Outlook after the breathtaking interest rate rise

It would seem that 0.25% increase is the panic response of someone backed into a corner and threatened.

It will get us nowhere.

That first jump in the stock market, which is all we have to judge effect at this time, was countered by today's red numbered day worldwide. Quarterly futures due March 15 or thereabouts have not yet been posted; but when they are, it should show slightly more than a single digit decrease as is reflected on the Bloomberg site this morning. The dollar is down on the indexq site in twenty out of 27 national exchanges just past 8 AM EST. Oddly enough, down in some instances exactly the amount of the interest rate rise! In one case it was down slightly over 1/2 of one percent. That is a steep hit even if only for one incomplete day!

What will one quarter of one percent buy us in the way of consumer confidence and demand? Not much. It will lead us to more suspicion of "select figures" applied to lead popular response into the confidence index surveys. The expectation here is that it will move sentiment in the opposite direction, unveiling the disrust habored toward the keepers of the data.

There can be no major movement toward recovery until we see more international trade; last report had an unbelievable figure of MINUS 43.0%! Whatever time frame - even year over year - that covers still makes recovery unbelievable. Interntional trade falling off is a direct indication of the trade V_L reports in local retail commerce.

It is a sorry state when we find outrselves distrusting the data published by the "scorekeepers", but that distrust has shown through in the latest move toward a definitve statement of the causes of the crisis by the group of economists calling for a consensus agreement. It was they who mentioned the "selected figures". Our statisticians have earned the distrust. A quarter of one percent increase will only strengthen that distust. It is clearly the Fed's desire to "monetize" the US debt more openly by holding the increase to the lowest possible level.


The forex response is one of the effects of a extended period of ZLB and its attempt to manipulate the cost of debt through the bond market. It will get worse and we will find our debt mounting as a result. Recall that IMF was interested in including China's currency in the basket of reserve currency, which means that China's currency will fluctuate until the markts decide how confident they are that China is willing to accept the liabiity of the "honor" - specifically carrying a current account deficit and building a larger fiscal debt. They'll discover a benefit in funding the increased debt through bonds at sligtly more favorable rates, But, also discover that they'll need to release more currency into the trade economy and it will bounce back into their domestic economy with more inflation - much in the same manner as the U$D will suffer today as the market sorts out their confidence in the dollar's strength.

If the orient believes being selected is an honor, they'll find it will take a few years before eveything is sorted out and the real effects are felt.

There are still surprises awaiting us in the reaction to the rise. It is always a longer climb back than the fall from glory.

$21 Trillion Too Much...

The current "Bull Run" and the mass termination of the last-known generation to sustain economic prosperity share a birth date.

It was March, 2007 when the famed e-mail "Does everyone have a friend?" was first seen and jobs held by competent people went to people with degrees who since- brought America to it's knees. Far Right? Far Left? Neo-Elitists straddling both but not anywhere near the Middle? Yes, that is the correct choice.

Our National Debt soared some $19 Trillion over the past 8 years, but some $21 TRILLION went from Fed-authorized arrangements to corporates without the ability or capacity to do or generate... enterprise. Nearly all publicly-traded entities owe more than they are actually worth and all pay executive compensation in excess of any equivalent time in history. The worst scum on Earth acquired less unearned riches than today's scum. It is said to be more than $21 TRILLION but the math is likely as manipulated as all data.

Globally... experts said there was $632 TRILLION stuck in markets by August, 2012. All the world's currencies (coursing through economies at the time) amounted to $50-$60 TRILLION in 1998.

It means the wealthiest on Earth have absolutely nothing. You realize... if President Donald Trump doesn't crash the corruption, ordinary people are fully capable of doing it by simply opting-out of the broad racket. There is nothing any government can do to stop it. It has to be stopped at the top by crushing wealthy hoarders and freeing currency to move on Main Streets again. All stocks crash. Internet commerce dies. Business Platforms go 'poof' and we restore local economies the old-fashioned way... through work.

