his improvised solo performances, he discovered that some backstage bungle had left him an old piano. It was out of tune, tinny and had sticky keys and pedals. After protesting and realizing nothing could be changed, he decided to play anyway. The flaws in the piano pushed him to play in a new style, discovering fresh ways to express himself. And against all expectations the result was a masterpiece: The Kôln Concert Album.

Might the economy somehow burst into a display of unexpected virtuosity in unpromising circumstances? What fresh tunes might be playable? The shock of Brexit could make the British economy stronger and now 3 judges can outweigh the votes of 17 million peple!

I do not believe in "economic model". Models are all very well when we are talking about Lego. When it comes to a major 21st century economy, things are too complicated for that.
The situation looks unpromising for "deplorables" and "bumpkins", but so, too, did Keith Jarrett's unplayable piano.

What next?

Many angry Clinton supporters today. Some are quite nasty. They have taken the Trump win as a personal attack...on what?? They condescendingly accuse the rust belt states of being racist. Attempts to bring to their attention that the rust belt states supported Obama in past elections fall on deaf ears.
What happened to our young college educated citizens? Why are they so thin skinned? They are enraged that there "safe space", which never existed,has been ruined. There is no such thing as a safe space. Welcome to reality in the real world. The intellectual class have been correctly been labeled as snowflakes. I should add very naive snowflakes.
They are shocked that a man that voted for Trump is not offended by their protests. I explain that it does my heart good to see them finally leave their safe spaces on campus and take to the streets even though I disagree with their reasons.
They slowly begin to converse with me (condescendingly). They ask how can a nation elect Trump. I laugh and try to keep my answer short. Do you know that the only person that could lose to Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton? Yes children, it had nothing to do with race or gender. You supported the only person in the world that half of the country dislike more than they disliked Trump. Think about that snowflakes! In the meantime keep protesting. Trump, or any politico for that matter, needs to know that they are being watched. We must never again become so complacent and allow the wanton corruption to be flaunted in DC.
A new era has begun and vigilance is required. The era may be good if we are vigilant. If we are not then the darkness of the past few decades will accelerate very quickly.
What's next? I don't know. Be flexible. Be ready for more deceitfulness (yes, lots of deceit) by politicos you've become attached to. Be ready to discard them immediately. Don't wait. That was the mistake your elders made.

PS. Thanks Duff

Bad start

More disappointment. Bolton for Secretary of State???? Same sh__different day. If this pattern continues then I give up.

Don't Give Up, Neoh

Did Donald Trump invent the xenophobia and racism that infused his campaign? Did he invent his conspiracy theories about stolen elections and the criminality of his opponents? No. They were there all along. All that was required was someone blunt and unscrupulous enough to take it.
Nor can you single out Trump for ignoring, denying the key issues of our times, such as climate change. Almost all prominent Republicans have been at it. In fact, across the four presidential debates, not one question about climate change was asked.

Democracy in the United States is so corrupted by money that it is no longer recognisable as democracy. You can kick individual politicians out of office, but what do you do when the entire structure of politics is corrupt? When Trump claimed that the little guy is being screwed by the system, he was right. The only problem is that he is the system.
Because this story did not begin with Trump, it will not end with Trump. He is our system, stripped of its pretences.

Don't give up, Neoh. Only by crossing social boundaries and coming together can we resist the forces that threaten to crush us.
If there is an irrepressible human trait, it is the determination, against all odds, to reconnect.
Though governments seek to atomize and rule, we will keep finding ways to come together. Our social brains forbid any other outcome. They urge us to reach out, even when the world seems hostile. By talking together we find our voice.

I think we can all admit that every major institutions of the West is engaged in stripping the Western populace of everything they possibly can.

For example:

- Anti-Religionists
It is one thing to be a simple agnostic. It is quite another to go out and try to dismember religion...which in nearly every case means Christianity. Slashing and burning things simply bears bad fruit. If you want to remove the moral core of a civilization, you have to replace it with something better. And the religion-haters did not. They sawed off the limb that held them and were too arrogant to consider the consequences.

- Academia and the Education Vampires
These institutions sit atop the corps of the Enlightenment.

- Corporized Art
The arts- music, film, painting, sculpture - are not widgets. They are immensely more important than that, forming minds and cultures in deep ways. The corporations that now control music and film have bastardized art for money. They have disgraced art.

