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Nasdaq and old age - To escape the Dark angel 403

The markets today are for day traders - and by day is meant some fraction of the day as many times over as possible during the period from 9:30 to 4:00.

The Outlook, after February 1.2016

Bloomberg headlines as of Monday, Feb. 1, 2016. Not optimistic at all!

Feb 1, 2016
Twitter Shares Jump on Report of Possible Silver Lake Deal
Feb 1, 2016
The Window to Buy Stocks Has Shut for Now: JPMorgan
Feb 1, 2016
Tracing Oil's Hypnosis of Stocks From Wealth Funds to Junk
Jan 31, 2016
Millennials Are Starting to Change the Stock Market


The articles, with a quick glance or two, do stimulate some serious thought in view of their underlying weaknesses; some that occur to O&G -


Since our last post was addressed toward an historical personality, perhaps we should extend the effort in the direction of another personality, not historical, but potentially so. . . and, that is toward the illustrious Donald Trump, a candidate for the office of President of the universe. . . or, still more!

Mariner Eccles

Mariner Eccles, who at times seemed to be a pre-Keynes Keynesian (difficult to visualize), by uttering little snippets which Keynes expounded on at length, was dealt with at length in the O&G Central Bank and Monetary Policy, a series of some three dozen "chapters" viewing Fed development from its founding in 1913 through the thirties and WWII tomore recetn "adventures".

Graphics in text mode : - ( - Edited 1-22-16

Apologies beforehand on my lack of working knowledge and familiarity with html and posting graphics on this site.

Nevertheless, a description is in order if it is only the second or third best means of conveying ideas. We've been through this in the tsunami, but a detailed step-by-step review may be worth the effort for new readers. Much of what is suggested here is common knowledge, but somehow escaping notice until we're deep into another recession or worse.

The New Year is here. . . ????

It should be interesting to see how the US Stock Markets put their recent program of misdirection to work from this point in time on. Do they entice the gullible back into the game long term, or is this no more than the hour or two of wandering in the wrong direction before the hammer descends and shuts off any hope of escaping a scalping?

Perhaps in the Lockean vein . . .

The return of the deadly 403 block forces the post here in response to saldeck.


This week's performance of NYSE traders is primitive; whether that falls within the Lockean paradigm or not we'll set aside for the moment. . . but, there is a suggestion of going back in time and changing motivation.

The other side of BIG and Demand

The books need to be balanced, saldeck, - at least theoretically - to demonstrate if your proposition of the new BIG is feasible.

That balance is the answer to the query, "Who pays for it?"

Seasons Greetings - from and to all

A smll corner devoted to social greetings - a taste of the seacon.

Outlook after the breathtaking interest rate rise

It would seem that 0.25% increase is the panic response of someone backed into a corner and threatened.

It will get us nowhere.

As for V_L's ‘War on Cash’. . .

Blythe Masters, the British beauty, exuding confidence, who played midwifery to the derivatives game, is now onto an expansion of the bitcoins fad. . . as though we need another means of creating havoc in our economies.

The 403 Corruption explained.

CNBC relayed a Reuters news article which claims that techniques reminiscent of Chinese hackers are being used to invade Google. The example displayed on the CNBC site Is nearly an exact duplicate of the notice O&G has encountered and the other members of Duff's posting members have reported.

The Blind milling around in the Money Pit.

We’re not alone in our experiences, impressions or perceptions. Some prominent names have very much the same outlook, but their thoughts are couched in different terms, passions and wording. There are no assurances that this exempts them from the tribulations we experience as we stumble through the weed infested gardens of Economics and Finance - all of which is the rsult of deliberate planning.

Unravelling the Economic Basis of Facts and Fictions

Over the weekend a "narrative" has surfaced. The narrative in this case is a last resort mechanism; everything else in the economists bag of tricks has been tried to no avail, so, - "What do we have to lose if we drop the algorithms and equations and turn to old-fashioned thinking about this for a while?"

Facts and Fictions

Submitted by Veteran_Lender on Mon, 11/23/2015 - 14:20.

By 2009... I was a lender on the DAY the Tax Reform Act passed into Law. That was the DAY that residential housing values stopped coinciding with actual economic conditions and entered the realm of artificial rise by manipulation. Few recognize that the emergence of "Big Realtor" and the stripping of responsible representation by Realtors was a Weapon of Mass Future Destruction of home prices. Like banking, every real estate Law came after abuse and gave the criminals time to shift premise and keep corruption alive.

"Pushing on the string" and the economy it promotes.

Two old summary warnings are coming into play. The Wickselllian extended period of artificial lower interest rates causing price rises and the flippant reference to pulling on a string to avoid inflation as a "can-do" but pushing on it to halt recession is a "no-can-do". Ehat have been ignored by our scholars and experts who are in the process of proving themselves. Either due to doubt or lack of understanding, we'll pay for the oversight.

A familiar Plea - when following the review of Friedman's "Role of Monetary Policy"

Athanasios Orphanides. Professor of the practice of global economics and management at the Sloan School at MIT delivered a paper June 3, 2015 in St Louis which was subsequently expanded and included in the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review, Third quarter 2015, a 24 paged presentation calling on the Fed to move in restoring normalcy in monetary policy, by means of a “liftoff from the ZLB”.