Very interesting time. There is no way to win without losing. Think about that.


Really disgusting, Neoh. In an almost jovial piece, the Guardian unsubtly rehabilized George W. Bush, the man responsible for crimes that are among the most egregious in an history. "Mr. Bush can be seen now as a paragon of virtue" and so " the 43rd US president should be applauded".
It is time to boycott the corporate media, dump them in the dustbin of history and build alternatives that will allow world and people to breathe.
V_L, how can ordinary people do something against the Empire (it is indebted and some would argue hopelessly bankrupt, but it is still the empire, the sole one to this day), when it is essentially never subject to serious criticism? When the corporate media sell the high-tech, climate killing, corporate-led status quo as normal?

The press, mass media gained mastery in saying nothing, addressing nothing, critizing nothing related to the plunder of the world and to the suppression of new ideas. Enormous hordes of teachers, lawyers, scientists and bureaucrats got converted into fundamental idiots, but armed with their licenses, bar exams, patents, contracts and other colorful papers. Tens of millions of lawyers failed to form even one single powerful international organization fighting for justice. This make-believe world has by now managed to expel Reality and become "real" itself in the minds and brains of men, women and children.
The Reality went underground. She had to become a fugitive, a refugee, paperless and disrespected, belonging nowhere. She is roaming our Planet, searching for scattered allies, for those few human beings who are still not fully indoctrinated, or fully sold.

You Insult Me (I can take it)

How can ordinary people doing something against the Empire? The answer is-- FIND ordinary. Most people are less than ordinary. Imagine all the households earning $200,000 or more that cannot cut their grass, maintain a house inside or out, raise hellions into psychiatric messes and live a fantasy life they are not happy in their own skin living it. Come on, Saldeck... the whole college degree, campus mentality, everybody gets a trophy thing is about to CRASH big time. You call THEM an empire but they need US to run them.

Exxon Mobil is touted now as a job creator. It just cut medical benefits to employees. Ordinary people seek work elsewhere because the pay is not worth the potential medical problems. Banks fully control us- financially, and yet, only 25% of Americans use banks for anything more than cashing checks and paying bills. Ordinary people are NOT in- stocks, bonds, funds or any other financial vessel. They ARE in- gardens, alternative energy and do not SPEND hard-earned income on Amazon.

I will challenge EVERY degree in America to PROVE their reliance on Amazon, Wal-Mart, CostCo, IKEA, and every other off-shoring behemoth of a cash-drainer is not directly impacting their OWN circumstances. Ordinary people do not poop and pee on their own mattress then sleep on it... but THAT is EXACTLY what NEO-humans are doing. They are cultivating their own zombie existences. Meanwhile... back in Reality, where us ordinaries are... we see our currency moving faster to only a small group of generally inactive, unable, non-participative lumps of flesh that will not survive a Paradigm Shift.

You can bet your completely reliant European Complacency that a Paradigm Shift is about to Trump all this corruption because nothing in the universe is able to float once everything on deck shifts Far Right. Far Right instantly becomes the New Bottom and no matter where else it shifts, as long as it remains in collusion, it becomes the New Bottom again and again until the end. It's the best Reality Show ever.

Got a skill set? GET ONE NOW. No matter how many times I say that... few ever do. This will define the new world situation. We won't need you if all you know how to do is peck keys and bring us to our knees. We won't carry your massive materialism-filled sack of shidt for you either. There is change coming at us all full-blast now... no Party favored, no college or university favored, no degrees necessary, no race, creed, color, sex, sexual preference, religion, national origin or age considered. YOU WILL NEED A SKILL SET.

Got a skill set?

What Makes Ordinary People Extraordinary?

I am truly sorry that I offended you with my comment. It was not my intention :(

"Ordinary people are not in stocks, bonds, funds....They are in gardens, alternative energy and do not spend hard-earned income on Amazon."
That is what makes ordinary people extraordinary.
Ordinary people believe only in the possible, but when they visualize the impossible, they begin to see it as possible and....they become extraordinary.

