The 403 Corruption explained.

CNBC relayed a Reuters news article which claims that techniques reminiscent of Chinese hackers are being used to invade Google. The example displayed on the CNBC site Is nearly an exact duplicate of the notice O&G has encountered and the other members of Duff's posting members have reported.

The main story is here on the CNBC site -

The example accompanying the CNBC article is this -

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

The relevance of Google and Duffminster Times is that the basic host program of our site is a Google service. This was revealed back during the first days of the Times when an attempt was made to study the system to determine if there would be any advantage in trying to decipher the language. But, things were a lot busier then and the search was dropped. Five years later, the effects of ageing may have moved such a project beyond me.

But, if the read is correct, the target is not Duffminster Times or its participants, but the parent of the system hosting Duffminster Times.

Just happened to find it difficult to sleep, followed my curiosity and wandered in to take a look at the rest of the world. It was pure accident to discover this story. By daylight things may become a bit more garbled depending on how determined the hackers are. A lot of innocent people are likely plagued by the shenanigans.

A Serious Threat To The Future

A new type of warfare has sprung up in our era: transnational warfare. These are not wars between states, that was the old model: Germany attacks France, France takes Egypt and so on. By now we are all familiar with the four big transnational wars:

- The War on Drugs
- The War on Terror
- The War on the Internet (Cybercrime)
- The War on Cash

The war on drugs thrives on inertia.
The war on terror keeps militaries and internal groups rich and powerful.
Uncontrolled information is bad for obedience.
The war on cash protects governments from fiscal collapse. They present a serious threat to the future.

The taboo subject

What will the world do to adopt a reasonable and moral system as we approach "peak people"? Technology has replaced labor at a much faster pace than our ability to adapt.
For me, the obvious choice is living smaller with less. But how do we convince the few billion that have most to share with the billions more who have nothing?
Yes, there are a few percent that have most...but what about the rest of us? Much of the US population is unwilling to share with our southern neighbors that have migrated here. Much of the European population feels the same about their immigrants.
I don't think the economists of old had to deal with the rapid pace of change we are currently experiencing. Colossal changes that unfold in a few years instead of decades...on a planet that is not nearly as large and abundant in resources as it was just a few decades ago.
We will require divine help and a willingness to accept it. The problem is larger than mankind's intellect can solve morally.

I Hate The Word Forbidden...

and I don't want to obey the message.

Peak Obedience

What the people need is moral courage. If people simply stopped obeying, they could crumble in short order. They are not gods.

A Lesson Few Learn Voluntarily...

At one time in my life I was among the top 3% of Americans by earnings and assets. Pretty cool, eh? Nope. What I've learned since is-- the stress of towing that line and obedience to the linear-thinking component in society is more toxic than anything else. It was very hard to fall from there and in many ways, I likely still am. The difference is that I feel better about my REAL Self now than perhaps I ever have. I fear nothing because pretty much I'm living in the aspects most of us fear falling into.

As I wrote earlier... we can expect the majority of job terminations next year to happen in the salaried areas. The Federal Reserve's cheap money environment will be gone and the massive undisclosed entity debt in the world will be choking big complacent business platforms toward insolvency. We just heard a few days ago that "Too Big To Fail" is now labeled "Too Broke To Be In Business" and will be shuttered, not bailed. I can tell you factually that the way I was trained in credit in the mid-80's required a thorough knowledge of every possible aspect of that business. Today there is no one working anywhere in credit that has a tenth of that acumen nor any way to become exposed to it. The future of credit is not technology, it's complete revival after reform from the ground up and no Accounting Firm can deliver that. In every field and sector in America, there will be decisions based on the validation of Death in the Cycle of Inevitability-- either an abrupt jump to Re-Invention requiring rehiring everyone terminated, or a start up from zero where commercial and mortgage credit rates will likely be much higher than they are today and diligence will be massively supervised.

I wouldn't want to be reliant on salary today. It's a guarantee that as we collapse, salaries will go down with the shift away from them. For those who might disagree... as Sweet Crude falls below $30/barrel and 90% of the oil industry including every "big" is wiped out... every single affiliated associated abetting and aiding entity will go down too. Somebody wrote just today... when the oil industry goes down, how will you get goods to Wal-Mart? The answer is a smirk-- what's a Wal-Mart? Conversely, if every commercial storefront is price-fixed by landlords, the community fails. Do you see communities opting for failure or removing the GOP preventing survival?

You don't want to be rich right now or imagine that you are rich. You want to embrace your destitution and think fondly of enterprise. It will lead every nation out of secular stagnation.