Economic theory impedes comprehension.

48 years ago, December 29, 1967, Milton Friedman, perhaps the last literate economist we've had, delivered a presidential address at the eightieth Meeting of the American Economic Society. The title of the speech was The Role of Monetary Policy; it must be available on a variety of 'net sites and is worth the effort.

Alcoa! No small matter.

Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America), in business since the 1880s, announced its intent to close under pressure from Chinese aluminum production and resulting lower prices, another sign of US production and the U$D under siege.

A mess with no solution!

Acknowledging the comments above and below this entry, (in the Politics and Economics thread between saldeck’s war on democracy and V_L’s Moses and Ramses III) the mechanisms we've adapted and the means of explaining same, respectively, it would seem fair to conclude, the last generation of ethical, moral Economists who understood and could explain the essence of human behavior in the marketplaces we've constructed have gone and we are turning away from the simple desire to understand and/or describe what we do.

Politics and Economics - an unhealthy mix?

When ideology, the backbone of political activity, makes its entry how does it effect the economy?

Daron Acemoglu, an Economics Professor at MIT since the mid-1990’s, published ”Oligarchic versus Democratic Societies” in 2008 in The Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008. It should be of interest to readers here at Duff’s.

Unpublished thoughts from five and six years ago.


Axel Leijonhufvud, UCLA and Unv. Of Trento, Italy -

At Brussels, October 14, 2009 ECFIN 6th Annual Research conference of the Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate of the European Commission

“If all subprime mortgages had gone to default, total loss to investors would have amounted to a few hundred billion dollars. . . American and European governments and International Agencies have committed more than 10 times that amount trying to stabilize the system.”

NIRP? In our future? The future is here!

What do we have to look forward to? More relevant; Do we know what we are currently looking at?

The prospect of negative interest rates (NIRP by neoh’s acronym) were addressed early in the tsunami thread and it was presented as the targeted monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, but full of danger and deception. It was not considered that other nations would follow the Fed’s lead.

What do those bold enough to follow the Fed now face?

Circumventing obstacles to post a reply

A time for problems
Submitted by Old and Gray on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 11:19.

I can no longer post to this site. Not by choice.

Strange things are happening to my contact with the outside world. Similar to those days when I was shut down a while back. It's carrying over to other applications with my PC. I believe. I'll try once more to post. If unsuccessful, I'll just await developments.



ATTEMPT #4 - This worked! (long way around. - But, then, what's next? Will they reclaim my PC license to practice?)


A Deliberately Engineered Divergence

Donald Trump, deja vue, and last night's headlines

Working on the subject matter - right to left on the list. . . The first two sort of meld together; we've seen his kind before - and suffer today as a result.

Last night - or, early this morning, time ran together and the distinction became fuzzy, the following headlines were gleaned from Wall Street Journal, DJIA. (The URL link is at the end of the list.)

  1. 4 hours ago - Investors Fall Out of Love With Deals *
  2. 6 hours ago - Glencore Shares Plunge as Debt Fears Rattle Investors *
  3. 6 hours ago - Alcoa to Split as Aluminum Glut Pressures Prices *

What Frightens the Fed?

The news that US factory activity slumped off may have been delayed by Markit until the Fed passed its verdict on the ZLB, something that Bill Gross at Janus advised beforehand is dangerous to the health of our economy - or what is left of it - and needs immediate attention. Substantiation of his warning was contained in the Purchasing Managers Index, which BTW O&G did not notice in the Wall Street Journal's chart of essential data, their market data site. Thanks are due to Markit for filling in.

The Fed Says, NO!

Janet Yellen, as reported by Reuters today shortly after the announcement.

In what amounted to a tactical retreat, the U.S. central bank said an array of global risks and other factors had convinced it to delay what would have been the first rate hike in nearly a decade.

All Is Forgiven - by Consensus

Modern business contrition is a marvelous thing: offenders pay a billion or two - perhaps ten or twelve times more (that doesn't amount to much after cleaning out the cash drawers to the tune of a dozen decimal places more or less) - a state of grace is regained and business runs into another gauntlet of shocks unmodified.

Bloomberg article explains VIX - Gauging Fear - 8-31-15

For those curious about the measurement of market hysteria, Bloomberg has a summary of how VIX is derived. It is linked here: -


Red appears again after a few days of calm, which may indicate the concernss were not fully dealt with last week and yet more remains to be sold off before doubts are satisfied. From appearances to this point (6AM ±, Mon., 8/31/15) wr're faced with more retraction today and this week.

“The Plunge of 2015” continues – the grey day of Monday, August 24th.

Bloomberg headlines


3 hours ago

  • Stock Rout Was Inevitable And Will Worsen Says Leuthold’s Ramsey 3 hours ago
  • China’s Stocks Sink Most Since 2007 as State Intervention Fails Aug 23, 2015
  • Could China's Yuan Devaluation Spark a New Financial Crisis? Aug 23, 2015
  • Mideast Stock Markets Plunge Aug 23, 2015
  • China's Neighbors Step Up Stock Market Support Aug 23, 2015
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