Extraordinary is- The Rational Opposition to Succumbing to Fears

There are many instances in history of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Many times it is for no greater reason than an overriding choice to not be taken down by one's own fears. Intolerance, tenacity and even hopelessness all play roles in this.

I am not a hero. Patton once said- the object is to get the other guy to die for his country. There really is-- nothing to fear going on here. Trump is a billionaire surrounded by billionaires who cannot exist and won't unless we fear what they do. The opposition downgrades his hotels on YELP. Yep, its THAT dumb. REAL rebels would be taking down cell towers, these plastic-pecker rebels don't actually attack and maim what Trump stands for because they need it. The opportunity to seize the future from DUMB is at hand and more likely the underlying hope of the rich for the future too. It should never go to junk humans.

It was a life-changing experience to fall from the Rat Race. Not a scratch on me. Get it? These things being done now will make others fall out of it too. Some will actually drown and die in the proverbial one inch of water (succumb to fear) but most won't. You will NEED a skill set. Find one.

Hell Hath No Fury Such As A Manipulated Market- Scorned

After irrationally exuberant climbs, the stock markets are steadily declining, mostly because absolutely NO economy has come from gyrations in DC or any place else in America or the world, for that matter.

An observation of note-- with zero economic benefit or pulse coming from commercialized technology-- the Pecker Generation may be primed for a bubble burst in pay first, then all the asinine immature beneficials fed it during the Obama Era. Simply, we cannot afford the Phone In Face crowd. It will be dramatic, for sure. Certainly, nothing President Trump has wasted ink on by way of Executive Order benefits anyone other than lobbyists who don't participate in our actual economy.

Very shortly, long investors will identify deterioration in their holdings and a lack of substantiation for holding. The words-- take some cash out- are already bantered. With the Bank Rate geared for rise and Joe Nutcase liquidating stalwart stocks, the scab may get torn off that boo-boo soon. We NEED this time... it sculpts the collapse that cannot be steered or manipulated.

Get a skill set.

Can US Market Bring Down Trump?

The problem with winning an election on the back of big economic promises, is that you open yourself to market judgement. If the markets turn on Mr. Trump and the economy falters, Mr. Trump's voters will start to question if he really can make America great again. If the populace turn on the President, he is finished.

Or This Problem...

Recently, our American Presidents seem to be "packages" more than vessels in their roles. Both Parties have become overreaching and taken their eyes off America for pursuits of "agenda". President Trump likely has a difficult moment ahead... the one where he has to sever from his Party to be OUR President or no one's former POTUS.

From what I can tell from my level (working hard, getting nowhere because of obstructions) there are two "factions" of deadbeats about to realize they do not fit here in America and must either relinquish control or be forced off our Soil. The prize appeared to be Ruling Party of our nation, but in the pursuit, the Land of the Free was ruined.

You should keep a special watch eye on your own mess today, Saldeck. Europe has zero credibility. You lack an economy, a collective direction and a unity. With a growing number of aging workers being ignored, poor healthcare, immigration causing Public divide and a crumbling infrastructure, you look more a Third World area than anything else. The longer it takes to figure out the whole is a hole and unify to generate sustainable economy instead of New World Order... the harder it will get. The ECB needs to wake up and smell the corpses of once-viable nations and put an end to the financial corruption that ails you.

America is crashing because Americans want and need it to. Europe isn't doing anything because it contains a culture focused on selfishness, not pride or freedom. All the once-great nations are mired by immigrants with I-Phones but not indigenous souls with sustainable jobs. THIS is the problem.

Europe,Third World Area? Heck No!

Europe has free health care, high life expectancy, free education, children learn at least two more languages. Low violent crime and obesity. Good public transportation. Paid vacation. Fresh food, food is amazing in Italy.

Alright, V_L , I'll take the advice. I will keep my eyes on Europe's mess. Thank you.

