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Hi and thanks for being a member here. For the time being I will be doing most of my writing at the advertising free WEB site called the Duffminster Times

There is a community of excellent minds at that community and it cover a vast range of subjects. For serious commentators it allows for lots of opportunity to expression opinions.

I am currently out of all paper silver and gold and only hold physical metals. I am short the stock market on a longer term basis even while I expect the manipulation to be amped up this week and probably next. After the December 21st all bets are off on the broader markets as Merkel and Sarkozy are not nearly as aligned as the mainstream has you thinking.

After the major sell off in the broader equity markets (in which commodities will also be sold down in a general liquidation), I will be back buying silver and gold as it will become very evident that the only path left to the "monetary" authorities and governments will be an acceleration of "to infinity and beyond QE" and real assets will be the only logical play in my opinion but not before the big blow off.

Mom, Pop, stay out of this market for now or just keep buying more silver and gold coins for the long run.

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