The authentic western virtues - cooperation, initiative, creativity, curiosity and real justice -are necessary for a prosperous humanity and the institutions of our time have flamboyantly failed.

Don't give up, is time to start building afresh.

I'll have to

I won't give up. What a mess though. For the second time in this century we have had a highly emotional election where the winning candidate failed to capture both the popular and electoral college. When this happened during the Bush-Gore fiasco, there were calls that we should change our system so that the potus must capture both even if it required holding another election allowing eligible voters to register for the new election. Nothing was done though because most everybody felt that the situation rarely happens.
Many, if not most, understand why both are necessary. We are The United States. United requires a popular majority and States recognizes what is left of individual state rights. Well we didn't do anything and now we are struggling with another fiasco where both sides have legitimate gripes.
Our election process is very flawed. Our gripe in 2008, when we voted for "Hope and Change", was the horror of watching the new president appoint basically the same political ideologies to key cabinet positions as his predecessor. The solution, which fell on deaf ears, was to have candidates provide names of the people he would recommend for these positions during the debates. What we got were candidates that provided wishy-washy answers that the wishy-washy debate moderators accepted. Fast forward to today and we have the potus elect considering the likes of Dimon and Bolton for key positions that horrify "blue collar man" that voted for Trump and "snowflake child" that supported Hillary.
I've examined the vote on both a national and local level. Such polarization! About 600 square miles consisting of NYC voted for Hillary while about 54,000 sq miles supported Trump. I don't understand why this is so. While I like David Stockman and his articles, he is wrong to chalk it up to the East coast being prosperous due to Finance and the West coast prospering due to Tech while the rest is the "fly over zone". Most of the over 20 million inhabitants of NYC are not benefiting much from finance.
Closer to Home, I find similar peculiarities. While the City of Akron voted primarily for Clinton, the inner ring suburb of Barberton voted for Trump. You can not tell the difference between Akron and Barberton while driving through the area unless you happen to notice the city limit signs. Both cities manufacturing base were decimated by outsourcing. Both cities are predominately white (although Akron is ~75% compared to Barberton ~92%). The major difference is that Akron has a large student population due to the University of Akron. But this can't be the entire reason either since if you look at all the individual precincts, precincts where the students don't live, the vast majority voted for Clinton. Barberton was the opposite.
Moving out to our white flight outer suburbs, much higher income with more formal education, I've found that the suburbs that I expected to vote
Clinton (Mcmansionville higher income) voted Trump in many cases.
It's going to take awhile to digest all of this!

2016 Is Ending Very Interestingly, Indeed

Despite predictions by experts like Paul Krugman who said that US markets would never recover, the world did not come to an end. Investors quickly realized that nothing had fundamently changed.
Disney is still making movies. Star Wars is still going to be released. Mark Zuckerberg is still peddling your personal information for the highest bidder. Monsanto is still genetically modifying your food. (Sovereign Man)

And as for the protestors, primarly young people, the recurring theme was that Trump was not going to do anything about student debt. Students want free education. Even if you agree with this assertion, there is a problem with the logic: these students are conflating "education" with "university degree". The truth is that they are not interested in free education. They just want a free university degree, a piece of paper that confers neither education nor any guarantee of success in life, Many of the important things we need to learn in life are not thought in school.

There was an interesting article in the Financial Times, today (November 14) by Wolfgang Mûnchau - The end of the era of central bank independence -. So the mainstream economists and many financial commentators are up in arms about inroads into central bank independence as a result of Donald Trump's elevation to President elect.
Mûnchau also notes that the British Minister has also impugned the integrity of the Bank of England's independence since she took over from Cameron following the Brexit vote.
Mûnchaus says:" At this stage we do not really know what the presidency of Donald Trump will mean. We do not even know exactly what Brexit means."
There is one thing that we surely know about - the mainstream media seems to have lost its clout, given its overwhelming support for Britain to remain abd for Hillary Clinton in the US election.
In the US election, we now have the extraordinary confession by the New York Times that it "blew it on Trump" and the editor claimed the newspaper would now "rededicate to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor."

The New York Times coverage was a total disgrace, totally based towards the establishment it serves.