It Isn't About What Any Of Us... Have

I'm grasping you have eyes but cannot see what is actually in front of us. Since approximately the onset of this century, 100% of the infrastructure of the world has either been mired by stagnation or gripped by degradation. Corporativism has been going full tilt on quantity lacking quality. You don't--- have the best hospitals, life expectancy is based on actuary tables for people you do not share equal history with, your education is free but not warrantied and often not accepted equally around the world, you have the most violent crimes in the "G" nations since 2000, you have me on the public transportation but you STILL employ gas vehicles, 35% of Europe is unemployed and so don't get those vacations, food is imported, clothes are imported, all goods are imported, all former products once made in Europe no longer are.

My comment wasn't a dig at you. You have chosen the forest over the trees. I'll keep my eyes on the trees since they are doing a damn good job of bringing the civilized world to its knees.

Get a skill set. The world's stock markets are about to tank. That will disrupt your Utopian perspective.

Utopian Perspective

Utopia simply resides in the orientation towards the future that is a critique of the present. Utopian perspectives of the future have a realism that financial calculations lack. We need to consider how real utopias are possible, enclaves of alternative practice which preserve aspects of the present as legacies to be left for future generations. Real utopias which conserve goods, such as common assets and relationships, such that they are beyond exploitation or privatization, offer the hope of a future in which the future itself is viewed differently. It suggests that more committements to the future can be acted upon in ways that are not only channeled via risk and credit.

If the world's stock markets are about to tank, that will not distrupt my utopian perspective, but that will strenghten it.
6000 years on the hamster wheel are too much. The status crap we have been immersed in - that we see 24/7 on Facebook and TV, is a huge scam.
Utopia helps to imagine ourselves, as well as the world, otherwise.

Fairly Said, But Unrealistic

You are either a Hunter or Gatherer or blend of both, but nowhere in Darwinism is a Utopian Creature. We were born of two parents so gay and lesbian tendencies are not genetic they are unsustainable non-procreatable defects. An administrative society dies from a lack of engagement with everything from nature to nurture. All work and no play, including multi-tasking makes us dull and then extinct. All war and bore is a door best left open and illuminated to ensure it never gains significant power-- work those jerks, best to never let them fester.

There is ZERO merit to a Utopian society- better referred to as: New World Order. The Tower of Babel chapter in the Bible assures us of that and... YES, given a freedom from direct responsibility for one's basic individual sustainability, those of "higher learning" forever endeavor to make others row their boat, keep it afloat and breach the moat that separates their My Little Pony castle from the real world.

Europe-- an ancient civilization still clinging to a past after spreading itself worldwide, that snoozed as its unique commodities got exploited. That is a ship long sailed and out of view. Got something new? NOPE. FOR A FACT... every "G" nation is in a similar or same boat now. Made that way by a reliance on Chinese imports and business platforms run by grossly overpaid administrators who are IN FACT-- unsustainable and don't know how to be sustainable- without a reliance on others.

Hate me now. But get a SKILL SET because I love you. If you are under 56 years of age... you lack exposure to life before reliance. Grasping it NOW will absolutely become critical later this year. The Chinese government has declared itself a no-growth condition. It's happened before in history. When the Panda is full from gorging on other societies... it sleeps it off for a VERY long time. While it does-- Chaos, not Utopia, ensues. Every stock market in the world is a stability and security threat. When you step back and LOOK at who is in power now and what they know of the potential of becoming power-LESS, you suddenly grasp the sense of urgency for them rising to government seats. They cannot grow more without destroying everything and are perhaps the ONLY experts alive who can dismantle their own rackets on purpose for legacy sake. Think carefully about opportunity instead of a lot of perceived somethings reliant on other people's investment for achieving them for you.

