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I Am Not Allowed To Post More Than A Certain Number Of Words...
Submitted by saldeck on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 09:23. I want to use my few allowed words to tell you:

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.

I'm joining you in wishing all
Submitted by Old and Gray on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 13:04.

. . To contributors and readers: the best sentiment of the season and hoping that the spirit lasts year round not for a day or two. Interfering with free speech is not in the seasons spirit!

You are limited to how much, sadeck? A sentence? A paragraph? and is an accompanying message to explain the interference?

Try posting a series of short messages in explanation, if not too much trouble.

Happy Holidays!

Submitted by Veteran_Lender on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 13:38.

I will be in and out through year-end this year... celebrating a LOT of change in my life and wishing for more of the good parts to stick going forward.

Sales went dead cold over the last few days. The best I could tell is that I wasn't even exposed to potential buyers much less subject to their whim and fancy. For a fact, I tried to locate my own listings using the primary searching tools and couldn't find one single one in the first 35 pages of results.

If you take my whole post- are you observing this... it got censored immediately as I clicked "preview". I copied and pasted it after that, deleting all but the first sentence and as it took, added another sentence until it didn't. Specifically, the very last sentence contained the passage: Ubiquitous corruption is getting it's bluff called. When I deleted it, the whole rest of the post stuck.

Only yesterday I could see the blog portals again under articles on MSNBC. You can't post, if the forum doesn't show where you can access it.

These three events are likely not isolated and not unique to me. Why don't my listings show where buyers can see them? Because I take business away from big retail that cannot continue now that the Fed added interest charges to their bottomless pit of dead cat funding. Why did the censoring occur? Because there is ubiquitous corruption and it cannot sustain without free money credit extension. Why was I censored? Because I tell the truth and it hurts corruption to move in the light of awareness. CLEARLY, the Federal Reserve's zero-interest-rate program was done so that corruption could take control of everything without incurring cost. We didn't slam that door, we offered up wheelbarrows and rackets got funded. American Free Enterprise never saw a penny of it and is nearly dashed now. A sitting President demanded salaries for dysfunctional freaks instead of earned income for families.

It tells you what we all face here. 10,000 posts asking why commonsense isn't working... because it is imprisoned by corruption and suppressed by Satan. My girlfriend is a truly wonderful person. In spite of myself, she strives to free me from material restrictive thinking and find my true Self. Only God can help us if the answer to all of our strife is to walk away from everything and resort to plain and simple life... while a beast roams the Earth and does what it pleases with who it pleases and the sleazes in elected offices feed it with fake money and adore it for it's omnipotence.

Close the banks. End all Central Banks most especially our Federal Reserve. Get RID of Wall Street and abolish all phony racket-oriented Indices. If our future requires us to wipe-out the entire Advancement of Man since the Stone Age in order to purge it of corruption, then we are a sorry species indeed.

Happy holidays... may GOD walk with you, carry you when you need carrying, listen when you pray to Him and be a Light in your world so you never walk in darkness again. He made me for-purpose... one small part of me fears it still, but steadily, I am rising in conscientiousness to my task on Earth. It isn't conceding to psychopaths or evil.

Posted as you read it. This tells me that the unwanted access happens later at night when much of the nation is surfing online. It's an anti-algorithm... using the reverse of ease and complacency to disrupt civilization. It targets the ordinary person but fails to realize how close we all are to walking away. Like a Who-ville new morn after a Grinch visit... the Spirit still appears even when the last can of who-hash has been stolen.

And a good 2016!
Submitted by neoh on Sat, 12/19/2015 - 22:28.

It'll be interesting. Special thanks to Duffminster for this site!

A World Of Plenty

Submitted by saldeck on Sat, 12/19/2015 - 06:06.

We live in a world of plenty
Yes we do
We live in a world of plenty
Dear God it is true
Plenty of suffering and pain
Plenty of dark skies and rain
Plenty of people living a lie
Plenty of people getting high
Plenty of people hungry
Plenty of people not free
Plenty of people doing time
Plenty of people making crime
Plenty of ill will and hate
Plenty of useless idle debate
Plenty of people with no jobs
Plenty of people following the mob
Plenty of people who don't care
Plenty of people just won't share
Plenty of people sick with greed
Plenty of people in dire need
Plenty of people killing and dying in war
Plenty of people wanting more
There is plenty of plenty
But don't give none of it to me.

It can be fun

When it's all said and done, it's sometimes easier on the nerves to sit back and watch. Enjoying the good parts while being aware of the not so good.
I can only try to behave properly and make correct choices. I can't change the world, I can only do my part.

Finding Normal...

It's REALLY easy to let your fears get the best of you. But when you see a wave of crumbling deception this big bearing down on you... sitting back may indeed be the correct act. Truly, we cannot change the world, but we can adjust ourselves to better accommodate what we are in store for.