Mûnchau thinks the election and the Brexit vote means that we are: ".....approaching end of the age of central bank independence; and, as a concomitant, the loss of influence of academic macroeconomists."
If both of these contentions turn out to be accurate, then the world will be better off by far.
How that plays out in the Eurozone, with the rabid German mentality, will be interesting.

Mûnchau says that:" Mr Trump and Mrs May will subvert the system".
There is in fact very little need for a separate structure called a central bank. This would release thousands of "bright" former central bankers via retraining into the workforce to use their brains doing something useful.

Interestingly and educational, indeed

I did not know that there was such a different attitude concerning how people look at things based on geographical and generational factions in my country.
A few years ago, I sent some locally brewed beer to my son who was attending college on the West coast. The beer was a favorite in the rust belt. The people attending the hometown local brew event were snobs and called the beer I had sent my son "third world brew". My son and I laughed at that comment thinking that it was normal teasing until we noticed that it was indeed a perception of the educated west coast mentality.
Post election, it is difficult to engage in civilized conversation with people that voted for different candidates. Clinton supporters (not all but too many) automatically call all Trump supporters racist and hicks. The conversation goes nowhere. Trump supporters (not all but too many) are too quick to call Clinton supporters cry babies. The conversation goes nowhere.
Everybody is aware of situations where family members are not speaking to each other. I've been through many elections and have never witnessed such animosity. It is truly a dangerous situation where both sides have been lumped into a couple of general and stereotypical classes. I imagine that the .2% is laughing and pleasantly surprised by the population being occupied with battle with each other.
After having read about the book "The Fourth Turning" for many years, I decided to read it. Very revealing. I hope we don't destroy the planet.

The Decline And Fall Of Global Civilization

Western civilization can't ever finish with being finished. This itself, for over a century now, is part of the torture it inflicts on itself, to the point where even its most fanatical proponents can't take it anymore. And so they voted for Donald Trump, in a rallying cry of "Let's get this over with!" They literally preferred a terrifying end to a terrifying without-end.

I consider the situation in the US now as stronger evidence of the decline and fall of global civilization.
Incidentally, all of the media talk about an improving economy is complete hype. The real economy is still in decline and that is why Trump won. The people on the ground, the ones living the reality, have been seriously hurting for a long time and it got really worse under Obama. No wonder they rejected someone who only promised to be more of the same in favor of someone, no matter how reprehensible, who said he would change everything for their benefit.

I send you these thoughts from Europe, my friends on the other side of the Ocean, to let you know you are not alone, whatever fate the electoral system might bring to us, here, in a few months, or not.


An ill wind blows. McCarthyism has been resurrected with a vengeance. The list of publication listed by the wp as being russian influenced is a serious blow. The wp used to be considered a legitimate news source so many people think it is credible. The post has even listed Charles Hugh Smith as being a "rusky". A horrible accusation to those of us that read his site and publications.
Have people become so stupid that they are falling for "red scare" from a country that is no longer communist? Are they so stupid that they don't know that the Soviet Union collapsed a couple of decades ago?
This will not end well.

" Fake News "

Just some days ago there was calls from Merkel to bring tighter "regulations" for social media and sites that spread "fake news".
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now joined Obama in speaking out against "fake news", saying that such "misinformation" was manipulating public opinion on the internet. She also said that the growth of movements critical of her policies had been caused by these "fake" sites, saying " we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it."
Political pressure is now being brought to bear on internet and social media providers, such as Google and Facebook, to ban "fake news" from their networks.

Europe enters new Dark Age with crackdown on Russia media. The oligarchy senses and fears the growing resistence to their mind control apparatus and they want to shut down independent vehicles, writers and sources that counter their delusional, illusionary reality and propaganda.

The anger that cannot be assuaged through policy will be turned outwards, towards other nations. Faced with a choice of hard truths or easy lies, politicians and their supporters in the media will discover that foreign aggression is among the few options for political survival. I now believe that we will see war between the major powers within my lifetime. Something that once seemed remote now looks probable.

The task for all those who love this world and fear for our children is to imagine a different future, rather than another past.

Merkel is an idiot and a racist

And she says that "everybody" that voted for Trump is racist??? And then she has the nerve to say this about the traditional dress code of conservative North African women:
"show your face. The full covering is not permissible and should be banned wherever it is legally possible."
Apparently the old bat doesn't remember that women her mother's and grandmother's age used to wear a babushka.
I'm not aware of any cases where women wearing the Burka shot convenience store clerks in the face during a robbery. I am aware of the daily robberies being committed in this country and Europe where the perpetrator had their face hidden by a hoodie. Is she going to outlaw hooded jackets next? She is more a racist than most Trump supporters.