Babel revisited

I've spent my "reading time" reviewing news sources of all types this past week. Those who thirst for truth are in for a tough time because all seem to be exceedingly unreliable. Doesn't matter whether it's MSM, Altmedia, Left media, Right media, Whatever media. All seem to be obsessed with promoting an agenda instead of reporting accurately.
Yes it is true that all media have always been somewhat biased,but, I have never seen it so overtly obvious. I don't know if it's competition for "hits" from incessant and annoying "pop-ups" or if all sides consider their own personal agenda to be so enlightened that they dare not print anything that even remotely threatens them.
So for those of us that prefer truth, tougher times are ahead. Those that only wish to have their ego stroked will find more than enough sources that will tell them exactly what they want to hear.
Today I am reading some articles about Pope Francis. Please note that I don't know if the articles are accurate because as I said above 'news sources are untrustworthy'. One publication says that the pope criticizes Trump by saying "“populism is evil and ends badly as the past century showed.”. A couple of problems. First of all the Pope never mentioned Trump or any specific political leader. I would hope he has the sand to identify who he is specifically referring to because the last thing we need is a spiritual leader that has adopted a version of "Fed Speak". The other question I have is was the pope misquoted? Because what is "populism"? Is there a new definition that I am not aware of?
Merriam Webster says:
Definition of populist
: a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people; especially, often capitalized : a member of a U.S. political party formed in 1891 primarily to represent agrarian interests and to advocate the free coinage of silver and government control of monopolies
: a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people"

Wikipedia says the term can be used as a two edged sword. If so, then the Pope should use Latin since the reason why it was used by the church in times past was to prevent confusion about what the hell was being said. Anyway, two of the definitions from Wiki:

1. "Populism is a political doctrine that proposes that the common people are exploited by a privileged elite, and which seeks to resolve this. The underlying ideology of populists can be left, right, or center. Its goal is uniting the uncorrupt and the unsophisticated "little man" against the corrupt dominant elites (usually the established politicians) and their camp of followers (usually the rich and the intellectuals). It is guided by the belief that political and social goals are best achieved by the direct actions of the masses. Although it comes into being where mainstream political institutions fail to deliver, there is no identifiable economic or social set of conditions that give rise to it, and it is not confined to any particular social class"


2. "Political parties and politicians often use the terms populist and populism as pejoratives against their opponents. Such a view sees populism as demagogy, merely appearing to empathize with the public through rhetoric or unrealistic proposals in order to increase appeal across the political spectrum."

But Who Are The People?

" Among the many topics, Pope Francis spoke about a current news theme that he recently already tackled:" Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past recent showed," said Pope in the interview: "For me, the concept of populism has always been equivocal, because in South America it has a different meaning. Populism means using the people, right? Think of 1933, after the failure of the Weimar Republic. Germany was in despair, weakened by the crisis of 1929, and then came this man who said I can, I can, I can. His name was Adolf. That's what happened. He convinced the people that he could. Populism always needs a Messiah. And also a justification:" We preserve the identity of the people." Source: ItalyEurope 24.

But who are the people? I am going to use the words of Pope Francis.

" I am more afraid of those who are anesthetized than of those who are asleep. That is what worries me. Everything is seemingly calm, everything is apparently quiet, everything is going right...that is too much order. When you read the Acts of the Apostles, Saint Paul's epistles, it was a mess, there were troubles, people were on the move. There was movement and there was contact with people. An anesthetized person is not in touch with people. He protects himself against reality. He is anesthetized. Nowadays there are so many ways of anesthetizing oneself against daily life, aren't there?"

New World Random will be a more than a little bit- different

Pope Francis: " I am more afraid of those who are anesthetized than of those who are asleep. That is what worries me. Everything is seemingly calm, everything is apparently quiet, everything is going right...that is too much order. When you read the Acts of the Apostles, Saint Paul's epistles, it was a mess, there were troubles, people were on the move. There was movement and there was contact with people. An anesthetized person is not in touch with people. He protects himself against reality. He is anesthetized. Nowadays there are so many ways of anesthetizing oneself against daily life, aren't there?"