The Dow won't hit 20,000 by year-end and it appears some stalwarts of the kool aid era are trembling. Personnel are NOT happy just about everywhere and bosses are annoyed because worker-whining is making status in their otherwise blissful Twitter-run lives. One of the main things I see is-- the broad lack of money. A major thrift store chain is reeling from a stockpile of goods that generally shouldn't exist. Imagine have to find places for coats that won't sell because of the unusually warm winter-to-date. That said, the shortage in goods most people wear has caused the prices to inflate, so there is also a stockpile of overpriced stuff and rack congestion.

Experts say gas prices will drop even more. The American Government and the moguls who control them have bet the farm on gas and oil sales overseas. As Saldeck can attest, the latest rounds of EU stimuli have not sparked more economy but the fake-pumped stock markets are doing nicely. Our own Federal Reserve is busy watching what a 25 bp hike to the bank rate will do. We won't survive it... the banks are already over-pricing credit and in doing so, the defaults are rising. It may very well come down to one thing and one thing only... creating 96 million REAL jobs and paying the victims to take those jobs and spend their paycheck. Failure means no more GOP.

Lindsey Graham collapsed his campaign today. Much like Jeb Bush, he remarked that at one time he was out in front in the ratings. Reality suggests his best was 3%. One noteworthy... I don't have to post much in the blogs now, I see ample proof that frustrations are rising and people are writing about it.

A final note... Apple CEO Dim Tim responded to a question about products being made overseas this way-- I could fill a room with the American talent able to make these products, but I'd need several football fields to cover the Chinese who can. Two thoughts-- there are more black market-made i-Phones in China than real ones and-- when a company makes such a claim, it means they have no competent management, no one who actually knows what to do and when meaningful financial transition happens, entities like Apple could and may disappear. It is nothing more than an excuse to blame the indigenous-- your customer base-- when you yourself don;t have a clue on how to build what feeds you.

Normal contains no kool aid, no artificial fillers, no social networks, no divisive devices, no reliance on alumni who can spend $3 quadrillion and not make economy. The single largest wipe-out of billionaires, millionaires and a slaried nation is ahead. In the aftermath comes normal... working for it by working for it. History proves that.

peak junk

I think you covered a lot of bases in the above.
I've read quite a few articles concerning the velocity of money in the USA. The obvious conclusion is that an economy that has depended so heavily on consumer spending is in trouble. It doesn't matter what excess reserves the banks have, How many M&A deals are being made, or what number the market closes at on any given day.
People buy things when four things are present. They have to have money (most don't), If they have money then they have to feel confident about spending for discretionary items (confidence is still falling), There must be access to reasonable credit with both lender and borrower realistically being able to expect completion and duration of terms, and there must be something that people want to buy.
Volumes have been written about the first three items but little is mentioned about the fourth. The USA has reached peak junk. Bigger TV's won't sell. More complicated Iphones won't sell. And social media is approaching peak nonsense. I find myself once again in a familiar circumstance. Too many neighbors that are severely financially on the edge driving cars that are much newer than mine.
I watched a little of the Apple convention earlier this year. It was eerie. They all dressed and acted similar. Reminded me of a cult albeit a pompous cult.
Yes, I can sense the frustrations rising. It'll get worse during an election year where the choices are crap vs crap.

BIG Is Beautiful

Making stuff has become easy. It is selling it that keeps entrepreneurs (and central bankers) awake at night. The only thing businesses lack is customers. Stagnant wages tell us that the supply of labour exceeds demand. Microscopic interest rates tell us that we have more capital than we need. Most economists have recognized that demand is the Achilles heel of the modern economy.

In the past, the problem of demand has been solved in three very different ways: war, rising salaries, increasing levels of private debt.
These three old methods of stimulating demand have passed their sell by dates. Global war? The cost would be unbearable. Rising wages? They are unlikely, with more of us replaceable by robots. Higher levels of debts? No, they not only increase inequality, they also engender financial instability. What is to be done?
The rise of the robots may eliminate many of existing jobs within the next two decades. Unfortunately, even though a robot can make an iPhone, it cannot buy one. If we are hurtling toward a post scarcity future, only a BIG can ensure sufficient demand to keep the global economy ticking over. If technolgical progress continues to eliminate jobs, the BIG may well be only way we will be able to mantain demand in a post-work future. By giving every citizen a montly cheque, a Basic Income Guaratee will be as fiscally stimulative as World War II without requiring the murder of millions.

For the past years, we have stimulated the economy by shovelling money towards rich people. A Basic Income Guarantee shovels money towards poor people. And for many in the top 1%, that is anathema. The very rich don't fear unemployment, they fear redistribution and they will be the most significant force against the implementation of the BIG.

The Finns are considering implementing it, as are the Swiss, replacing all means tested benefits with a simple grant to every citizen, giving everyone enough money to survive. The solution to poverty is to abolish it directly.


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The Forbidden Paragraph

I think the working did their 12 minutes of shopping online and got everybody drop-shipped Amazon junk. The clerk at my USPS says people are put-out that they aren't packaging the returns for them. Surely the whole world is getting impatience Twits about that.