Banning Everything Is Not The Solution For Everything

Merkel announced a burka ban in a pathetic attempt to please German populists.

I often go to Germany, usually Berlin and, believe me, I have never seen a woman who wears niqabs or burkas. Perhaps the proposed burka ban's biggest problem would have been finding a burka to ban.

Trump will not do everything right, I know, but Merkel has done almost nothing right, much as her admired friends Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clinton Presses Sanders And He Endorses Her

Another boggle. Most of the nation is offended by liars, cheaters, crooks and corruption in the USA. 78% feel Washington is doing a terrible job and the stock markets are rigged.

Clinton does not have the youth vote and according to reports today, when Sanders endorsed Clinton, he became persona non Grata to youth. He is right now engaged in a Twitter war with his supporters. He is losing. A watcher of polls disagrees with polling sources on the direction of voters. Most are not giving pollsters responses, so, the margin of error in polls is likely near three digits in percentage.

Closing in on the Republican Convention... Trump hasn't relented on his shock, vulgarity and not-PC-at-all approach to campaigning. Significantly, this election season has the least continuity among right wing voters... ever. Many aren't voting at all. The Hillary shift voters have retraced.

We the People have heard nothing at all from Congress... suggesting there is no need for it to exist or contain who it does today. Obama speaks at the Dallas Police funeral... wonder if he charges for it? His Administration is a complete failure. His legacy is worse.

It's a game of chicken being played by milk-toast-degrees on salaries funded by fake printed money that only goes into stock markets which are completely dysfunctional to the United States during worldwide secular stagnation. George RR Martin couldn't have written a better suicide plot for his Game of Thrones series.

Stocks are UP. The pace and amounts coincide with the final weeks before the 1929 stock market crash.


Sanders is now persona non grata to me too. And I'm no spring chicken. Since he primarily identifies himself as an Independent, he didn't have to endorse someone that was the polar opposite of what he said he was. Or maybe most likely another liar.
Meanwhile...we've got a Supreme Court Justice that just single handedly destroyed the institution she represents. I wouldn't be surprised if her stupid remarks have started a trend where Judges can be removed by either the Administration or Congress.

There Is Something Happening...

FACT: America's major banks have already charged-off more than $500 BILLION this year (2016) and quite a bit more debt has been thrown ahead to the post-election day period (a historically validated bank action) that will shape the onset of the new POTUS after January.

FACT: Big Oil and Gas have been lying about the mitigation of over-supply. Nations all over Earth pumping crude are now stymied by the lack of surface storage for it. Nigeria is stopping the flow. South American nations already did. We haven't heard anything from conquered Middle East nations but given the fact that rebels still sabotage operations in several nations, the guess is that flow is ebbing there too.

FACT: China is cutting ties everywhere with everything. The flow of oil there just went from competing with the US to barely nothing.

FACT: Last week- China fake printed $1.3 TRILLION to bail markets. This week, Japan looks to fake print another TRILLION to that. At a TRILLION a week, all currencies everywhere would be worthless. Dollars to Euros to Yen to Yuan... maybe a Ten Thousandth of their face value at best? It would be impossible to correctly reconcile any of this so mass-elimination (evaporation) is now the only alternative to it causing Armageddon.

FACT: The richest generation ever is getting richer but not doing anything with their wealth so everything is withering like an water-starved garden. Although more technological advances have happened this century, the prospects of a techno-ban are better than it being allowed to continue assimilation.

FACT: When Sanders gave his endorsement to Clinton, his followers lost interest in voting. Clinton gained nothing and even lost some of her support. While Trump followers emote cult-like support, there is no substance to their vote either. A credible article speculated the possibility that NO candidate gets enough votes to be declared the winner. In that event, Congress would hesitate to force-elect and risk a national rebellion.

FACT: In every era where a potential Electoral College override vote existed, economy tanked. There is a REAL and PRESENT potential now for massive global financial collapse accomplished oddly enough... by a lack of motion.

Don't Call Him "Bernie" Anymore

It is the hope Sanders has sold out. Social, economic and political revolution. Too bad he's chosen the other side.