Nature teaches us everything. Our universe was born by an explosion and all that universe contains is not subject to any "order". 100% of all failed regimes throughout history succumbed to a reliance on Order over an understanding of Chaos by grasping the random nature of things. A machine running randomly operates when conditions are suited for movement, a machine forced into orderly operation requires heavy maintenance and lots of resources to keep it going.

Many people alive today surrender and succumb to Order because it is easier to do so (random machine) but it is getting increasingly difficult to be functional and sustainable in current prevailing conditions. When a random machine breaks, it seldom is anything more than junk. Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that Satanic forces (Forced Order like Adolph created) is succumbing to two unexpected oppositions-- that which the Pope has described above as the anesthetized (isolated yet socially connected, smart but not intelligent, capable but not existing sustainably- a dominance of ineptitude) and those who remain capable and viable by virtue of skill sets and natural intellect- still surviving, even thriving.

There hasn't been any family-sustaining job creation born out of goods shortages caused by import blockades, walls and tariffs... but those are promised things of inevitable (welcome) consequence. We're going to grow our military might but America faces a Treasury default again and a need to raise the Debt Ceiling... it literally defaults the Dollar and all of it's spending power. THAT won't make America great again. We are not seeing a better healthcare program. We will scrap the EPA to land-strip wood but lack a flowing currency that might use that wood for good or otherwise. We haven't arrested Phil Gramm, abolished the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, closed corrupt major banks, shuttered the Federal Reserve, or gotten RID of Wall Street and stock/bond criminal activity.... because ALL of these bring what REALLY AILS US ALL to it's knees.

We haven't done these things because Right or Left, both ends fully realize that the MIDDLE doesn't need or want them. No amount of media in steerage will change that FACT. The Cycle of Inevitability prevails... Birth, Growth, Maturity, Decline to Death or Re-Invention. That last one has legs and has no intentions of rowing false elitists anywhere. As for EVERYONE is... get a frickin' skill set. When all falls, all flaws well be obvious and the lack of work discipline will wake the able. The anesthetized will-- succumb.

Populism in modern terms... psychopaths.

Record Wealth- An Unwillingness To Pay For Labor

America ages- and detaches from Reality- simultaneously. Those who cannot do, now outnumber those who can. We demand high pay for jobs that are unnecessary. We refuse to pay fair wages to the workforce. It is a lack of workers leading the charge toward Oblivion. When headhunters are retained to seek out competent burger flippers and the response to sloppy goods-damaging night stockers is-- "live with it, we can't find any good ones..." you know the end is approaching. The entitled believe so many are lazy, but cannot do basic sustainable tasks on their own now.

Imagine all the people... pretty credit cards in hand... seeking limitless use of them on experiences... unable to live off the land.
Imagine all the people... thinking they've got it made... looking down on the workforce... as incompetent as they come.
Imagine all the people... demanding service and attention... literally blobs of jelly... about to face the Reality of their mortality.
Imagine not being able to go to church... because you work continuously on weekends... and get exhausted... but you pray all the time now.

For fairness.

Customers outnumbered personnel ten to one yesterday. Short lunches. Long hours. Constant rudeness. Infinite supply of nothing that matters. It reminds me of food lines in reverse. Shift comes... this isn't going to be pretty.

I Can Imagine It Because It Exists

For some of those immersed in virtual worlds, everything loses its meaning. It is any wonder we live in a post-truth era, when we are berefit of experience? It is no longer rare to meet people who have never swum except in a swimming pool, never slept except in a building, never cooked, never been stung by a bee or a wasp. We are separate from the world by a layer of glass. Climate change, distant wars, the erosion of democracy, all can be reduced to abstractions.
The shrinking of our contact with the tangible world has taken place at a speed to which we struggle to adapt, with consequences we cannot yet grasp.
Facebook's attempt to make virtual reality goggles an indispensable tool for learning, watching sport, even consulting a doctor, is terrifying. It threatens to turn almost everyone into people who have withdrawn so far into virtual worlds that they can no longer be reached by those around them.
This makes us highly vulnerable to political manipulation. Without experience we are lost. This is about what it is to be human, what it is to lose that essential element of our existence: our contact with the real world.

We Marvel...

We (peers) marvel at the sheer number of people walking around staring at I-Phones, completely oblivious to their surroundings, who refuse help. Until they are found in the back aisles completely lost (stunned agog look) because the phone somehow failed to tell them what to do. This is not an isolated or random occurrence and in fact, on weekend days, happens en masse now. Believe me when I say-- a portion of our population isn't going to survive this Shift. They have zero clue how to live beyond techno-reliance.

How Long A Technological Civilization like Our Own Can Last?

We have no idea. Pope Francis, for example, does not believe that technology and the market will magically provide the solution to social and environmental issues, rather they are part of the problem.

Human-caused climate change, ocean acidification, etc., may threaten the collapse of civilization, according to some scientists, while other people argue that for political or economic reasons we should allow industrial development to continue without restrictions,in order to sustain our civilization and they try to disparage renewables as much as possible.

But what do we mean exactly as a civilization? Would it include driving SUVs? How about plane trips to Hwaii? Maybe trips to Hawaii and SUVs wouldn't be included in a PV-based society but about art, science, health care and the like, well, what is the problem?
Actually, there is a problem, it has to do with growth. Our society is fixated on growth and people seem to be unable to conceive that it could be otherwise. Renewables can't support a fast growing society. But is that a bad thing? Slowing down and even going back a little, can only improve the situation.

My Utopia? I would enjoy living in a society experiencing infinite growth: growth of the mind. It does not rely on fossil fuels.

No Utopia today....

...or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Even when technology is used for what initially seems to be good reasons, the result of unforeseen consequences often greatly negates whatever good that was initially intended. When technology is used for bad reasons, the results are exponentially worse.
Nuclear power that was weaponized by the USA as a means to bring about an early end to WWII was initially accepted as being justified since modelling had determined that both Allied and Japanese loss of life would have been much greater if a land invasion was attempted. What was conveniently ignored was the fact that the technology of advanced weapons, whether it be metallic swords replacing stone clubs or guns replacing spears have always spread to virtually anyone that wanted it. Today, we try to limit that technology or reduce the number of missiles through various treaties without much success. The technology has spread so that even a backwater nation like North Korea has them and the US and Russia simply tear-up their treaties when 'tensions' get cranked up a notch.
Then there is nuclear being used for what seems like a good idea, electrical generation, but it seems we are not able to, or maybe just don't want to rationally consider unforeseen situations that result in catastrophic failure.
I don't know the point of where we crossed that point of diminishing returns. When did being able to grow some vegetables or grain (a good thing) result in todays GMO sterile crops whose distribution is protected by a few corporations that wish to outlaw heirloom seeds? When did discovering a vaccine that prevents child death or disability (a good thing) result in todays maniacal obsession with defeating the aging gene that will allow old farts to fly kites and ride ATV's in Florida until they're 140 years old. Not a bad idea, retire at 70 and goof off for 70 years. We aren't ready for that. I personally don't think we've matured much since the days we were killing each other with clubs.
I imagine the situation will become even more bizarre as technology allows us to escape to holographic un-realities that will have very sick themes. And someone will be saying when did books (people will have to google the word 'book) turn into this steaming pile of decadence?
I don't know how this will turn out. Technological advances are moving faster than our capacity or patience to analyze consequences. It'll be interesting, technology is like the Jeannie that escapes the bottle, it won't return easily to the bottle.

The Line Between Good And Evil

The line between good and evil is so thin, isn't it?
Darwin is good but Darwinism is evil. Einstein is good but Atomic Bomb is evil. Jesus is good but Crusades are evil.

It is said that the prosperity of our society is the result of the high EROI of crude oil as it was in mid 20th century. Our civilization was built in an energy source with an EROI around 30-40. Today, we may be producing crude oil at EROI between 10 and 20 and it keeps going down. So, let's move to renewables!