In a recent survey over 53% of Americans were against both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. How long will we continue to consider the United States a democracy?
The last form of rebellion - of active protest that no military can stop, is abstension from voting, staying at home. Not voting may be the only solution, the only way to send a strong message of disagreement.

Sanders was not the change that many in Europe have described. Not at all. Sanders is a fake. He will support Clinton. What message does that convey?That he will support a warmonger par excellence?
Europeans have been fooled by Sanders charm and rebellious appearance. All fake!

What would happen to the world with a Hillary Clinton's presidency? That makes me fearful. With her you know whom she is working for - neoliberals of whom she is part, corporate and financial elites by whom she is paid. She is the war candidate, perfect for the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex.
So, I believe, the system, the elite system behind the mysterious Lucifer eye on top of the pyramid on the dollar bill, this system will make Clinton their next president. She is perfect for them.
No chance that anything will change towards peace in the US in the coming years. Change may come only if people at home wake up and take politics in their own hands - seeking peace, seeking true unification - not dominion- with the rest of the world.
Even if darkness will prevail for a while longer, light will overwhelmingly outshine darkness, eventually.


As I mentioned earlier, I'm disappointed in Sanders. He had me fooled, as Obama fooled me when running for his first term.
Trump supporters will also be disappointed, he's building a coalition of establishment politicos. He'll be more of the same-old/same-old if elected.
I consider Clinton to be the more dangerous. Her foreign policy record proves so. My concern is that she'll push another country into a military position that forces them to use the nuclear or other nasty option.
I won't vote for Trump. I think he'll be all talk but more of the same concerning economic issues. As far as other issues, I think he's a big BS'r.
Too many Americans don't vote due to apathy or laziness. I'll probably flip a coin while standing in line. Heads-Libertarian/Tails-Green.
I wonder if Brexit will go anywhere. A referendum without a time frame and a likely PM along with the majority of Commons and Lords wanting to "Stay".

Force Majuere

force majeure play
noun force ma·jeure \ˌfȯrs-mä-ˈzhər, -mə-\
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Definition of force majeure

1: superior or irresistible force

2: an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled — compare act of god

The Top Investors around the world are sounding alarms. The current record stock indices aren't attached to anything sustainable. Catastrophic failure is inevitable. That said... a force majuere play is the likely course for greed. What will it cause and affect? Perhaps it is a self-infliction activity.

Superfluous People

In the US, 94 million have dropped out of the workforce and the unemployment situation is often worse in Europe.
The ruling systems of the West have made these people superfluous. You are willing and capable of productive work but the system has its own needs, and they no longer involve you. The system does not give a damn about you and never will.
The system has not place for you. It needs you to be a charity case.

Burn it down.

Large numbers of people in many countries have reached the point of exasperation with political-economic systems of power that privilege a small minority and treat growing numbers of other citizens with disdain and in many cases, fatal force.
We should pay more attention to those suggest "Burn it down, man" as an appropriate actual or rethoric response to institutionalized injustces that plague an increasingly global range of individuals and communites.
We must really hear and understand what people say and take action beyond a digital "like" or "share", to restore order in the only way that order lasts in the world - with equal justice for all.

Your other option is to watch TV , buy the products they promote, maintain your Facebook addiction and die young. That is what the system expects of superfluous people.

Mergers Are Getting Blocked (Declined)

In the words of Mr. Spock with trademark eyebrow raised... "fascinating".

In the racket cycle, dead entities without a lick of capacity get their stocks run-up by borrowing credit to bolster, then set-up a merger with another dead entity. Why? Because all the racketeers were gifted a lot of stock they didn't earn and when the merger creates a dysfunctional behemoth, they can abscond with the cash instead of taking new issue stock, then gift stock from the new entity to themselves after the dust settles.

So what happens to two rackets getting banks to underwrite a waiting catastrophe merger that gets denied? Stocks... DROP to where both entities can actually validate a business functionality threshold. There are some BIG names that are actually LAME GAMES without a stitch of enterprise in them and a total lack of skilled and capable operations-level workforce to generate any.

US Government sues Anthem Cigna to stop merger. Cigna insures the banking super high (lame) risk stuff so banks make money good or bad. Delve in on American bank stocks this year-to-date and note how many are struggling to stay afloat. According to the latest FAS global report on banks building loss reserves to standard... none have!

WOW! Who da thunk this play was left in the game this late in the final quarter? Are YOU in stocks? Its a good time to get out while you still have something to liquidate and a shelter to stuff it in.

We Are Not Gods

We think we are gods. I believe in Creation. I believe we all live as a part of a glorious Creation, so grand that it must be the work of a Creator. Speaking of Creation encourages humility, reminding us of humans' relatively small, albeit disproportianally destructive, place in that larger world. If we understood all the world as sacred, we would not have desecrated so much of Creation. But that is exactly what we have done and continue to do. Because we think we are gods. We are not gods.
An only hope for the future is to go forward with humility, which is the slow path, with no magic tricks to save us but instead the hope that we can uncover ways of living that can sustain us.

One of the earliest stories in our tradition, the tale of Adam and Eve's banishment speaks to the need for this humility.
In the garden, God told the couple that they could eat freely of every tree, except the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and after they ignored that warning they were denied access to the tree of life.
The essence of this story:
ACT I: God says, "Remember, humans are not gods."
ACT II: Humans say "Oh yea?"
ACT III: Bad things happen.

Getting back to that tree of life is not easy. We may feel as if we've got to get ourselves back to the garden, but there are now just too damn many of us, and we have done too much damage to the tree of life.
The lesson of the garden is not that people should avoid all knowledge, only that we should resist the temptation to believe we are godlike and can manipulate the complexity of the world. The larger living world of which we are part - the tree of life - was adequate to sustain us, but we weren't satisfied.
The story suggests that when we humans believe we can rewrite the rules of the world as if we have godlike omniscience, things don't turn out so well.
An economic system that claims we can own not only the ground but life itself is insane. The first step in walking humbly is remembering we are not gods. We don't own the world. We must think about what we really need, recognizing that much of what we want is nothing more than things we have been trained to covet by a pathological economic system.

Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who think they know what they want?
We are better people when we reject hubris and embrace humility.

Reality is Purgatory

Every night I pray for a Willingness to Progress and the Opportunity to Evolve.

I pray these because I grasp that our existence is Purgatory and some are destined to repeat dismal lives for all Eternity caught in a stupid loop.

The greatest thing we will ever know is to love and be loved in return. When you consider how far so many have gone to run away from that aspect of Reality, we can find solace in the thought that the farther they go, the less likely they will return in our lifetimes. May a thousand years of Peace begin... sooner.

To belong to a group, any group, is to admit one's Self is worthless and pathetic. The more involved, the less evolved.

I Have Often Read...

I have often read history and meandered off in fantasy about what it was like during peak change times. To be without ways and means and yet- survive; to realize severity and endure; to be ordinary at a time when psychopathy suppressed all else.

As there are cracks in the once-impervious slab of whatever crushing the life out of our society, those thoughts of what it was like- now ring true as what it IS like.

Wasserman-Schultz will step down AFTER the DNC meet... but managed enough influence to keep super-delegates intact, not-realizing that she has destroyed Americans interpretation of Democracy and Freedom by winning that battle. She has-- lost the war, for sure. She inadvertently super-heated the write-in campaign for Sanders. Watch Clinton's poll numbers fall to record lows now.

When this horrific era is over... and it WILL be over soon... the pendulum swing could be the greatest in all of history. Imagine no sides because they are illegal, no parties because they are illegal, no funds from the wealthy steering our choices because they are illegal, no lack of qualified candidates because we start the candidacy process over instead of holding primaries that lift primates and puppets only. Imagine how far a fall Wall Street has as the giant sucking sound Ross Perot first told us about gets stuffed full of fake money and those who printed it must insure us forever from a dollar of it leaking out.

"Grandpa... how did you ever make it through that time?
"I read history and learned from it instead of repeating it."


The 403 error, again. It is Putin's fault!
Rather than accept responsibility for doing wrong to Sanders, the Clinton sycophants are out decrying the outrage of a foreign government, Russia, daring to interfere in American sacred electoral process. It is Putin's fault! That, my friends, is a new level of hysteria.

Sober Observations

More and more articles now feature snapshots of Twitter feed. It's alarming. It certainly appears that the False Elite in America have excluded the masses and operate on a totally different UNSUSTAINABLE level.

All lame things fail and fall.

Bernie Sanders to his followers: I sold you out! Now follow Satan.
Sarah Silverman to Bernie Followers: I sold out! Now YOU get a life!

The REAL world to the DNC: R.I.P.

The BEST thing America can do is stop everything rigged and manipulated. But it won't. Armageddon ahead.

Meanwhile... in Europe... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bailed, not stirred.


"The best thing America can do is stop eveything rigged and manipulated. But it won't."

This system will not be fixed. This is Rome in 460 A.D. The rulers, as in Rome, are liars, mad or drunk (these days drugged) or all three.
Rome was full of well-meaning people trying to reform and save it. The Goths tried hard to keep Rome operational and they failed too.
Once ruling hierarchies get beyond a certain point, they cannot be reformed. The system that rules the West will fail.
In the 1960, well-meaning people tried very hard to reform the system. They failed too. And now, the very same problems they were devoted to solving are the problems du jour: war, poverty, welfare, racism, policy brutality. The very same list. This system will fail.

Zzzzzzzzzz....The American Dream, the EU Dream are called such because one must be asleep to believe in them. Zzzzzzz...

Paradigm Shift

While it DOES seem hopeless... one has to look for what is NOT happening to have the best picture of what WILL happen.

- The Federal Reserve has only changed it's bank rate ONCE (last December). It's over 2 years beyond the longest historic delay in bank rate adjustment (to accommodate economic shift) ever. Globally, all of the Central Banks are adverse to their host national economics.

So what?

- The build-up of fake money hoarded in stock and bond markets while native economics fall completely away make it a threat to recovery. It is completely likely right now that global interests are demanding the evaporation of stock and bond market [false] wealth to prevent any of it leaking into the flat-lined native economy.


- The schism between Haves and the Majority is so great now that it would be toxic to allow fantastic wealth to compete against fundamental survival. The clash would generate Armageddon. Just 60 people now have the same financial wealth as over 4 BILLION others. The 4 billion, given cash flow, would create new economy. The 60 would skew values and collateral integrity in everything they invested in (opposed to buying and using- like a normal economic move would).

If in fact- the wealth of the world liquidates holdings in November based on election results-- ensuing instability would make catastrophic failure. We don't hear anything from any government right now. They are engaged in a no-win debate about the world's future. No-win because they must all end themselves to prevent the worst-case-scenario.

The Paradigm Shift makes everything financial-- poisonous.

A Reality We Can NEVER Allow To Happen Again.

Donald Trump did not ask Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton's 9,000 missing e-mails. But it makes sense WHY he would. There isn't 4.8% unemployment in America. We aren't creating 200,000 jobs each and every month since Obama took Office, the data the Federal Reserve reviews isn't accurate, there is NO free press but there is yellow journalism, polls are meaningless... WHY?

Because they all share a commonality... techno-control and manipulation.

In 1998 there was $50 to $60 trillion in active currency moving economies around globe-wide. Today, there is THAT much and much more stagnant in stock markets held by American corporations-- alone. If it weren't true... there might actually be TOO MUCH economy around the world and nations begging people to stop buying stuff!

Of modern nations... ALL of South America, Australia, Europe, Russia, Antarctica and Africa are reeling in poverty and stagnation. ONLY by data is North America apparently... not. Asia is, of course, whatever it says it is today and maybe the story changes tomorrow. It's like... China Mart becoming Mart of China and then Mart o'China in 3 consecutive days. The Bank of Japan tells the world... what the Hell, you ask and we will print fake money until it becomes too radioactive for you to touch. We LOVE unsubstantiated invalid money as debt we know we will never collect interest on!

FACT CHECK the DNC... no one told the truth. It was PERFECT. Twits are popping up everywhere with loads of condescending nonsense text aimed at... who? THEY are the problem, not the target of their college-level drained brain humorless one-liners.

Obama gave yet another speech. He likes to give them. They are hollow. We needed a leader, we got an Ivy League breather. The PEOPLE the DNC need to convince are... the PEOPLE Barack H. Obama screwed for 8 years now and the ones Bernie Sanders just did. The pool is the majority. While the first few HOURS of the DNC list of microphone foggers included Pro-women Pro-illegals Pro-gays Pro-everybody except the white male breadwinners mass terminated and never helped since... America went another several BILLION in debt carrying an artificial economy here and selectively abroad. Obama-- never addressed any of that. Maybe he should have.